What's life without more family members ?   what's life without friends? and what's the chatroom without chat addicts???
Aunty Juliet Yamamura
Cousin Vina Yamamura and her honey bunny Akku Capelle
Dah one and only!! hehe sis Benilda Maddison, known as Madedes
Hey, dis my braddah
Jason Yamamura
Dino Yamamura, another braddah!  (Gdogz)
Connie Lynn Yamamura. Work it sistah, work it!!
My LiSis Tata Note(Li-Tatz) and partner Dalton.
The beautiful Mussa
Melissa Kramer
       Proudly present my bro.
Kenny Note and Tanya Lomae
Cousin Pamela Kabua
and her friends from Wahiawa
You go couz...
Sandy Mark(Sandy_Sweetie)
The Exotic Mattu and Naomi
(PoivotGurl and Taire).
Aloha from more midpac peeps!!
The Momotaro Likatus!!! Island Beauties!!
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