Roland D'Anvers
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Born at Hornsey, London in 1844, he  emigrated to NZ 20 years later. He took up farming in the Wanganui/ Manawatu area and in 1893 married Selina (nee Amon) widow of John McKelvie. They had no children, but Roland supported Selina's children. In 1908 Roland had his right leg amputated below the knee. He died 29 Sep 1928.

This picture of Roland is hanging in the foyer of St Mary's Church,
Upokongaro, Wanganui where he  played the church organ and is a benefactor having donated 500.  There is also a plaque to Selina's memory on the side of the pulpit.

They are buried at
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Culworth, Kaiwhaiki Rd, Wanganui, New Zealand,
Named an ancestrial family
manor house in Culworth, England.
Owned by Roland D'Anvers until 1905. Burnt down during a garden party in 1926.
Moonshine Valley Homestead
After selling Culworth, Roland bought this house and a farm at Moonshine Valley, Aokautere, Palmerston North. The house burnt down in 1964.
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Roland was an accomplished wood carver. Besides dining room tables, storage cabinets and a hugh mirror frame, he carved this clock.
Anyone recognise it or know of its whereabouts?
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Roland D'Anvers
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Culworth, England
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Culworth, Northamptonshire, after which Roland named his property in New Zealand.
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