Luke Easter

The Following was borrowed from the Tourniquet Website

Luke grew up and resides in the San Francisco Bay area.  He started singing at age 19 and his remarkable vocal ability was evident from his audition with Tourniquet.  He brings life and emotion into every vocal line and as the band's frontman, he always manages to get the crowd involved with the show.  As a testimony to his talent, many of his vocal lines and harmonies on the band's albums were done in only one take.  The album "Crawl To China" marks Luke's first writing credits - contributing the lyrics to 3 songs


Author's Comments

Luke Easter's voice is one of my all time favorite metal voices.  He has the ability to put forth hard hitting, aggresive vocals while maintaining the correct key.  Luke's voice seems to possess a range that lends itself well to Tourniquet's style.  Hi, Lo, or jumping between the both, Luke Easter's voice is extremely strong!