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What a year this has been so far! Johnny Callahan here, (class of '75). For 25 years I just assumed that I would never, ever know what became of my classmates from Naples, and then all of a sudden....... there they were on the web! Carey Tibbits, Rick Schuman, Dave Flick, Mary Scott, Leigh Parker, Valerie Pokoyski, wow! I would still like to here from David Wrede and any other guitar playing dudes from that era, also...Karen Wolfe, Don Hurst, and Betsy Brown, so if you all are out there somewhere, drop me a line:, ciao a tuti, jc 3/00

I made the mistake of walking away from the computer before I completed my message and Email address...My 8 yr. old helped out by submitting the form so she could surf Disney. David Hammon '77. 3/00
1972 through 1974, FSHS, anyone heard from Steve Masaro, Paul Mcnair, Pat or Tim Byrne? What about the Chistoupolus sisters? (Sorry, I know I did not spell that correctly). I'm sure there are many more I am leaving out, but that will do for now. This is John Flanigan, had a great time back then, mostly, and wouldn't have traded it for any other High School. Give me an E-mail if you get time. P.S. Hello 3/00
Hello everyone! Erin (DeFebbo) Nida, class of '76, here. Thanks for the page Dan. My email address is the same, "". I can't wait to see Carey at Spring break. I, also, can't wait to get Dave back in drag in our little Napleschat room. Let's see, now, that was black garter belt, stockings and heels. Right, Dave? LOL Love ya's! 3/00
In the American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) Quarterly, Volume V, No. 1, Winter 2000 edition, Donna Musil wrote an article titled, "Film Financing Conference Selects Brats Documentary For Potential Buyers, Distributors, and Sales Agents." Naples (FSHS and NAHS) Wildcats, take notice of this article and submit your own contributions to this project so that our brats are recognized. Many of us had a unique experience growing up as "brats" in Naples. For one, many of us lived on the economy instead of military base/fort housing like we found in Aviano, Vicenza, Brindisi, and Sigonella. Living on the economy meant additional challenges as well as more exposure to the local culture and communities. I think we need to contact Donna Musil and let her know about our experiences. She is especially searching for home movie footage, frequent flyer passes, new blank Beta SP videotapes, stories about brats who died and were buried overseas, brats who were statione! d in Japan right after WWII, Hispanic and Native American brats, and teenage brats whose parents are still in the military. If you would like to make a contribution (no matter how small) to this project, please contact Donna Musil at Brats Productions, Inc., 115 Riverview Drive, SW, Eatonton, GA 31024 or email her at Brats is a Section 501 (c)(3) non-profict project, fiscally sponsored by IMAGE Film and Video in Atlanta, one of the most respected non-profit media arts centers in the country. All contributions are tax deductible. Because BRATS is a non-profit project, fees will not be paid for interviews or footage. Brats Growing Up Military is the first one-hour television documentary about a hidden American subculture - over four million children raised on military bases around the world. Their shared experiences have shaped their lives so pwoerfully, they are forever different from their fellow Americans. Using archival film sources, home movie footage, and! provocative interviews, including General H. norman Schwarzkopf, Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, John Hopkins psychiatrist Dr. Kay Redfield, author Mary Edwards Wertsch, and other famous and not-so-famous brats, BRATS will tell the story of this lost tribe of children finally reuniting and recognizing the existence and impact of their unique heritage. BRATS has been in production since August 1999 and hopes to complete shooting by the summer of 2000. The project was very well received at IFFCON 2000 (a prestigious film financing conference held in San Francisco on January 14-17). BRATS was among the 60 projects selected by this year's 10 member panel, including representatives from HBO, Miramax, PBS, the Independent Film Channel, and others. Significant contacts were made regarding distribution both domestically and internationally. Substantial travel and production costs, however, still need to be funded. I hope that you will decide to contribute your home movie footage, archival ! film sources, frequent flyer passes, new blank Beta SP videotapes, stories about brats who died and were buried overseas, Hispanic and Native American brats, teenage brats whose parents are still in the military, and your stories of living life as an overseas brat in Naples, Italy! Contact Donna Musil at or Brats Productions, Inc., 115 Riverview Drive, SW, Eatonton, GA 31024. Let's be recognized in this film. - Tawnya Michie Kumarakulasingam, '83, Naples, Italy 1979-1983. 3/00
1979-1983, Attention Class of 1983 Wildcats who attended Forrest Sherman High School and/or Naples American High School any time between the years of 1979-1983 AND attention all faculty and family members and friends of the class of 1983. Wes Huey, Dr. Todd Larabee, and David Blakeley are organizing and planning our 20th class reunion in the year 2003 - an historical event considering we have never had a class reunion to this date. Please email your email address, phone numbers, addresses, and years when you were in Naples to Dr. Todd Larabee at Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for a 20 year class reunion in 2003 for the class of 1983! 3/00
Do you know anyone from the class of 1983? Can you help us locate a class of 1983 member? Were you a member of the class of 1983 during the years of 1979-1983? IF so, take a few moments of your time right now to email the email addresses, snail mail addresses, phone numbers, names (now and then, maiden name include), and years the class of 1983 members were in Naples to Dr. Todd Larabee at Any help in locating class of 83 members and their faculty, family, and friends would be appreciated. We're preparing for a 20 year class reunion in 2003. Thank-you! trlarabee@earthlink.net3/00
1979-1980 Naples -- Do you know how to locate any of these people who were listed as freshman in the Forrest Sherman High School yearbook 1980, volume 28 and who were listed as the class of 1983 members? Let us know at The list is as follows: Officers (Barbie Jorgensen, Natalie Masalek, Tony DiBenedetto, Paul Astorino, Jim Kessinger, Ziggy Powell), Michelle Alexander, Cynthia Anderson, Jerry Ascione, Paul Astorino, Paul Augustine, Judy Bellamy, Maria Blanka, Heidi Bolton, Jacklyn Braden, Jack Braden, Maria Brissett, Henry Buckson, James Bunn, Chris Burmeister, Tracy Carlisle, Keith Chase, David Chynoweth, David Clark, Elizabeth Cline, Sharon Collier, Tracy Conrad, Magali Crha, Susanne Danitschek, Christy De La Ossa, Paul Delatte, Anthony DiBenedetto, Ellen Di Pasquale, Gerald Eichhorn, Jennifer Elmore, Cary England, Helima Escobar, Shannon Falls, G. Paul Fitzgibbons, John Floyd, Melinda Ford, Edward Franceschina, Lori Freiburg, Jeff Freu! nd, Lynn Galen, Kathleen Ganaway, Christine Gilardi, Peter Girardin, Christopher Grisson, Kim Hall, Kevin Hayes, Bill Hearn, John Heimer, Nancy Heinze, Tom Honan, Susan Hotard, Pat Hunter, Martyn Jones, Barbie Jorgensen, Patricia Jorgensen, Eric Kennington, Jimmy Kessinger, Afrodite Kyriazopoulos, Beth Lacquement, Gary Lambert, Belinda Lee, Christine Lilly, Terry Lunsford, Tammy Mallard, Debra Martins, Natalie Maselek, Oliver Mazurkiewicz, Sharon McIntosh, Ursula McNutt, Laura Mischley, Deborah Nicoli, David Parker, Sue Pinney, Edward Pittman, Paige Pollard, Ziggy Powell, Lora Roberts, Bert Santos, Annette Schmidt, Dana Smith, Joe Smith, Karen Smith, Laura Smith, Lisa Spellman, Jacqueline Stewart, Anna Stults, Jeff Terpstra, John Tepper, Kim Thomas, Ana Wallas, Lucinda Webster, Robert Weibel, Michael Welch, Leonard Wood, Patricia York, Sharon Zahn, and Darhma Zayas-Boujouen. 3/00
1980-1981 Naples -- Do you know how to locate any of these class of 1983 sophomores listed in the Forrest Sherman High School 1981 Volume 29 yearbook? Let us know at The list follows as: Lyndon Aban, Louisa Adkins, Cindy Anderson, Anne Baron, David Blakeley, Karen Bonham, Jack Braden, Jacklyn Braden, Judette Brown, James Bunn, Malcolm Burdis, Chris Burmeister, Tracy Carlile, Keith Chase, David Clark, Vince Cloyd, Sharon Collier, Chimene Coombes, Magali Crha, Paul Delatte, Diane Deming, Tony DiBenedetto, Ed Eichhorn, Jennifer Elmore, Kriss Elszy, Helma Escobar, Shannon Falls, Lori Freiberg, Jeff Freund, Lynn Galen, Kathy Gannaway, Carol Greig, Monique Gursky, Kim Hall, John Heimer, Tom Honan, Susan Hotard, Wes Huey, Pat Hunter, Justin Iorid, Kevin Jorgenson, Kurt Juengling, Dorothy Julian, Gerard "Jerry" Kipping, Aphrodite Kiriazopoulos, Beth Lacquement, Gary Lambert, Yvette Lanzilotta, Belinda Lee, Chris Lilly, Susan Loehe, Terri Lunsford, Greg M! cGhee, Sharon McIntosh, Ursula McNutt, Tammy Mallard, Natalie Maselek, Oliver Mazurkiewicz, Tawnya Michie, Deborah Nicoli, Ole Olson, David Parker, Ed Perea, Mike Perry, Sue Pinney, Ziggy Powell, Stefania Russo, Bert Santos, Donald Sewell, Ekaterini Simitzi, Joe Smith, Laura Smith, Donna Snow, Jackie Stewart, Anna Stults, Robert Taylor, Jeff Terpstra, Karel Thibodeaux, George Tisiganos, Ana Wallace, Randy Watts, Mark Williams, Kim Wood, Sabrina Woods, Eric Wright, Tricia York, Darhma Zayas, Deborah Abramson, Paul Augustine, Judy Bellamy, Susan Botello, Henry Buckson, Oraj Celen, Manuel Chavez, Elizabeth Cline, Michele Dykstra, Melinda Ford, Susan Heraghty, William Kimmell, Donovan Lombardo, Relma McCoy, Dirk Middents, Laura Mischley, Nukte Muralti, James O'Hara, Anna Reed, Susan Savignano, Nunzio Smith, and John Wolkowich. Class of 1983 officers from 1980-1981 (sophomore): Lori Freiberg, Chimene Coombes, Jeff Terpstra, Pat Hunter, Tony DiBenedetto, and Sue Pinney. tmkpk@earthlink.net3/00
1981-1982 Naples -- Do you know how to locate any of these class of 1983 members? If so, email The Naples American High School 1982 Volume 30 lists the class of 1983 as juniors as follows: Class officers (Laura Smith, Michelle Dykstra, Wes Huey, Susan Savignano, Diana Deming, and Sabrina Woods), Lyndon Aban, Louisa Adkins, Sharon Amos, Cindy Anderson, Anne Baron, Kathleen Beer, David Blakeley, Karen Bonham, Jane Boudreaux, Ava Brown, Judette Brown, Tracy Brown, James Bunn, Malcolm Burdis, Chris Burmeister, Michele Byrd, Tracy Carlile, Keith Chase, Sharon Collier, Robert Davis, Jay DeBlonk, Paul Delatte, Diana Deming, Michele Dykstra, Kriss Elszy, Shannon Falls, Helma Escobar, Melinda Ford, Sharon Goldman, Rodney Gray, Carol Greig, Nancy Heinze, Monique Gursky, Susan Heraghty, Tom Honan, Wes Huey, Kevin Jorgenson, Dorothy Julian, Kurt Juengling, Jerry Kipping, Todd Larabee, Angela Mattson, Tammy Mallard, Sara McCloskey, Relma McCoy, Greg McGhee, S! haron McIntosh, Ursula McNutt, Jon McRae, Tawnya Michie, Dirk Middents, Cathlene Morris, Ole Olson, David Parker, Edward Perea, Michael Perry, Mary Pettitt, Ziggy Powell, Anna Reed, Richard Robinson, Martina Rush, Stephanie Russo, Susan Savignano, Noel Sirabella, Laura Smith, Donna Snow, Ann Struven, Anne Marie Stults, Bob Sutherland, Robert Taylor, Debrorah Abramson, Paul Augustine, Roy Baker, Wendy Belke, Jack Braden, Orag Celen, Jacqulyn Braden, Edward Eichhorn, Jeff Ennenga, Kenneth Goldis, Gary Lambert, Yvette Lanzilotta, Doug Massey, Nukte Muralti, James O'Hara, Robert Peek, Joe Smith, Tom Sutton, Sotirios Tsauousis, Artemisia Tsitsika, Ann Williams, Carol Thibodeaux, Randy Watts, Maurice Wertz, Mark Williams, Dan Williams, Kim Woods, Sabrina Woods, Eric Wright, and Dahrma Zayas. 3/00
1982-1983 Naples -- Do you know how to locate any of the class of 1983 members who were seniors in 1982-1983? IF so, email They are listed in the Naples American High School 1983 Volume 30 yearbook as: Class officers (Wes Huey, Sharon Collier, Sara McCloskey, Carol Greig, Todd Larabee, and Jerry Kipping), Sharon Amos, Cynthia L. Anderson "Cindy" (Fairfax, VA), Enman Ansen (Turkey), Roy H. Baker "R.B." (Goldsboro, NC), Anne F. Baron (Cincinnati, OH), Kathleen A. Beer "Kathy" (Burke, VA), Dorothy M. Bell "Bluebird" (Naples, Italy), Michele Renee Bellman "Renee" (Baltimore, MD), David J. Blakeley (Alexandria, VA), Karen Bonham (San Diego, CA), Jane Boudreaux "Short Stuff," Judette L. Brown "Judylynn" (Bremerton, Washington), Michele Renee Byrd "Byrd" (Austin, TX), Sharon Y. Collier "Sunshine" (Huntsville, AL), Maria Coolican (Quantico, VA), Marc H. Dalton (San Diego, CA), Jay DeBlonk "Jayson, J.D." (Fairfax, VA), Justin Paul Delatte "Nick" (Naples, ! Italy), Mark Dramis "MAD" (Vallejo, CA), F. Michael Dreesen "Mike" (Monterey, CA), Michele Renee Dykstra (Charleston, SC), Edward A. Eichhorn (Modesto, CA), Kriss Elszy (Hanford, CA), Mary Shannon Falls "Shannon" (Norfolk, VA), Sharon Goldman "Chipmunk" (Ft. Sill, OK), Rodney Alan Gray (Ledyard, Connecticut), Carol Nida Greig "Carletta" (Dordenone, Italy), Nancy Grundhauser "Fancy" (San Rafei, CA), Anne F. Hacker (Springfield, OH), Patricia Hanson "Patty" (Neptune, NJ), Susan M. Heraghty (Sligo, Ireland), Brian Hollinger, Tom Honan "Al" (Island Pond, Vermont), Wesley Scott Huey "Wes" (Quantico, VA), Kevin L. Jorgenson "Stick" (Key West, FL), Dorothy J. Julian (Virginia Beach, VA), Jerry Kipping (Woodbridge, VA), Gary R. Lambert (Boston, Massachusetts), Todd M. Larabee (San Diego, CA), Erica L. Larson (Charleston, SC), Tammy A. Mallard "Duck" (Virginia Beach, VA), Douglas Massey "Doug" (Conroe, TX), Sara H. McCloskey "Scirby II" (Picayune, Mississippi), Relma S. McCoy "Littlebi! t" (Newburg, NY), Jon A. McRae (Boston, Massachusetts), Tawnya Michie (Rawlins, Wyoming), Dirk Middents (Mystic, Connecticut), Robert Nephew, Jim O'Hara "Savage Jim" (Spokane, Washington), Darryl Miller, Cathlene Lee Morris "Lene" (Monterey, CA), Robert A.. Peek "Bob" (Monterey, CA), Edward Perea, Lisa R. Powers (Nashua, New Hampshire), Anna Reed "Weed" (Washington, D.C.), Maria De Los Angeles Rivera (Caguas, Puerto Rico), Martina Rush, Stephanie Angela Russo "Stephy" (Jacksonville, FL), Susan A. Savignano "Swift" (Hinella, NJ), Ann B. Struven (Fountain Valley, CA), Anna Stults "Stilts" (Sturgis, Michigan), Robert W. Taylor "Shorty" (Panama City, FL), Karel A. Thibodeaux "Tibby" (Norfolk, VA), Maurice Wertz (Altoona, PA), Dan Williams, Mark H. Williams "KK" (Johnson City, NY), Kimberly A. Wood "Smiley" (Jacksonville, FL), Susan K. Zableckis "Gilber" (Barstow, CA), Leslie Copley "Lacy" (San Diego, CA), Paul Augustine, James Dunigan, Kenneth Goldis, Margret J. Hammond, and Sahm M! egan Quinn. 3/00
Looking for faculty from 1979-1983 Naples -- If you know how to locate faculty, email The yearbooks from 1979-1983 from FSHS and NAHS list the faculty as: Keith Burton (deceased), Hugh B. Brawford, Peter J. Migliaccio (deceased), Stephen William Locher, Don G. Larson, Colette Grillo, Griffith Williams, Ellen L. Miller, John Arena, Nancy C. Baron, Melba M. Knox, Ms. DeGiovanni, Joe Bass, Marvin Perry, Jesse Gonzalez, Mirella Faletto Coscia, Victoria Grant, Gordon V. Harter, William Mageno, Josephine Joan Mignogna, Kathleen Murphy, Regina Woods, Nida Settembre, Deborah Cahoon, Ben Zeblowski, Frances Callahan, Virginia McClary Delatte, Charlotte Gutheil, Russell E. Dayton, Maria Sepe, Jayne Osgood, Nancy Anderson, Sofia C. Stone, Jean Coolican, Rosemary Vigilante, Edwin Crawford, George Thomas DeRita, Norbert J. Delatte, Irving Sweeney, Ann Todd, Will Schussel, Lynn Anderson, Tom DeAngel, Don Knox, Gayle Dewitt, Pasquale DiPaolo, Robert W. Miller Jr! ., Mary Ann DiPaolo, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Mr. Arena, Coach or Ms. Blacker, Ms. Bush, Ms. Callahan, Ms. Cox, Ms. DeBlasio, Ms. Dewey, Ms. Grant, Mr. Mageno, Mrs. Love, Mr. Miller, Mr. Osborne, Ms. Robertson, Ms. Brown, Mr. Rothwell, Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Settembre, Ms. Sicard, Mr. Sweeney, Mr. Zeblowski, Coach Cary Blacker, Dr. Ebbeling "Teen Clinic Doctor," Dr. Kredich and Dr. Jacobs "Teen Clinic Dentists," Mr. Corey, Ms. Bullock, Coach Knutson (deceased), Ms. K. Ketts, Mrs. Wyche, Mrs. Brewer, LCdr Scott Stevenson (School Officer), Mr. E. Carter, Mr. Larson, Mrs. Adams, Ms. Zaida S. Brewer, Ms. Lorita Bullock, Mr. Ruggerio, Ms. Thomas, Maria Sepe, Dr. William Ebbeling (Teen Clinic Doctor), Dr. Jeff Thomson (Teen Clinic Dentist), Dr. George Kredich (Teen Clinic Dentist), and bus drivers Antonio Guaglione, Elio Rimauro, Giosve Vecello, Vincenzo Borgomeo, Giovanni Digiacomo, Michele DiMeo, Raffaelo Augurio, Frenando Patruno, and Guiseppe Esposoito. Supply Clerk was Nick Coppola. tmkpk@earthlink.net3/00
it seems that the only people that post messages are old timers, so i thought i'd add my bit. i just graduated in 97, joined the navy, saw more of this tiny planet and now i'm wondering what's going on with some of you other freaks that i went to school with. so, if you remeber good'ol jon kopp, leave me an e-mail or something. my e-mail is i'd really like to find out what hole in the earth the goodman's fell in. you guys take care.03/00
Looking for other 8th graders in Naples 1965-1966. Not even sure if I attended FSHS, so if the jr high students went elsewhere please refresh my memory! Looking for Kris Kussman, Mike Connor, etc. Thanks. Heather Goebel, Reporter/Librarian, Phoenix, Arizona ( 03/00
Nick DeJesu: I just got back from Naples the last Feb. 2000 after visiting Ed Ryan, who lives there now. We had a great time re-visiting Posillipo, via Manzoni, via Petracca, etc. Things have not changed in over 25 years! The building around Naples are being updated as the new mayor (Bassolini, not to be confused with Mussolini, a communist, has decided to waive the customary IVA tax on updating/restructuring old buildings. Things in Naples are better than they were in the 1970's and 1980's - more pedestrian areas downtown, Mondays and Thursday mornings are restricted driving, so less traffic and more walking. One day a month, usually the last Sunday of the month, the via Caraciollo (waterfront road near the Communal Parc) is closed to traffic and there are roller bladers, people walking and an antique furniture fair all along the waterfront. Our High School is run down, but still in use by the Italians as as middle school. Parco della Rimembranza still have cars with newpaper over the windows lined along its boulevard. I did not see Humpty Dumpty or any of her king's horsemen - I was told that they all moved out towards Quarto and Secondigliano - they are also getting competition from the immigrants from Africa and Eastern europe. Went to Carney Park and it looks the same as ever. Even that road going from the Tangenziale to the park is the same look and condition as it was back in 1975. 03/00
Tom Jecker here...I'm planning to attend the 70's reunion in San Diego. Would like to contact Fonky Killin Dillon, Thumper Lombardi, Vern Altieri and Kelly Vanbuskirk(for Anna Piamontese). I attended 72-74. There are so many more... but this is a start! 03/00
Greetings All, My name is Brian Howard and I attended FSHS from 72-77. I have been out of touch for a long, long time and found this web site of other Wildcat alumni. I often think of my time in Naples and wonder what happened to the other "military brats" that were part of my life. The years have gone by, yet I still remember those days of the teen club and Pizza by the meter. I will always be proud of the fact that I attended one of the finest High Schools in the world and I had friends that will live in my memory forever. Rick Schumann, Jeff Epperson, Jack Shanks, The Duff's, Joel Ross,and Fred Kohout will always be name's that make me smile. Thank you Dan for this web site and Thank All of you who made my time in Naples so wonderful. 03/00
Hi, I'm Charlie Kizer. I attended from 1963 - 1966. I've lost contact with everyone I've ever known from Naples. My yearbook disappeared many years ago and so have a lot of my brain cells (and hair). I've forgotten a lot of names and faces, so if my name sounds familiar, please drop me an e-mail at 03/00
hey this is taneka roberts class of 98. i love this web site. just thinking about naples is putting a smile on my face. i had so many good times there. but it wouldn't have been possible without Mike Miller, Jen Miller, Mike Sombati, Renne Wynter, Timika Gladney, Neffy, Sylvia Junior, Lorena & Maria Langston, Micki Nichols, Diane Trim, and Ben Hanchette. You were all my partners in crime. If only I could of had at least one more year with you all. Well for an update for everyone else that is reading and might know me. I'm getting married July 15, 2000. I have a four month old daughter. Her name is Brianna Marie. And the sweetest baby in the world. so if anybody who remembers me wants to talk about old times, email me at I would love to here from 03/00
hello. my name is debbie asbury..i graduated forrest sherman high shool the year 1981, early though my dad got stationed back to the us in jan. 81 was there from freshman year till senior year.. my sister went their too. sandra....great sight.. us military brat .. dont get the breaks.. nice ideal to the creator.. oh yes.. please email me if you like .. would love to know what happend to susan genovesa.. 03/00
Hello everyone! I just got back from a "road trip" to see Erin DeFebbo & Christy Plant. It was wonderful to see them both again. We had many adventures! I have many photos, if anyone is interested just let me know! Carey J. Tibbetts FSHS '76 03/00
Bob Collins FSHS 67'-72'. My sisters Tonna, Ronna, and Kelly who live in Denver and I live in Manhattan Beach, CA would love to hear from all of you. My Mom also taught there. Please contact me via email "JACANDBRET@AOL" Jeff Stewart gave me the hot tip.I'm looking for the Alonzo's, Mike Woods, Anita Rathburn, and everyone else that were there at that time. I'll forward and respond to all. Keep in touch, 03/00
Hey Brian "Bad" Howard! It has been a long time. I've been waiting for you to post a message. How can I get in touch with you? Please e-mail me at We have a lot of catching up to do. Great to see your message. From: Joel "Fonz" Ross 03/00
HELLO Class of '80...Thought I would say hello to anyone out there that does remember me and would like to e-mail me....oh...i guess it would help to tell you my name...he he he...Sandra Asbury was my name at the time....and here is my e-mail address for anyone who would like to e-mail if try'in to get up with my sister..Deborah Asbury...just e-mail me and i will forward on to her...she would love to hear from her class also...Was fun and good years back 03/00

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