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[Canton Group] ____________ [Dad, Mike, Gary and Me] ____________ [Fans]

This section and the next one are dedicated to National Football League Hall of Fame. My father, my brother Gary, my brother Michael and myself went back to Canton, Ohio to watch Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott and Dave Wilcox get inducted to the Hall of Fame. The first picture is everyone that went to Canton and met up with us. The second picture is Dad, Michael, Gary and me getting ready for the induction ceremony. The last picture is after the induction right before everyone went into the Hall of Fame, the NFL's greatest fans and me.


[Joe Montana] ____________ [49ers] ____________ [Jets]

These pictures above took place during the Hall of Fame Game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots. The first picture is up close and personal of Joe Montana as he was getting out of his vehicle for the game and introductions. The second picture is the 2000 49ers huddling up before the game began and after warm-ups. The last picture is what started the game off to a rockin evening, two jets flying overhead. They were so close to the stadium and with respect to where we were sitting, we almost got blown out of our seats becuase of the jet wash.


[Greg's Family] ____________ [Stacey and Greg] ____________ [Group Picture]

Well just another annual Halloween party (Year 2000) at Greg and Amy's House. This party was probably one of our best ever. We had a great turnout and the house looked really good. A lot of hard work and planning produced the momemts you see up above. The first picture is my family all bunched together in their outstanding costumes. The second picture is my sister Stacey as "Cruella De Vil" riding on top of her husband Greg as a "Dalmation." The last picture is a group picture of some other guest that attended this year. Everyone had lots of fun and I hope everyone attends next year.


[N.Y. Family] ____________ [Amy and Bob] ____________ [Brandon Cold]

The three pictures above are when Amy, Brandon and myself went to New York for Thanksgiving 2000! The first picture is Amy's entire family in New York on Thanksgiving Day. The second picture is Amy with her Dad Bob. The last picture is Brandon with Robyn getting all snuggled up and ready to go out in the snow on a White Thanksgiving Day.


[Amy and Bird] ____________ [Walter, Amy, Greg] ____________ [Greg and Bird]

These pictures were taken when Amy and I went to Maui in May 2000. We went with our friends Jim and Kathy, where Jim proposed to Kathy and she accepted. Check out our archived scrapbooks on my main page at The first picture above is Amy standing in our hotel lobby with an unusual friend. The middle picture is Walter, Amy and myself when we went over to Oahu to visit Walter on the same trip. The last picture is me with a special companion. I hope you enjoyed sharing this time with Amy, Brandon and myself. Take Care!!


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