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The previous Miyako pages show Miyako as it was in the 1950s. This page is a quick look at how the island has changed since then.

The primary source of information for this page is Kyoko Takaesu of Nobaru, Miyako Jima.

This page is a look at Miyako as it is today. There are five smaller islands very near Miyako and together they are the Miyako group. Their names are Irabu Jima, Shimoji Jima, Ikema Jima, Ogami Jima, and Kurima Jima. The human condition on the islands has seen great improvement since world war II.

Miyako Jima


This is the Miyako emblem and it represents the
citizens leaping towards the future, and of the
beautiful sea and sky, green land and sun.

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Miyako is located:
N 24.76, E 125.32

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Miyako 2

Kyoko's words are in blue and Frank's are in black.

Cherry trees have a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people.

These are the spring time flowers of some Miyakan cherry trees.

This picture was taken and sent to me in the spring of 2008 by Kyoko.

I sent Kyoko some pictures of the cherry trees on the mall in Washington, D. C.

Ikema 1

A view of Ikema Island.

Some of the island is being developed as a vacation resort for Japanese escaping the cold.

Most of the buildings on the islands are new by world standards. They are of modern design and construction. They will with-stand the weather (typhoons) that occasionally visit the islands.

Earthquakes common as the islands are actually the tops of mountains that are high enough to reach the air. Underwater earthquakes are amplified by the mountain structure.

The BAQ I lived in had a large crack in one wall from an earthquake, but I have not heard of a building collapse on the islands caused by a quake.

Ikema 5
You have a nice beach for surfing in Florida. Our beaches on Miyako are not good for surfing since the water is still. We have many tourists from main land of Japan now. They enjoy diving and snorkel. The island in the distance is Ogami jima.

The islands separate the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea. The sea beds of the two seas are very different from each other and this difference causes some of what we experience on the islands.

Miyako 3
Our weather is very hot. How is the weather on your island.
We had a pretty strong earthquake on Miyako in April,
but, we are all fine.

The weather on Miyako is the same as weather on Merritt Island, Florida. Their weather is all most identical to ours in every way.

However, we never have earth quakes and they do.

Miyako 4 The East China Sea is to the North and West while the Philippine Sea is to the South and East of the islands.

Beautiful white sand beaches every where. In my travels I have seldom seen sights such as this.

It is small wonder that the islands are being developed as beach resorts.

Miyako 5 While I was on the island (1958) many of our guys engaged in scuba and snorkel diving. It is easy to understand why this happened.

In my time at sea I have noticed that water is always in motion. Big water means big motion. This does not hold true for Miyako as the sea is calm most of the time.

This calmness of the waters is not true when typhoons are traveling about.

All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima
(Notes From Kyoko Takaesu)

It was very beautiful day here today. People on island are getting excited now. Because the 24th All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima will be held this coming Sunday, April 20, 2008.

It is a 3km swim, 255km bike and 42.195km run.

1,500 athletes will participate in it. Most of athletes are from main land of Japan and some are from foreign countries.

That day, most people on island stand along the street and cheer the athletes all day along.

It is a big annual event on island. We enjoy it.

(Notes From Kyoko Takaesu)

Triathlon Miyakojima was held on 20th April this year and 1,500 people participated.

It was exciting day for island people. We enjoyed it very much.

Swimming was held at Maehama beach. I drove to Kurima Island to photograph Maehama beach from there. There is a nice resort hotel “Miyakojima Tokyu hotel” at Maehama.

(Notes From Kyoko Takaesu)

Thank you for the pictures of snow. I've never seen snow. It looks very beautiful, but there is a lot of work to shovel snow off.

We have many people who moved or settled in Miyako Jima from main land of Japan recently. I think they like the beaches and warm weather.

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