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[My Family At A Restaurant]
Here is my family. The beautiful young lady is my wife Amy, the little guy is my son Brandon and there I am without a wierd look on my face (unlike my Homepage). We are out at a Chinese restaurant for one of our friends birthday's parties.


[Halloween Picture]

Here is my family at my sister Stacey's house. The night is Halloween, October 31, 1996. Amy is dressed up in a little babies outfit, Brandon is dressed up in a cute little "Tigger" outfit and I am dressed up in a sheriff's outfit. We had a lot of fun on Brandon's first "Trick or Treat."



Amy and I met on August 15, 1995. We met at one of her friends house's who lived right next door to one of my friends house's. We planned a date and she said that would be great. I thought things were going really great until I called her to go out and she couldn't fit me into her schedule, because she currently had a boyfriend. It ended up that I started using a little charm on the telephone and she opended up on the phone and we fell head over heels for each other.(Real love story, Right) She is really great and we fell in love from there. We have done everything with each other ever since we first went out on our first date, which was at my townhouse for a movie. We will be together forever!


[Brandon-10] ____________ [Brandon-11] ____________ [Brandon-12]

The pictures above are Brandon at his 5th Birthday Party, January 28, 2000. He is getting really big now and loves POKEMON! The picture on the left is Brandon smiling away. The picture in the middle is Brandon opening up Birthday presents. The picture on the right shows Brandon winding up to throw out his bowling ball.



Here is a couple of pictures to end off the page!!! The one on the left is Amy and I at Disneyland in line for Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye. The one in the middle is on a ride in Disneyland where Amy and I felt like we needed to take a happy picture. The last one is taken at a restaurant in Disneyland, with my friend Walter, his family and friends, when he became a doctor.


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