1611 -- Settlers under Sir Thomas Dale destroy redskin Apamatuks village on the lower Appomattox River in Virginia; settlers erect townsite of Bermuda Hundred on the site. Merry Christmas!

1621 -- Massachusetts halts all sinful game-playing, confiscates toys.

1776 -- Trenton, New Jersey: General George Washington leads a surprise attack, violating traditional Christmas truce.

1868 -- President Andy Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all persons involved in the Southern rebellion (the Civil War).

1914 -- Western Front: Traitors, cowards and would-be draft dodgers celebrate Christmas in no mans land.

1945 -- Christmas tree catches fire in a Hartford, Connecticut hospital. 15 patients & three others die. Gods wraith for excessive fire regulations.

1948 -- Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Communist Party outlaws anarchists. Some things we can all agree on.

1951 -- Black leader Harry T. Moore killed in a bomb explosion, Sanford, Florida. His wife, critically injured, dies a few days later. Both go straight to HELL, because they exploit ethnic resentment for political partisan gain.

1956 -- US: A good white Christian celebrates the lords birthday by bombing the home of anti-segregationist Fred Shuttlesworth. Birmingham, Alabama.

1962 -- Serge Gregoire dies. Writer, pacifist, free thinker. Wrote for many anarchist publications. Goes straight to HELL.

1977 -- Charlie Chaplin dies, Switzerland. A socialist, therefore he goes straight to HELL.


He knows when you are sleeping, He knows when you're awake...

It's not a merry Christmas for the CIA - today the results of a three-month investigation reports that over the last twenty years, the CIA owned or subsidized more than fifty newspapers, news services, radio stations, periodicals and other communications facilities, most of them overseas. At its peak, the CIA's network included 800 news and public information organizations. Can't those welfare queen liberals mind their own business? These were used for propaganda efforts, or even as cover for operations. Another dozen foreign news organizations were infiltrated by paid CIA agents. At least 22 American news organizations had employed American journalists who were also working for the CIA, and nearly a dozen American publishing houses printed some of the more than 1,000 books that had been produced or subsidized by the CIA. When asked in a 1976 interview whether the CIA had ever told its liberal media agents what to write, the head of the CIA, William Colby replied, "Oh, sure, all the time."

Lots of liberals whine, saying it's not the governmetns business to tell people what to think. What a bunch of sore losers.

1980 -- At the Black Alternatives Conference, Walter E Williams says that the "minimum wage law systematically discriminates against the most disadvantaged members of the labor force".

How does this law discriminate against blacks? Apperently because blacks "cannot produce $ 3.10-an-hours worth of goods and services". Wow, he's black and he's correct.

Wages reflect the performance of workers - in short, that white men produce more now, and produced even more now than everyone else in the past! CEOs have suddenly gotten more productive, but workers are becoming less so. During recessions and depressions, wages fall because workers, despite being desperate to keep their jobs, are somehow not working as hard. And of course, rich kids with inheritence work hardest of all, because Jesus predestined them with inheritence.

Like statistics? Also worth noting is that in 1976 the high school OVERqualification rate for blacks was 52% - that's 27% HIGHER than for whites. Whatever the heck that means I'm not sure, but if you quote these statistics people will assume you're well-read.

1990 -- India: Mass demonstration to protest dam building & flooding of thousands of farms. Project is eventually significantly reduced, proving that the IMF & World Bank are incompetent - they don't always succeed in keeping the rabble in line.

1992 -- Death of Helen Joseph, anti-apartheid activist, South Africa. Dick Cheney is right, jail these sinners for life, untill they dioe and go straight to HELL.

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