The township of 
Coffs Harbour
was formally planned in 1887 and replanned in 1897.
Road and rail links where expanding,
 but the most ambitious hopes rested on the creation
 of a real harbour improving on 
the 1890's jetty.




Shipping has long since stopped but the jetty recently underwent a facelift
 now many people now use it to stroll along it and in summer the kids and adults alike enjoy jumping from it.


Photo above courtesy of Bruce Thomas

Photo's courtesy of Bruce Thomas

Make sure you check out  his Coffs Harbour Screensaver on CD-ROM, you can purchase it from his site at  BTD-Zyne : Fantastic Photo's of the region.  
Be sure to check it out.
 Well worth the visit to his website. 



The Marina and Muttonbird Island is a popular place to visit,
 both of which you can take a stroll around. 
While walking over Muttonbird you can see the little birds in their natural habitat.
The Coffs Harbour Jetty is also renown for the Jetty Strip, 
 at night the area comes alive with the many various restaurants
 opening their doors to their patrons.

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