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Mr. Charles Schulz died the day before his last comic strip was in print.
He has been a part of everyone's life.

Sally's sweet Babboo, Charlie Brown's Good Grief, Snoopy's quite manners and his know all about life which he took no credit for helping others, Lucy's demands for her own fair share which was coming to her, Schroeder's piano playing, Marcie's respect for life, Linus' security blanket, and Peppermint Patty's time warp will never be forgotten. Charles Shultz may be gone, but he has done what few accomplish. He has left his mark on this world.

We are all child-like.

Will we kick that football?
Will we win our little red haired girl?
Will we be as knowledgable as Snoopy?
Will we be as patriotic as Snoopy, the WWI flying ace?
Will we say "Sir" like Marcie?
Will we enjoy the arts like Schroeder?
Will we learn from our mistakes or learn to look at the beauty in every event?
Charlie Brown's Christmas tree really was NOT all that bad according to Lucy.
Will we choose to have fun in our life?
Will we be optimistic?

We should keep playing the game like Charle Brown's baseball team, knowing that we will not win, but are supported by friends, which means we are NOT losers.

You never know what God has in store for us.

We may have mixed emotions after 50 years of the Peanuts Gang.
Guilt that we haven't accomplished anything.
Sadness for the death of Mr. Charles Schulz.
Happiness that Mr. Charles Shultz is in a better place.
Selfishness for wanting Mr. Charles Schulz to live forever.

It is only fitting that Mr. Charles Schulz decided that no one would take over the Peanuts comic strip after he was gone. It would be an insult. The characters had his personality only.

I pass this on to you.........

The purpose of life is
to matter,
to count,
to have it make some difference that we lived at all.

Thank you, Mr. Charles Schulz.

Remembering Charles Schultz

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