Ted Kirkpatrick

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"When music is a passion - the commonplace, the unexpected, the beautiful, and the abrasive all find a place."
Ted Kirkpatrick

As Drummer and cofounder of Tourniquet since its inception in 1990, Ted's aggressive and musical approach to the drums has been recognized by thousands.  His philosophy of treating the drums as a musical instrument - not just a noisey timekeeper - makes sense in light of the fact that he has written the music and lyrics for nearly all of Tourniquet's #1 singles, in addition to the songs that bring out the techincal, melodic, and eccentric sides of the band.  Besides the normal influence of other drummers, Ted's unique style developed from other unconventional sources.  As a great admirer of the classical masters, he has incorporated the bursts of Scarlatti's harpsichord sonatas, the counterpoint of Back's fugues, and the explosiveness of Beethoven's symphonies into his playing.  And as a traveler to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Amazon Basin of Western Brazil, Malaysia, Taiwan, Ecuador, the Solomon Islands and other far off lands in search of butterflies and other insects, the fantastic and repetitive sounds of the jungle have influenced his drumming as well.

Ted grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and began to play drums at age 12.  He has been voted HM magazine's Favorite Drummer for 9 years in a row.  Ted's ability to keep a solid back beat during complicated polyrhythms is remarkable.  Fast feet and a musical appraoch to the drums helped to land him a feature article in Modern Drummer magazine.  For the often requested acoustic sets Tourniquet occasionally performs, Ted plays 6 or 12 string guitar.  Be sure to check out "The Unreleased Drum Solos" video and "Acoustic Archives" CD.


Author's Comments

What else can I say about Ted Kirkpatrick that someone else hasn't said?  He is probably one of the greatest musicians I have ever heard.  Not only is he an incredible drummer and song writer, but he is a very skilled guitar player.  It is not well known that Ted has played the studio guitar tracks for many of Tourniquet's recordings because he could play it better than anyone else.  I truly admire Ted's abilities and admire even more his dedication to using his gifts and talents for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  What is truly amazing is that Ted has stated that some of the drum parts on the new album Mircroscopic View of a Telescopic Realm are some of the most difficult he has played to date.  I can't wait to to hear it!  I truly believe that if Ted had lived 500 years ago, students would be studying his great symphonies and listening to his incredible virtuoso instrumentals.  He really is that good!