Scott Speicher's POW Flag

Updated July 12th, 2004
    CAPT Scott Speicher and his story have captured the hearts of people around the world.  His story and plight are unparalleled in American history.  From Norway to England and every state of the union, people are praying for his return. 

One proud supporter from California, Chris Anderson, has taken extraordinary initiative in her efforts to return him home.  Among several other wonderful ideas, she has spearheaded the flying of a POW / MIA flag in prominent places all over the U.S.  This flag, along with a journal to record its travels, is sent from one "honor guard" to another for a period of one to two weeks.  The honor guard coordinates where the flag will be flown or displayed, and takes photos or makes logbook entries in the journal.

Starting in Escondido, California, Scott's POW flag has flown in prominent locations including Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, Kansas City, Washington DC, South Carolina, and many other places.  Some of the honor guards include squadron mates who flew with Spike the night he was shot down, former class mates and squardon mates, and supporters who have not yet met him.

This page is dedicated to the tireless efforts of members of "Scott's Fleet," like Chris Anderson.

Click on the POW flags below for some images of the flag's travels.
Lake Shore Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.  Scott is a member of this Church, and taught 1st grade Sunday School.
Lake Shore Methodist Church.  Supporters read the journal entries from the flag's travels.
Lake Shore Methodist Church.  The church and local Rotary club erected a memorial to honor Scott's service to God and Country.
Lake Shore Methodist Church.  The POW flag hangs solemnly over the Scott Speicher memorial at the church.
Happy 47th Birthday Scott Speicher!
Please join the Friends of Scott Speicher this Monday, July 12th at the Jacksonville Firehouse at I-10 and Stockton Street, at 5pm, as we celebrate Spike's 47th birthday!
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Most of you should know who Michael Scott "Spike" Speicher is by now. He is the Naval Aviator whose VFA-81 Hornet was shot down on January 17th 1991, the first day of the Gulf War.
Spike's first operational tour was with the World-Famous Gunslingers of VA-105, back in the early '80s. He reported aboard as a LTJG, fresh from the replacement squadron VA-174. Spike was a principle part of the Gunslingers' success in the mid-80s. Well I'll tell you, fellow Gunslingers, he's still out there, and we need to keep our hopes and prayers going strong for his safe return. Spike's fate is unknown, with very recent news about his initials etched in an Iraqi prison wall.
Friends and classmates of Spike's have gotten together and formed Friends to Free Scott Speicher (, raising awareness for his case and making a strong voice toward Congress and the government to act and bring Scott back home. Please go to their website and read up on their hard work to help our squadronmate. Send a letter to Congress, sign the petition (which has now over 16,000 signatures from all over the world), or find out the latest events.
We're all praying for your safe return