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We have links to other aspects of our lives as well. Larry has a home page at work complete with logo. Please visit Larry's Work Home Page for information about work. Take a peak at the new Fun Page. You may have to set your browser up to play midi programs. Here are the directions. Give the photo-album and art gallery a glance. We hope you will come back soon. Happy surfing!


We have interests in the gay community as well and maintain information on activities organized by the local gay/lesbian community group called
Inside and OUT!. Join us for any of the activities listed and please suggest other activities that you might enjoy.


Since Larry works at Marshall University, we are very aware of the activities of two student groups on campus. The student group is called Marshall Lambda Society and activities are constantly being planned. There is also an office on campus called the Marshall University Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Outreach Office which may have information or links as well. The only other campus organization we are aware of is WVU Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Mountaineers in Morgantown.


There are many sites which provide information or links. A link to one of the main national organizations working for gay rights is the Human Rights Campaign. a Washington, DC based organization involved in the national legislative process.

Of course, we're always glad to welcome you back to Laray's Home Page whenever you like.

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