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Even if I live far from home, I don't forget my country and always promote its culture here in Florida. In this page I want to share some information with all the people out there who are already living a foreign experience and those who want to have one in a near future. I would like to hear from you and maybe exchange some nice experiences and helpful tips to make these experiences even better.
It took me more than a year to prepare my American experience, and I think a good preparation is the key to a successful adventure.


USA logo I keep in touch with France through French/American or American/French non-profit associations and different activities which I will give you additional information later.

French news

France - Amerique:

Weekly newspaper where you can find: current news, economy, politic, culture, international, entertainment, gastronomy, classifieds.
France - Amerique
1560 broadway, Suite 511
New York, NY 10036-1525
Tel: (212) 221-6700 / Fax: (212) 221-6997

France Service:

Monthly magazine where you can find: classifieds, tips for the everydaylife, immigration updates, astrology, "L'Amérique expliquée"informative files.
France Service
1640S. Sepulveda Blvd # 320B
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: (310) 235-2564 / Fax: (310) 235-2566

Journal Français D'Amérique:

Biweekly newspaper where you can find: current news, economy, politic, culture, letters, sports, international, entertainment, classifieds.
Journal Français D'Amérique:
1051 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: (415) 921-5100 / Fax: (415) 921-0213



Many people around the globe have an American dream,and some of them try to realize it one day or another. But I think the best part of it is having a chance to meet in the U.S.A all the nationalities in one spot, and be able to share our cultural differences. It's like travelling around the world without moving!!

French associations

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French links

France Amerique online
France com lots of links: French Embassy, Newspaper, Travel, etc...
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace Daily Regional, National & International news
Official TELI Web Site All information about the Association in French


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