The White Star

The Good Ship White Star is the scoutship for the Flotta di Cellini. We sail the far seas in search of new allies and trade opportunities for la famiglia di Cellini.

The White Star is a household in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) dedicated to participation in the society and playing the livestyles of a hardy ship's crew. The White Star is currently stationed in the Barony of Lyondemere in the Kingdom of Caid (Long Beach, CA).

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Recent News

Updated Mariam and Lot's pages to include their new awards: A Harp Argent[Knitting] for Mariam and Order of the Apollo[Bardic Arts] from Angels for Lot. Congrats to them! (See we aren't just a rapier household)

Three new songs written by Lilya have been added! O Fair Lyondemere, My Bonny Lad, and La Rosa de Caid! Thanks, Lilya!

Congratulations to team White Star for winning the Team Pentathalon Competition 2005! Also, to Mariam on recieving her Dolphin!

The stories keep on coming! Check around in the Tales and Roster sections for new persona stories.

Special Thanks to Mina for the new additions to the page including two new songs, the start of her Journal, and some words for Giacomo's roster page!

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