Purple (wild-type), Purple Black Shoulder,
Purple White-eye, Purple BS WE, Purple Silver Pied
Purple is (like Cameo) a sex-linked color trait. This means that a female Purple only has 1 purple gene but a male Purple has to have 2 Purple genes to be Purple. A Purple bred to any other color will produce only hen chicks that are Purple. Males will all be split to purple but will show whatever other color was in the breeding. Therefore, Purple males are somewhat harder to find than are Purple hens.
Purples come in all patterns: Wild Type, Black Shoulder, White Eye, Pied...
We have a lovely trio of Purples as well as a Purple White-Eyed, 
a quad of Purple Blackshoulders and a Purple WE Black Shoulder.

Coming soon - Purple displaying photo!!
Purple White Eye
Purple Black-Shoulder
The hen in the foreground of the photo to the right is a Purple White Eye Hen. The White Eye gene is the only known incomplete dominant gene in Peafowl. White eye hens have some white "tipped" feathers and often some pied characteristics like a white throat patch and white flights. White eye males literally have white "eyes" in their tranes. Below is a photo of a Blue White Eye Pied Male's trane showing normal, white, & white eye feathers
(just to the left of center)
The hen on the right behind the WE Hen is a Purple Black Shoulder Hen. Purple BS hens are sometimes hard to distinguish from Black Shoulder or Cameo BlackShoulder hens. In comparison, the flecking on their backs and wings is browner than Blue BlackShoulders and more evident than Cameo Black Shoulder (which are almost a pure cream). They also have a patch of color on their necks (teal to green to purple) where Cameo BS hens just have beige on their necks.

Siple Purple Black Shoulders - a particular line breeding- also have brown "ticking" on their breasts.
Purple Silver Pied
Silver Pied refers to a pied pattern that is predominantly White (80% or more). Silver PIeds come in all colors just like Pieds and Dark Pieds. Since the Pied Pattern relies in White and Pied genes for expression different combinations of the two genes produce Dark Pied, Pied, Loud Pied, & Silver Pied birds.
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