History of Coffs Harbour

The name of the town was originally Korff's Harbour after Captain John Korff, who sheltered here in 1847 but was misspelt on Sydney survey records so it's remained Coffs Harbour to this day.

Coffs Harbour was used as a shipping port to carry cedar logs which were rafted down the creek then loaded and shipped out. From around the turn of the century, farmers introduced dairy herds, these where the mainstay of the district until the profitability of cultivating
, banana's and other fruit and vegetables became apparent in the 1930's.

The township of Coffs Harbour was
formally planned in 1887 and
replanned in 1897.
Road and rail links where expanding ,
but the most ambitious hopes rested
on the creation of a real harbour
improving on the 1890's jetty.

Shipping has long since stopped
but the jetty has enjoyed a facelift
now many people now use it to stroll
along it and kids enjoy jumping
from it.