News of the Week

1/21/2002 -- 6:07pm PST

Woohoo!  LaRocco finally got a supercross win!  Oh, and we were there to see it happen.  Pretty darn cool.  OKay, here's the scoop...we've got some pictures form San Diego and Anaheim2 up, so check them out!  San Diego Pics ...  Anaheim2 Pics

12/09/2001 -- 5:07pm PST

Just a slight re-design of this page.  You know how it is when you've got no new content to add, you start tinkering around with stuff.  So, now the menu bar is horizontal and the scroll bars match the color scheme.  Woo.  Hoo.  Whatever.

Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS, SEASON'S GREETINGS and all that stuff!

10/25/2001 -- 8:31pm PST

We archived a bunch of the old picture pages (we were running out of space).  We've still got them all, they're just offline.  If you want to see any of them, just email us and we'll put them online for you!

10/22/2001 -- 6:33pm PST

Ever wanted to ride the Southern California tracks, but never had the chance, equipment or means?  Well now you can.  Click on the picture below to visit Motocross Vacations.  They'll hook you up and get you riding in factory style.

10/21/2001 -- 12:09am PST

Okay...our Las Vegas pictures are up.  Still not very many action shots, but heck, you can get those anywhere.

10/20/2001 -- 11:23am PST

Well, we made it home from the U.S. Open and all I managed to bring home was a bad cold.  Blah!  But anyway, we had another great time.  Sure the races entertain you for a couple of hours, but most of our entertainment was after the races.  Let's just say a good time was had by all.   

We finally got to meet Shyla in person.  That girl is 100% fun.  Who else can keep you out until 5:30am and you don't even notice the time?  Also got to meet MxMomma's Daphne.  Another great person with all kinds of talent.  Take the time to meet these two if you can.  You won't be sorry. 

Oh yeah, after some "gentle" prodding, I finally got those Millville pictures that Shyla graciously gave me posted.  Please check them out, or she might kill me!  Millville Pics.  And don't forget to look at the ones from Red Bud.

Well, no more picture updates until January.  We'll be at all three Anaheim rounds, as well as San Diego.  If we see any action at the test tracks, we'll be sure to post them here.


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