Binding contracts could be enforced by the contracting parties' desire to maintain their reputations for honesty and reliability, rather than through government action. Contracting parties could decide what arbiter would hear their case, in the event that there is a dispute. Contract insurance could pay for the operations of these 'private courts', or the parties could decide at the outset that any dispute will not go to arbitration, but instead would simply result in one of the parties making a public statement as to the nature of the grievance.

If an entity, a corporation or individual, was the object of many complaints, then others would be hesitant to enter into contracts with that person or corporation. If there were few complaints against an entity, or if there are several complaints on record but all are from people who are execeptionally hard to please, who have a record of complaining about trivial matters, then the record would not deter others from entering into contracts with the entity. Modern tools allow us to re-establish reputation as a primary consideration for determining whether to enter into contracts, without any need for reliance on the use of force by governments to ensure that the contracts are carried out. Still, some parties to particular contracts may want to acceed to, or insist on, the possibility of some use of force as a way of providing assurance that the terms of the agreement will be honored. For example, they may want to offer, or require, some collateral.

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