See our Baby's Ultrasound Pictures

Four amazing picture of our little Bambino!!!

The baby is currently 2 inches long. It is 12 weeks along and has a due date of August 22, 2001. Below are some absolutely astonishing pictures. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

[Baby 1]
This is the first picture taken of our new baby! It shows the baby laying on it's back in full length. An amazing picture, Enjoy!

[Baby 2]
Here is another full length picture of the entire baby in Amy's stomach.

[Baby 3]
Here is an up close and personal picture of the baby. You can see the head including the eye sockets, nose features and mouth. You can also see the hand up by the mouth. The white areas are the calcified bone areas. This is probably the best picture up close.

[Baby 4]
This picture has been coined "Mr. Peanut!" It shows the baby laying sideways in Amy's stomach, with the ARMS on each side. This is a really neat picture! Well I hope everyone had a great time looking at our new little baby, Have Fun!!!