In Loving Memory Of Ross Patrick McCaslan

August 27, 1984 - April 7, 2003

Ross Will Always Be In Our Hearts

R.P.M. Is "THE" Web-Master

Ross Truly Touched The Lives Of All Who Knew Him

Ross Had The Gift Of Gab, He Never Met A Stranger

Ross Had A Wonderful Sense Of Humor....'Da Boy Could Talk Some Junk

The Boys Are Back In Town

A Life

A life is such a delicate thing

It can soar upon eagleís wings

Teeter upon the edge of death

Glow with brilliance while taking your breath

The heartstrings it will serenade

Until the music begins to fade

In the distance it hears the thunder

And with the storms it begins to wonder

But God shall be itís ultimate plan

And the truth lies in nail-scarred hands

We are so very proud of you. Remember,"The greatest possession we have costs nothing; it's known as love." We Love You! Mom, Dad, Grant, & Max

Lacey & Ross


Colby Ray Hilley

Dos Amigos

Jeremy & Matt....Class Of 2003....

Alex,Valedictorian,...A.K.A...,Mother Hen

"Tater Tot" & "Ralph" '03

....Momentary Sibling Reconciliation....

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner!!!!!

Jeremy & His Mom, "Sylvia", Donning "Ole Blue", Yet Again,....Say Around "Eight-ish"???

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