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February 1998



Julie Boyden, non jock, class of "79" Thanks for the great site & opportunities to post messages!!! Will respond to any e-mail. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Please MEMORIES!!!! 2/98

Well.... I can't tell you all how fun participating in the Wed. Chat rooms are! I would like to encourage more of us funluvin' Wildcats to join in the fun. Tim and I are doing just great. Drop us a line and we will try and get right back to ya. CIAO for now David Flick class of "76". 2/98
Sue Miller where are you??? Any others out there from 67 drop a line. 2/98
Check out Debi Rader's '75 webpage about the upcoming reunion at Reunion 98 in San Francisco!!! Also I am looking for anyone who has slides from FSHS that I could BORROW for the reunion in San Francisco. I am hoping to put together some sort of slide presentation if I can get enough pictures. Just e-mail me at 2/98
Hey there punkys. This is Glenna Reasland (Crabb). I am looking for anyone who graduated in 95', particularly Martin Hamm. So if you read this Marty, i miss you and would like to get in touch with you. If anyone knows where he is, let me know 2/98
Hi, Just discovered that FSHS has its own spot! Can't believe how many names are familiar, as if it all happened just yesterday. Maybe it did!! Looking for classmates from 1969-1971 (I was in the class of 72, left Naples in July, 1971.) Email welcomed at Joan DELANEY Johnson Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks to the brain children for this "hometown" 2/98
Sandra Celeste Dawson '89 has a web page for the class of 1989 at Her email address 2/98
Hello from Preston Ball, a FSHS grad from 1972. Would like to hear from anyone who attended FSHS from 1969-1972. Still can't find a pizza that comes even close. 2/98
Does anyone remember the Ball family-Preston,Susan or Michael? In Naples from 69-73. Would love to hear voices from the past. Where are you Brian Ellis, Mark Oswald,and all the old Wildcats? Michael Ball 2/98
Hi, my name is Elisa Magliulo from the class of '90. didn't grauate from Naples though I wa there from 1980-1987 with my sister Gia. If anyone we know is here or reads this, please keep in touch. Gia is married with a beautiful 2 1\2 year old daughter Alexa and living here in Northern California. I am living in Corfu Greece with my Greek boyfriend. I have been there for 5 years now and love it! I would love to keep in contact or get in contact with anyone from the years of '83-'87...All the people, you know who you are, the times at K-BAR,MIKES DEN, FESTA,SKI TRIPS TO GERMANY,CARNEY, all those good times. Unfortunetly I don't have an e-mail address in greece but you can leave it here at mom and dads, remember Lori and Ermanno?? My address in Greece is Elisa Magliulo Sinarades,Corfu,Greece TK49084 Would love to hear from all....2/98
Hi, Just wondering if there has been any mention or thought about the classes of 80-85-86 possibly having a Reunion sometime?? I think it would be a Blast to see some of you Wild and Crazy people again. So If anyone knows about one or would like to plan one.. Well Lets Do It!!! Mickey Lehr Class of 84 Michaele Becker Victor, Idaho 2/98
Tom Honan is organizing a lunch/micro-brew tour in Seattle for Saturday, the 21st of March. Those interested in participating, call Tom at (206) 764-9053, or e-mail Pat Whitted at 2/98
Ciao friends! I've loved reading these messages and now I'm posting one. I hope everyone else reading these will too. I'm david blakeley ('83) and though I've been a little out of touch the past year or so, I'd love to hear from anyone that remembers...Like many of us, I'm in education, so, at school I'm: and at home I'm Cheers! 2/98
This page is so cool. I'm Kim Lawson class of 89. I'm the 6 foot tall girl who played volleyball and basketball 8th-11th grade. Last I heard Kelly Nichols lives in Moore, OK and is doing well. Marni Ines is in Southern California studing for some advanced degree. His parents were transferred to VA Beach. Jennifer Knight is in Rockvill, MD so are her folks. Jenny Smith is a doctor and in MT. I am a Realtor for Coldwell Banker and live in Lynchburg, VA. Getting ready to move to Fairfax, VA. I would love to hear from fellow classmates. My e-mail address is Let me know if you want the addresses for the above people. The reunion at Laura's house in VA Beach was so much fun can't wait for the next one. 2/98
Hi Eric Lovett here class of `84 great to see some familiar names i would love to here from any of my old friends or aquaintances you can reach me at ERICLOVETT@AOL.COM 2/98
Hey, you wacky Wildcats out there in cyberland! This is Boo Lee, Class of '79 looking to reestablish contact with anyone who might remember me. I'm living in Northern Virginia, my e-mail address is Being correspondence-challenged, I've kept loose contact with some, very loose contact with others, and with others, no contact at all (this, however, may be a good thing in their eyes). This is a great vehicle for those of us who spent some life-changing years in Bella Napoli, and just want a forum where others understand what it all meant. Look forward to hearing from any and all! 2/98
February 15, 1998, my father Bill Michie Sr. completed his first marathon at the age of 55. He ran the Motorola Marathon in Austin, Texas. You can congratulate him at He lived in Naples, Italy from 1979-1983. 2/98

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