Beedladi's Beadwork !
Hand ~ Beaded Jewelry and...?

Eagle double set *Hematite*
Hey! The winters up here in Alaska are breathtaking....
cold....but mostly they're LONG! Giving me time and
inspiration to create original beadwork! Just wanted to share
some samples of my work, and maybe meet
others who share my interests!

polar bear necklace set *Hematite*horse double necklace set *Hematite*

Some of my pieces are made with *Hematite*,
a semi-precious stone native to Alaska!
(your mouse will tell you which ones...)

pink and silver double necklace set *Hematite*white choker setbrown loops set
Your talent is God's gift to you...
what you do with it,
is your gift to God!

Alaskan Original Beadwork!
More Designs!

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