Introducing ... Our Logo

FGT Mother Church in Petaling Jaya celebrates her 20th Anniversary on Sunday, 10th February 2001. A new corporate logo has been unveiled that will be used to represent our corporate vision and identity. The meanings of the symbols employed in the logo is set our below.


The four corners - the FOURFOLD VISION of the House (church).

Green - represents the FIELD, which is THE WORLD (Parable of the Tares - Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43), capable of bringing forth both good and bad fruit. The gospel is to be sown where lost people are, and until harvest time, both the wheat and the tares ‘grow together’. The common colour attests there is ‘no distinction’ today. The church is to grow, and ‘produce a crop’, mindful of the coming ‘time of harvest’, His final judgment, where the tares are gathered, bound and burned.


The river represents REVIVAL. We have been seeing streams of renewal across our nation. The blessing of God has been evident for some time within many renewed churches.

Streams are flowing into rivers. And soon we will see the great River of Revival in our Land. We are praying for this to come to pass. This River speaks of our desire for breakthroughs in our nation.

The river also represents the ‘final river, the ‘RIVER OF PARADISE’ (as seen in Revelations 22:1-5). In this second paradise, whole cities and nations shall find abundant delight and satisfaction. An integral part of our vision is to encourage our members to live life in the light of eternity, to focus on this last leg of our journey into His Presence.


Represents the PEOPLE OF GOD, eagerly waiting upon Him for strength (Isa 40:31)

- to carry out the enormous fourfold task (vision of the House), and

- to participate in and maintain the fruit of the coming Great Revival in the new millennium.


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