How to win grace of Lord Venkateswara

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Lord Venkateswara (balaji), most sought after God!!

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Lord Venkateswara Speciality

Lord venkateswara has taken loan from the god of riches kubera so much money for his marriage and pledged that he would be paying off the interest on the loan from the collections of tirupati temple. So, if you pray to Him that you will offer some portion of the money from the doubtful deal , you may get it in such a way that it was possible only through his help and grace. So the devotee , who got such a benefit come and secretly drops millions of money in the donation box. This became a regular feature which became common to common man. But, we have to analyze and learn some thing from this. Though religious gurus say this is not possible, Lord venkateswara, or Tirupathi balaji likes to help his devotees in their business deals . This is possible only through the form of Lord venkateswara of Tirupathi and he is pleased when they visit Him and pay off his portion. No body can command God to be like this way or that way. We have to observe what is happening around and learn about His ways.This balaji temple is in Tirupathi, andhra pradesh, India. It is Vatican city of Hindu religion.

The story Of Tirupathi Temple:

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This i read and heard from some where and i am not sure of the facts. Around 300 AD, the shepherds found a big stone (black granite or so) in the forests of Tirupathi and who ever sits near the stone or on it , used to behave peculiarly and wisely. After some time, they made a sakthi (goddess kali) idol from it and used to worship. But the devotees used to become frenzy when they stand infront of the idol and used to cut many goats as sacrifice. After some decades, the great Hindu sage and saint ramanujacharya came there, saw the situation and wanted to avoid the animal sacrifice there. So, he changed the idol from sakthi to Venkateswara. Since the stone is powerful and divine, when you stand in front of it, even today, you feel the divine vibrations . That's why the idol is specially worshipped on Friday also, which is very auspicious for sakthi . The idol still have some feminine marks and a ring on His nose. The worshipping methods are highest in standard and as per aagama Shasta (as per definitions in Vedas). He shows a sureway to know thyself , by practical things.

If you see , the rush, crowd of devotees flocking at the feet of tirupathi balaji is increasing day by day. This may also indicate the increasing devotees of balaji. He is called sankata mochaka venkata ramana. He is the only one God, who listens to your call to relieve you from your difficulities, not miniding if you are his long time devotee or not.

How to win Grace of Lord Balaji

Lord venkateswara Swamy is the Highest diety in this kaliyug. He has a speciality in His form that He helps the devotees or praying people and His dealing "appears" as a business deal.. We should understand His venkateswara form is to help in this kaliyug.. so, if you vow anything to him, and after attaining that goal, or benefit you have to visit Tirupathi and pay your vow. This helps almost all who keep faith in this practice.. Thats why so much crowd in tirupathi and daily revenue in hundis cross one crore rupees. Second type of Vow: This is called niluvu dopidi..means, utter burglery.. promissing to give away all the ornaments what ever are on the body at the time of taking this vow, if the desire or wish is fulfilled..drop all the ornaments in hundi. Tirupati venkateswara swamy or lord balaji likes this vow.
Tirukshavaram: tonsure, giving away our prestigious hair in tirupath kalyana katta and having His tiru namam on our forehead. This is a symbol for leaving the ego in his presence. Tirupati is very famous for this thiru kshavaram.
Fasting: This is also popular for decades and centuries to win Lord Balaji grace. Every saturday, you should take head bath, pray to him properly and do not touch non vegitarian or do not eat normal rice or your staple diet in the night. Fasting is far better. This wins His grace and you can attain your goal.
Japa: Always reciting his powerful name either "govinda" or "namo venkatesaya". The second mantra was declared powerful by great devotee annmayya.
Other sevas for srivaru: going by walk to the temple from foot of hills (alipiri); some devotees smear turmeric and kumkum to every step of the seven hills. Some also light campher at each step because each step also is soo powerful in Tirupathi.

Vasanthotsavam: Vasantotsavam for sri venkateswara swamy was performed grandly in tirupathi on 1.4.07 and ooreginpu (procession) of Swami in the form of Malayappa swamy with sridevi and bhoodevi in the evening and all devotees joined the procession with great joy and rever. The hundi income on this sunday was estimated as 1.5 crores.
Mobile Donations to Lord venkateswara:
Our great piligrim city Tirupathi is utilizing latest technologies for the services of Lord venkateswara. Now through mobile you can donate money or shares to sree varu.

Latest Tirupathi News:

VIP services banned. In tirupathi, vip services for Balaji by devotees are banned for fourdays in a week , till june. Vip tickets will not be available on friday, saturday, sunday and monday. Devotees can make a phone call and explain about their problems daily one hour from 830 am.
Sudden rush of piligrims on this saturday and sunday of first week of june for having the sacred darshan of lord balaji.. Unable to provide maha darshan to all, and every body is provided with a laghu darshan that is a quick darshan of Lord venkateswara.-6.5.07 Recently tirumala tirupati devastanam has done a great help to devotees . The women with little children can have a seaprate queue for lord venkateswara darshan , and that helps a lot for all the women devotees who come with their little kids.
The plan to construct a rope way or railway station on tirumala tirupati has been deplored by many intellegent devotees including ex chief minister N chandra babu naidu. He informed that lord venkateswara is his family diety (kula daivam) and visited lord venkateswara on the occasion of his son's marriage .He visited tirupati to submit the wedding card at the lotus feet of lord balaji. He also strongly opposed conduction of poliltical rallies in tirupati.