Wayne County Jail
District 27, Detroit
September 24, 1850

The Wayne County Jail was located in District 27, Detroit in 1850, the census was taken by Wm. Y. Runney, on September 24, 1850. He included the charges for each inmate. Some have a charge of "licener".. I am not sure what that is, or if its just a wrong spelling.
Below are all the inmates in the Wayne County Jail in 1850. There may be some spelling errors due to transcribing hand writing.
This is an index only, for full details view the 1850 Wayne County, Detroit Michigan Census / Page 131.

Last Name First Name Age Relationship Birth Place Charges
Clony W.B. 35 Inmate Michigan Drunkeness
Soratte ? John 32 Inmate Ireland Assault
Meyer Dennity ? 22 Inmate Ireland Assault
Gilber Rosanna 35 Inmate Canada Vagrancy
Campbell David 28 Inmate Scotland Threats
Lanzea Bernard 32 Inmate Italy Nuisance
Wight Catherine 25 Inmate Germany Larceny
Shaw Sam'l 33 Inmate New York Licener
Thompson Margaret 60 Inmate "Unknown" Drunkeness
Belling Edw' 39 Inmate Michigan Drunkeness
Wheeler Catharine 18 Inmate Ohio Assault
Lagasse Fanny 16 Inmate Canada Assault
Delaney Margaret 28 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
McGraw John 31 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Wilson Isaac 65-Black Inmate Virginia Drunkeness
Farrell Sam'l 29 Inmate Ireland Licener
Fuhin ? Edward 33 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Burney Edward 42 Inmate Ireland Licence
Smith John H. 19 Inmate "unknown" Assault
Brien Conrad 51 Inmate Germany Threats
Broker ? Ephraim 30 Inmate Ireland Assault
Crawley Wm. 31 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Wilder Thos. 34 Inmate "unknown" Drunkeness
Boycel Joseph 36 Inmate New York Larceny
Bogait ? John 31 Inmate New York Assault
Murphy David 41 Inmate Ireland Assault
Long Joseph 31 Inmate "unknown" Assault
Dorbin Timothy 32 Inmate Ohio Counterfeit
Lacknes Ague 33-Female Inmate Canada Drunkeness
Smith John C. 19 Inmate "unknown" Assault
Hollard Michael 21 Inmate New York Larceny
Timmings Arlen ? 70 Inmate Ireland Larceny
McIving ? Patrick 42 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
O'Connor Andrew 32 Inmate Ohio Larceny
Forsyth Patrick 42 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Doyle Samuel 41 Inmate New York Larceny
Eastman Thom. 38 Inmate New York Larceny
Hanen Gilbert 27 Inmate New York Larceny
Shafford Thomas 42 Inmate England Abusing Horses
Kelly Mary 22 Inmate Ireland Larceny
Willson Jane 48 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Fallin Martin 34 Inmate Ireland Assault
Adams Nicolas 35 Inmate Germany Bastardy
Ryan Richard 23 Inmate Ireland Assault
Dering Robert 29 Inmate Ireland Rape
McLindy Henry 42 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Kinow Phillip 38 Inmate Ireland Counterfeit
Laden Patrick 22 Inmate Ireland Assault Attempt to Kill
Hulbert Giles 33-Black Inmate Virginia Poisoning
Chapeton Eustack ? 34 Inmate Michigan Drunkeness
Clasky James 45 Inmate New York Larceny
Browning Margaret 42 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
LaCroisz Pieno ? 48 Inmate Canada Drunkeness
Fletcher Angus 42-Black Inmate Virginia Drunkeness
Bimey Joseph 24 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Minsy John 68 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Laint George 24 Inmate "unknown" Burglary
Shauginessy Thomas 46 Inmate Ireland Drunkeness
Egglet Peter 32 Inmate Germany Larceny
France Joseph 38 Inmate Germany Larceny
Kuhn Michael 23 Inmate Germany Larceny
Laman John 24 Inmate Germany Larceny
Caplain Alex 60 Inmate France Assault
Maddock Henry 35 Inmate New York Larceny
Fox Peter 37 Inmate New York Larceny
Thyzaio ? Elizabeth 48 Inmate Canada Drunkeness
Humble James 29 Inmate Germany Assault
Bull George 28 Inmate England Assault
Brooke E. 42 Inmate New York Drunkeness
Felling Franklin 21 Inmate New York Counterfeiting
Doe John 40 Inmate New York Vagrancy
Fintch Oscar 35 Inmate New York Vagrancy

Found a interesting note, of the 70 inmates listed 50 were either immigrants or African-American, and only 20 were "American" born. Seems we can thank our ancestors for a very long history of prejudice...not that perhaps these inmates were not guilty, but it kinda makes you think.
Irish: 24
German: 8
African-American: 3
Canadian: 4
French: 1
Scottish: 1
Italian: 1
Unknowns: 6
American Born: 20

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