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Dollzfae by  DPanzeefae

I have made these fae using "dollz" bases I found from different dollz sites, see links below. Other than the bases everything on the doll has been created by me with a little help from my favourite program Paint Shop Pro and a little imagination.  I have had a lot of fun drawing the hair and clothes not to mention the different wings I wanted to come up with.  After seeing a lot of tutorials on how to do hair I came up with my own and I use the free hand drawing tool to create their hair.  I have tried to add realism to the fae to create a 3D effect and had to experiment and do a lot of  Ctrl + Z  to undo many mistakes until I had it the way I wanted.  Its like oil painting only much more forgiving because we can undo what we don't like and continue on from there, not to mention a lot less messier.

Click on the DollzFae to be flown to their "base" bodies sites.  If there's not a link to your "base" site, please let me know and I will fix it.

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"Trinity Fae"

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"Kayla Fae"

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"Rosea Pixiefae"

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