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In September of 1861, men from all over Schuylkill, Berks, and Dauphin counties in Pennsylvania responded to Lincoln's call for troops to put down a War of Rebellion. Earlier that year, Confederate artillerists had bombarded and captured Fort Sumter, thus throwing the nation into one of the worst conflicts the world had ever seen - the Civil War. This is the story of the 96th Pennsylvania Regiment, a group of over 1100 men who volunteered their services to preserve the Union during that perilous time, and the group of modern day men who work to preserve the memory of those who gave their all.

The soldier atop the 96th Pa. monument at Gettysburg immortally watches over the field for the enemy, as the men of the 96th had done over 140 years ago.

Who knows but again the old flags, ragged and torn, snapping in the wind, may face each other and flutter, pursuing and pursued, while the cries of victory fill a summer day? And after the battle, then the slain and wounded will arise, and will meet together under the two flags, all sound and well, and there will be talking and laughter and cheers, and all will say: Did it not seem real? Was it not as in the old days?

-Berry Benson, Confederate Veteran.

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