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[Easter 1] ____________ [Easter 2] ____________ [Easter 3]

Here are a three great pictures from Easter 2002. All the kids standing outside at Uncle Michael and Auntie Sheri's House. You see Bubbies and Poppa with their grandchildren. The grandchildren alone and then making funny faces into the camera so that the world can see. It was a great day for all!


[Poppa and Steven] ____________ [Steven Sleeping 1] ____________ [Steven Sleeping 2]

Check out these additional picutres from Easter 2002 with our Family. You can see little Steven seeing the world from up high on top of Poppa's head. Don't worry though, little Steven got plenty of sleep before the big day, as you can see in these next two pictures.


[Father 1] ____________ [Whole Family] ____________ [Our Family]

These next two sections are devoted to little Steven's Baptism Day, February 9th, 2002. In this section you can see little Steven getting Baptised at our Church, St. Peters in Dixon. In the first picture you see my family with Father who baptised Steven. The next picture shows both Amy and my families up at the alter. The last picture is Amy, Steven, Brandon and myself. Enjoy!


[Uncle Paul] ____________ [The Moms] ____________ [Boys on Couch]

The next three pictures take place after Steven's ceremony and time for a little party and cake! The first picture shows Uncle Paul holding his grandchild, Carlee, and Steven. The next picture is the two proud Grandmothers, hard time debating, probably on "World Peace" or something like that! The last picture is Jim, Michael and Grandpa taking a load off on the couch.


[Brandon in the Roller Coaster] ____________ [Brandon and Friends] ____________ [Brandon and Bird]

Here are the last three pictures I decided to dig up and leave you all with, Enjoy! Brandon and myself took a day off and went over to Marine World. Brandon in the first picture is preparing for his first ever Roller Coaster ride, no fear in his eyes, YET!!! He did just fine. The next picture is Brandon taking a time out with the animals of Marine World, looks like he found a new friend. In this last picture, I am still trying to figure out who is the main attraction here, Brandon, The Bird or the Girl with the wierd look on her face. Well anyway, THANK ALL FOR COMING AND ENJOYING ANOTHER CHAPTER OF GREG'S FAMILY PAGE, TAKE CARE!


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