John Wesley's Line page 11
         4. Oscar F. WILLIAMS  md.  Lula LABADIE
                   5. Alice Josephine WILLIAMS  md.  Joe RUDOLPH
                          6. Joe RUDOLPH Jr.   md.   Jean SWEENEY
                                 7. Jerry RUDOLPH   md.  Pam ?
                                 7. Jane RUDOLPH  md.  Mike ALBER
                                 7. Jimmy RUDOLPH
                          6. Juanita RUDOLPH  md.  Charles ELLIOTT
                                 7. Debbie ELLIOTT
                                 7. Richard ELLIOTT
                                        8. Jeremy ELLIOTT
                          6. Ronnie RUDOLPH   md.  Martha Joyce ABERNATHY
                                 7. Jamie Sue RUDOLPH  md.  Erwin COLLINS
                                 7. Mike RUDOLPH
                  5. Bernice Lorraine WILLIAMS  md.  Ralph SULLIVAN
                         6. Juanita SULLIVAN
                         6. Richard SULLIVAN
                         6. Jeanie SULLIVAN  md.  Bill STUBBS
                 5. Glen Edward WILLIAMS  md.  Georgetta ? , then, Pat ? , and then Dorothy ?
                 5. Harold Carl WILLIAMS  md.  Marjorie Naomi SAPP
                         6. Shirley WILLIAMS
                         6. Joyce WILLIAMS
                         6. Karen WILLIAMS
                         6. Linda WILLIAMS
                5. Wade Elmore WILLIAMS  md.  Dorothy ?
                         6. Shirley WILLIAMS
                5. Ferne Evelyn WILLIAMS  md.  John HOYLE
                         6. John HOYLE  Jr.
                         6. Larry HOYLE
                         6. Sharon HOYLE
                         6. Dennis HOYLE
                         6. Gary HOYLE
                         6. Carol HOYLE
                         6. Janice HOYLE
         4. Earl George WILLIAMS  md.  Clara JONES
                5. Robert Earl WILLIAMS  md.  Rosa Angeline BURNETT
                         6. Harry Earl WILLIAMS  md.  Joyce Irene BERRY
                               7. Robert Ray WILLIAMS
                               7. Patrick Earl WILLIAMS
                         6. Clara Frances WILLIAMS  md. Joseph Michael HILL
                               7. Michelle R. HILL
                               7. Benjamin A. HILL
                         and then Clara Frances md.  Jay D. LILLY
                               7. Holly Dee LILLY
                               7. Ashley R. LILLY
               5. infant twin (twin to Robert Earl) WILLIAMS
               5. Theta Louise WILLIAMS  md.  Wayne Byron JOHNSON
                       6. William Earl JOHNSON
                       6. Bonnie Mae JOHNSON  md.  James H. THOMPSON
                               7. Larry Wayne THOMPSON  md.  Marqueta LEACH
                                      8. Larry Wayne THOMPSON  II
                               7. Debra Sue THOMPSON  md.  Donald ROGERS
               5. Alonzo Jones WILLIAMS  md.  Stella Louise WALKER
               5. Florence Aileen WILLIAMS
               5. Josephine WILLIAMS  md.  Don JOHNSON
                       6. Reta Josephine JOHNSON  md.  Richard Eugene CLINKENBEARD
                              7. Cathy Jo CLINKENBEARD  md.  Robert BONETTI
                              7. Richard Dwain CLINKENBEARD  md.  Kathy Diane JOHNSON
                                     8. Jason Michael CLINKENBEARD
                               then Richard Dwain  md.  Cathy Colleen WEBB
                                     8. Josef Robert CLINKENBEARD
                                     8. child CLINKENBEARD
                      6. Alois Kathleen JOHNSON  md.  Henry Albert ROGERS
                             7. Lois Ann ROGERS  md.  Joseph R. LEFEBRE
                             7. Allen ROGERS  md.  Brenda INGERSON
                                    8. Cory Allen ROGERS
                                    8. Kristin ROGERS
                                    8. Courtney Lee ROGERS
                     6. Barbara Ann JOHNSON  md.  Paul GRAHAM  and then Jim VOSS
                     6. Evelyn Jean JOHNSON  md.  Melvin COULTER
                            7. Connie Jean COULTER  md.  Lowell Robert SWISHER
                                   8. Brett Robert SWISHER
                                   8. Bobbie Jean SWISHER
                           7. Gary COULTER  md.  Karen HARMS
                            and then he md. Donna DILLON
                                   8. Amanda Michele COULTER
                                   8. Megan Dawn COULTER
                       and then Evely Jean JOHNSON  md.  Fred FLETCHER Jr.
                           7. Julia Ann FLETCHER 
                                   8. John Robert FLETCHER
                            and then Julia Ann  md.  Dale THOMPSON
                    6. Frances Arlene JOHNSON  md.  James Cleveland TULLIS
                    and then she married Neil Owen JENSEN
                          7. Timothy Owen JENSEN
                          7. Shelby Arlene JENSEN
                    and then Frances Arlene md.  Jacque STUNICK
                          7. Shawn Anthony STUNICK
              and then Josephine WILLIAMS  md.  Grover KNIGHT
             5. Leo Max WILLIAMS  md.  Catherine Faith PARKER
                    6. Patricia WILLIAMS  md.  Leland HESS
                         7. Donn Lee HESS
                    6. Terrill Max WILLIAMS  md.  Carol KARR
                         7. Timothy Max WILLIAMS
                         7. Kristi Elisa WILLIAMS
                   6. Janet Sue WILLIAMS   md.  Relton Don BROWN
                   6. Loretta Lee WILLIAMS  md.  Joseph P. BELL
                         7. Kimberly Daun BELL  md.  Marvin Andrew HERRMAN II
                                  8. Joseph Patrick HERRMAN
                         7. Kathy Lynn BELL
            5. Roger Leon WILLIAMS  md.  Margaret MORIARTY
                   6. Daniel Earl WILLIAMS  md.  Janis MIDDENDORF
                   6. Joyce WILLIAMS  md.  Michael SCOTT
                         7. Della SCOTT
                   6. Donna Jean WILLIAMS  md.  Larry Paul LITUK
                         7. Rachel LITUK
                         7. Sara LITUK
                   6. Patty WILLIAMS  md.  Guy PEREZ
       4. Clyde Clarence WILLIAMS  md.  Elsie Mable PRITCHARD
            5. Carl Clifton WILLIAMS
            5. Elsie Louise WILLIAMS  md.  Roy PARKER
                  6. Helen June PARKER  md.  Ray KILLEBREW
                  6. Nancy Louise PARKER  md.  Donald RAITHEL
            5. Walter Raymond WILLIAMS  md.  Irene BAUER
                  6. Verna Jean WILLIAMS  md.  Donald FOELSCH
                  6. Thomas WILLIAMS
                  6. Barbara WILLIAMS
                  6. Daniel  WILLIAMS