Free  Spells
Other Black Spells

"Expugno Lumen, Nillus Lux,
Vis Levis, Luciens Nux"
We Extinguish the Light,
We Render it's Death,
Violent Light, Light is Dead
Said 3x with a bell dipped in fresh blood and rung 3x over the Gate or summoning sigil.

This is the image of my would be victim
It I hang from a single thread
In a place no one shall see
It will bring fear in the heart of him who shall harm me
He will be binded by fear from harming me further
he will be binded by fear from harming me at all
I will tie a knot in the thread when I wish to secure the fear until I break it
So mote it be!

Take a handful of earth and gaze into it.
Put all your troubles and thoughts of distress into it.
State exactly what it is that's troubling you.
When finished, throw the dirt behind you and walk away without turning around to look at it.

This spell will inflict serious pain and sores on thine enemy for a period of 3 strange days.
After which the spell is lifted he is made well again.
Take a black candle and place a picture of thine enemy in front of you and tilt
the candle so the wax drips upon the would be victim in the picture.
Visualize the wax burning sores into the body of thine enemy.
While doing so, recite the following 3 times
"As I do this candle spell
Bring thine enemy 3 nights of hell
Candle black, black as night
Bring him pains of flesh tonight!
lesions on his skin will grow
Afflict him with a painful blow
Sores and pain afflict him now
for 3 nights he'll wonder how
Dukes of darkness, Kings of hell
Smite thine enemy, bring him hell
when 3 nights of pain have past
Make him well, well at last".
After sitting and thinking about the sores that will inflict your enemy and the
pain he will suffer you may then extinguish the candle. When 3 nights have
past tear up the photo and say the following.
"When 3 nights of pain endured,
I lift this curse rest assured
Darkness leave him, go away,
the curse is lifted now, today!"

This spell is really a conjuration of powers to compel either a man or a woman to desire
the operator of the spell. By desire, we do not necessarily mean in a caring or romantic
way, but more in the way a starving person craves a meal. This is not a "love spell",
but more like a summoning and controlling spell.
The Conjuration
On the full Moon, at the hour of Midnight, Light two black tapers.
Write the name of the person to be summoned on a piece of parchment paper, and
place it one the alter along with a photograph or other image of the desired.
Light the charcoal burner, or light charcoal in a cauldron, and drop on some frankincense.
Once the frankincense is burning, hold the Pentacle high within the circle and say aloud:
I sauté thee and conjure thee,
O beautiful Moon, O most beautiful Star, O brilliant light which I have in my hand.
By the air that I breathe, by the breath within me, by the earth which I am touching:
I conjure thee. By all the secret names of the spirit princes living in you.
By the ineffable and secret name Tetragrammaton and all the other names of power,
I conjure thee. By you, O resplendent Angel Gabriel, with the planet Mercury, Prince,
Michael, and Melchidael, I Conjure thee!
I conjure you again, by all the secret names of Tetragrammaton, so that you may send
the power to oppress, torture and harass the body, mind, and soul of [name of the desired
person here], she (he) whose name is written here,
(hold up parchment)
So that she (he) shall come unto me, and agree willingly to my desires,
neither liking nor loving nobody in the world, for as long as she (he) shall remain unmoved by me.
(drop picture and parchment into charcoal burner)
Let her (him) now begin to feel the torment of my absence!
Go then! Go at once! Go, Melchidael, Baresches, Zazel, Firiel, Malcha, and all those who are with thee!
I conjure thee by the Great Tetragrammaton to do my bidding, lest, by the power, I cast you out,
or into the abyss. Obey my will, and I promise to release you to return to your home in the neither
regions from whence thou came. Blow out the tapers, Close the Circle.

Take the graveyard dirt and mix with a little mullein, patchouli and a touch of brimspell (sulfur).
This powder will burn. Shape into a human figure and ignite. As it burns it is supposed to hex
whoever the figure represented with the result that the individual allegedly became ill.
Another common usage is to sprinkle it on the doorstep of the one to be conjured, or to
place some in a bag that is hidden on the intended victim's property or hidden in the dwelling.

To stop an enemy from bringing harm, here is what you must do,
procure a special oil, of Dragon's blood and Rue.
Add to it a pinch of poppy, nightshade and some thyme,
add to that three tiny drops, of some bitter wine.
Anoint a black candle with your victim's name and seal it with an "X",
then chant these words most carefully, to send forth this darksome hex:
Darksome powers of the night,
gather round my candle's flame,
send my enemy in shaded flight,
send my enemy away in shame.
Say this chant 13 times, on the darkest moon,
The Old Ones then will hear your plight and will grant your boon.

To have someone see his errors.
This is a three times three spell to use on people who were corrupt in their ways.
It has no negative consequence unless you think ill of the person while casting the spell.
Wind in the north, run through the trees
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Sands of the east, rich soils beneath
Three times three, set them free, set them free
Fires in the south, awaken from sleep
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Water of the west, flow to the seas
Three times three, set them free, set them free
It works best if you have something representing that person, like a strand of their hair
or a fingernail. The spell may not work instantaneously, you may have to repeat it for
the person to see error in their ways.

When the moon is in a waning phase, write on white parchment paper (or whatever you
have) the full name of the person you want to move, along with birth date if known.
Roll up the paper, with a photo if you have one, place inside a bottle of vinegar, then
toss into a body of running water, visualize your enemy moving away as the bottle
is washed away.

Take three pieces of ribbon, thread, or yarn - one red, one yellow, and one
black Take them up. Tie in each one three knots, repeating the name of the one you wish to
do your bidding as you tie each one. Then bind all three pieces together and carry them or wear
them on your person. The person you have bound in this manner will not be able to resist your
wishes or commands. Add to your daily bath a spoonful or two of High John Conquering or
Success Bath, and see what a difference there will be in your life in just five to seven days!
After the bath, rub some Controlling Powder on the arms and around the shoulders. If there is a
certain person you wish to dominate, the puppet spell has many advantages.
Choose a Thursday when the moon is waxing, and at 8:00 AM, 3:00 PM, or 10:00 PM,
and only after securing your privacy so that no one will see or hear you, take an image
and label it with the name of the person you wish to sway to your will.
You can use a doll, a photograph, or even a blank piece of paper cut to resemble a human figure,.
If you have a possession of the person you are attempting to influence, so much the better -attach
hair snips with glue, rub in nail clippings, tie or sew on a sock, handkerchief, or anything belonging
to the one for whom the image is made.
Hold the doll or image in your two hands in front of you, concentrate on the person involved,
and chant, at least seven times -
"Damballah, may I (mention your own name)
come out victorious in my dealing with (mention the person's name)."
Work with the doll each day at the same hour for nine days.
After the image is named and tagged, this should never change.
No doll should be used for more than one person.
If you wish to influence several persons, use a different doll for each one.

Perform this spell on the night of a waning moon. Preparation- thirteen black candles.
Put one candle in each corner of the altar, one one each side, and one on each corner of
your pentagram. Anoint each candle with a non-purifying oil, working base to tip. Cast a circle.
Visualization- Imagine the persons dream in perfect detail, replay it over and over in your mind
until the dream is completely clear in your head. Once it is visualize your thoughts traveling to
the person, see the persons face and the dream seeping into their brain.
Invocation- invoke a dark deity or a deity of dreams and nightmares into your circle,
(I chose Incubus-the god of nightmares and dream rape, and The White Lady-
The Celtic Goddess of Terror and the underworlds,) by saying,
" I invoke thee, dark god, call thee by name.
Incubus, enter my circle, I call you on this dark hour, to aid me in my dark deeds.
I invoke thee dark goddess, call thee by name.
White Lady, enter my circle, I call you on this dark hour, to aid me in my dark deeds."
Incantation- Now state your purpose by saying,
"Enchanting deities of the underworld, I call upon thee to help me perform my evil deeds.
Come at once, aid this dream of terror, come at once to bring them horror.
Crawl inside his/her head deep in the night,
Bring him/her the dream I see so clear,
Bring him/her my dream of fright.
He/she shall never forget this dream I made, let it stay with him/her until her/his grave.
Now go at once, travel the night, bring (persons name) dreams of fright."
Meditate- Now sit comfortably and meditate.
First see the dream traveling to the person again, and then clear your mind of all negative thoughts.
Now close the circle and allow the candles to burn themselves out.
Warning- Protect yourself when performing this spell.
By calling upon the deities of Darkness you are putting yourself at risk.
After performing this spell it would be wise to perform a cleansing and purifying ritual on your house.
You may also want to perform a spell for pleasant dreams. But then why spoil it!

13 black candles, a belonging of the person you wish to seek revenge on, cauldron, and pepper.
Cast a circle and set up the 13 candles in a crown on your altar.
Now sprinkle some pepper around the circle while chanting,
" To lock in hate, to lock out love, rage I must create, revenge I must think of."
Light the first candle and say,
" I light thee with only hate in my heart. Only with revenge in mind.
I give thee light to aid my rage into the direction of he/she I hate."
Light the other candles one by one and repeat this.
Now hold the object tightly in both of your hands and visualize the persons face,
and think of all the things he/she has done to you.
Gather all of the hate and rage you have toward this person and force
the energy into the object, when you felt you have succeeded in doing this,
open your eyes and chant three times,
" Make (fill in name) see the hurt he/she brings me, make him/her feel the pain I feel.
Remove the hate from my heart, and all the pain he/she brought me,
move it towards the more deserving.
All she has done she shall now see, I will seek my revenge times three."
Now run the object through all 13 candles, and then drop it into the cauldron,
stare into the smoke as you chant,
" As this burns, your pain shall begin, and all you brought me, now shall end."
When the object has burnt out close the circle.

Say This person _____ has made me angry!
Lucifer bring forth the pain of madness known upon his head!
ardrelamastro, martarastar, frocuss!
To punish black candle 9 nails white plate oil
carve the persons name in the candle....
put the candle on the white plate then at different locations push the nails in....
put the oil around the plate.
That should stay for about 1 moon phase.....when done...
remove the nails, and using a warm knife or metal spatula, smooth the pierced/carved areas,
so the candle looks unblemished....wrap it in vervain and sweet basil....and then dump in a
garbage can...that will take care of both.

Materials: target's picture, your picture, target's action figure, your action figure,
colored cloth, and yarn, 3 candles, 2 rubber bands, a lighter, and a shoe box.
Doll Making. Pick a target you are truly in lust with and find their picture.
Buy a doll or action figure for your gender and one for the target's gender.
Put their picture over the doll face and secure it with a fastener.
Do the same for the doll that represents you.
Cloth Making Use the color that represents lust, love or both to you.
Buy a cloth of that color that is large enough to wrap, cover the dolls.
Find string, or yarn of the same color to fasten it. Write on the cloth, "Lust"
Tie two knots in the yarn.
The Ritual Light a love candle for you and a love candle for the target. Say;
"This candle is my burning love for you."
"This candle is your will to love."
Place the target's doll near the target candle and your doll near yours.
Place a third candle between the two candles unlit. Say;
"This is the growing lust between us, attracting us to each other."
Take the two candles with both hands and light the center candle with them at the same time.
Extinguish the light of the target candle and your candle. Say;
"By the light of our growing lust for each other,
I bind us with it until I should choose to break the bonds and part ways with you."
Cover the dolls facing each other with the cloth and bind it with the yarn by making one more
knot in addition to the two.
Place the dolls in a shoebox and make sure no one disturbs the box.
[to make a generic lust-attractor:] ...just wrap your own doll in the cloth but don't bind it.
Place it in the shoe box. Say once a day while holding the wrapped doll;
"I have increased my power to attract!"
Do this until you feel that other's attraction to you is sufficient for your needs.

You will need a eight-rayed star with magnets on each of the points.
Take a graphic picture of two people a doing the "wild thing".
Light a red candle for sex, a pink for lust candle.
Sprinkle protective powder around your Pink candle.
Symbolize your red candle as your target.
Do statement of intent:
Invoke Baphomet: Such as Rite of Chaos B
Then when done, visualize yourself as a sexual beast; doing what beasts do when in heat.
And it's probably better if you intent someone who already has that look and body language
which says "Let's whoopie". Use the picture to masturbate and do all manner of nasty obscene acts.
Anoint with sexual fluids or oils, and at the moment of orgasm; (as Baphomet of course),
Put the well-used picture on your magnetized eight rayed star.
Don't know why it works, it just does.

try this: while menstruating, masturbate to orgasm and preserve the resultant fluids.
You should be concentrating on your desired result at the point of orgasm.
Take some of the resultant fluids and insinuate a bit of them into the food or drink of your prospective victim.

(A Werewolf is the legendary man-beast with the alleged ability to instantly transform itself into a killer animal.
This murderous metamorphosis is supposed to occur at midnight, preferably in the deepest reaches
of some dark forest [or dimly lit suburban areas]. Legends claim the transformed wolfman is then
driven by a lusting, carnivorous appetite [Medieval manuscripts have disclosed the rituals used
by the ancients to call the dark powers of werewolfdom.)

Timing. First Night Of The Full Moon
The supplicant must select a level piece of ground and wait until the light of a new moon burns brightly.
At midnight, a seven foot circle is chalked on the earth with a three-foot circle inscribed inside.
At the exact center of the two circles, at a spot marked with a white "X"
[x because this form of the cross has some special symbolism here, or because this guy
could only think of 'x marks the spot'?], the candidate lights a black candle.
Arrangements completed, the supplicant who seeks the evil powers of werewolfery must chant:
"'Spirits of the dead, with souls of lead, hear me.
'Spirits of the grave, you Devil's slaves, hear me.
'Spirits of the air, from the wolves' lair, hear me.
'Spirits of the Devil, with deeds so evil, hear me.
'Spirits of hell's fire, angry with ire, hear me.
'Wolves, vampires, ghosts and ghouls,
'Make me one of your evil tools.
'Send me yon, send me hither,
'In a shape to make men quiver!
'Shiver, shiver, shiver!
'Come, Werewolves, come!' "
Chant completed, the applicant must crouch inside the circle to undergo the terrible transformation.
The change should start when the candle flame burns blue.
The others should make themselves scarce!

Perform this during the Dark Moon if possible, and when casting Circle
move counter clockwise from the East. Items needed: sword.
Stand before the altar with arms raised and say:
"Dark Mother, let your power flow through the body of your daughter/son and out again
to repel and destroy all negative thoughts and deeds that are directed against me."
Stand in silence as you draw down the power, then face East, raise your sword in greeting and say:
"Hail Chichiri, great One of the East, Whose airy eyes see all in the Element of Air!
I do summon you here to protect and defend me."
Move to the North and say:
"Hail Tamahome, great One of the North, Whose green eyes see all in the Element of Earth!
I do summon you here to protect and defend me."
Go to the West and say:
"Hail Hotohori, great One of the West, Whose liquid eyes see all in the Element of Water!
I do summon you here to protect and defend me."
Finally at the South say:
"Hail Tasuki, great One of the South Whose bright eyes see all in the Element of Fire!
I do summon you here to protect and defend me."
Place your hands on the sword and say:
"Great Dark Mother, I call on You to build up this protection,
To send back all the wrong that has been done to me."
Raise your sword high and say:
"Dark Mother, Queen of the Night, there is one who stands against me.
Let his/her efforts fail.
Let him/her go down in the darkness.
May You judge his/her wrongfulness and lies as he/she stands before
You in the courts of Hell.
May his/her efforts be lost in the darkness with no light to guide him/her.
I am Your child, protect me, Dark Mother!"
Rest the sword with the point on the ground between your feet. Say:
"Dark Mother, help me to reach my goals, to live my life to the fullest, to walk a path of balance.
Sweep away all barriers built by those who want me to fail.
Crush the evil sent against me!
Sweep its remains back into the body and brain of the one who sent it!
The evil is dead!
My attacker tastes his/her just rewards!
His/her mouth is full of ashes, his/her thoughts of nightmares, his/her life of unfulfilment.
Only once he/she ends his/her attacks and hatred shall he/she know peace again!
I stand under the sword and the hand of the Goddess! So mote it be!"
Draw a pentagram on the floor between your feet with the sword and say:
"It is done!"
Replace sword on the altar (or if too large like mine, simply lean it against the altar) and say:
"Your hands protect me from Dark Moon to Dark Moon.
Your sword covers me from Dark Moon to Dark Moon.
Your care shelters me from Dark Moon to Dark Moon.
All love and honor to the Dark Mother Nehellania!"
This is the time for any further spell working or to finish other ritual matters.
When finished take your sword to the east and raise it in greeting, and say:
"Farewell Chichiri! My thanks for your protection and defense. Depart in peace, blessed be!"
At the North say:
"Farewell Tamahome! My thanks for your protection and defense. Depart in peace, blessed be!"
At the West say:
"Farewell Hotohori! My thanks for your protection and defense. Depart in peace, blessed be!"
At the South say:
"Farewell Tasuki! My thanks for your protection and defense. Depart in peace, blessed be!"
Stand before altar with arms raised and say:
"My thanks to the Dark Goddess Nehellania and to all who have helped here this night.
Depart in peace, blessed be!"
Bless and eat the Simple Feast, and finish closing the Circle.
Nehellania is another name for the Norse Hel. Her name means Nether Moon, a direct linking
with her underworld kingdom Niflheim, Nef-hel, or Nifl. She is the Queen of the Dead and rules
over dark magick and revenge.

Throphilus, the Faust of the Middle Ages, being in need of 'silver and gold' conjured up Satan.
The evil one appeared readily, for who could resist so attractive a conjuration:
Bagabi laca bachabe
Lamc cahi achababe
Lamac lamec Bachalyas
Cabahagy sabalyos
Lagoz atha cabyolas
Samahac et famyolas
Theophilus, somewhat hesitatingly, gives a sealed parchment to Satan in which he promises to
renounce God, His Mother, and everything which is spoken or chanted in church.
The document is signed and sealed: no power on earth or in heaven can save Theophilus.
He is rich and miserable.

Light two black candles and chant:
In the name of the Gods and all ye Spirits
In the name of Kernunnos and the light and the dark
And the Gods of the Netherworld
And whosoever shall be casting a curse against me
Let them suffer their own curse
Let these candles be their candles
This burning be their burning
This curse be their curse
Let the pain they have caused me and mine
Fall upon themselves
Do this spell for five consecutive nights (as close to midnight as possible) and each night
chant the spell until the candles are spent.

Write the name of the person on a piece of parchment/paper, fold it twice.
Take a lime and cut it twice, once diagonally and once horizontally, but don't cut it all the
way into four pieces. Place the paper or parchment inside the lime and hold it together with
two long steel nails. Place the lime into a clean glass jar and put into it some ash, salt and
vinegar and screw the lid on tight. The ash and salt are supposed to thwart their efforts to
cause you trouble of any kind, and the vinegar and lime should sour their own affairs at the same time.

Do this spell on a Saturday ruled by Saturn and good for Justice spells
You will need: a black candle pin olive oil sea salt candle holder
Carve the person's name on the candle using the pin - or if you don't know their name, carve 'thief'.
Mix a good handful of salt with a cup of olive oil and allow the candle to soak in it for three hours.
Take the candle, wipe it down and carve out the bottom so the wick is exposed.
Stand the candle on it's head and light the bottom wick - gaze at the flame, concentrate and say:
"Thief your deeds are no longer tolerated
It's time for you to stop this behavior.
By my will you shall cease
and restore in me a sense of peace."
Let the candle burn out and if you can bury the stub near where the person lives or
where they most commonly commit their crime - otherwise bury under a tree.

Piece of parchment paper Quill pen Dove's blood ink
Two white gender image candles
Red string Bewitching oil Pot of soil
Cut a piece of parchment paper into a small square.
Using a quill pen, write in dove's blood ink the person's full name at the top of the
square and your own at the bottom of the square. When the parchment is dry, turn it
over and place to white gender image candles in the square.
Tie a red string around the bottom, then wrap it around the two candles until you get to the heads.
Wrap it seven times total. Tie the string.
Next, pour bewitching oil on the candles, making sure to soak the string.
Concentrate on the person you want bound to you. Then light the candles.
After they have burned completely, take everything that's left and bury it in a pot of soil.
Keep it close to where you sleep. To undo, simply dig it up.

10ml unscented body lotion 2 drops lemon
1 drop geranium 1 drop sandalwood 20 drops of pre-diluted rose oil
Blend well and massage into your hands.
Now, if you shake somebody's hand they'll do anything for you.

Grave dirt or earth Rosemary Sage Piece of smoky quartz
Piece of amethyst Some item from the person
A poppet can be sewn to represent the malicious person.
Fill it with earth (grave dirt if you can find it), rosemary, sage, a piece of smoky quartz and
a piece of amethyst. Also enclose a piece of the person's fingernails, a lock of hair, or
another personal item. Handwriting can be enclosed if you have nothing else.
Photos can be used also.

A brown candle Controlling oil Parchment paper A black pen.
Write down your situation on the paper, underneath it write the outcome.
Anoint the candle with controlling oil. Put the paper under the candle, then light the candle.
Visualize your problem and it being solved (meditate on it for awhile).
Let the candle burn itself out.

I am the Darkness behind and beneath the shadows.
I am the absence of air that awaits at the bottom of every breath.
I am the Ending before Life begins again,
the Decay that fertilizes the Living.
I am the Bottomless Pit,
the never-ending struggle to reclaim that which is denied.
I am the Key that unlocks every Door.
I am the Glory of Discovery,
for I am that which is hidden, secluded and forbidden.
Come to me at the Dark Moon and see that which can not be seen,
face the terror that is yours alone.
Swim to me through the blackest oceans
to the center of your greatest fears--
the Dark God and I will keep you safe.
Scream to us in terror, and yours will be the Power to Forbear.
Think of me when you feel pleasure, and I will intensify it,
until the time when I may have the greatest pleasure
of meeting you at the Crossroads Between the Worlds.

This is a three times three spell to use on people who were corrupt in their ways.
It has no negative consequence unless you think ill of the person while casting the spell.
Wind in the north, run through the trees
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Sands of the east, rich soils beneath
Three times three, set them free, set them free
Fires in the south, awaken from sleep
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Water of the west, flow to the seas
Three times three, set them free, set them free
It works best if you have something representing that person, like a strand of their hair or a fingernail.
The spell may not work instantaneously, you may have to repeat it for the person to see error in their ways.
Please be sure you're not being hypocritical, because that may cause negative feedback.

Black or greenish yellow candle is needed.
At midnight light the candle and take a pin and prick the candle many times over saying these words:
"As I prick this candle, I prick at thee
Broken hearts unhappy be
May you part another day
Soon to go your separate ways"
Extinguish the candle.
Take the candle and break it in half symbolizing and visualizing the splitting of the couple.
Then dispose of the two halves in separate trash containers once again visualizing them being
completely apart from each other. You may then go about your everyday events.

You need a piece of black yarn at least 12 inches long. At midnight light a candle and tie nine
separate knots one inch apart. Each time you tie a knot, do it with anger thinking of how they
will hate each other and want to break up! Say these words each time you tie a knot.
"Take this couple that I see
Love is gone, unhappy be
Knots of discord, knots of hate
Soon to part is their fate
With this spell I know I've won
I curse their love to come undone!"
Take and put it some where in your dresser drawer where you will see it every time you open it.
This way every time you see it you can visualize the couple breaking up.
When the spell has worked, you may throw it away, but do not untie the knots!

Wrap Dragon's Blood in paper and throw it into a fire while saying:
"May he/she no pleasure nor profit see,
Until he/she comes back to me.
As I will it, it shall be!"

This spell is definitely not ethical, but it is very effective.
Remember that magic is a two-way street, and that you will be equally bound.
Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and burn them inside a magic circle as you recite the spell.
Add slips of paper with your names written on them if you have trouble getting the roses to burn.
By all that lives on land and sea
by the incoming and the outgoing
by the odd numbers and the even
by the power of three times three
thy waking thoughts shall be of me
from now throughout eternity
no peace or increase shall you find
until your hand is joined in mine
I bind thee heart and soul and mind to me
I bind thee eyes and thoughts and loins to me
I bind thee to me forever
with cords of velvet longing
by the white rose and the rosemary
by the caverns and the groves
by the silence of the mountains
by the chasms and the standing stones
I bind thee forever to me
with cords of silken danger
Isis, Astarte, Ishtar
Aphrodite, Venus
I bind thee to me forever, so mote it be

If with fetters, you would tame,
The angry foe, Or bind with shame,
The faithless friend,
Draw this figure In red ink.
In the corners That remain,
Mark four letters Of his name;
Burn the paper; Say this charm:
Circle him round, Cross him within,
Turn him about, and cast him out.

You will need your magic mirror or a consecrated small round mirror,
a wide-mouthed glass jar, ashes, vinegar, a knife or something else sharp like a razor blade
or piece of broken glass, and an apple.
After sundown, set the jar before the mirror and place in it some ashes.
Fill it up about 2/3 of the way with vinegar.
Take the apple and carve into it something that will represent the person or the negativity which
follows or attacks you. Try and make it as clear as you can-while you carve, infuse the apple
with all of the negativity you perceive around you . Raise the apple above the jar and say:
"Evil send must come to rest
Reflect it back to who knows best
Energy spent for evil and bane,
Go back now from whence you came
Far away I send you this hour
May all your attempts to harm turn sour!"
Place the apple in the jar-for best results do this spell for three consecutive nights.

Needed: 1 ice cube tray 1 piece of paper Water Sugar
Put the name or names in a blue ice tray (I'm sure the color of ice tray is insignificant) in
each cubicle, if you have their signature that would be even better.
Fill the tray with water and put in freezer (this prevents them from taking any
energy against/towards you.) If you want to sweeten them up add sugar or honey to water.

A few moments of silence and relaxed awareness of one's surroundings.
After a suitable period (when one is calm and relaxed), the operators begin imagining
everything they see, hear, etc. as a potential threat.
This should last only long enough that high-pitched fear overtakes them.
Statement of Intent:
"It is my/our will to cast a glamour of negative perception
on all that should come into my/our sphere of influence."
Invocation of Invisibility:
To be spoken aloud by a single operant whilst all operators slowly spin widdershins, with
eyes wide open and arms outstretched. Operators visualize a sphere of dense black,
smoky darkness enveloping the area surrounding them as the Enochian invocation is delivered:
Visible only by will, I blind and make deaf all others who may see or hear me.
A darkness shall cover them like that at the bottom of the ocean,
and they shall leave immediately.
Forgetfulness will envelope their minds and anxiety grip their hearts
should they come to interrupt us in our work.
The operators then see the smoky darkness dissipate as all that is within the working area
begins to "fold". The unfolding process is completed by laughter whilst spinning quickly
deosil, high speed, to a full stop.

There is much info on getting your lover to ingest your menstrual blood/blood/urine or a
combo of the three, and that will tie them to you forever. Any consumption of "your' body
by them seems to be the key. There is another folk recipe for having the person ingest filings
from your finger nail, (if you use and emery board this is easy to get and very fine powder,
my friend did this one in a bar by using the emery board then buying the guy a beer and
sticking her finger in the neck of the beer and washing the nail dust into the beer).

This one is a bit on the side of Black magic. It breaks the rede and so expect lots of
negative energy three fold in return.
Components Needed:
--A String or thread from the target's clothing about 9 (or preferably more) inches long.
--A string from your clothing of the same length
--A Red candle (any type) A tall red taper candle salt
--A drop of the person's scent (or what they most usually smell like)
--Dried rose petals Vanilla extract A rose quartz 1 ounce of rum 2 cups of fresh rain water
--incense (not vanilla or musk) glass vial or spell bottle.
Boil the water for 5 mins. Turn down the heat so the water stays warm, add the rose
petals while saying:
Dancing on the wind I go,
to aid -----------'s love to flow
his/her love will now fully bloom
his/her desire for me will come soon!
Add the vanilla extract while saying: -
'sweet charm, not meant to harm,
evoke his/her desire to take my arm.
Deep within him/her I summon it,
to come to me as I see fit!'
Add a pinch of salt and Say: -
'No one may interfere magickally,
this spell can only be undone by me.'
add the rum while saying: -
'Drunk with love s/he will come to me,
no other love will s/he see,
Our love will grow in purity,
and once it is true, this spell is set free.'
Let the mixture cool and place it in the bottle with the rose quartz.
Then 15 minutes before the sunrise on a Friday case your circle and place on
the alter the candles, strings, potion, bowl of salt, incense and the targets scent.
Light the red candle while facing south and say: -
'Burning passion and desire
arise in --------- like a burning fire!'
put the candle down on the alter and anoint the taper candle with the targets scent.
Take both strings and hold them together, tie a knot in one end and say:
'I bind this knot and bring -------'s love.'
tie another knot at the other end of the strings and say:
'I bind this knot and bring --------'s desire.
Tie another knot near the first one on the other side:
'I bind this knot to bring --------'s faithfulness.'
Tie another knot next to the second one you tied
'I bind -----'s love to me.'
Another next to the third one you tied:
'Come to me, so mote it be.'
Wrap the cord around the anointed taper base and light it while saying:
'the fire of love burns in his/her heart!'
Light the incense:
'this smoke does here by evoke,
his/her commitment to me that s/he cannot revoke!'
Focus on your goal and/or chant the following:
'-------- to me, so mote it be'
Let three drops of wax from the red candle fall on the potion (only on the lid)
'the spell is sealed!'
Remove the knotted cord and dip it in the potion once
'I infuse this cord,
the spell is stored.
SO long as the knots remain his/her love for me will never wane.
Recap the potion and allow the smoke from the incense to surround it:
'This smoke seals his/her love for me!'
Repeat the smudging for the cord and say:
'His/her love is bound!'
Place everything on the alter and go around the circle widdershins (counter clockwise) and say:
'The circle is open, the spell is released,
His/her love for me will never cease!'
Place four drops of the potion on oneself every morning (head, breasts and groin) one drop on each.

If there is a person who is your friend/enemy/whatever and they are treating you badly you
can change their personality so it suits you i.e. they act how you want them to do.
There are two different methods to this spell depending on whether the person is with you or not.
If they are with you, concentrate on them and whilst staring at them say the following...
"Twist their bones and bend their back, Hypnotic and mystic and magick and mystery."
Now carry on like that but change the first line each time you do it saying what you want them to
be like and after every line say "hypnotic and mystic and magick and mystery".
When you have finished (it can be as long or short as you want) you need to raise your left hand
to their left hand side and say "just" then raise your right hand to their right hand side and say "like"
then you bring your hands together and draw them down the person's body and when they meet say "this."
By the way you don't touch them you just look at them and do it!
If they are not with you need to get a spoon (the bigger the better) and then you need to visualize
them floating above you. As you are saying the exact same spell as above hold the spoon by the
end and hold it vertically.
As you are saying the spell visualize its power building in the cupped bit of the spoon.
When you have finished the main part of the spell, you pull the spoon backwards saying "just"
then throw it forward whilst saying "like" and as you visualize the power of the spell hitting the person say "this."

--Male / or Taper Candle in His Astral Color or Black
--Female / or Taper Candle in her Astral Color or Black
--Citronella Oil (a natural repellent) Two Pieces of Copal Resin
--Lavender Rosemary Skullcap
--Two pieces of black cloth Two pieces of black string
--Water and a Towel (to rinse the Citronella if it's caustic to your skin and to rinse between
herbs if you're using human figure candles)
You may prepare candles prior to casting your circle, though the preparation itself can help
to raise the energy you desire. First, just soften the area of the candle where the heart would
be with a flame and push a piece of Copal Resin into the candle; this represents the heart of each.
If using a taper, draw a heart around the Copal when wax has cooled. Inscribe each candle with
the proper names, a heart with an "X" through it, the Ogham stave for Straif (or Blackthorn) - causes
resentment and confusion; and the Elder Futhark rune Eihwaz - for removal of obstacles. Anoint the
candle from wick down with Citronella oil until well covered. If using a taper, role the male's candle
in Skullcap to allow his attentions to stray; and role the female's candle in Lavender and Rosemary
to make her chaste. If using figure candles, you may need to do this by hand, remembering to remove
the herb completely before working on the next. Once in circle (if not already) call upon the Morrigu
(or Morrighan) by chanting Ninefold:
Goddess Morrigan, I am in need of you.
Your might and strength I do implore, to split apart these two
(Don't forget to thank her for her help in such a manner as to gently hint that you are grateful
and she may leave your circle... she can be touchy, always be careful when working with her.)
Place the candles side by side on your pentacle (make sure your working space is somewhere
permanent, as this will take 9 days). While raising energy think or chant:
You two are through, no more binding love, as below and so above.
When you have raised sufficient energy, direct it into the candles, who are now your subjects,
and end with So Mote It Be! or whatever you feel most comfortable with.
Let them burn awhile, snuff them, and close your circle.
The following night at approximately the same time, move them a bit apart, light them,
and chant while raising energy, release and snuff.
There is no need to cast a circle, or to call upon the Morrigu. Just remember to approximate
the moving apart and burning so that on the ninth night they are as far apart as your work
space will allow and they may burn out. Take all the wax and leftover herbs and copal, etc.
for each into separate pieces of black fabric and tie into a bundle. These should be buried
at a crossroads, kitty-corner from one another. Do NOT bury them together. It is done.

This one is a good substitute for a hex, when your fear or anger tempts you in that direction:
"Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,
I will curse if you force me to.
By the left hand and the unclean food,
I'll curse your eyes, I'll curse your lies,
I'll call down a plague of flies.
Blood go black and flesh go blue,
Evil from me and back to you
My soul clean and yours on fire,
You f**k with a witch you get burned, liar! "

This spell can be used for a variety of banishing needs:
banishing illnesses, bad habits, negativity, etc.,
You will need:
Carbon or flash paper Business size envelope
A slip of paper that will fit in the envelope Appropriate herbs
Healing: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Juniper, Thyme, Willow
Banishing: Basil, Asafoetida, Valerian, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Agrimony, Acacia, Cypress
Appropriately colored candles:
Healing: Green, Blue
Banishing: Black
Fast Action: Red
Appropriate oil for anointing the candles
Healing: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sandalwood
Banishing: Basil, Cypress, Acacia, Frankincense
Appropriate incense
Charcoal for the incense if necessary
A disposable pen in black ink
At the full moon anoint and charge the candles with the essential oil and bless and
charge the herbs you are going to use. Surround the base of the candles with the
appropriate herbs and light the candles, cast your circle or otherwise prepare for
magic as you normally would.
Cut a human figure out of the carbon paper (designed appropriately as specifically
male for men, female for women) that will fit inside the envelope. Of course, if you
need to, you can use a larger envelope but the business size is generally sufficient.
Lay the figure on the slip of paper between the candles, charge and name it as the
individual and with intent write on the figure what you are working on. Such as, if the
spell is to heal an illness you might simply write whatever that illness is, in example:
"cold/flu." You might also write it over the appropriate body part, such as if it is a
head cold write it on the head. If it's to overcome an addiction to cigarettes you
might write "cigarettes" on the chest (or where ever you identify most with smoking)
and even add a cigarette in the envelope! Be creative with it.
Charge both the paper and the doll with intent, by the elements, etc., and place them
and some of the herbs in the envelope and seal it up. Lay it between the candles and
allow them to burn until half gone charging and meditating on the purpose of the spell
all the while! Store the candles somewhere secure to use later when finishing the spell.
Then place the envelope under the mattress of the "ill" person or recipient of the spell if
possible. You may also, if it is not possible to put it with the person, place it behind a
picture of the person in a frame; inside of a book they gave you, etc., You can also
include nail and hair clippings if you like or what you will.
Let this stay undisturbed for as long as needed but it should not exceed one full lunar cycle.
When the magic has run it's course and the deed is accomplished, or when the cycle is
done light the remainder of the candles and set your circle or prepare as you did before.
Then open the envelope and put everything on your altar, between the candles in a fire
proof bowl. First burn the slip of paper with the writing along with the herbs and the hair,
nails, etc., if you included them in the spell, then burn the doll. As the doll burns it will turn
from black to white (great sympathetic stuff here)! As you burn these things be sure to
keep focused on the intent (such as banishing the illness, visualize the person whole
and healthy, no longer addicted, etc.) Scrape all of the ashes back into the envelope
and use some of the candle wax to seal it up again. You can carve symbols in the wax if you like.
Be sure to, get rid of EVERYTHING which you used with this ritual (candle nubs, any
remaining bits of herbs, the pen, etc., you should not have to get rid of the incense or
oil as you should have used it anyhow). Bury or otherwise dispose of the envelope, far
away from anyone's home or property.
*Flash paper (the kind magicians use) is great to use for the paper, just be sure the paper
is safely in the dish before lighting it! This shows the problem properly vanishing in a flash
and the doll burns removing the black and turning to white.
**Use extreme caution with Asafoetida, just a whiff of this herb has been known to cause
vomiting, better to substitute Valerian
Its a deadly little number so be sure about casting it as what goes out comes back 3x3.

Supplies: a pair of underpants with the name of the offending party wrote on the crotch
with black marker; a bottle of the hottest Tabasco sauce you can find; a bit of thistle
and nettles; cinquefoil; black pepper; rubbing alcohol; a long match; an old cauldron or
outside grill.
Pour the Tabasco sauce on the crotch of the underwear. Let dry.
Sprinkle with herbs and black pepper. Sprinkle with a bit of alcohol. Use a long match to light.
Burn in an old cauldron/outside grill. As the underwear burns say-
(the person's name), I've had enough I rise above you,
I've rotten tough the wagging tongues of flame bite back
I refuse to take your hateful flack
Your lies become a conflagration
Bringing you to degradation
Your deceit recedes it's clinging grasp
And I am free - the truth at last! Scatter the ashes off your property.

Oh timeless spirits in heaven and earth,
I have been wronged and seek restitution.
Bear down on my enemy causing misfortune
And failure in every endeavor.

Oh sleepless spirits,
Cast on thee, my enemy,
Many restless and sleepless nights,
Make the bed bugs bite,
For thee hast wronged me.

I put a spell on you, to make you suffer like I do,
Because I think about you day and night,
You shall do the same, it's only right.
This works. You need to make the words to fit yourself, and what you want to do.

A way to drive someone crazy is to write the victim's name backwards on an egg.
No ordinary egg will do -- it has to be an egg from a black hen.
Then it is required that the egg be tossed over the roof of the intended victim.
As an alternative, the egg could be buried near the victim's front door.

This calls for casting a circle because you are using your subconscious mind, and not
your conscious mind. Use a round, blessed mirror. Light Patchouli incense.
Smear a light coating of allspice around the outer Circle, starting at the top, going in counter
clockwise position. Chant:
Bind this (man/woman) I name ________
Bind him/her from our home and life.
Give us peace, remove the strife.
Let their will be free, as long as he/she stays away from me.
Protect our family from this day forth,
Allow _______ to never darken our door.
Reflect back now and please be Quick.
Keep him/her away, if _______ breaks the spell.
Make him/her hear well,
If _____ Comes back here
Make _____ become violently ill.
As I have Willed, So it shall be.
Thank all Elements for attending the right. Close Circle.

--Black candles A black metal or brass censer
--Mugwort, Dragonsblood, and/or Wormwood incense
--Charcoal incense burner A white candle Wine (the darker the better)
Surround yourself in a circle of black candles, no less than three
(the number should be 13 or a multiple of three).
On the ground, set up your materials, and set all items facing west.
Work this rite during the bewitching hour if possible, or any time after dark.
Prepare the atmosphere by casting the incense into the burner.
If you do not feel safe in the circle of candles, place 3, 5, or 9 protective talismans
around your circle and wear one on your body.
Visualize the darkness entering your ritual area, enveloping it in a dark veil.
Surround yourself in the darkness, drink in the night, feel it pulsate within your body.
With every breath, draw more and more night into you, until you are filled with the dark energy.
If at any time you hear a dog, a raven, or a crows call, then you may move freely into the next part.
If not, invoke spirit Raven into your circle, and ask his blessing on your journey into the abyss.
Next, look upwards to the moon (this should be done outdoors when the moon is full, if possible)
Let its silvery light shine into your body, going through you like glass. Invoke Hecate, holding
your arms into the air saying this or something similar:
Great Hecate!
You who are the night,
You who are the darkness, the moon above.
Triple goddess, come unto me!
Grand Hecate, I call ye!
Be here of Queen of Heaven
Unto me of Queen of Hell!
You who command all things!
You from whom all magic flows!
Great Mystery, oh Shadow of Darkness,
Hecate, I invoke Thee!
You should feel yourself becoming lighter, feel a surge of power, or some tingling, or
maybe a feeling of safety, or that you are not alone suddenly. If you experience no
change whatsoever, repeat the chant, and if after three times you still feel no change,
end the rite and try another time.
When you feel Hecates power, either do your other magick workings, some divination,
or try and communicate. If you wish you may ask for her blessing or simply her guidance,
but whatever you ask of Her, do so with the utmost respect.
If you wish to further channel Her, continue, otherwise give her license to depart.
To continue, hold up the chalice with the wine to the moon and say:
Moon, shining bright above me!
Goddess, let thine blood run down! Feed me with thine darkness!
Make me thine Kindred!
Drink the wine, and continue to channel the Goddess until you are satisfied.
Dismiss Her politely, and use your strongest banishment to rid any malevolent creature
from you (make sure you thank Raven if you invoked him).
Be careful with this spell, have someone to observe you (in a triple circle of protection)
and also, it might be a good idea to have designated driver/magician should you become
tipsy or begin to hallucinate or lose your sanity or what not.

This spell is for dealing with someone who is more of an annoyance than a threat,
someone who really gets on your nerves or stresses you out by intruding in your life or
violating your space. It is for someone you have already asked to stop but who persists
in bothering you. It is not a spell to use on someone whose actions you object to within
their own life or space. You need:
* a box * herbs for protection
* two heads of garlic (or more, if you are using a big box or dealing with a group of people)
* a photograph of the person, or their name written on a piece of paper
Put everything in the box. Cover the box and give it a good hard shake, mentally yelling at
the person to modify the behavior that annoys you. Put the box away, in a drawer or up on a shelf.
Take it out and give it a hard shake, yelling at them, every time they annoy you.
After the first week or so you should seldom need to shake the box.
Throw the box away in a few months, when the garlic begins to spoil.

This may or may not be a hoax.
High Priest holds a skull dyed black upon a wooden staff. Cardinal holds the same with a red skull.
Apostle holds a staff with a violet skull. Nine celebrants hold white skulls upon staffs. All skulls
must be full human skulls. All robes worn are black, except that of the cardinal, who wears red, and the
Apostle who wears violet. A circle of celebrants is formed with the 9 celebrants and the High Priest
(at the upper north position) around the cardinal, apostle, and an infant sacrifice.
The cardinal stands at the east while the apostle stands at the west.
The circle's ground is covered in fresh blood.
Infant's face is painted like a skull. Cardinal has an Athame tucked under his robe belt or in a sheath.
Athame must be sharpened and cleaned. High Priest makes the sign of enclosure, the skull-staff
between the hands, base resting on the ground, skull held against his bowed head.
This gesture is made also by the 9 celebrants. Chant:
"Tuam es eliciat!" thirteen times, calling forth demonic legions. After first recital, the High Priest
angles the skull towards the center of the circle, the base still resting on the ground. With each following
repetition, one celebrant does the same, in a counter clockwise manner. At the tenth repetition, all 10
members of the circle having angled the skull-staff towards the center of the circle, the chant is
repeated once more by the High Priest. The Cardinal makes the call, followed for a thirteenth time by the
Apostle, who shouts the words into the sky. At this, the Apostle and the Cardinal hold the skull-staffs
with both hands in the air, angled towards the center of the circle. Revolving counterclockwise around the
center of the circle (the sacrifice), with skull-staff still in the center sky, the Cardinal and Apostle make
a 360 revolution. When the Cardinal has returned to the east and the Apostle to the west, with the right
hand they both move their staffs to an upright position, base on the ground. They make with left
hands the sign of the horns. The Apostle calls loudly.... "So we begin!"
Apostle: "Lucifer, Lucifer, Lord of the Night. Lucifer, we call thee, bringer of light. Father of
Darkness, Father of Might, speak to our hearing and come to our sight. We bring thee this babe, a pure
sacrifice. We give thee her blood, and offer her life. We show thee our reverence, now show us a sign.
We cry out thy name, now enter this rite."
All is silent until the presence of the Father is made known.
Cardinal: "Oh, Scarlet Whore, oh Lucifer's Bride, reveal now the mysteries thy beauty hides. Kiss us
with babe's breath, and her crimson tide. Bless us with power, and eternal life. The skulls are aligned,
in number thirteen. The angels await, now come unto me!"
Cardinal and Apostle again circle counterclockwise, with three revolutions, opening a dark portal to
Spiritus Regnum. Pointing their skull-staffs in the Gate's opening, the Cardinal and Apostle draw the
power of the portal to their staffs. Simultaneously lowering the staffs, they carry the demonic power into
this realm and touch the skulls to the infant. All of the demonic power of the rite is transferred to the babe.
Participants begin rapidly chanting "Lucifer," almost at a frenzied pace. Apostle and Cardinal both step
forth and kneel at each side of the babe. Apostle places fingers on infant's temples and induces a
trance wherein all thought and energy may be transferred. Cardinal draws Athame and raises it high
above his head, pointing towards the babe. The chanting grows more fervent as the Cardinal brings the
blade down into the chest of the infant nine times, penetrating her body fully with each strike. After
the ninth strike, the Apostle lifts the corpse in both hands and tears a piece of flesh with his teeth,
swallowing the infant's meat. Calls: "The blood and the flesh is the soul of the Father!" Holds the
infant up to the Cardinal, who partakes of the child's flesh. Cardinal remains kneeling while the Apostle
carries the babe to the High Priest, who partakes and passes it counterclockwise for the others to partake.
The babe is put into a shallow grave dug beforehand, and buried. High Priest calls: From dust and ashes
wert thou borne into this earth by the power and the mercy of the Father, and by the very same power and
mercy has the Father returned thee to dust, and to ashes, unto the earth. Praise the sacred name of Lucifer!"
All: "Praise the name of Lucifer!"
After the participants have removed themselves, a member commanded by the High Priest removes the infant
from the grave and entirely disposes of all evidence of the rite.

Two cuts are made on a lime, one horizontally and the other vertically, ensuring that one
does not cut the lime in four pieces. In the middle of the lime one places a piece of parchment
paper with the victim's name on it. The lime is then held closed with two long, steel pins, and
placed in a new plain glass, together with some salt, vinegar, and ashes. The ashes and the
salt are believed to destroy the enemy's attempts to cause trouble, while the lime and vinegar
will sour his own affairs.

If a man has sexual relations with a woman and then treats her rather badly or breaks his word,
she can very easily get even with him. According to ancient Voodoo practices, all she must do is
keep the cloth used for cleansing both parties after their relations. This towel, washcloth, or rag is
first tied in seven knots. It is then weighted down and dropped into a river. The man is said to lose
his sexual virility until amends are made or until the girl forgives him and retrieves the cloth. Only
she can bread the spell by untying the seven knots. If the knotted wiping rag is lost, he will never
again regain his ability to perform sexually.

Assemble three mirrors before you, and say
"Torqueo suus ossis et flecto suus spina, sopoficer et mysticus (pour holy water onto
one mirror) et magicus (pour holy water onto the next mirror) et occultus (pour holy water
onto the third mirror)."

Get a raven's heart, cut it in half with a black-handled knife; make three cuts and place
a black bean in each cut. Plant the heart, and when the beans sprout, put one in your
mouth and say:
"By virtue of Satan's heart, and by the strength of my great art, I desire to become invisible."

--a red candle a black candle
--a photo or picture of you and the two members of couple you wish to break up
(or any other remnants from the person e.g. hand-written letter from the particular person)
--a red ribbon (1 - 2m preferably)
Light the red candle and place the photo of you and the guy/girl you like together,
and bind the two with the red ribbon, and tie a knot at the end. Chant:
"From soul to soul, from breath to breath, from lips to lips, from eyes to eyes,
from body to body, from hands to hands, from crown to the toe, ---- name of the person ---
and I shall belong together"
Leave the ribboned photo beside the red-candle.
Then, take the picture of your rival and burn it with the black candle's flame and chant:
"Dear --- name of your rival ---, I mean you no harm, please free --- the name of the person
you like ----- from your prison, and send him/her into my open arms"

Get a small jar or bottle with a lid.
On a piece of paper draw a house with a big X thru it.
Then write their name on it 9 times, but not inside the house.
Fill with 4 thieves vinegar, cap and cast into a river or ocean.
That is a good one but back it up with splashing War Water on all their outside door knobs
and porches. Do this as you build energy visualizing them packed up and driving away down the street.

Write the person's name and what they have done to you on a small piece of paper.
Light it from an alter candle and drop it to burn away in the cauldron.
Stand before the alter, the ashes in your right hand, and say:
Wolf and horse, old signs of might.
Lend your strength to me this night.
The pain and grief they so easily give,
Must be returned so they may live,
To know and feel what they have done,
And change their ways, with harm to none.
Send back the pain, teach them this night,
And help them to do what they know is right.
Go outside, and throw the ashes to the winds, knowing that they will realize what they have done to you.

Chili Powder Cinnamon Galangal Black Pepper Iron Filings Vetivert
Pinch Bitter Aloes or Vetivert
Use when you desire to break any relationship.
Creates animosity between lovers and business associates. Forces an eventual separation.

If you know who has put a crossed condition on you and you want to reverse the jinx onto them,
burn a black candle on their name (putting their name on a paper beneath an overturned saucer
under the candle) or carve their name on the candle.
If you don't know the name of the person who did this trick to you, carve the words "My Enemy"
on the candle. Any black candle will do, but if you use a black candle in the figure of the Devil,
carve their name on it, and dress it with Cast Off Evil Oil, things will go harder with them.
Burn the black candle on the toilet tank, a little bit each night, pinching it out between burnings.
Burn it while the moon is growing smaller -- then, on the dark of the moon, the darkest night of
the month, turn the burning black candle upside down and extinguish it in the toilet bowl, saying
"Thus will you, [name of enemy], meet your fate!"
Throw the remaining black candle stub and wax into a crossroads -- or into the yard of the person
who had put the roots on you or jinxed you.

This ritual is designed to get revenge on someone who has caused you emotional pain,
for example if the person you love abandons you and it transpires that they were merely using
you, then this would be perfect. The amount of suffering this causes the victim is largely
proportional to the amount of pain and hurt they gave you. It involves re-living all the sadness
that your victim has caused you and magickally returning it to them.
The usual riders apply to this ritual. Don't try it on anyone who you still love in any way,
otherwise you might end up with a load of guilt and backlash on top of everything else.
Performing the ritual is also quite a traumatic experience for yourself.
Now, on to the ritual.
Gather a few small object links to your victim. A photograph, something they written, a copy
of their signature or personal sigil, etc. You then have to visualize and re-live the pain your
victim has caused you. The sadness you felt at being abandoned. The sense of betrayal.
Everything. Feel it welling up inside you, then project it at the links.
You can then culminate the ritual in a way you that you think would send it to you're victim.
Some people would destroy the charged links, some people would just visualize the negative
energy extending to the victim via the links and keep them somewhere where they are unlikely
to run across them, while others would plant them in the victim's home. I favor planting the
charged links at the back the victim's drawers of personal or magickal items, myself.

This involves creating an egergore that is tasked to victimize the object of your vengeance
with your pain. Create a servitor by your favorite method. In this example I will use my pet
method of creating a sigil from it's statement of intent, and use this sigil as the main
representation of the egregore. I am referring to the servitor as an egregore as it has no
time limit, so will exist indefinitely.
Statement of intent: "To turn the emotional pain inflicted on me by Jane Doe back on her"
This is reduced to a few letters and is made into a sigil.
This sigil is drawn onto a small mirror, or on a fragment of a mirror.
As with the techniques detailed in the ritual, you then have to visualize and re-live the pain
your victim caused you, and then charge the servitor with this pain.
The mirror is then slipped in with the victim's personal or magickal possessions, somewhere
where she is unlikely to find it.

Angel of Destruction
Mighty Prince of Hell
Receive our sacrifice
Send us forth to do your bidding
Beast of Revelation
Rejoice upon your throne
Unleash the Formless Hosts of Hell
Set us upon the Path of Darkness.
Cast forth the jackals
Out of time and space
Bring us to the depths of evil So we may see your face.
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Infernal Lord below
Almighty God of the Flesh
Send forth your faithful legions
To deliver us from righteousness
Lord of Devastation
Demonic Prince of Lust
Lead us into temptation
In thee we place our trust.
Flutes of the Laughing One
Shriek through the Abyss
The Eternal Serpent sleeps in chaos
So that we may live
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Hail to Azathoth, who laughs incessantly
Center of the Cosmos, Bringer of Insanity
Hail Yog-Sothoth, Master of Dimensions
God of Desolation, Messenger of terror
Hail Nyarlathotep, Unsleeping Lord of Sin
Herald of the Barrier, Prince of the Abyss
Hail Shub-Niggurath, Goat of a Thousand Young
Father of the World of Horrors, Ram of the Sun.
Cast forth the jackals
Out of time and space
Bring us to the depths of evil
So we may see your face
Flutes of the Laughing One
Shriek through the Abyss
The Eternal Serpent sleeps in chaos so that we may live.
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!
Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

[For the reading of the Satanic Bible]
Oh Lucifer, truthful darkness which causes all men to fall into the Abyss, we know that you
have come from Gehenna to be our Master and to teach us the way of deceit.
The words that we hear from your mouth are death and damnation: but, who is worthy of
opening your book and break the Demonic seal? Only you, you who deceived Eve so we
can distinguish between good and evil in order to be able to choose evil and serve you.
Let us, then, be able to know the mysteries of the Netherworld, Abaddon, and the kingdom
of Hell; and the incomprehensible treasures of your condemnation. Show us all the treasures
of the wisdom and maturity that all demons posses, which are hidden and therefore, occult.
May your word penetrate deep into our souls, guide with obscurity our steps and keep us
away from all kinds of righteousness until night falls and daylight is gone.
You who burns and reigns forever.
In the name of Satan, SHEMHAMFORASH.
Oh Master Belial, death, evil, lies, and our daily poison; drag us soon to the Abyss.
Oh Satan, our rightful leader, who appeared to Adam and Eve as a snake to deceive them;
who appeared to Jesus in the desert to tempt him; who showed mankind the path of destruction,
hatred, evil, and darkness; who resigning to mercy and love toward ingrates, came to teach us
that staying away from idiots we shall not be changed to be like them. Give us the power to
refuse good and righteousness. By thy hand we live to do harm. We praise thee for you have
made God your enemy. Barbecue us for all eternity.
In the name of Satan, SHEMHAMFORASH.
oh Master Belial, death, evil, lies, and our daily poison; drag us soon to the Abyss.

Time: Midnight on a Saturday. The dark of the Moon.
Place: Cemeteries, Haunted Places, etc.
Items needed: black candles, brimstone (or any other "dark" type incense, black arts etc.)
black onyx (Black Onyx was believed to already possess a spirit so this is why
I use it but you can choose any black stone of your choice.) Sterilized needle.
Disrobe. Arrange black candles in any pattern one may wish, pentagram or what not.
(I use graveyard dirt to draw a pentagram and then place black candles at each cross point.)
Light the brimstone as incense. At midnight chant:
3X Hold the stone in your left palm.
If done properly you should see with your mind's eye a purplish "lightning" dance around the stone.
You must never let sunlight hit the stone or the spirit will return from which it came.
You can ask of your demon anything but alas, it seems that the relationship is not permanent.
If you demon fails to comply with your wishes it may be time to exile it.
I've notice that threatening to place the stone in the sun sometimes works to "compel" the
entity but if it becomes violent immediately cast it out into the daylight.
You must reward the demon by feeding it three drops of your blood after if fulfills any of your wishes.
When I first created this spell, the first demon I caught was nasty. It was very effective for about
a year but then began to mock me and not do as I say. It then came to me in a dream and tried
to make a bargain with me by giving me extreme wealth in return for using my Magick
to "incarnate" it into my future first born. After that I said hell with this and chunked the
stone outside in the summer heat.
This spell is designed to let a brown-noser get back what they send out.
This spell does not directly harm the target, they do it to themselves.
For this spell you need a sheet of paper, scissors, a black candle, some black string,
frankincense incense, a piece of pyrite (fool's gold), an old glass jar with a lid, some
water and a frying pan. First stand facing north and cut out a paper doll of the asskisser
and write his name on it. Then look to the north and say,
" Asskisser in your heart,
what you're doing isn't smart,
whatever harm you say and do,
will jump right back and get you."
Take the black string and bind the doll while saying,
" Whatever good and bad you say,
whatever good and bad you do,
will always come right back at you."
After binding the doll, light the incense and the candle.
Wave the doll through the smoke of the incense and say,
"with the power of air this spell is carried."
Then fan the flame of the candle and say,
" With the power of flame this spell is released."
Sprinkle some water on it and say:
" With the power of water the Magick is spread."
Last, touch the bundle with the fool's gold and say.
"With the power of earth the Magick is put into being."
Finally, take the bundle and burn the f*** out of it in the frying pan,
take the ashes and put them in the jar and bury them.

A medium sized fish is bought in Yemaya's name.
The names of all of the persons the petitioner distrusts or feels are their enemies are on a
piece of paper which is then inserted in the fish's mouth. The fish is placed in a dish filled
with sugar cane syrup and offered to Yemaya. It remains at her feet for seven days and
then it is thrown into the sea with seven cents.--it may stink your house up for a week
but it is very effective.

Start on a Saturday. Get a figural candle in the form of green devil and carve the borrower's
name on it along with the words "GIVE ME MY MONEY!"
On a piece of unlined paper write his name 9 times and cross his name 9 times with the words
"GIVE ME MY MONEY!" Place the paper beneath an overturned saucer, and put the candle,
which you have dressed with Compelling Oil on top of that.
As the candle burns, speak out loud your demand for the return of your money in your own
words and close with the phrase:
Now take up the burning candle and saucer and retrieve the person's name paper from
underneath. Hold the paper near the flame and say,
Green Devil, this is my command:
Until [Name] repays the debt he owes
Compel him to feel the sting of his conscience
Compel him to burn with the fire of remorse
Compel him to taste in his mouth only ashes
Compel him to dream of the evil he's done
Compel him to remember his debt to me
Whenever he thinks of money
Whenever he hears the word "money"
Whenever he sees money
Whenever he touches money
or it will be hot for you!
Singe the paper a little, then put it back under the saucer and pinch the candle out (do not blow it out).
For seven days, light the candle and speak aloud the commands as above.
Then singe the paper, using the same warning words given above each time.
During this week, while the spell is working, you MUST also contact him somehow
and ask for your money, firmly and confidently. If you will see him in person, wear
Compelling Oil on your clothes when you meet. If you write to him by mail, sprinkle
Compelling Sachet Powder on the letter, drag your fingernails down through the
powder in wavy "snake lines" and then blow the powder off the paper. If you write
to him by email or speak to him by phone, your opportunity for contact will be less,
but at least wear Compelling Oil as you communicate electronically and be sure to
state your command clearly and firmly.
If at any time during this period he makes a payment or repays the debt in full, thank
the Green Devil for his aid and assistance, and consider the spell complete.
However, if despite your verbal contact with him and despite the magical warnings he
has received with every singe of his name-paper, he still has not made any movement
to repay you, you can add to the words and action of the magical command.
On the 7th day of the spell, which should be a Friday, light the candle and speak
your demands aloud, as before.
As the candle burns, speak out loud your demand for the return of your money in your
own words and close with the phrase:
Pick up the burning candle and saucer and retrieve the borrower's name paper
from underneath one last time. Hold the paper near the flame and say,
Green Devil, this is my command:
Until [Name] repays the debt he owes
Compel him to feel the sting of his conscience
Compel him to burn with the fire of remorse
Compel him to taste in his mouth only ashes
Compel him to dream of the evil he's done
Compel him to remember his debt to me
Whenever he thinks of money
Whenever he hears the word "money"
Whenever he sees money
Whenever he touches money
Green Devil,
Compel [Name] to run through the flames of Hell
Until he falls to the ground at my feet
With his arm outstretched
And the money in his hand,
Begging me to take it!
GIVE ME MY MONEY -- or ***BURN***!!! And let his name-paper burn up.

Alleged to Cause Discord Between Lovers.
1 Black Couple Candle or 1 Black Figural Break-Up (Divorce) Candle
1 bottle Crossing Oil 1 packet Crossing Sachet Powder
1 packet Crossing Incense Powders 1 packet Hotfoot Powder
1 packet Goofer Dust 1 Bottle containing:
9 Pins, 9 Needles, 9 Nails, black dog hair, black cat hair
1 packet Devil's Shoe Strings Curio 1 packet Devil Pod Curio
1 packet Hyssop Herb 2 White Offertory Candles
Preparation: This spell is presented in several degrees of severity, allowing you to
choose just how much trouble you want to make. In addition to the items here, you will
need something personal from both parties, such as their hair,
footprint-dirt, menstrual blood, semen, photos, business card, or the like.
The more intimate the better. In addition, you should symbolically write their full names
on two pieces of paper 9 times. Use black ink for the one you
want to have get away and red ink for the one you want to stay near you.
Use black ink for both, if you want both to get away. Whatever item you use, those things,
plus the name-papers, will be referred to as "the couple's personal
items." Work during the waning of the moon).
Doing the Job: Make the Crossing Incense Powders into cones (use a twist of paper, pack the
incense in with your finger, and turn it out of the cone). On the Black Couple Candle carve
the couple's full names with the words BREAK UP
between their names. Dress the candle with Crossing Oil and sprinkle it with Crossing Powder.
For each of the next seven days burn a portion of the incense and one section of the candle.
Pinch the candle out between times, never blow it out.
During these 7 days, you will work the spell itself.
The bottle contains 9 Pins, 9 Needles, 9 Rusty Nails, the Hair of a Black Dog, and the
Hair of a Black Cat. These are to cause pain, anger, emotional incompatibility, distance,
and quarreling between the couple so that they will "fight
like cats and dogs" and seek to part from each other. You have 3 types of powders.
Each is alleged to produce a certain result. The more you use, the more mischief will to result.
Hotfoot Powder is to drive someone away.
Crossing Powder is to bring about bad luck, trouble, and illness. Goofer Dust is to mess
people up seriously, even unto death. Choose 1, 2, or all 3 powders. Blend if you wish.
Mix the couple's personal items with the powder(s) you have chosen, then put the mix in the bottle
with the pins, needles, nails, dog hair, and cat hair; stop up the bottle and bury it under their
doorstep. As you do this, pray aloud for their intranquility and break-up in your own words;
ask in the name of your God or Saint. If you can't put it under their doorstep, hide it in a hollow
tree where they can't find it, or carry it to the nearest graveyard and bury it
(praying for the death of their relationship), or carry it to a crossroads and throw it into center
of the road (praying for them to travel apart from each other), or throw it into running water
(praying to have them both carried out of your life).
CLEANING UP: Wrap up any left-over candle wax, incense ashes, and unused materials in a
piece of black cloth. Secure it with black thread and tie it. Throw it out at a crossroads or bury
it in a graveyard.
PURIFICATION AND PROTECTION: Because breaking folks up is an Enemy Trick, you must
cleanse yourself and protect from retribution. To take off your sin, prepare a bath by steeping the
Hyssop Herb in a pot of boiling rain water or spring water. Light the two white candles, stand
between them, and pour the Hyssop bath over your head while reciting
the 51st Psalm ("Cleanse me with Hyssop; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow").
For protection, drive the 9 Devil's Shoe Strings into the dirt across the path to your door-step
to tangle up anyone who may try to retaliate and cross you.
Put the Devil Pods outside or behind your front and back doors to repel any evil work that
may be directed toward you.

Select a candle of light sky blue
And cut seven notches firm and true.
Add to this seven strips of parchment paper
Placed beside thy candle taper.
Upon them scribe, both first and last
The name of the Lover bold and fast.
Fold the strips in two lengthwise
To keep the names from prying eyes.
Strike a flame and set the candle to burn
And let one strip to ashes turn.
Speak out these words seven times in all,
To summon the forces and with love enthrall:
BRING (name of desire) TO MY ARMS RIGHT HERE.
Firm thy vision of what is intended
As the candle to the first notch burns and the hour is ended.
Repeat this spell a notch each night
And one of the strips gleefully light.
With witches will and concentrated vision
Thou canst capture thy lover with precision.

This is a simple chant that seems to work well against those who cheat at games or
on tests in school, and is easily changed to fit your situation.
I cast darkness to chase you, [cheater]*
So that you will fall when others would stand.
*[] can either describe the person or name them.
This is mild and will go away when you draw it back and won't have any significant backfire.

This rite is used to bind the will of a spirit. The spirit during the rite will hence forth do all in his
power to overwhelm the operator with terror, so as to incite him to abandon the enterprise,
hoping in this manner to escape from the wiles which are beginning to be woven about him.
The operation needs you to purchase a virgin animal, which must be decapitated on the third
day of the moon. Previously to the sacrifice, a garland of Vervain must be wound about the neck
of the animal, immediately below the head, and secured by means of green ribbon.
The sacrifice must be offered on the scene of the coming evocation, a forlorn and isolated
spot free from all interruption. There, with the right arm bared to the shoulder, having armed
himself with a blade of fine steel, and having kindled a fire of white wood, the Karcist shall recite
the following words in a hopeful and animated manner:-
Initial Offering
"I immolate this animal victim to Thee, O grand Adonay, Eloim, Ariel and Jehovam,
to the honor, glory and power of Thy Name, which is superior to all Spirits.
O grand Adonay! Vouchsafe to receive it as an acceptable offering. Amen."
Here he must cut the throat of the animal, skin it, set the body on the fire and reduce it to ashes,
which must be collected and cast towards the rising of the sun, at the same time
repeating the following words:-
"It is to the honor, glory and dominion of Thy Name,
O grand Adonay, Eloim, Ariel, Jehovam, that I spill the blood of this victim!
Vouchsafe, O Thou grand Adonay, to receive its ashes as an acceptable sacrifice."
While the victim is being consumed by the flames, the operator shall rejoice in the honor and glory
or the grand Adonay, Eloim, Ariel and Jehovam, taking care to preserve the skin of the virgin animal
to form the round or grand Kabalistic circle, in which he must himself stand on the day of the supreme enterprise.

Burnt ashes from palm leaves Holy water Beer Myrrh Lavender
color: Black. Another very powerful powder used for hexing an individual you dislike.
Sprinkle on burning incense while repeating his name nine times. Use with extreme caution.

Red taper candle zodiac oil - your zodiac sign
zodiac oil - his zodiac sign Venus oil come to me oil
Masturbate with taper candle. Focus on desire. Once orgasm is achieved, dress candle with
Venus oil, come to me oil and zodiac oils of both yourself and desired love.
Leave your own body fluids on the candle.
Let this candle burn completely out. Never snuff or blow out the candle; this cancels the spell.
This candle will really speak to you if you watch it burn.
This brings immediate, quick, fast results, but not long term.
This spell should be followed up with more powerful ritual once you see results.

Pluck from the roadside or some neglected plot of ground an old and withered stalk of burdock burrs.
Pick off three round burrs, lightly, with cautious fingers, and set them down each separated from the
other, on a table of bare wood. There light three red candles, and carry to them the charm of velvet
earlier prepared. Unpin it and unfold it; then spread it flat beside the burrs, and set the three upon the
velvet's center; one by one while these three verses are said:
This thine eye - I bind to me - This thy hand - I bind to me - This thy heart - I bind to me - Ever
and ever and forever.
Move the burrs to lie together, fixed and locked to another, and likewise all three to the center of the
cloth. Then fold up the cloth about them and pin it tight. This charm should then be locked away in a
drawer or cupboard, and not disturbed again for fear of loosening its bonds about the one so
When the snow falls swift and dry, a cloth of red velvet should be cut into the shape of a heart as wide
as your hand. Go out and stand in a place where the flakes may float down freely; then hold out your
palm saying this:
Star, crystal - Silver stone - I warm thee now - To blood and rain - Nor shalt thou turn - To ice again
Return into the house, there breathing upon the snowflakes that cover the velvet until they have melted
into drops of water; then fold up the cloth into a triangle and pin it with a golden pin, so to remain
while every day thereafter the same words shall be spoken over it anew. When its purpose is
accomplished, the binding charm should be worked.

By the light of a black candle, prick a condom with a rose thorn saying:
"You have harassed me
Your day is done
You shall never again harass me
Instead you shall run" Dispose of condom.

Make a Mojo bag of red material, in it put sugarcane, some corn starch, ginger root, an ear of
baby corn, a ball of cotton, 5 pieces of coral (they sell really inexpensive coral necklaces at a lot
of stores), hair from a fox (ok this one will be hard, you can check at a zoo or look in antique shops
etc for a stuffed/mounted fox. You could also go to a store that sells fur, it only takes a single hair or
two, and it's easy to run your hands thru the fur, or use a piece of scotch tape wrapped sticky side
out on one of your fingers) and lastly a pubic hair from him and if at all possible some sperm, (from
a rubber, or if either of you wipe off after sex, snag the tissue or whatever...hey a Witch has to be
creative. Anyway take all these and put them in the bag along with a heart shaped paper with
his name written on it 5 times.

I) Respect not pity or weakness, for they are a disease which makes
sick the strong.
II) Test always your strength, for therein lies success.
III) Seek happiness in victory - but never in peace.
IV) Enjoy a short rest, better than a long.
V) Come as a reaper, for thus you will sow.
VI) Never love anything so much you cannot see it die.
VII) Build not upon sand but upon rock
And build not for today or yesterday but for all time.
VIII) Strive ever for more, for conquest is never done.
IX) And die rather than submit.
X) Forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies great art.
XI) Learn to raise yourself above yourself so you can triumph over all.
XII) The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new.
XIII) He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest.
XIV) Discard not love but treat it as an imposter, but ever be just.
XV) All that is great is built upon sorrow.
XVI) Strive not only forwards, but upwards for greatness lies in the highest.
XVII) Come as a fresh strong wind that breaks yet also creates.
XVIII) Let love of life be a goal but let your highest goal be greatness.
XIX) Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is woman.
XX) Reject all illusion and lies, for they hinder the strong.
XXI) What does not kill, makes stronger.

Place three drops of this oil on another's shoe.
To have better control over a situation or person, write the situation or the person's name on
a piece of paper, place the paper under a purple candle dressed with this oil. Burn daily until
the candle is consumed and your dominance over the situation or person should be established.
Two tablespoons of calamus are added to two ounces of oil. (olive or other carrier)

Silently and mentally summon up all the accumulated rage and resentment of several
lifetimes, and project it outward in a spiky black aura to a distance of about three feet.
When your target happens to pass by, visualize a black, malignant spike thrusting out
of your dark aura and stabbing your target.
Another method is to focus all your wrath and hatred for your target on your hand and
mould it into a glowing orb (red, dark violet or any dark color) and visualize it turning into
a bladed weapon (axe, sword, dagger, etc.) and mentally strike your target with it.

Goddess of game, goddess of play
Sting the gambler night and day
With losses hard to repay.
Be it by stock market, cards, or dice
They are all the same, a precarious vice.

By the power of wind and sea with the spirit of rain and mud,
your mane once long and full will become a plain skull, making it subject to ridicule.
From now on you'll lose your hair leaving your head naked and bare.

Holy gods of engineers
cause a chain reaction
and curse the transportation
of this materialistic peer.
Be it car, truck or motorcycle may they all have mechanical trouble.