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Spanking Art & Story Sites:

Note: Only totally free, no-membership/no AVS sites containing  juvenile spanking content are listed here.


            You've seen SpankArt's delightful work scattered about various Drawings Galleries on this website.  Does viewing his spanking art and others like it make you want to try your hand at creating some original images of your own?  If so, SpankArt's website, A Spanking Art Genre is for you!  It is full of useful pointers for beginning artists with tips on drawing in general, and on drawing of juvenile spankings in particular.


Our little corner of Kinkland is very fortunate to have SpankArt, both as a spanking artist and as resource for others who want to be spanking artists themselves.  This website is for anyone interested in spanking art as an art genre. It gives a brief introduction to the genre and lists some websites that feature fine examples of spanking art. In addition, artists will find a  list of links to free drawing tutorials on the Web, and some original tutorials SpankArt created to help beginners get started drawing the human figure without a model.


           (And of course, when you finish that */f image, submit it via email it to Handprints for possible inclusion in a future Drawings Gallery!)


            This is an excellent boy-oriented site similar to Handprints.   By Comixpank!  Now with a Girl Spanking Gallery.

This site is down.  If anyone knows a current url for this site please email HandPrince.  Thanks.


        Another excellent site similar in tone and content to Handprints.  (Currently down - if anyone has an working url for it, please let me know).


        Original art by Bee Bee (Phoebe) and spanking images from Little Audrey, Richie Rich and other comics.  If anyone has a current url for this site, please let me know.


        Those who enjoyed viewing Kibato's artwork on Handprints should definitely give this artist's site a visit.  It features a very extensive collection of spanking art and photography.  Are wa, ichiban atsui desu!



            A collection of drawings by George Jackson Churchward and Ann.


        3mfd's original juvenile spanking art always appears here first!


A nice Japanese spanking anime-style site by Makoto.  Carthagefall's new work often appears here as well other artists.



    More original spanking art from Japan.



       A boy spanking story site.


       What a disgrace how adults misbehave nowadays!  It seems as if one can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper anymore without hearing yet another story about a high level scandal or about some adult Wall Street broker or grown-up postal worker going on a shooting rampage or a Head of State telling fibs to scare people into supporting a war.   What this generation of adults needs is firmer discipline from their children!  And that is exactly what this website is all about! What's sauce for the gosling is sauce for the goose! J


        Spanking artist Jennifer writes, "As with many of my other drawings, these represent real life experiences of my teen years and in particular, the "discussions" I would have with my parents when I broke the rules. You know the type of discussion I'm referring to don't ya? The type where you're over a knee staring at the carpet while a thick piece of leather is whipping your behind!"


Juvenile and adult spanking stories by several authors.



Teen and preteen spanking fiction.  Mostly boy spankees, but some girls as well.



This is a section of the World Corporal Punishment Research website which may be of particular interest to Handprints readers.

Toshi's Spanking Page


Original computer generated spanking art, much of it juvenile spankings.



        A treasure trove of F/m juvenile spanking art, including lots of gif animations.   The pictures are crudely drawn but charming.  Keep your eye on this artist!


Noriko's Story Archive

                              I  pulled her close to me. "Cesya, why are you being spanked?"


                              My niece strained the meaning of exasperation sometimes.

                              "Because why, Cesya Kate?"

                              "'Cause I went outside and broke my promise an' 'cause I rode my bike when I
                              shouldn't have."

                              I nodded and gently pulled her hands away from her backside. I positioned her
                              over my lap and she offered no resistance. Lifting up her t-shirt, I rubbed her
                              bare bottom until she relaxed.

                              Finally, I raised my right hand and brought it down to the center of her right
                              cheek with a thunderous clap.


           Have you ever wondered whether or not that gorgeous actress or other female celebrity was spanked as a child, and if so, how?  Then this is the site for you!

Debbie Boone (pop singer):

"When [younger sister] Laury and I were about six or seven, we shared a bedroom. Every afternoon about 1:00 my mother sent us to our room for a nap. One day we were horsing around instead of sleeping and accidentally knocked over a big lamp. The clatter was sure to
attract attention. I heard someone coming down the hall toward our room. Jumping under the covers, I left Laury to face our
angry father. He caught her out of bed and she got the spanking, while I pretended to wake up startled from all the noise."

"Spankings, especially from my father, were not just a perfunctory pat on the behind. He meant for us to remember them and used
a slipper, belt, or anything else that stung. The number of whacks on our bare bottoms depended as much on our reaction to being
caught as the offense itself. We could expect more if we had lied or talked back."

"Often with tears still fresh in our eyes, [my three sisters and I] would go up to my room and compare war wounds. Bending over, we'd back up to the mirror to see whose backsides had the reddest marks. Mine were always the worst, mainly because I had the most
sensitive skin."

"Another time Laury was paddled when I deserved it came when we were playing "truth or dare." The game involved a choice
between answering any embarrassing questions the other players could think up or accepting a dare to do crazy or sometimes
dangerous things. One summer at camp, I made others eat horse manure and even tried it myself. At home, I had been known to
dare my sisters to jump from tall trees or rooftops."

"This time I made Laury take off her clothes and ride her bicycle around the driveway. She was only nine, nothing too obscene, but
there she went after we taunted her sufficiently. Our family home is right on a busy intersection, and Laury had to ride around our
circular driveway and out onto the sidewalk—five times in all. Lindy and I hid in the  bushes, laughing hysterically, especially
when a tour bus drove by to show out-of-state visitors "the homes of the stars.""

"Laury was tooling around on her fourth trip, when our mother came back from a shopping trip. The car screeched to a halt in the
driveway, and Laury was grabbed off that bike almost quicker than we knew it. Lindy and I stifled our laughter as we watched
Laury's bare behind disappear through the front door under my mother's strong right arm."

"I never said a word to protect Laury. She had once told me she'd rather take the punishment than watch me get paddled. That was
fine with me. I figured at the time that if she was that dumb, I wouldn't stand in her way. Today, I recognize that Laury wasn't
dumb. What I mistook as stupidity was really the seed of warm sensitivity and compassion for other people."

Cybil Shepard (movie actress):
 "When my father saw my bruised shins and red-rimmed eyes, he made Terry bend over,  hands to ankles, and walloped her with his belt. She incurred a similar punishment every  time she chased me around the house and attacked me, which was often because I regularly provoked her, awfully dumb since she was older, bigger, stronger, and faster. I  hid over a floor furnace outside the den every time she was punished, talking to my  plastic horses while my sister yelped, determined to avoid such punishment myself. I,  Miss Perfect, rarely got whipped. My most egregious sins were repeatedly scribbling in  crayon on the living room wall and taunting my brother to bite me, then telling on him when he did."
Joan Bakewell (tv hostess):
"I was required to have perfect manners, good  school reports, to care for our home, to be tidy about the house and to maintain a reputation for  moral behaviour that brought credit on the family.

I didn`t always do this. Indeed I was a thoroughly normal, boisterous easily-bored child, who would risk the odd lie if it covered a minor transgression. And it was the lie that engendered the greatest thrashing.

It was wartime and sugar was rationed. A bowl of this forbidden delight sat in the middle of the table while my mother fetched some cakes from the kitchen.

A quick lick of my finger, a quick dip in the gorgeous sweetness and all was as normal when my mother returned. Except that there suddenly appeared a gaping, glaring crater in the middle of the forbidden food, clear evidence of a crime, clear evidence of my guilt.

But I denied all knowledge. So now it was two crimes - stealing and lying. There was to be no discussion of the matter. Retribution was immediate and memorable. I got the slipper on a bare backside."

Peta Wilson (actress):
"I had something happen to me when I was 13 years old. I was at school, 1st week of school, and I was away sick for 1 day, and the day I was away they outlawed handstands, I didn`t know, and when I came back someone said I bet you Ten Bucks  you can`t do a handstand longer than me, so I said ok. The bell rang and there I was,  my dress around my neck and my pantaloons showing.

So I was pulled up in an assembly in front of the entire school by one of the nuns, to be made an example of, and she bent me over in front of 600 students, I was the new girl - I only knew two, bent me over and whipped me on my little pantaloons. Most embarrassing, it was very tough.

Shirley Temple (child actress):
"That afternoon Mother had summoned me into the front hall, where I was confronted by a clot of self-conscious strangers.  When she asked me to give them a little song-and-dance routine, I stuck out both my chin and lower lip and shook my head.

Apologizing profusely, Mother bid them good-bye and steered me into another room, one stiff finger between my shoulder blades.

"Take down your pants," she commanded, and produced a wooden yardstick from her cupboard of sewing materials.  "Bend over!"  She was not fooling.

So far as I knew, few people had inspected my bottom bare.  It was not my most impressive feature, and my instinct always was to hid it.  I was mortified to be hunched over, staring at a woodenfloor with my nude bottom upended.

Her yardstick fell with a sharp thwack.  It really didn't sting, but I didn't laugh and didn't straighten up.  It was ineffective punishment; my bottom, then and now, made me the original dead-end kid.  The second time her stick cracked in two, sending the broken end clattering across the floor.  I turned and peered up.  Mother was staring at the shattered stub still clutched in her hand, her eyes glistening.

Slowly I eased off her lap and pulled up my panties.  She had started crying silently, so I put my arms around her and nestled one cheek close against her chin.  In a moment she dropped the broken stub to the floor and put her arms around me, tears dampening both her face and mine. The moment was a watershed, in more ways than one.  We remained in our embrace a long time, silent symbolism of the love and sense of partnership which would characterize our lifelong relationship. It was my first spanking from her, but not the last."

Naughty Kids Discipline Equipment

           A spoof website for the amusement of people like us.  Imaginary "products" include personalized hairbrushes upon which parents can have photos of their child getting spanked, pants which administer electric shocks to the bottom at the parental push of a button, and stickers featuring art by Collegeboy and Barb.

With this device you can give your imaginary child
a spanking without having to get up out of your chair!
Features both "hand" and "hairbrush" settings!

For laughs, check out the Guestbookfor the notes by frantically indignant people who actually think all of this is for real.



        Carolyn recounts her first experiences with spankings from her father, from age 10 to age 12.

            "When Dad and I got to my room, he sat down on my bed and laid me flat across his lap.  I cried and pleaded but it was only a few seconds before I felt Daddy's hand slapping against my little behind.  surprisingly, my jeans didn't give as much protection from the sting of his hand as I had hoped they would.  The spanking went on for what seemed like a very long time and I kicked, wiggled and cried.  When Dad was through, I laid there totally exhausted.  Not only was it well past my bedtime but the spanking had taken all of my energy and defiance from me.  I was a well-spanked little girl at that point."


An article about images of juvenile corporal punishment used in advertising, with fifteen examples provided.


            These four pages (here, here, here, and here) are full of real life thumbnail memories of school CP in the UK.

            "Remember the uniform? remember the special buses? all lined up to take us back to Town. I was perhaps the most badly behaved girl ever with Josie Tighe and Julie Holmes. Remember Hckling, Lewis Glock, Webster, Harrison, all wonderful strict teachers. All very capapable of dishing out strap, cane, lines, etc."  - Anne Hanley - 1963

            "The only time I ever got the belt was from Miss Dick. Three of us never returned to school one sunny afternoon. It was pretty obvious we had 'dogged it'. We had all gone up the braes for lunch and it was so nice we decided not to go back. Of course I got the blame for having the idea but we all got the belt. We probably deserved it." - Isabella Stewart - 1965

            "Remember how [Mr. Bains] used to bend you over his desk and make you face the class and humiliate you. If you heard the keys
rattle you knew you were about to get whacked!" - Debra Arkwell - 1968



 Cross Chan's gallery of spanking art.  Includes such goodies as The Scarecrow spanking Dorothy!




You have seen Lawrence Kinden's work here on Handprints.   This is his web page, which includes his artwork as well as several of his stories.


This site is under construction, but plans to feature little girl spanking stories and some */f illustrations once it gets going.



           This is an extensive list of movies with spankings.  Films with a juvenile spankee are marked "J."  Films with juvenile male spankees are marked "JM" while films with juvenile female spankees are marked "JF."



        This is Flatt's page which includes two F/m galleries here and here.  Also check out his "La Maîtresse" F/m sequence.


        George Jackson Churchward, who passed away on the 29th of July, 2000 after a losing battle with cancer, was one of the most outstanding Artists of the */f spanking-themed art genre.

        Unfortunately we know very little about this Artist. He signed his drawings with "GJC", but the name George Jackson Churchward was a pseudonym. His real name was Martin P.

        George Jackson Churchward grew up in England but lived in the Caribbean as an adult. He was in his early 50's when he died.

        This website, which was created exactly three years after GJC's passing away, is not only an in memoriam notice but also an attempt to preserve this Artist's work, which he freely shared with others on the Internet.



This site sells a series of videos of boy spankings from mainstream movies, with four galleries of movie stills.

From the movie, "The Seven Little Australians."


        "My wife and I have four beautiful daughters, ages 14, 12, 10, and 8. When they were little, I gave the spankings when needed. But I found myself enjoying it -- smacking the hairbrush down on those tender round buttocks and watching them bounce and turn red.
        "I knew that wasn't right. So I asked my wife to please give the spankings from then on, and she has. My wife firmly believes in spanking, and gives good hard ones on bare buttocks, but she does not enjoy it at all. To her, a spanking is just a deserved punishment that needs to be given.
        "Our 12-year-old Laurie got one half an hour ago for lying and back-talk. I didn't witness it (I never do), but I heard my wife's stern "Take your pants down command" and the crying and smacking of the hairbrush. Laurie really got it, and she deserved it. She is still in her bedroom thinking about her misdeeds."

        "I have two girls, ages 3 and 7.   I think that if spanking is done properly, not used very frequently, and not done in anger, that it can be an effective discipline tool.  My kids know that they will be given a spanking for direct misbehavior, breaking the rules, or back talking.
        "When they are spanked, it is usually done in either their bedroom or in the bathroom.  They are put over my knee or over the bed, and spanked on the bare bottom either with my hand or occasionally with a flat spatula. They are usually only smacked between 4 and 10 times, depending on their misbehavior. I do not spank abusively, just enough to get the message across. They are made to stand in the corner, bare bottomed after a spanking to think about the misbehavior. This method works well and will until the girls are about 8 or 9...then we will use other methods. They are generally very well behaved kids."

        "All through elemtary school, I was over mom's knee with my skirt up and my panties down once or twice a week. If I even looked at her wrong, I'd get a spanking."

        "When I was eight, some neighborhood kids (two boys, two girls) and I decided to play "doctor" in my garage. It was a detatched garage in our back yard; my dad had driven the car to work, so the garage was empty.  To play "doctor", of course, someone had to be the "patient" and take off his or her clothes. Since I was the most daring of the bunch and had visited my real pediatrician the day before so I knew the drill, I volunteered. I took off my blouse, my shorts, and then my panties.  Just as I got my panties off, my mom came out and peeked in on us. Seeing her eight-year-old daughter in there nude, mom stormed in and demanded an explanation. I stammered that we were playing doctor, I was the patient, and hey, it's just kid fun, right?  My mom didn't see it that way. She gave us all a lecture, grabbed a flat stick, turned me over her knee, and blistered the %$#* out of my bottom with everyone watching.
        "The other kids were sent home. Mom picked up my clothes. I had to make an embarrassing "perp walk" from garage to kitchen completely nude, and then spend an hour in my room before mom said, 'Okay, you can come down and put your clothes on. And I hope you learned your lesson, young lady.'
        "Two lessons I learned, which I already knew, were that (1) my mom spanks AWFUL hard, and (2) eight-year-old's bottoms are awful tender."


"The spankings I recieved from my parents were over the knee. My sister and I were spanked in the master bedroom with Mom using her wooden hairbrush. She spanked us on our panties, she lifted dresses and skirts as we lay over her knee or took our shorts/pants down while we stood next to her. Dad spanked over his knee as well and he removed our outer clothing the same way."

"All my and my siser's spankings were on our bare bottoms. No exceptions. Mom would sit in her wooden kitchen chair, pull our panties down, and spank us very hard over her knee with her wooden spoon. Dad would take us to his den, tell us "Pull your panties down", and make us lie over his couch arm, bare bottom up, for a whipping with his heavy leather strap. Mom spanked pretty much on our buttocks. Sometimes dad would spank down onto our thighs as well as on our buttocks. The spanked part of our anatomy ended up plenty red and sore."

"When I entered a foster home, at 7, my foster mother brought up spankings on the first night. She wasn't mean about it - it was a matter-of-fact conclusion to the short list of rules she explained to me. She asked if I had ever been spanked, and I said yes, at school, and sort of at home. She assured me that she spanked, and that when I made the choice to disobey that's what I could expect. She asked if I understood what that meant. I said yes, but really wasn't sure. Afterwards, I wished I had said "No" so that I wouldn't have this big mystery hanging over my head. At school I had been paddled, but it was only a couple of swats on my fully clothed backside that stung, but not enough to make me cry. I had no idea if home spanking would be the same, or not.

"A couple of nights later I heard the spanking of another child through the thin farmhouse wall, and, while I still had a lot of questions, the noises next door were enough to persuade me to be as good as I could possibly be! I managed to make it a few months before my questions about our foster mom's spanking were answered once and for all!"

"I happen to know exactly when I got my first spanking. It was on Saturday Nov. 23rd 1963 when the news of the assassination of JFK hit the radio news in Europe. I had just turned nine and my sister eight.

"'Spankings' till then had been delivered by Mother. Sis and/or I would lean against her thigh and she would deliver a few swats by hand to our skirted behinds. If we shed a tear it was out of defiance rather than pain. Actually we believed we were quite good at taking our 'spankings'.

"Well things changed dramatically for both of us on that November morning when Father took over and real spankings were given with a 25" long wooden stick (shoehorn actually) with the culprit(s) bent over the foot end of the bed in the master bedroom with knickers at half mast and skirts flipped up. What a change!"

"The first smacking I remember was when I had just turned five. I had been particularly tiresome and Mum put me over her knee and gave me several hard smacks with her hand on my bare bottom. It came as quite a shock and I remember yelling my head off! This continued until I was eight when I was very disobedient and earned my first hairbrush spanking. I remember how shocked and surprised I was when I learned how much a wooden-backed brush could hurt when applied firmly to a girl's bare bottom. I thought this was the ultimate punishment until, at about twelve, I was introduced to the strap. Now this was a different experience altogether. Gone was the intimate feeling of a smacking over Mum's knee. Now, I was required to bend over the arm of the settee where I was ceremoniously prepared for a proper whipping - skirt up and knickers right down. The pain was absolutely awful as Mum thrashed my poor bottom really hard. The experience was effective and I only needed the strap three times altogether."

"My record, at age eight, was three nights in a row, for three totally separate offenses. And, the first of those nights I got a bare, OTK hand spanking in the van in the parking lot of the grocery store, followed by a "real" spanking at home. Worse, the third morning I got a bare, OTK spanking with a doubled belt in the hay barn (down the road from our house), followed by a "real" one when we got back to the house that evening. So, five total spankings in three days. I cried all through dinner that last night because we sat on wooden benches, and my bottom hurt so much! I didn't get any sympathy, though. I remember sitting there snuffling as I shoveled in the green peas!Don't know what got into me that week - they were REALLY well-earned spankings, too!"

"All our spankings were bare-bottom, no exceptions. Mom pulled our panties down. Dad made us do it. Dad's strap hurt more than mom's hairbrush, but both parents gave very hard no-nonsense spankings. You really knew you'd been punished when either parents finished with you. Both parents made us pull our own panties up afterward and gave us a hug till we finished crying. Then we usually had corner time for 15 minutes or so. We were allowed to hold our hands over our sore bottoms if we wanted to, and we usually did."

"I spanked my children and I feel that spankings didn't do me any harm. I certainly don't spank my daughter and son as often as I was spanked or for the minor things I was spanked for. I remember once being spanked for not wearing a pair of frilly panties that matched a dress my mother had laid out for me for Church one Sunday."

   Midnight, the creator of Glory Bee, is an exciting new spanking artist who draws in the tradition of  mainstream children's comic books of the 40's and 50's - where the child heroine finds herself face down across an adult lap getting her panties warmed in the final panel.  Midnight writes:

   "GLORY BEE is dedicated to that bygone era with its innocent young heroines and sassy humor. In order to promote the children's genre, I'm placing the strip in the public domain (although ultimate copyright remains with me, naturally). So, if you're an aspiring writer, cartoonist or just happen to like kiddie's comics, feel free to try your hand with Beatrice 'Glory' Benton and her friends."

    "Many words could be used to describe Glory's personality: cute, funny, sweet, lovable - the kind of terms we often apply to little girls. However, Beatrice Benton isn't just any little girl; like every child, she's special in her own way. So, we might ask what makes Glory different from the other kids in the comic strip. Well, for starters, Bea is clever and inventive - especially in finding ways to annoy her parents, her teachers, and her next door neighbor Harry. Bea's intellect isn't apparent to everyone - her teacher, Miss Fingle, constantly laments the fact that she's never scored an "A" in maths - but she's still the smartest kid in Everdale, nonetheless...

   "On the other hand, Glory is also extremely mischievous. Don't get me wrong; she's never cruel, mean or dishonest, but she has a knack for getting into trouble at the drop of a hat. She simply can't help herself: no matter how good her intentions, Bea's plans always seem to end in disaster. As the title suggests, Beatrice is just plain naughty - so naughty, in fact, that she gets spankked two or three times week (which works out to about once every story in comics time). Sometimes, Glory is spanked by her doting but disapproving mother, Dora; occasionally by stern (but secretly soft-hearted) father, Manfred; but most often, by her next-door neighbour, the long-suffering Harry Doolin.

   "In case you're wondering, spanking is another time-honored convention of children's comics, often employed as the climax of a story. Traditionally, little girls are spanked on the panties - mainly because it looks cute - and a sore bottom is always signified by yellow stars twinkling around the posterior (as in the picture shown above). Don't worry, the situation isn't quite as one-sided as it first appears. Glory never takes an insult sitting down (so to speak), and no sooner is the punishment over than she's plotting revenge for the next story (anyway, Harry usually gets his comeupance deus ex machina,  as in the scene represented below).


        "Not even this bibliography can contain every book in which somebody gets a slap on the behind or a threat of a slap or a spanking. I tried to include those books with scenes which would appeal to somebody as obsessed as I am. I had a slight prejudice towards classics, Twain gets in for the Becky Thatcher episode which probably wouldn't have merited mention if it had been by a lesser writer. I am a purist, I tried to steer away from what could be called beatings or whippings of slappings rather than spankings. Like most of us, I am a glutton for details, I want to read about lowered panties, rolled up sleeves, kicking, begging, and bright red bottoms."

[Below is just a small sample.  There's lots more where these came from. - HP]

Accawi, Anwar THE BOY FROM THE TOWER OF THE MOON, Beacon, 1999.
pp. 62-3 A mother gives her son a sound spanking across her knees for getting dirty above and beyond the call of duty.

Andrew, Prudence, ORDEAL BY SILENCE, 1961.
p. 45 A father pulls down his son's pants and spanks him with his belt.

Atwood, Margaret, CAT'S EYE, Doubleday, 1988.
pp. 51-2 A girl tells another of how she gets spanked.
p. 175 The girl tells of how her father had belted her bare bottom, and then bares her bottom to show her friends the marks.

Atwood, Margaret, Great Aunts in Carolyn Anthony, Family Portraits, Doubleday, 1989.
p. 15 Tells of her aunts being spanked as little girls by her grandmother.

Bawden, Nina. DEVIL BY THE SEA, Lancer Books, 1966.
p. 128 A father spanks his 9 year old daughter, he takes down her pants so as to use humiliation more than pain.

Bayer, William, PUNISH ME WITH KISSES, Pocket, 1980.
p. 86 A ten year old girl is spanked. When her father tells her that she had to be punished, she asks him to punish her with kisses.

Bouton, Ruthie, GAL: A TRUE LIFE, Harcourt, 1994
pp. 48-9 A girl must bring her father a switch. She asks that she keep her drawers on, but is refused, and given a long, hard switching. 

Bradshaw, Emily, HEART'S JOURNEY, Dell, 1992
pp. 247: Harriet (heroine) remembers when her mother had spanked her as a child for reading her father's copy of Dante's INFERNO and admiring the lurid illustration of a near naked man.

Bronson, Anita, LUCY EMMETT: OR A LADY OF QUALITY, Fawcett, 1979
pp. 70-1: When Lucy is a young teenager, her father takes her into the barn, locks the door, and turns her over his knee. He then proceeds to lay-in some very hard hand spanks, landing squarely on her cute, rounded teenaged rear. She gets one slap for every year of her age. The pet of the family brought low.

Burger, Pixie, WOMAN OF TWO CONTINENTS, Bantam, 1982.
p. 7 A little girl misbehaves at lunch, her Nanny orders her to go to her room and lower her bloomers, then she spanks her with a hairbrush.

Cannell, Kathleen, JAM YESTERDAY, Morrow, 1945.
p. 44 The narrator gets spanked with a hairbrush for lying about going to school.
p. 131 Her little sister is spanked for throwing a tantrum

Card, Orson Scott, SEVENTH SON, Tor.
pp. 4-5 A little girl gets ten strokes on her bottom with a switch for lying.

Deveraux, Jude, MOUNTAIN LAUREL, Pocket, 1990
pp. 259-60: Laurel, the heroine's twelve year old sister, tells Maddie (the sister) that Ring Montgomery (hero) had put her over his knee and spanked her after she had done the simple little trick of putting urine into their food. She had thought at the time that they were real kidnappers and were intent on doing her harm. Ring's only intent after that was doing her pert bottom harm of one particular sort.

Forrester, J. S., INNOCENT DARK, Dell, 1982.
pp. 102 A girl finds her mother's diary, telling of a time when the mother was 10 and used lipstick. She was taken down to the cellar by her father who spanked her with his hand and his belt.
p. 116 A recollection of another spanking by her father.

Fosburgh, Liza, WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, Pocket, 1983
p. 44 Woman spanks two children.
pp. 102-3 The children are spanked again.
pp. 106-7 The governess discusses the advantages of spanking children. She recalls, her own experiences being spanked with a belt.

Goudge, Elizabeth, TOWERS IN THE MIST, Pyramid, 1966.
p. 26 Twin girls have their nightgowns turned back and their bare behinds smacked by an older sister for making noise.

Grenville, Kate, LILIANE'S STORY, Penguin, 1986.
pp. 17-8 A little girl must hold her ankles while her father lifts her pinafore, takes down her bloomers and belts her bottom.

Hastings, Beverly, DON'T CRY, LITTLE GIRL, Pocket, 1987.
pp. 66-7 A little girl teaches a little boy to play doctor. When his mother catches them, she blames him. The mother sends her home and gives the boy a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush.

Hill, Deborah, KINGSLAND, 1981.
pp. 118-9 A graphic description of a boy's punishment by his father with a razor strop.

Hintze, Naomi, GHOST CHILD, Fawcett, 1983.
p. 115 A little boy plays with paint, so his mother pulls down his pants and spanks him until her palm stings.
p. 212 This time a man spanks a boy.
p. 227 The first boy gets spanked by a man.

Hudson, Lois Phillips, THE BONES OF PLENTY, Atlantic Monthly - Little, Brown & Co.,1962.
pp. 175: On a North Dakota wheat farm in the 1930's depression, farmer George Custer spanks his preteen daughter, Lucy, with his razor strap. Her legs and bottom become a burning blaze. She is greatly humiliated by the experience and the young heroine hides under her bed with the dust balls. We are led to believe she has been getting spanked with greater frequency of late.

Luder, William Fay, ONE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, Farnsworth Books, 1958
pp.278-9: Nathan and Ruth discuss spanking children and how a friend of theirs doesn't spank her children.
pp. 421: Nathan spanks Joanna, his young daughter, for going into the road to play.
pp. 467: He threatens Joanna with another spanking if she doesn't stop being naughty.
pp. 471-5: This is another discussion of child spanking, this time with some of their friends 

Marten, Jacqueline, BRYARLY, Pocket, 1981.
p. 201 A little girl is caught swimming with a boy in her underclothes. Her father switches her in front of him.
p. 212 The same girl uses a mouse to frighten her elderly aunt. This time her father spanks her over his knee.

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p. 102-4 Tells of the bare bottom spanking of a little boy by his mother. And of the little girl's getting turned on, including the universal spankophile childhood ritual of looking the word "spank" up in the dictionary.
p. 217 A mother spanks her son, pants down, at a public swimming pool.

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pp. 18-21 The author of My Friend Flicka recalls a spanking she got from her mother when she was 5.

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p. 119 A little girl has to drop her pajama pants and take a spanking from her aunt.

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pp. 28-31 A little girl in a seventeenth century puritan family misbehaves and is ritualistically spanked on her bare bottom with a switch, in front of the assembled family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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pp. 56-58 A father makes his daughter get a peach-tree switch. They go to her room, where he makes her bend over the end of the bed. He lifts her skirt, pulls down her drawers, and gives her fifteen strokes.

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Colette, p. 19 A mother lifts her young daughter's petticoat and chemise and gives her a half dozen good spanks.
Joyce Carol Oates, p. 181 A mother spanks her young daughter and then pulls down her panties to spank her harder.

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pp. 198-9 A seven year old girl is birched by her father.

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pp. 67-8 The author's mother asks his father to spank him. The father takes him into the bedroom, takes down his pants, and spanks him with a belt. (p)

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p. 75 A girl takes a horse when she shouldn't, her mother spanks her with a hairbrush.
p. 83 An Indian woman slaps the bare bottoms of three little boys with a whiskbroom


     This message board mysteriously survived's purge of spanking forums a few months back.  It has been inactive for a long while, but that is nothing a dozen or so Handprints fans can't fix.

    "I love spring time when it's warm enough for my neighbors to open up their windows and doors to the outside air.
    "Two weeks ago my next door neighbor spanked one of her kids. Since both kids are in the first and second grade I couldn't tell if it was the boy or the girl that was getting the spanking. But, for a good minute I strained to listen to someone's bottom getting tanned."

" when i was young, i got spanked often by my mother, it was normal back then.   one time i got my sunday best messy after church, she pulled me to the bench in the park, lifted up my dress, pulled down my panties, and pulled me over [her] knee, then she spanked my bare bottom good and hard, i was 6 i think then, as i got older she used a hairbrush , but always bare botttom..."


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My earliest memory was getting spanked on the first day of kindergarten. I was told to walk home with some older neighbor kids, and I decided to go over to one of their houses to get snacks before I came home. My mom was panicked. I came in the door and she grabbed me, lifted my skirt and spanked me hard with her hand. The next day when the kids were walking home with me, they asked me if I wanted to come over again. I declined and told them I had gotten a spanking.

I went to a mixed day school that also used the cane a lot, but only on boys. I remember one occasion when we were 12 or 13 and the whole class misbehaved together on a Saturday morning. All boys got caned in the head's office, while we girls got a note to take home for signature and "proper parental action" - read a spanking. I remember that we envied the boys who got away with three cuts of the cane over trousers (max allowed by law), whereas most of us girls got a proper domestic spanking. I vividly remember the following Monday morning. During the first break all girls had to stay back in class where lined up and handed the signed notes back to a male teacher. I had a strong feeling he was chuckling inside collecting signed notes from 15 "pony tailed girls in knee longs skirts and ankle socks" probably imagining who of us had been spanked at home and how. And the boys were peeping through the door and tried to get same questions answered afterwards. EMBARRASSING.

I almost started crying there and then as i heard it was going to be the cane, but i did as i was told and bent over the desk. As i was small girl and the desk was very tall i had to go on tip toes to reach it, therfore i was moved (proplonging the agony) to standing on a stool with a cushion under my hips to raise my bottom. I knew it was coming but i still couldnt help letting out a whimper when my pyjama bottoms were pulled down, and my top pulled up and safety pinned to keep it from falling down. The whole 'baring' process was drawn out as i was elctured, not paying the slightest attention and i was already crying softly (you have to feel some sympathy here!)finally the head slid my knickers to my knees and tapped my petite bottom twice before giving six strokes of the cane, each one spaced for about 5 seconds, letting the pain sink in.

I lowered my knickers, bent over the foot end of the bed in the master bedroom, gritted my teeth and dug my fingers into the bedspread while Father lifted my skirts out of the way. I took three or four whacks from his stick (a wooden shoehorn sized abt. 25” x 1½ x 3/4”) in silence and the re-maining six or seven with a long breathless WAAHHH at the top of my voice. The spanking lasted about 15 seconds and my vocalisation stopped almost immediately after. I got up, yanked my knickers back in place, rubbed my buttocks, did a little jumping, wiped snot and tears off my face and hiccupped while Father hugged me briefly and patted my head. The sting subsided very quickly and 10 or 15 minutes later I was almost disappointed to note that the damage was hardly visible. So when I think about it today it seems a very reasonable punishment of an 8 to 13 year old girl back then in the mid sixties.

[Daddy] never ever embarassed me or spanked me in front of others. Though his spankings hurt a lot, knowing I'd disappointed him enough to have to get one always was worse. Even though I can't ever remember him giving me a spanking in anger - though there were times I knew he had to be angry with me.  Afterward he always comforted me and told me I was loved no matter what, and everything was forgiven. A few times I even saw tears in his eyes when he had to punish me harshly.  Most of mine were on the panties with his hand.  If he bared my bottom, it was once I was already over his knee, and my panties were lowered to just past my bottom.

I was spanked over the years mostly by Mom and sometimes by my Dad and the way it was done seldom changed. I was told I was going to be sapnked and was taken to the den where Mom would pull out the desk chair and sit down and I got a good talking to about what I had done and for doing it I was going to be spanked.
Then I was told to take down my pants and panties to my ankles. Promises of good behavior and pleas not to spank me always fell on deaf ears. This done I was taken over the knees and the spanking given. When it was over I was crying loudly and promising good behavior and was reminded that if I broke that promise I would find myself in the same position again.

I can vividly remember bending over my father's knee for a bare bottom spanking with his slipper. I always had to go and fetch it, remove my knickers, lift my dress and bend over his knee. This was normally for being rude or cheeky. On one occasion I got a real bottom warming in front of friends. I was so embarrassed lying there over dad's knee, knowing my friends were watching my bottom red and quivering. In fact, after that particular slippering, I didn't sit for the rest of the day. My friends thought it very amusing, and told everyone at school.

I happened to be in the same room with my mother, aunt, and Sue when she happened to get her mother angry at her by continual back talk. My aunt finally had enough of her sass, took her by the arm, pulled her over her lap, and gave her a long hard spanking on her bare behind. That wasn't the first time I saw a sibling or cousin get spanked, but it certainly was the hardest spanking I had seen given to another kid. Sue was ten and I was eight.When Sue's spanking was over, she was bawling, her behind was bright red, and she was humiliated since her younger cousin saw her naked getting her behind warmed.

As I have told before my father was the sole spanker of Sis and me. Mother decided that a spanking had been earned during the day and Father fulfilled his “paternal duty” after dinner. The anxious waiting was almost as bad as the spanking. He spanked in our parent’s bedroom. We would have to lower our knickers ourselves and bend over the foot end of the bed. He would lift our skirts out of the way and set to work with his stick. 8-10 slaps DID sting a lot and we howled out heads off. Sis is one year my junior and if we misbehaved together we got it together. Spanking age was 8 to 13. We were “late bloomers” and had not hit puberty when spankings stopped.

I remember going on vacation at age 8 or 9, our family was and visting gift shops. Being as bored as a kid with this entire vacation and being little bit dragged into some of these souvenier stores I couldn't help but notice the souvenier paddles right away and quickly shifted off to another aisle.  Long story short, my parents actually purchased one of the paddles that said "For the cute little deer with the bear behind." How embarrassing could that be?    BTW, if anyone else thought those paddles were kind of thin and not too effective, we were all wrong as that paddle stung my bare bottom in less than 3 thwacks to backside.   LISA

When we were out in public with my mom, it was always "We need to go. My hairbrush has an appointment with your bare bottom, young lady." At home, the warning was "If I have to speak to you again, I'll tan your bare rear end." And my dad meant every word.  You would think I would have learned to respect the warnings. I was spanked a lot, so I must have been a slow learner.

Some of mom's favorites were:
               "If I hear one more word, I'll come up there with the hairbrush and pull your pants down."
               "Do you want me to pull your pants down and paddle you right here?"
               "You're gonna get the hairbrush on your bare bottom."
               "Your buttocks are gona be really sore when I get through with you."
               "I'm gonna lower your panties and spank you till you can't sit down."

One day my mom wanted me to stay inside and clean my room. I saw my friends oustide playing and when my mom was not looking I snuck out of the house. A little while later I saw my mom walking towards us with something in her hand. Too late, I realised she was carrying her wooden spoon. Frozen with fear as to what was about to happen, she announnced to everyone there that I was to get a spanking for not cleaning my room and sneaking out of the house. She grabbed my arm and we marched inside and she gave me spank every now and then when I was moving to slow. When we got inside I got another lecture and the went over lap for a bare bottom spanking.

My mother caught me playing with matches and said she would have to call my father at work and tell him. I was probably seven. I spent the day in a fever of anxiety. When my father came home, I hid outside in the yard. All I could think of was the spanking I was afraid I would receive. Eventually he came to the door and called my name. Realizing I couldn't stay outside forever, I left my hiding place and presented myself to my father. Sure enough, he took me to my room for a pants-down spanking.

I remember being about 5 or 6 yeard old. I hated the teacher I had because I felt she was always making fun of me. Once she caught me when I threw a wet paper with my ruler and of course told my mother. Guess she was really pissed off with me because I hardly recall getting a spanking from her but  that day she escorted me from school to the car spanking me all the way. Of course, when I got home, got another dose of a real hard spanking from my dad.  Next day, you can imagine all the kids staring at me because all school knew about the spanking I got.

When I got to the principal's office the secretary took me right in and handed him the note. The principal told me that I would not have been in as much trouble if I had quickly confessed, but that since I had not immediately come forth I was guilty of both lying and stealing. He told me he was going to paddle me and he would give me six swats on my panties. I was too scared to cry at that point. I had not been paddled before. He made me bend over in front of a chair and hold onto the arms. He lifted my dress out of the way and proceded to slowly give me six hard wacks on my panties. I was really crying hard by the time it was over and my bottom was really sore for the rest of the day. The worst thing ,though, was having to go back to class and have everyone stare at me.

We had lots of love in or family. Mom and I talked often. But I knew the rules, and when I broke one -- mom pulled my panties down and let the paddle or hairbrush do all the talking. The paddle and hairbrush had a lot to say, and they delivered their message well!

My mother spoke four languages well -- English, French, Spanish, and Italian. She was also fluent in "Hairbrush", which she said is a universal language of discipline understood by naughty children everywhere -- especially the children in our family. She "spoke" it on our bare bottoms so we'd REALLY understand it.

When I was eight years old, my mom and I met two of her friends at a store and they started talking. The subject turned to discipline and one of the friends asked mom and me, "How do you discipline at your house?" Reflexively, mom and I both said, "Spanking." Then I looked at mom, realized what I'd admitted, and turned beet red. One of the other mothers said, "We spank at our house too," and the second mom said, "So do we. Our girls pull their panties down and get it good and hard." But that didn't help my embarrassment because the moms were the givers of those spankings and I was a recipient.

If I when I misbehaved while my mom and I were out somewhere, she would sit on a chair, a park bench, or a rock, pull my panties down on the spot, and give me a thorough spanking with her hand. Then when we got home, she would say, "Now you're gonna get a REAL spanking," which she would administer on my bare buttocks with her hairbrush. This happened about six times while I was in elementary school.

I grew up in New York city in the sixties. It was very common durring the summer, durring the time when air-conditioning did not exist, that windows were left open. hardly a night would go by where you could hear several children getting severely spanked. The sound of a belt hitting bare flesh was very typical. Also the way the windows were situated, it was very easy to see into another apartments living room. I clearly enjoyed watching two sisters who lived across from our apartment getting bare bottom spankings from their mother.

My bigger Sister (five years older than me) often saw me get a good hiding. I always had my skirt and knickers pulled down to my ankles, and then I was given a bare smacked bottom, standing up - usually with a bath brush. She constantly teased me about that, when we were younger.

I only once saw here get spanked - when she threw a snow-ball which hit Mum right in the face! She must have been twelve, and I was about seven. I'm sure her bottom would have frozen in the winter air, had it not been for the motherly warming it received!

When I was 7, maybe 8, we were at a hotel with a bunch of friends, and even though I had my swimsuit on, my mom didn't want me to get my hair wet, mainly because it took forever to dry! Anyway, I'm sitting on the steps at the end of pool, with only my legs in the water when my best friend's older brother pushed me into the pool, getting me soaked in the process! My mom came running over and was yelling at me, and to make matters worse, one of her friends who never did like me, and still doesn't, told my mom that I had indeed jumped into the pool, even though my friend was swearing to the fact that her brother had in fact pushed me in. Anyway, to make a long story short, my mom yells at me to get out of the pool, and proceeds to spank me in front of everyone! And to make matters worse, my friend's brother was watching me get spanked, and I had a serious crush on him!

My husband came home late from work one night -7pm. I had dinner ready for him and as he began to eat his dinner, I informed him that HIS 9 year old daughter announced to me that day that she no longer had to listen to her OLD LADY. My husband immediately got up from his chair (I made spaghetti, meatballs, and italian breadsticks.) and headed up the stairs to our daughters bedroom with a BREADSTICK in his hand. Stunned, but not completely surprised, I reminded him that THE PADDLE might be a better tool of discipline.

i was spanked by my ballet teacher for poor performance. i was spanked with 2 girls on one occasion for being rude to him. he put each of us over his knee and spanked our practise leotards with a slipper. i darent tell my parents as they paid a lot for lessons and my father would have given me the strap.

I had been mouthing off to my mom all day. She told me it was time to leave and we i threw a fit. I guess she had enough an she pulled her hairbrush out of her beach bag and started to drag me over to this low bench that separated the beach and picnic area and annouced to just above everyone that I was going to get a spanking. It seemed like evryone was watching us. When she sat down she pulled down my bikini bottoms and before I could pull them up she grab my wrist. I had stand there naked while she lecture me about my behavior. She put me across her lap and spanked me until my bottom felt like it was on fire. When she let me up I could see some of the boys laughing as they wathched, I have never been so embarrassed.

Both my mom and dad spanked me. My mom's were usually pretty spontaneous. Over her knee I would go, down came my pants and panties, and she would spank away. My dad made me wait in my room for him. He lectured me a lot more and asked me stuff like "Do you want a spanking?" Even in the middle of it, he would stop and say "Do you want more?" (What a ridiculous question to ask someone who feels like her bottom is burning!) When I said "NO," he would spank harder! So, even though my mom spanked me much more often and more in public and in front of my friends, I would rather have her spank me than my dad.

The birch was used in Scandinavia in older times but not anymore. Now spanking is illegal and probably more or less non-existent.

The birch is not very big and it is made of small and thin twigs, about 15 of them. They are tied together at the thick end. It is very light and not harmful, but it still hurts in a kind of burning way.

The culprit sometimes had to make his or her own birch, but normally one of the parents made it which meant that you had to wait some time for the punishment. This is good as it meant that the parent would not spank in anger.

After a few days the birch will dry out. A fresh birch had to be made for each spanking. This is also good as it will reduce the number of spankings.

Most children were spanked with the hand and probably not bare bottom. But birchings are always bare bottom since it would not hurt at all otherways as the twigs are too thin.

I was placed over the knees [when] I was birched, even if I was quite old. You will always try to struggle free because of the burning pain. This means that even old children must lie over the knees because this is the easiest way to hold them still.

A number of males have complained about ”double standard” when they grew up – i.e. boys getting spanked and girls not. I guess you could call this a reverse double standard like in my co-ed school that caned boys only while school and parents had agreed that we girls got a note to take home for “proper parental action” – read a spanking. So the boys got off with three cuts of the cane over clothes, while we girls got a proper bare bottom parental spanking which hurt a lot more.

This happened to the entire class on one occasion. All 15 boys got off with a mass caning in the head’s office on a Saturday morning, while most of the girls got a domestic spanking. During the first break on Monday morning we had to line up and hand in our duly signed notes to a young male teacher. I had a feeling he enjoyed it. The boys peeped through the door and tried to find out who got it and who did not :-). Very embarrassing and rather unfair.

By allowing a girl to keep her panties on you are giving her a psychlogical feeling of control and protection in that she has not been bared for the spanking. It is also the final act of defiance towards the parent. This is why the girl will fight to keep her panties from being pulled down. Removal of the panties eliminates this psychological victory and places the girl under the total control and will of the parent.

I don't understand this need to humiliate the child or break their will or whatever it is that adults seem to hope to accomplish. A child over her parent's knee getting her bottom spanked is hardly being defiant.

My mother spanked my bare bottom, though I was really little when that happened, so it wasn't embarasing or anything. She always put me over her lap first. I don't know if she'd have kept up the practice or not.

Daddy almost always spanked the seat of my panties. The few times he lowered them it was after I was over his lap and I'd been especially naughty. I don't recall it really stinging all that much more, but it did kind of serve as a way of letting me know I'd been extra naughty. I knew it was serious if my bottom was bared.

I can't recall ever fighting to keep my panties up if my parent deemed they needed to be lowered. Maybe that is unusual, I don't know, but I do know if I got a spanking for something, it was a long time before I did it again- if ever.

I always got spanked bare bottomed but didn't have to bare myself or make all those preparations for my spankings. Dad would grab my arm, put me accross his knee, flip my skirt, lower my panties and start spanking good and hard. As soon as I was a well spanked teary, bawling girl, he would put my panties on place and make me stand up. That was it. Never had to go to my room and bare myself from the waist down or all the things people describe here. Don't know if this is because I live in Mexico and could be different.

Usually I didn't have corner time. In fact the few times I got it I hated that!!! One I do remember was because all three of us were going to get a "good" spanking. Report card day and the three of us got some "nice" notes from teachers so when we got home, Mom just said as usual "wait till your Dad gets home" at this point, tears would start flowing and of course, I'm sorry, I promise I will study and such and such. Of course her answer was always "you should have thought about it before this" and "you will be really sorry when he is through with your butt" or "you won't be able to sit down for a few days" depending on the note you got.

That special day, Dad got home, started looking at the report cards, first my older brother, then the other, and finally mine. By the way I was on pj's already so when he started yelling at us, he got my arm and took me to the corner, spanking my butt until I got there, then my middle brother, the same and started the real thing with my older brother. I hated being there hearing what was going on with him. Could hear him getting a good whipping. He is 6 years older than me so he was to big to get an OTK spanking.

When he finished blistering my brother's butt, then he got my other brother. The same, could hear him scolding and my brother sobbing. Then could hear the hairbrush on my other brother's butt again and again until he got him bawling and promising to be good and study hard!!!

At last it was my turn, took me from my arm and started dragging me to the couch where he had the hairbrush waiting for me. Yanked me to his knees, pulled my pj's down and started giving me a good hard spanking. After he got me crying my eyes out and begging and promising whatever he wanted he sent me to my room.

I believe bare bottom spanking was and is suitable/appropriate as I consider spanking a childish punishment for childish offences. Spanking age for my sister and I were 8/9 till we just turned 13 and they stopped before we entered puberty. As we wore skirts it wasn’t particularly embarrassing to lower our knickers and bend over the foot end of a bed and have our father lift the skirts out of the way. Our little tap dance afterwards didn’t reveal anything.

I think spanking on bare skin has the big advantage that the spanker can use less force; it’s a question of flicking the wrist to produce a sting rather than hitting hard. I remember feeling embarrassed or “disappointed” when I checked “the damages” afterwards and they were hardly visible. With my own children I have used a flexible 20” plastic ruler. Used on bare skin it produces considerable sting at low force leaving no redness at all after 20 or 30 minutes. If a parent spanks over clothes (in my days it would have been full sized knickers plus a petticoat plus a pleated woollen skirt at winter time) they will have to use a heavier implement and spank much harder which increases the risk of producing longer lasting deep muscular damage. Also the spanker can’t see what he/she is doing.

I agree that today a girl might as well keep her skimpy panties on. They don’t offer much protection and “half the buttocks” stick out anyway. However, since you haven’t tried it yourself I can assure you that the spankee desperately hangs on to any protection he/she can get and the feeling of sliding the last piece down (however thin) is just awful; not because of embarrassment but because you believe it going to hurt more on bare skin.

Mom used a wooden paddle ball paddle that had once been a toy but with the ball and elastic removed made a significant spanking tool. It was always administered to the bare bottom and stored on top of the fridge. Dad used an old fashioned yard stick. Not like the flimsy ones today, but a thick dark brown one (probably oak). It was always parked in a corner in the kitchen. Always used on the bare butt. Hurt like hell. Dad's spankings were always the worst. That yard stick was a lot sturdier than the paddle!

If we were in the kitchen when we misbehaved, we would go right over Mom's lap while she sat down on a kitchen chair.  If we were in a diffent part of the house, we were lead by our ear to the kitchen where be got it over her knee. If we were outside or returning from a trip in the car, we got dragged inside by our ear and got paddled in the kitchen in the same manner. If someone was in the kitchen it did not matter. Mom liked punishments to be right away. I got paddled many times with other family members in the room at the beginning of the paddling. I usually did not see them in the kitchen when the paddling was over though.

Don't remember getting the yard stick from Dad in the kitchen. Usually got the yard stick while bent over the arm of the easy chair in the living room. Dad usually did delayed spankings for serious infractions. They were serious spankings also.

Mom did not work so if Dad was home Mom usually was also. If Dad thought we needed a little correcting he would yell for Mom by saying "Anne (or whatever kid), needs you to get out the paddle!" If we were told to get the yardstick and bring it to him, we knew we were going over the chair and it would be bad. We really had to do something really big for Dad to spank. Like notes from school for misbehavior or being really late for supper or stealing or fighting.

9 or 10 was last one from Dad, 12 from Mom?? Teen years we were always warned that we were not too old to be spanked, or "you're not too old to be put over my knee young lady". Although I do not remember any spankings in the teen years, just denial of privileges and groundings.

Never remember discussing punishment feelings with any sibs. Do remember taking the blame for my brother about something because my Dad was the only one home and he was harsher on the boys than the girls. He paid me back by taking the blame for something I had done when my Mom was the only one home. Mom was harder on the girls than the boys.

My mom's most common warning didn't mention a spanking. It was, "Do you want me to take your pants down?" There was no mistaking why they'd be coming down though. When out somewhere she'd often say, "Do you want me to take your underpants down right here?" And she did do so on more than one occasion. But I recall she'd usually say underpants when we were out somewhere. I guess this was not so that I'd know it was going to be bare bottom because all Mom's spankings were, but so that it would serve as a better threat if overheard. That is, I'd shape up even before Mom might embarass me by saying it.





Alvaro's Archive of Spanking Stories

Here are some exerpts:

   The bathroom was big- large white porcelain tub and toilet. There was linoleum on the floor, which had such a floor wax, musty, uriny smell when my nose was pressed to it, as I lay over mother's lap. White ceramic tiles covered the walls. There was a big wooden vanity, with a large white sink set in it, and a couple of cupboard doors below, and a big mirror above. The acoustics in that room were superb in that the sounds of hand or hairbrush impacting with my bare buttocks, my mother's stern lecturing, and my yelps and cries, would reverberate off the wall and mix together into such a caucophony of sound. I know when I listened to one of my sibs 'get it' in the bathroom the sounds were incredible!
   To this day, bathrooms have a special place in my psyche. When I visit my parents I still walk into that room, a little trepidation in my heart!. And I have used my own main bathroom on many occasions when disciplining my own children.

*   *   *

    "Leave us alone, please, Pam, I am going to spank your sister. Close the door behind you," she said with quiet politeness and as casually as she would have said that she was going to check Tammy 's homework. There, as big as life, in Mom's hand was the hairbrush - not 'a' hairbrush or 'her' hairbrush, mind you, but the hairbrush! She wasn't even trying to hide it behind her or anything - she was carrying it right out in the oopen where everybody could see it - as big and as scary a thing as I had ever seen. I was beside myself - she said that she was going to spank my sister and she was carrying her hairbrush! WOW! Tammy was really gonna get it!! I knew what she used that hairbrush for, though not from personal experience yet, and I knew that the appearance of that brush meant that my prediction of Tammy being spanked without her underwear on was going to come true, too! Mom's tradition of always tugging down underpants before applying her hairbrush had already been established with David and Jenny, and there was no doubt that Tammy 's panties would be pulled down for her spanking today.

*   *   *

    So there were two hard and fast rules concerning that creek and me: Number one: No playing near the creek without permission, and Number two: No playing when the brush was high enough to attract the snakes that Mom believed only hid there so that they could bite little girls.
    Mom seemed to be convinced that any little girl bitten by a copperhead or rattlesnake would blow up like a balloon and then explode on the way to the hospital. I didn't believe her - I believed that those snakes were too little to hurt me. I had dogs with bigger teeth than those snakes, and the dogs never bit me, right? Mom also seemed to believe that it was better for a little girl to have her bottom spanked than to be bitten by a copperhead - and I didn't agree with this either!
   One day when I was about seven years old, I managed to forget both rules. Honestly, I was old enough to remember both rules, but the siren song of the creek was stronger than the memories of the spanked bottom that breaking those rules had given me in the past. I never intended to play in the stream - it just sort of happened. I never meant to actually get in the water - it just sort of happened. I never meant to slip and fall down - it just sort of happened. I sure never planned to be seen playing in the creek by my mother in the house - but that just sort of happened too! 

*   *   *

    I was still trying to talk her out of it when she started the real spanking. In seconds I was blubbering like a .... well, like a seven-year-old girl on her mother's knee having her bare bottom spanked by a skilled, practiced, and determined woman! I was just burning up back there as her huge maternal hand landed on my tiny little bare bottom over and over again. My vigorous squirming didn't interfere a lick with the angry woman holding me tightly and spanking all over my bottom.
    My loud crying and promises to be a good girl were falling on the deaf ears of a woman who had, at that time, three daughters who were still in the spankable and frequently spanked age range. My tears, promises, and crying as well as the sight of my rapidly reddening little bare bottom meant nothing to the woman who could just as easily have been across the hall spanking a bare 9-year-old or up the hall spanking an eleven-year-old girl with her panties down. She's been cried on, begged to, and promised to far too many times by my older sisters for me to have any influence on the spanking that I was receiving.
    Fortunately for me, I had not yet experienced the use of a hairbrush for anything but brushing hair. My big brother knew that Mom kept a special hairbrush in her dresser for a different use, and my oldest sister had either just learned or was soon about to learn that hairbrushes are useful on both ends of a girl, but I was still hand-spanked at that time. But, with Mom's hand being bigger than my bottom and that darned towel lying on the floor, I was being given a good spanking and she really didn't need her brush to make an impression on me!
    Spank! Spank! Spank! She continued as I withered and sagged across her knees crying and barely even squirming as my spanking came to an end. I rested and she rested for a few moments as I drooped on her lap and gradually gained some control back over my crying and my breathing.

*   *   *

    Liz lifted her pleated tartan skirt just high enough for us to all see the still pinkish marks on her up-per thighs. Wow! My first almost look at a luscious female derriere! Despite trying to be brave, Liz admitted she feared going home because the principal had promised to call her mother regarding her disrespectful outburst.
    Liz’s mother was one of those stern disciplinarian’s who you just did not trifle with. She had three daughters and ‘they would all be good or she would know the reason why’, a quote from Liz about her mom. Her mom treated us all very well, giving us cookies. hot chocolate, fruit, etc. but always on the promise that we would behave ourselves.
    I recall quite clearly how we tried to give Liz some comfort and sympathy. telling her we had all been grounded or sent to our rooms without supper. After all, when it’s over, its over. right? But the knowledge of what would really occur hung in the air like a dark cloud. We all thought we were to old to be turned over the knee and spanked. Then Liz said it out loud: Yes, mom still spanks me and my two younger sisters. 

*   *   *

    "I can't help but notice how much better behaved your girls are than my Jessie. Well, that is except when Jessie and Meghan seem to get into some trouble together. How is it that you maintain such marvelous behavior with your girls?"
    I remember thinking about that question for some time before answering. I was somewhat concerned that my disciplinary techniques might meet with some disapproval amoung my colleagues. But after some thought, I decided to press ahead.
    "Well, Sara, I believe the secret to having well-behaved children is to demonstrate a certain strictness and consistency when it comes to enforcing family rules."
    "Oh, Will, come on. Let's not beat around the bush here. Please, I'm coming to you for advice. I want your help. I don't need generalities and educational mumbo-jumbo from Child Psych I. Please, help me. Why do your girls toe the line most of the time?"
    Again, I hesitated and thought carefully before I spoke.
    "Sara, it's very simple. Each of the girls knows that, without any exception and without any chance of reprieve, misbehavior, disobedience, disrespect, or any one of the other childhood naughtinesses, will be answered with a good, sound, old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed spanking. On rare occassions I have spanked one of them on her panties, but I usually spank bare hand to bare bottom. Does that answer your question?" 

*   *   *

    The door opened, and Tammy's heart turned to stone when she saw her Daddy's face. The scowl was expected, but the sadness and disappointment she saw in her father's eyes broke the stone heart into a thousand tiny shards.
    Tammy remained frozen in place as her Daddy approached. Unable to move or speak, she watched as the big man came closer. Looming over her, Daddy glared down at his small daughter, hands on hips, and fighting to stay calm.
    "Well now, Tamara, just what do you have to say for yourself?"
    Tammy couldn't speak. Her tongue was frozen to the roof of her mouth, and she could hardly breathe. Her father's use of her full name was a terrifying confirmation of her doom. Finally, after an interval of an eon, she managed to squeak out an almost imperceptible reply.
    "Hello, Daddy....."
    "What did you say, young lady, I can't hear you. Speak UP! I want an explanation for your behavior today!"
    There was a silence as deep as an ocean trench. Tammy's hands crept down to the hem of her dress, and in an action born in the gene pool of all little girls in trouble, her fingers began to twist and wring the fabric. Her mind was crowded with a hundred simultaneous thoughts and emotions, which whirled round and round in her head. She could not have given a straight answer if asked her name.

*   *   *

    As Inga's best friend, I and my parents were often invited to dinner or to socialize in some other fashion. Our parents were great bridge players and good friends as well. I'll never forget one Christmas afternoon when we'd stopped by to exchange gifts. Inga seemed unusually subdued and her mother was not her usual happy self. It was difficult to tell whether Inga's father was in a bad mood or not. In spite of the jolly music playing on the hi-fi and the lights twinkling in their perfect Christmas tree, Inga's house didn't seem very festive.
    In my childish and tactless way, I asked Inga what the matter was in front of our parents and her brothers. To my surprise and chagrin, she burst into tears and ran from the livingroom. Behind his parents' backs, one of the boys pointed to the stockings hung at their mantlepiece. At first I was confused, shrugging and looking back at him. I didn't understand what he was trying to tell me. Whispering in my ear, he explained. "Inga got switches in her stocking." Sure enough, several slender twigs were sticking up out of her red stocking.
    I still must have looked blank, because he elaborated, tugging me into the hallway. "Her grades have fallen off. Papa is furious. He warned her if they did not improve before Christmas vacation, he would take steps. She expected to be punished but he never did anything. Until she saw her stocking this morning."
    I was horrified. "You mean he's going to spank her with those STICKS?!"
    Her brother nodded. "He already has used one this morning. Right after breakfast he took her to her room and gave her a good switching. There are three more in her stocking and he told her she'll get a switching a day until they are all gone." 



    Two short films available for download on the web with juvenile spanking content:

(1)  "Maude's Naughty Little Brother" (1900).  With her father away, Maude is seated at a small dinner table as she awaits the arrival of a gentleman caller for what she obviously hopes will be a quiet and romantic meal.  The man arrives, and he joins Maude at the table.  Unbeknownst to them, Maude's naughty little brother ties one end of a piece of rope to the man's coattails, and the other end to the tablecloth.  Hiding under the table, he eagerly awaits the results of his mischief.  To the surprise of all three of them, Maude's father returns home, and is outraged by the presence of the young man.  He hurls his valise at the scoundrel, who tries to make his escape out the door.  As he flees, he not only pulls the tablecloth and all the dinnerware off the table, but even overturns the table itself.  After chasing Maude's caller out the door, the father turns his attention to his son, who lost the benefit of his hiding place when the table was overturned.  Seizing the boy and bending him over, he gives him a vigorous spanking of about a dozen blows, as the youngster frantically struggles and attempts to escape.  If the above link's format won't play for you, try here or here.

(2)  "Buster's Dog to the Rescue" (1904).  Buster Brown is in the kitchen with the cook, who has just finished baking some delicious treats, which she has placed in a basket.  She puts the basket on the top shelf of a closet, and adamantly warns Buster to keep his hands off the goodies.  As soon as she leaves the kitchen, of course, Buster sets a long step ladder in front of the closet, and begins to climb toward his objective.  In the midst of his ascent of the ladder, his mother enters the room and discovers him in that compromising position.  She takes him over to a chair, on which she seats herself.  Positioning him across her lap, she then proceeds to spank him about six or eight times.  After administering this punishment, she ties one end of a rope around the waist of the sobbing boy, and the other end to a table.  (Apparently, bits of rope were considered highly amusing by early film makers.  Unfortunately, it takes considerably more to amuse moviegoers these days.)  In any event, anchored to the table as he is, it seems that the basket of bakery goods now is beyond the reach of Buster, and indeed it is.  However, it is NOT beyond the reach of Buster's dog, Tige.  Buster sends Tige up the ladder, and the dog, holding the basket in his mouth, carries it down the ladder.  He brings the basket to Buster, and the dog and young master then share their ill-gotten gains.  If the above link's format won't play for you, try here or here.

To view both films, first click on "American Memory" at the Library of Congress website.  For (1), then enter "Maude's Naughty Little Brother" as the search term.  For (2), enter "Buster's Dog to the Rescue" as the search term, and then click on "Buster Brown series."  "Buster's Dog to the Rescue" is part 1 of the 5 short films you will find in the series.  For both (1) and (2), various viewing options are available; I got the best results using the MPEG format, and I recommend that you try that one first.

(Thanks to Jason for discovering these! -HP)


Anti-Spanking Resources:



            Make-believe is harmless and fun is fun, but... violence against real-life children in the name of  "discipline" is a serious social problem. A fictional story about a little girl spanked so hard she can't sit down may a great turn on for those of us into such things, but the real thing is not a pretty sight!  (Click at your own risk).  Project NoSpank is the website of  Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE), and has a very extensive and growing collection of articles and essays dealing, from the abolitionist perspective, with every imaginable critical angle on the subject of child spanking.   Check out this site to learn more about the impact of actual spanking on the lives of real-life children.  Download "No-Spanking Zone" posters and much more!
            [Note: Project Nospank lost their ownership of the "" domain name and now use"]

  The NoSpanKing Page

        This site has such a good collection of links that I need only refer you to them rather than having to list them all myself!

EPOCH: End Physical Punishment of Children

            A worldwide organization with chapters in various countries.  The British chapter was instrumental in securing the 1987 ban on the cruel and barbaric practice of caning students in British schools.  EPOCH seeks a total end to all physical punishment worldwide, and advocates Sweden-style no-spanking laws which forbid spanking of children but which carry no jail terms or fines for parents who violate the law.  The above link is to the USA chapter.


         "An Examination of school paddling and spanking as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment."  Don't forget to check for regular updates of Jeff Charles' often visually explicit antispanking cartoons.  His book-in-progress, Southern Education, features posed photosfeaturing teen model, Andrea, bent over for the paddle, so that readers can see exactly how girls her age shouldn't be disciplined.   Read his book for the descriptions of school paddling incidents involving girls; you just might come away from it with an appreciation of the valid points he makes about sexual abuse of schoolgirls masquerading as "discipline."

Spanking Harms Children, Especially Girls

        "When a girl is spanked by her father or paddled by a male school teacher, she  is being trained to submit," says Jordan Riak, a retired school teacher and the  executive director of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education.  "When a school district permits teachers to paddle girls, it is setting those girls up to be victims of future male authority figures, whether it be a boyfriend,  husband or employer," Riak claims.

        Irwin Hyman, professor of school psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia and author of several books on the effect of spanking on children echoes Riak's warnings.  "There are definite sexual implications for a male teacher to paddle a girl," he says. "The nerve endings that go to the genitalia also go to the buttocks."  Hyman says spanking by parents also has negative emotional consequences for girls. "The intention of spanking is to cause pain and the causing of pain to girls and then saying 'I love you' is not healthy."


            "If we’re going to obey Scripture we need to make sure we’re obeying what it really says.  And the verses in the Bible that talk about discipline are verses that refer to the “shebet”, not the choter, the matteh, or the rhabdos.   If you choose to spank your child with a twig you must know that you are NOT fulfilling the admonition of the Proverbs “rod” verses.  If you choose to take the “rod” verses literally and beat your child with a rod then you must use a shebet--a large walking stick, a shepherd’s staff, or a king’s scepter.  If, instead, you see that Proverbs is a compilation of wisdom sayings and the shebet was a symbol of the authority for a head of a household or a country, and you see that the emphasis on the discipline being done is teaching and correcting, and you love your children, you will not find a need to hit them with a rod of any kind."

        Elizabeth Pantley writes: "In my house, my father had a belt hanging on a hook in the kitchen. It was a visible reminder to be good or to be put over his knee. We were all afraid of that belt. One day, my father couldn't find it. Eventually it was found-in the trashcan-my little sister, then age six, had decided the garbage would be a better place for it! She was due for a spanking and was trying to avoid it. Once discovered, she knew her spanking would be worse than ever. When my father put her over his knee he noticed that her little rear end had been replaced by a  large lumpy surface-wadded up towels in her underpants! Boy did he get angry! He pulled out the towels, pulled down her pants, and proceeded to hit her. I can still remember the welts on her bottom after her bare skin was hit with that belt."


To all parents who spank or are considering spanking their children:

          "I had good, loving, Catholic parents, who believed in spanking as a form of discipline. I loved my parents, and did not consider them to be abusive. Spankings were given about once a year, between the ages of three and ten. They were always given with the hand, sometimes, but not always, on the bare bottom; they usually consisted of ten to twenty hard smacks. I was told that they were doing this because they loved me, and they wanted me to grow up to be a decent person...

         "I did grow up to be a decent person. I'm a daughter that any parent would be proud of. I'm a virgin. I always got A's for conduct in school. I never smoked, drank, or took drugs. I'm very well educated. I was extremely successful at university, and have an excellent job now. I am well liked, and am considered to be reliable, kind, sensitive, and caring. I give to charities.  I'm active in the Church. I do voluntary work. Obviously I turned out well. I must be a proof of the benefits of spanking.

        "The problem is - nobody can know the harm it did to me, because I shall never speak of it in public. It is my shameful, dark secret. My well-meaning, loving, Christian parents, sexually abused me, without ANY idea of what they were doing...

        "At a young age, as a result of these "non-abusive" spankings, I began to have an unhealthy fascination with the subject. After the spankings, I fantasized about them. How could I have known that I shouldn't? I felt vaguely troubled and embarrassed when the subject of spanking was brought up in public, but in private, I loved fantasizing about it. I would read autobiographies and novels that had chapters about children getting spanked.

I did not know that this interest was sexual. I was not well informed about the facts of life, and had no idea that the parts of my body where I felt stirring sensations were connected with anything other than going to the toilet and being spanked. I deliberately sought this exciting feeling for years. I would go into bookshops and look for books on Christian parenting (especially Dr. Dobson's books), and I would read extracts and reach a state of arousal. I never spoke about it to anyone: although I did not know that it was sexual, I did know that it was weird...

        "If you think that spanking isn't sexual, just type the word into some internet search engine, and see the proportion of pornographic sites to parenting sites. Please don't think that just because YOU'RE not aroused, that it doesn't matter. You don't know what you might be doing to your child. How could my parents have known that their intelligent, well-disciplined, much-loved daughter would end up a sexual pervert? I can forgive them, especially because they didn't know, but your children may not be able to forgive you. I won't have children, because with my sexual deviation I cannot marry. But if I did have children, I would much, much rather have them grow up to be sexually normal and pure, than have them instantly obedient to my parental authority....

        "Please, please don't spank your child."


        "From personal experience I can validate the reality of spanking as sexual abuse. I know I was spanked many more times than I actually remember, because my memory of childhood events has gaps. But my body readily remembers how it feels to get hit – with a hand, a belt, a stick, etc. If I see someone being hurt or even just read about it happening to others, my body immediately responds to the specific pain of being hit with the described object. I know what it feels like to be so scared and hurt that you wet yourself. And how the urine stings the skin as it runs down the legs. The longest-standing memories I have are hearing those awful words – “Pull your pants down! All the way down! Bend over! Now! Further!” My father would hold me down by the back of my neck if I tried to run away or cover my buttocks with my hands. “Move your hands!” Any struggling or complaining, hiding or running would only make the punishment worse, so I must have learned to accept the inevitable when I was very young. The burning humiliation of being forced to undress while someone is watching intently, or worse, being forcibly undressed, will never leave my mind. Even as I write these words a searing hot blush of shame overwhelms me.

        "It took years for me to recognize that the embarrassment and humiliation of being spanked were burned into my soul – and the brand was one of being sexually violated. This was so strongly imprinted so early on in my life that I can only achieve orgasm through a vivid fantasy of being stripped, held down, and variously punished...

        "There is only one way to explain the development of such a perversion. It derives from being spanked frequently, probably from a young age, naked from the waist down, while being told, “You deserve what you get, and more, for being such a bad girl.” I can’t imagine my children doing anything that would justify hitting or shaming them. How could my mother stay aloof from it all and not answer her child’s cries for help?How could my father justify the violence and be so cold and calculating while beating me?

         "The long-term consequence of spanking is a life-long struggle with depression, dissociation, and self-injury. Nothing can elicit a greater fear in me, ironically, accompanied by sexual excitement, than the sight of a belt being un-buckled. It makes me feel physically ill and sends me into a state of panic.  Just viewing a belt stops my breathing, turns my insides into knots, triggers my muscles to contract, and the skin on my neck, lower back, buttocks, legs and genitals to crawl. Yet the abuse remains necessary as part of my sexual fantasies. I feel fortunate that I have never acted out these fantasies as an adult but I certainly have an understanding of those that do so...

        "We must fight against the perpetuation of these tortures of children! The generation-to-generation heritage of these appalling behaviours must be curtailed. The chain must be broken. The only way to heal the world is to respect and honour all people – and children are people too."


       Annie, 11, of Marquette, Mich., remembers being spanked as a  toddler:  "Sometimes I would do the weirdest things and I would get in trouble," she said. "But I don't think (spanking) had an effect on me. I didn't learn from it very well. I just felt like I was a bad person."

        In the past, spanking was more common. Surveys show that over 90 percent of parents spanked their children in the 1930's.

        “I think that it was normal then,” said Brianna, 9, of Ishpeming, “but now parents understand that it doesn't (always) work.”

        Karen, 13, of Marquette, thinks forms of discipline such as grounding and taking away privileges such as computer or TV time are more effective than spanking.    “I would definitely not spank my child,” she said. “I think it is wrong and there are definitely other ways to have the same impact as  spanking them.”

Spanking Parents May be Unaware of Force

          "Every about-to-be-spanked child who has heard a parent piously pronounce "this hurts me more than it hurts  you" can today reply, "Not according to modern science, it doesn't."

          "A new study out of England suggests that parents are likely hitting their children 40 per cent harder than they  think they are...

           "Prof. Wolpert said his research suggests that people's inability to actually gauge how hard they are whacking others means that parents who try to spank no harder than they remember being spanked may well over-hit."

"I Was Spanked And I'm Fine!"

          "We hear it all the time, when spanking is mentioned. Someone steps forward and says something like this:

          "'Well, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I was spanked, and I’m fine. We all know that sometimes spanking is necessary for solving problems with kids. And since it’s both necessary and harmless, it should be allowed and even encouraged.'...

           "Behavior that is based on fear can last only until the child is old enough not to fear defying the parent. Punishment builds anger and resentment within the child that will inevitably be expressed at a future time (angry teenagers do not fall from the sky). In contrast, behavior that is based on mutual love and trust will last through all the years of a child’s life, and through the entire length of the parent-child relationship. There is little that is more rewarding for a parent than the enjoyment of an enduring, loving and close tie with their child over many years...

           "Spanking, like all other forms of punishment, such as time-out and consequences, can only bring about temporary and superficially "good" behavior based on threats and fear. As John Holt reminded us years ago, "'When we make a child afraid, we stop learning dead in its tracks.'"


Diana Halvorsen writes:

            "Scripture has revealed another interpretation of Biblical Discipline to me. Jesus has already taken physical punishment for our sins, our Savior. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to help us. He loves us and we can go to Him every time we are in need of help. He will cleanse us with the wisdom of His words, The Word Of God...

            "Please continue reading my letter and the scripture reference in your own Bible to verify the words I write. I have a strong desire to raise a healthy, God loving child. I have read many books about children and discipline. At one time, I too was convinced God wanted me to spank my daughter, but now I believe differently.

            "When your child is alone with his or her toys, what do they talk about? Do they say to their little bunny, “God loves you, and so does mommy.”? “Do they repeat a line of scripture “Jesus is knocking at my door.”?    Or do they play parent and say “Mommy is going to spank you three times on your bottom ok, I need to spank harder to  make you understand.” What kind of fruit are you receiving from your efforts of discipline? Does your child make you smile with their words? How do they treat other children? Do they tend to hit anyone or themselves? Are you teaching them about the love and compassion of Jesus or that you control their every move with your spanking?...

            "What if Jesus walked into your home, followed the sounds of crying, and saw you spanking your child? Do you think he would be accepting of this act or take the stick away? I think he would take the stick away, pick your child up out of your lap, and send you to your room!...

            "We must build a network of loud Christian voices that are against the practice of spanking. Use the voice of Christians who are well known in their community that hold a place as leaders, pastors, and priest who can be trusted. We need to involve the media to spread the truth to many people at one time. There is another interpretation of the word “Rod” not spoken of in the Christian community. We need to publicly expose the pro-spanking leaders false teachings and hold them accountable.   They have taught many good, loving parents how to “apply a stick to child’s’ backside”. This practice is ridiculous and needs to stop! Christian leaders are the people to put an end to this spanking issue!!"

Author Diana Halvorsen and her unspanked daughter
baking cookies together.


            "Smacking is allowed under Queensland Law but only as long as a parent uses "reasonable force". However a charge of assault can be laid if excessive force is used under the Queensland Criminal Code Section 280. Penalties for assault range from a fine to a maximum of 14 years in jail."

             "Assoc. Prof Alan Ralph of Triple P Program says  “I would not recommend smacking at all. There are so many negative side effects with smacking.

            "Parents usually end up smacking when they are angry and there is a risk of hurting a child as they get older as parents find they have to smack harder because it doesn't have the same effect. As the child gets older they start to retaliate and you get real violence taking place in families.”"



          * Depends on having you or another authority present.
          * Teaches children to lie and sneak around behind your back in order to avoid punishment.
          * Teaches children what not to do, but not what to do.
          * Inhibits rather than promotes the learning process. Children can't learn while dealing with fear and humiliation.
          * Can actually encourage undesired behavior if misbehaving is being used to get parental attention.
          * May involve physical force (hitting, slapping, spanking) that can escalate into even more violence.
          * Leads to children using force to solve disagreements.
          * May lead to children seeking revenge.
          * Often does not work with foster children, who may have been subjected to much more severe abuse than a foster parent would consider using.


 "To begin with, something many counselors, parents and teachers say to children to help prevent sexual abuse is that their private parts are any part of the body that would be covered if they were wearing a bathing suit. Obviously, the genitals are the areas of most concern. However, the buttocks are also covered by a bathing suit and, in general, children are taught not to touch people there or to display this part of the body in front of others...

"And what happens when a child is spanked? This area of the body which they've been taught is private is suddenly touched forcefully by an adult. And the child is told it's OK. All of a sudden, things are rather confusing.

"Carry it one step further and you have adults pulling down children's pants to spank bare buttocks. First of all, having your pants suddenly yanked down isn't much different than having your clothes torn off by a rapist. Parents commit these symbolic rapes routinely. To be treated in such an intrusive manner is to feel profoundly disrespected.

"And then this protected, private part of the body is not only being exposed, but also brutally stimulated. Some adults think that humiliation should be part of this so-called learning process. They may have the child perform accompanying rituals such as having to go and get the belt or paddle to be used on them, to pull down their own pants or to count the blows aloud.

"When this occurs, obviously the adult has gone beyond punishment. Indeed, I believe they've crossed the line into pleasure -- their own pleasure -- the sadistic thrill of exerting power over a weaker being."


    "The sexuality of the buttocks is significant not just to adults, but to children as well. Even though they are sexually immature and without an active sex drive, children are from birth neurologically complete sexual beings who are capable of experiencing erotic sensation. The existence of pedophiles, furthermore, means that children can also become the targets of sexual intentions. As much as we might like to imagine childhood as an innocent, carefree world beyond the influence of sexuality, we do children a disservice if we fail to recognize that they too have erogenous zones which deserve consideration and respect.

    "Since children are sexual beings and since the buttocks are a sexual region of the body, we should question the propriety of slapping children’s buttocks. We generally understand that fondling or caressing a child’s buttocks is a sexual offense (even if the child does not understand it to be so). We also know that slapping an adult’s buttocks is a sexual offense (even if the offender does not get sexual pleasure from doing so).

    "The question, then, is why slapping a child’s buttocks is not considered a sexual offense. Is it because spanking, unlike fondling, is physically painful and used to punish misbehavior? No, or painfully spanking a misbehaving adult would not be a sexual offense. Is it because children are less likely to be sexual targets than adults, less likely to feel violated, and therefore protected less strictly? No, or fondling an adult would be a far more serious crime than fondling a child. A more plausible explanation for this breach of logic is simply that the majority of people are unable or unwilling to believe there could be anything indecent about a practice as old, common and accepted as the spanking of children—something which nearly everyone has received, given or witnessed at least once. And since spankings typically come from esteemed or even beloved authority figures, many people are loath to question this behavior...

    "Even without sexual motives on the part of the punisher, spanking can interfere with a child’s normal sexual and psychological development. Because the buttocks are so close to the genitals and so multiply linked to sexual nerve centers, slapping them can trigger powerful and involuntary sensations of sexual pleasure. This can happen even in very young children, and even in spite of great, clearly upsetting pain.


    "I come from an only-child family, growing up in Western Canada in the Seventies and early Eighties. I have often said that I was both spoiled and abused at the same time. While I came from upper-middle class parents and wanted for absolutely nothing, I was also variously struck, spanked and otherwise frequently hit by my mother who was legendary for her temper (and who came from a home where she and her siblings were poor AND abused). My earliest recollection of a spanking was one I received in front of my aunt and uncle, both teens at the time, when I was four. I remember clearly the shame and humiliation of being denuded more than actual pain. My mother has told me, though, that she spanked me as early as two using a wooden spoon when I ran into the street. A spanking, when I was growing up, always involved the use of a belt on my bare buttocks, and I would be left with welts that persisted for hours, even to the next day and in one case, days. I recall at least 12 such incidents and know there are more that I have forgotten. The political and professional opinion regarding the acceptability/legality of such punishments during my childhood was decidedly neutral. While the public-school system here abolished the “strap” when I was still a preschooler, many of my friends also sustained parental spankings of similar severity and kind. It is this fact that is the reason why none of us complained to our teachers, grown-ups etc., that we were being abused-it simply was accepted as “normal” in our families and widely tolerated by most everyone as long as it was “deserved”...

    "I had a group of friends who would spank me, and me them, in play situations, most of which were of the “playing house” variety. I would sustain erections during such play and on a few occasions this lead to mutual masturbation and fondling. From there, despite ample “real” spankings from Mom, I progressed to self-spanking purely for sexual gratification, a practice that persisted to adulthood. On several occasions during my adolescence, I entrapped children younger than I (including family) into accepting a spanking from me under the pretence of punishment. I can tell you that the mere word “spanking” itself, repeated in my head, or when accompanied by other phrases such as “bare bum”, “pull down your pants”, etc., could cause a state of arousal. As a pre-teen and young teen I developed a fascination with watching the buttocks of boys in change rooms, showers, gym class and the like, and would silently wonder if the owner was spanked."

by Susan

     "The sexual aspect of spanking is something that is not addressed by many anti-spanking activists.

     "When a female's buttocks are struck, blood rushes to the vulva. There is a sexual component to something that is supposed to be about "discipline" and making the child "mind." I wish those parents who spank would become aware of the sexual-abuse aspect of it. Maybe that would make them think twice about resorting to this form of punishment.

     "It is particularly humiliating for a female child to be spanked by an adult male. There is a profound feeling of violation at having one's genitals struck by this man who is supposed to protect you. It can prompt a female to either seek out abusive males later in life, or develop a lasting fear of/ aversion to the male gender.

     "The way that my body reacted to the spankings was to tense up. The upper part of my legs and my buttock area became very hard -- frozen. Through the years I dissociated from the sexual part of my body, and was out of touch with my body in general. The profound physical effects of spanking as well as the sexual humiliation aspect of it impacted my body's ability to orgasm. It took years and lots of body therapy to begin to heal that.

     "I could not orgasm with a partner or alone until age 31. I was only able to finally achieve that goal after getting help from a cranial-sacral therapist, who also helped me work through emotional issues of anger relating to my father. Only after that intensive work, did my muscular and nervous systems reintegrate enough to allow the relaxation necessary for orgasm. I am certain that the vast majority of women who have orgasm problems were spanked."

By Jenn

    "Shortly before I turned 5 my father moved my siblings and I into the home of his then girlfriend--she later became my stepmother (step monster). She preferred to spank with a wooden spoon, and started almost immediately when we moved in. Spankings became a regular event. By the time I was in 1st grade I could expect to be beaten with a wooden spoon or one of my father's belts by my step mother or my father at least twice a week--often more frequently...About that same time--when I was barely 6 or 7 years old--I began to realize that I was fixated with my classmate's bottoms. I wanted to spank them. Somehow I thought the act would be pleasurable to me and to them. This troubled me a lot, and I could not imagine how a spanking could be pleasurable. But still, somewhere, somehow, I had this feeling that it was...I would have trouble not staring at the bottom of the student in front of me in line as we walked to various classes, lunch, or recess. I just longed to feel the curve of the buttocks in my hand--and I worried that something was dreadfully wrong with me that I wanted to spank my classmates..."

    "At that time I was attending a small country school where the music teacher gave "birthday spankings" to students--a swat for each year of age, then "one to grow on." I attended that school through two birthdays, and somehow he never found out about my birthdays--I think because my step-monster certainly did not send cupcakes in as the other children's mothers did, and I did not tell my classmates about my birthday because of not wanting the teacher to find out..."

    "As an adult I enjoy a healthy sex life with my husband. I orgasm easily...but generally in order to orgasm I have to fantasize that I am being spanked."



"Family Clinic" column
by Dr. Roy Horowitz and Susan Duff,
published in Newsday (Long Island/Queens)
March 17, 1990

        "We've received several letters concerning our response to a mother's inquiry about punishing her 11 and 12-year-old sons and her 14-year-old daughter by spanking them on their bare bottoms.

        "In our response, published in this column, we made recommendations from current medical literature concerning discipline and punishment. We were "looking at the forest and missed the trees."

        "The matter of spanking an older child on the bare bottom was not addressed. As our readers have correctly pointed out to us, this raises the issue of sexual abuse.

        "Spanking a bare-bottomed adolescent girl or boy (many cases of sexual abuse involve boys) is definitely not appropriate and may very easily be interpreted by the child, by child protection agencies and by the courts as sex abuse. Parents who use this form of discipline place their children and themselves at risk of being reported to Child Protective Services, an agency that is mandated by law to investigate reports of "suspicion of abuse or neglect."

        "Whether well-intentioned or not, for all concerned, spanking on the bare bottom should be avoided."

Physical punishment only hurts kids, study argues

     "SPANKING has no positive effect on children and physical punishment jeopardizes children's health and development, says a groundbreaking study by Canada's top authorities on children's health and welfare. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that physical punishment is ineffective and can often lead to anti-social behaviour, poor parent-child relations and a tolerance for violence in adulthood, the study says.

     "The findings are the result of a review of more than 100 international studies on physical punishment by parents and caregivers, from a coalition of more than 140 organizations, including the Canadian Pediatric Society.

     "'Canadians need to move beyond the debate about whether it's good for kids to experience physical punishment to the conclusion that it is useless as a disciplinary measure. In fact, it is worse than useless,' said Ron Ensom, a researcher at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and co-author of the study." 

Sexually Abusive Spankings Remembered

 "I was an only child raised by my mother. As early as I can remember, spanking was the main form of punishment my mom used on me. I would guess that between the ages of 4 and 13 my mom spanked me at least once every couple of weeks. Nearly every spanking was identical in it's ritual. Spankings would always be given after my bath just before bed, and if I was to be punished my mom would tell me to go to her room after I put my pajamas on. When I would get to her room I would always find her in some form of undress. Usually she would have a nightgown on, but sometimes she would be dressed in only her underclothes. I would have to stand in front of her while she sat on the bed and scolded me for whatever I had done that day to warrant punishment. She then would pull down my pants and I would have to lay across her lap. She would spank my bare butt with her hand about 25-30 times.

"The spankings were painful and when I was very young the pain was the only concern I had. Around the age of nine, however, I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the whole spanking ritual my mom put me through. Having my pants pulled down was becoming more and more embarrassing, but that wasn't the worst part. What I was dreading most was being held over my mom's, often bare, thighs. I was becoming keenly aware of my genitals against my mom's leg. I can't think of a more embarrassing or humiliating situation for a twelve year old boy than to be spanked with his pants down against his mother's unclothed lap, trying to resist getting an erection and failing.

"I'm sure that my mother was aware of the sexual nature of these punishments. Why she did what she did, I don't know. I have never talked to her about my feelings on this subject."

Pro-Spanking sites:

Note: The following is not intended to be an exhaustive or representative list of prospanking sites, but rather, sites with a prospanking orientation which regular viewers of Handprints may enjoy regardless of their views on spanking of real life, unconsenting children.  The views expressed on these sites are not endorsed by Handprints.



            Tongue in cheek, the author writes, "I am nearly ashamed to admit it, but she actually struck us.  Not once, but each time we had a mind of our own and did as we pleased.  That poor belt was used more on our seats than it was to hold up Daddy's pants. Can you imagine someone actually hitting a child just because she disobeyed?"

MOTHER  -  A Poem

'We were raised by the old-fashioned methods,
   So sparsely employed today,
And when we so richly deserved it,
   We were "spanked" in the old-fashioned way.'


         No other site on the web goes into such great detail explaining exactly how to give a child a spanking.  For example, the author writes, "The pants can either be taken down to the ankles, to the knees (halfway down), or to just below the buttocks, although the latter is less advisable.  (It obstructs the spanking "sit spot," see below, besides, taking the pants a bit lower than absolutely necessary increases the ritual aspect of the baring.)  They can also be removed completely, then they won't be dangling somewhere.  Pants are best taken down just before the child gets into position.  For girls who wear dresses or skirts, the skirt can simply be turned up after the girl is over the parent's lap."

        "Find an armless chair which, when you sit in it, your thigh is above the child's knee, ideally at about the middle of the child's thighs. Take the child's left wrist in your right hand and take him/her to your selected chair. Sit down, with the child on your right side. For this to work, you MUST spread your knees. The child's weight will be supported on your lap, and by spreading your knees, you gain stability. Transfer the child's wrist to your left hand and pull him/her over your lap. Pull him/her to your left, and lean, if you must. The child has to lean forward against your right thigh, and once you've pulled his/her center of gravity past your thigh, he/she will "trip" over your right thigh and instinctively will catch himself/herself with his/her right hand on your left thigh. He/she will now be lying across your lap, with his/her feet off the floor. Now, use your left hand to hold his/her upper body. The right hand, of course, is occupied with [slapping] the now positioned bottom."

Figure 2. Spanking with a relaxed hand.

         "If you have ever played congas, bongos, tennis or squash, you will know what it means to keep your wrist flexible. Keep your four fingers together and relaxed, too.  Note that it will be mainly your fingers that do the work, not your palm. Your thumb will not participate much, so you can move it a bit out of the way. Concentrate on where and how your four fingers make contact with the child's bottom."

       This page contains a variety of links to soundfiles and fiction related to the prospanking views of the author, (who apparently doesn't worry about the "corrupting" influence of "absolute power" if it involves how he dominates his children, but who became very concerned as soon as the government took issue with the bruises on his daughter's behind.)  Enjoy the links, but please, for your children's sakes, don't raise your kids his way...


        Speaking of her childhood, 22 year old Ruth writes, "My mom always stressed control and obedience...  If I even gave her  a funny look I would get a spanking.  I could never say "no" to her; that was grounds for another spanking.  What I remember most about those spankings was not the pain, but what happened afterward.  Mom would leave the room and let me cry until I couldn’t cry anymore and then she would come back in and say that she loved me.  She stressed that she didn’t spank me because she was mad at me, but because she loved me and what I had done was wrong."

Ruth, then and now.


        "My dear wife... was brought up by very strict Christian parents.  She was never spanked in anger and always knew exactly why she and her siblings were being  spanked.  I have tried to instill these same procedures into our three children, a boy 9 years old,  and two twin  girls, 4 years old.  We always agreed on discipline methods and started real  spanking when our children were less than 2 yrs old.  We still have to spank them fairly often but somewhat less now.  When we do it, is not just a love tap to the bottom.   Spankings need to be painful to present a lesson.  We don't think one swat on the rear does any good...  When spanking is necessary, it should be done over the knee, bare bottom and enough times to make an impact - one or two for every year of the child's age. "


        "My personal preference is over the knee (OTK). It usually  works best if you are sitting in an armless chair. The child is taken and bent over your thighs, so their bottom is facing you. I prefer higher chairs because the child's legs and arms can't reach the floor, streching their skin and tenderizing it for a spanking... Personally, I think most children today need a good sound bare bottomed spanking for their misbehavior. I know my three girls often do."


"Haven, meet me in the bathroom!"

A few minutes later, I found her there.

"Now, Haven," I began, "why are you getting this correction?"

Her head hanging, she mumbled, "Because I went ahead and ate the Popsicle even though Grandmother told me not to."

"Why was that wrong?" I persisted.

"Because Grandmother is my authority and I need to obey her."

I continued. "Why do you think she told you not to eat the Popsicle?"

Haven stared at the floor. "Because we're going to have dinner soon and it might ruin my appetite."

"Haven," I told her, "I'm going to need to spank you because Proverbs 23:13-14 says,  'Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die.  Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death.' There may come a day when Grandmother tells you not to eat something because she knows it could make you sick.   You must be in the habit of obeying her. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," she said quietly.

I beckoned her toward me, where I was seated on the toilet lid. "Now, lean over my lap."

She bent over, submitting to my instruction.

After I spanked her--eight times for her age--I invited her to sit on my lap. Cradling her in my arms, I said, "Haven, I love you and forgive you, but you need to ask Jesus to forgive you for not obeying Him."

This is  Haven,  who, in the opinion of Handprince, is much too cute to spank...

...and that goes double for her younger sister, Clancy!

TO TRAIN UP A CHILD (Amish childrearing philosophy)

        "When the time comes to apply the rod, take a deep breath, relax, and pray, "Lord, make this a valuable learning session. Cleanse my child of ill-temper and rebellion. May I properly represent your cause in this matter." No jerking around. No raised voice. The child should be able to anticipate the coming rod by your utterly calm and controlled spirit...

        "Any spanking, to effectively  reinforce instruction, must cause pain, but the most pain is on the surface of bare skin where the nerves are located. A surface sting will cause sufficient pain, with no injury or bruising. Select your instrument according to the child's size. For the under one year old, a little, ten- to twelve-inch long, willowy branch (striped of any knots that might break the skin) about one-eighth inch diameter is sufficient. Sometimes alternatives have to be sought. A one-foot ruler, or its equivalent in a paddle, is a sufficient alternative. For the larger child, a belt or larger tree branch is effective...

        "Some have asked, "But what if the child only screams louder, gets madder?"... Give him more of the same. On the bare legs or bottom, switch him eight or ten licks; then, while waiting for the pain to subside, speak calm words of rebuke. If the crying turns to a true, wounded, submissive whimper, you have conquered; he has submitted his will. If the crying is still defiant, protesting and other than a response to pain, spank him again."


      Demand and expect instant obedience.  Spank the child on the bare bottom if possible. There is usually enough power in the snap of an adults wrist to administer a spank that will not be forgotten soon. You do not have to take a full swing like with a tennis racket. Make sure their hands are out of the way. Have them bend over your knee or against a table or chair. Let the number of spanks be done one at a time and deliberately, not fast and furious. Let them “soak in” one at a time. The object is to SAFELY inflict enough pain so the child will decide they will not commit the crime again.


    "It should be carried out in private to focus the attention of the child on the parent and to eliminate any other influences (not to mention the threat of hotline calls if you discipline in public). The reason for the spanking must be clarified so that the child understands exactly why he is about to experience pain..."

    "For the spanking itself the child must be put in a good physical posture for the act. Smaller children can be laid across the knees or lap. Older children could be told to lay over a chair or the edge of the bed. Part of the child's duty in receiving the discipline is to cooperate with the process and to assume the necessary position without complaint.

    "Speaking of complaint, the child must have an attitude of submission during the process. He should not be allowed to protest or resist your attempt to put him over you lap. He must have a submissive attitude in accepting the need for discipline and receive it willingly. His carrying on and fighting you would become another offense that requires another spanking..."

    "A spanking is supposed to hurt! Mere tapping with the rod, or spanking through layers of clothing and diapers, will not be effective.  Your aim should be to spank until you elicit a cry of repentance from the child. Some children will begin crying before the rod even makes contact with their back sides, but it is not mere tears that you are after. Other children will respond to the blows with the rod by crying out in protest or anger, but this is definitely not what you are after. This response must be distinguished from a cry that signals the child is yielding his will and succumbing to the pain. Perhaps this sounds cruel, but what do you think is the point of spanking?! If it is not a token gesture, a symbolic event, then we must press on with the infliction of real pain, despite our sensibilities.


        James Lyons of the Grace Baptist Church of Columbus, Georgia, explains how he disciplined his two daughters when they were growing up:

       "Applying the board of education to the seat of learning. Since I am right-handed, I would have the child sitting on my right knee. At this point, I would lay the child forward over my left knee so that his or her legs were trapped between my legs, with my left hand I could hold down the child's upper body, and this would leave the child s natural padding as a raised target for my right palm. The child s ability to squirm was very limited by this
arrangement, and I could deal with business swiftly and without the nuisance of chasing a Jack-in-the-Box or Jill-in-the-Box...

        "Sometimes when a child is about to be spanked, he or she will start to cry loudly or yell before the first stroke has even fallen... If I bent a child over and she started screaming, I would haul her back up, glare into her eyes and say real low, "Just what do you think you are doing? You stop that right now, you hear? Do you need two spankings? All right, then, you be quiet!" Then I would bend her back down and continue. We wanted our children to learn to accept correction with dignity...

        "[T]he most important thing to focus on during the chastening itself is the surrendering of the child s will.  No spanking is truly finished, whatever tool is employed, until the will of the child gives in. Sometimes fair minded parents will say things like, "Now for this kind of an offense, you will get three licks with the paddle, and for that kind of an offense you will get five " and so on. Now it may be that in a school setting where a large number of diverse individuals are being managed, some sort of objective formula like this would be necessary. But I do not believe that this is the ideal way of administering discipline to one s own children. Your purpose should be for the child s will to submit, and the number of licks it takes to accomplish that is ultimately up to the child...

        "I remember once when our strongest willed daughter was undergoing the disciplinary exercise. After giving her what I had supposed was an adequate dose, I hoisted her up ready to launch into the comforting half of the ordeal. But before I could begin, she started complaining about her spanking in a way that betrayed a disturbing lack of repentance. I immediately bent her right back down and addressed her complaint in the appropriate manner!

        "When you let the child up from the spanking, turn her around and set her on your other knee. There is a subliminal symbolism in this, like moving a tassel. It says that a watershed has been crossed, the child has come through the lesson, and now she is facing a new direction, she is going the other way. It s almost like baptism the old child she used to be before bending down under the baptism of fire is buried and gone, and a new child, a good and obedient child has been resur-rected in her place. This serves to divorce the child from that naughty person she felt like a moment ago.

        "Hug her close to you for a moment and let her cry, and just comfort her with your warmth as you kiss her hair and pat or rub her back and rock her back and forth until she subsides a bit. Hold some toilet paper to her nose, or if the child is older, just give it to her, and let her blow. Then say
something like, "Daddy doesn t like to spank his little Sweetheart..."


        "It would be better to administer more licks that are less forceful than to administer few licks that hurt severely. It is much more effective to
administer chastisement or punishment in a slow thoughtful fashion. Our goal is to cause the child to voluntarily surrender his will. We want to impress upon him the severity of his disobedience. It takes time and thoughtfulness for the child to come to repentance. I have told a child I was going to give him 10 licks. I count out loud as I go. After about three licks, leaving him in his position, I would stop and remind him what this is all about. I would continue slowly, still counting, stop again and tell him that I know it hurts and I wish I didn’t have to do it but that it is for his own good. Then I would continue slowly. Pretending to forget the count, I would again stop at about eight and ask him the number. Have him subtract eight from ten, (a little homeschooling) and continue with the final two licks. Then I would have him stand in front of me and ask him why he got the spanking.

        "Children fight back because they think they have a chance of forestalling the spanking. First make sure the child never gains anything by fleeing. Second, cause the child to understand that he is further hurting himself by resisting. Slow down, stay calm. If you are in a frenzy, the child will respond in kind. If a child flees, don’t chase him. Wait and allow time for the tension to go out of the air. Slowly pursue him, explaining that he cannot win. If it takes a long time, that’s fine. Go to his hiding place and laugh at his frail attempts. Explain that if it takes fourteen days to bring him to justice, he will be brought to justice. Patience. Calm. Dignity. Wait until he calms down in the back of the closet, or under the bed, and as you sit
outside, or just beyond him, quietly tell him that you are coming to give him his ten licks, but that since he has fled, he is now going to get one extra lick. Wait several minutes for him to calm down and listen with reason, and ask him how much ten plus one is. “That’s right, eleven. Would you rather have 10 licks or 11?”  He answers “10.” Then tell him that it is too late to get just 10, but if he doesn’t come out immediately you will raise it to 12. He must have calmed down for him to make a rational choice. If not, then wait a little longer. Keep this up until you raise the stakes to about twenty licks, explaining to him that when you get to 20 licks you are coming after him. If he is locked in his room, explain that you will unlock the door. There is no escape. Be calm, non-threatening in tone. Just quiet dignity. Think of yourself as a high-ranking government official in charge of negotiations. Know that in the end you will win.


             "Many people gasp when they hear 'Yes, we spank our children...  [S]ometimes there's just no substitute for a bare butt, over the knee, hand (or brush) spanking.    Now, you can turn your noses up at what we use for discipline all you want. But we know what works, and our methods keep the best peace in this household. It's systematic, loving, flexable, and efficient.

            "Our method of spanking is simple. We have a set pattern we follow most times. Usually we send them to their room to wait. For our children, waiting is effective, because it gives them time to realize that they made a no no. Then they are called to the room where they are to be punished, and lectured. We ask them what they did wrong, and ask why they did it. At this time, there is no way they are getting out of it, but we let them plead their case anyway (we never lead them to believe they can get out of it, only allow them the opportunity to possibly reduce their sentance by letting them explain). We also help them realize that life brings consequences, whether you steal from a store, fail to pay a traffic ticket, or skip paying your taxes. Then it's o.t.k., and on with the punishment. Afterwards, they are sent to their room for a while (usually an hour) and then we come back and comfort them with hugs and words of love, reassuring them we only punish them because we wish to teach them right from wrong, and to encourage them to not partake in the punishable behavior again."

Daughters,  Ellen and Michelle.


            "Young children need not be spanked very hard to 'get their attention' and help them see the error of their ways. A parent or guardian can use their open hand to spank kids on their bare buttocks and produce “stinging pain” without the need to spank them in an intense manner. If you fail to administer these very basic entry-level spankings while your children are young, you will be sorry when you see your beautiful toddler becomes a total brat within a few short years.

            "As children become older you may find it necessary to use an implement like a belt, hair brush or paddle to do an effective job of spanking them. I recommend younger children (preteens) be spanked “bare butt” as a safety factor so you can monitor any marks you may create during the spanking process. Some kids can endure a lot of pain and may require a more intense spanking than others. This is why I WON’T tell you how long, or how hard, to spank them. If you spank kids fully clothed, you will most likely spank them too hard and risk injuring them. They may not even feel any pain due to the thick clothing and mock your attempt to discipline them...

            "An older child or teenager can be spanked “bare butt” without exposing private parts of the body, like the genital area. Offenders in this age group should be spanked with some type of implement, as the human hand is not a practical instrument to use on the backside of an adult. If you spank hard enough to do the job you may well actually do physical damage to your hand. If you use an implement carefully you can achieve the desired results without becoming abusive in any manner.

            "One of the primary reasons parents and guardians should be the primary people to administer discipline is they KNOW their children. They can easily tell when enough is enough, and also when to increase the intensity and the duration of a spanking session. Spanking should be conducted in a prompt and business like manner, without a lot of discussion and ceremony. The clothing should be adjusted enough to expose the buttocks area and the spanking should begin immediately. Brisk applications of pain will quickly drive away any erotic overtones that may be encouraged if discipline becomes a long and drawn out game. A firm spanking will deter future offenses if conducted properly."


           "In His wonderful imagination, He has placed within the very spanking itself a potential of an exciting, holy bond of love between the one being so punished, and the one to whom He has delegated His authority. Please note that I said POTENTIAL. This glorious encounter with His love does not happen automatically. The one being chastised and the person in authority must cooperate with the abundant graces which our Heavenly Father is offering....

            "If the repentant child will accept, welcome, and embrace a spanking from the parent, constructive ripples will emanate. The goodness in the heart of this repentant child will be a channel for God's love to flow, reaching people that might not otherwise be reached...

            "Once the child has accepted the spanking, the parent must pour out her love and tenderness upon him, before, during (even the spanking is highly painful), and after the spanking. Even with an ideal heart of contrition, the child may be fearing, "How can I possibly endure this pain?" The parent must let the child know that she will tenderly help him (holding his hand? embracing his back with the free hand?) through this ordeal. The parent must also communicate gratitude for the child's now unselfish repentance, as well as tender love regarding the pain in which he is engulfed. Thus, the child loses himself in penitentially embracing the spanking, and the parent envelops the child in indescribable tenderness."

Speak - OR SPANK!

            "[W]e have to make the price of disobedience so high the child will be left thinking about it for a long time. Hebrews 12:11, "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful." Firmly and dramatically: but not abusively. SPANK them, but never overdo it or you may harm the gluteal muscle, underneath. We are absolutely opposed to child abuse. In fact, these days even the laws are "opposed" to child abuse, (It has taken a while). Biblical discipline is training in righteousness, not abuse. Always has been.

            "On small children don't overdo it. So how about a flyswatter on the skin? The epidermis quickly heals, but the memory (and the lesson) remains forever."


         Let it be clearly understood that spanking is not the "least desired" of the various methods of punishment, but the BEST method, one which is God-given. Spanking should NEVER be considered a "last resort" when all has failed....

         But spanking should NEVER be done in anger! It should ALWAYS be done in love. The child psychologists have been unable to reconcile themselves to the conception that any parent is capable of punishing his child in love!

         Spanking is NOT an extreme as a "last resort’ but is the best method of positive teaching, the God-given, Divinely inspired method, the way that really works!...

         Generally it is going to be better to spank with your own hand. That way, you can feel it, too, and you will be even surer you are not overdoing it.

         Many parents utilize a small switch, which will sharply sting, but never break the skin or bruise. As the author already quoted said, "Spanking or nettling small legs with appropriately small switches are only two of the methods that may be used."...

         An extremely effective implement is one of the lighter ping pong paddles, applied to the bare buttocks. (This I know from personal experience!)

         With children from two to six or eight years, many parents use the father’s belt. However, caution should be used in applying a belt. Certainly the end with the buckle, or any belt that has metal affixed to the portion to be used should NEVER be applied to a child...

         The old-fashioned idea of the "hair brush" is more mythical than factual, and with today’s modern plastic hair brushes and the like, should never be used.

         The place to punish a child is squarely on the buttocks! As has already been covered, very high on the sides of the thighs, or with a small switch, on the backs of the legs, would be equally as appropriate. HOWEVER, this must be wisely decided depending upon the severity of the punishment, and the implement used! Be extremely careful if punishing with a belt that only the shortest portion of the belt is used, and that is not allowed to wrap around the child’s body, or in any way run the risk of striking so as to injure or cause sever pain. Use common sense - punish your child in LOVE - calmly - not in the heat of emotion and you need not fear "overpunishment."...

         To be effective, spanking should always be prompt! Frequently, because of "embarrassment" in the presence of friends, being in a public place, driving in a car, or other difficulty which seems to make the immediate application of punishment somewhat problematic, parents will defer punishment until a later time. This should never be done! ...

         Parents who say "Am I going to have to give you a spanking?" are parents who ALWAYS speak more than once.

         Have you been using these phrases? Do you speak more than ONCE to your children?

         Speak to your child once! Then, if disobedience follows, IMMEDIATELY apply the proper punishment! It is only in this way that punishment can be truly effective!

         It is truly amazing the degree to which a child’s hearing may be sharpened by only speaking ONCE, firmly, and sharply! Thousands of parents seem to be in blissful ignorance of the fact their children could be trained to literally "jump at the snap of their fingers" if they cared to use the diligence to gain this end. You may have heard of the children who were startled into humble quietude by the mere "clearing of the throat" of their father as a warning. You may have heard of other children who could have been silenced with a mere look....

         If you want your child for something, simply say, "Johnnie, come here!" if the child ignores you, wait just a moment or two, then arise from your chair, calmly bare the child’s bottom and apply about five or six good sharp swats! If Johnnie pretends he "didn’t hear you!" and tearfully tells you he didn’t realize you were calling him - you may be positively assured that if you explain the reason why he is being spanked, he WILL hear you the next time!...

         You, as a parent, should begin to speak to your child only once! Say, "Eat your dinner." And then, if, after a few moments, the child is still toying with his food, showing disinterest, or daydreaming - calmly take him down from the dinner table, into another room, lower his pants and give him a good effective spanking! Allow him to remain in his room until the crying has completely subsided, and until he is settled down again, and then firmly place him on his chair and say, "Eat your dinner!" this time, you may be fully persuaded, the chances are far more likely that he is going to finish his dinner...

         Spanking should be, if properly utilized, the most positive method of child rearing there is. With the proper, kind and discerning TEACHING of the RIGHT action, both before and after the spanking, this gives a positive and negative side to the spanking procedure which will be lastingly beneficial....

         Most of the time, your child is going to disobey "accidentally." He will disobey "accidentally." He will disobey through carelessness, thoughtlessness, forgetfulness, or simply through a lack of understanding what is expected of him. However - don’t be deceived! There are many occasions when a child will DELIBERATELY disobey - and needs to be spanked accordingly!

         Let your child know you believe in his underlying good intent! Frequently, the young boy and girl will say, quite tearfully, "I didn’t mean to!" you should answer, "Of course you didn’t MEAN to!" Explain to the child how you "understood" that they did it merely through carelessness or forgetfulness. But say "had I thought you would have done such a deed on purpose I would have punished you much more severely! I know and understand that you wouldn’t have done this deliberately - TRYING to be disobedient - but because I love you, I must impress upon you that you should never do this through forgetfulness or careless again!"

         Then, when the tears have subsided after a spanking, LOVE your children - take them up and show them some affectioonn! NEVER allow the child to run from the one parent who has done the punishing to the other for the loving and the affection - but ALWAYS make sure the child is loved, first of all by the parent who has done the punishing!



        "I started spanking my kids around the age of two. I do not think this was too early. I spanked like my mother did. She would use her hand when we were under five or so. She always spanked bare. Three swats with the open hand delivered very quickly and in the same place. She said years later that she did it this way to hurt alot without a lot of spanks."

        "My children have been grown now for some time.  I would like to say that [they] are very successful professionals now. I only spanked for blatant disobedience and stopped by the time they were twelve. I found that spanking my daughters was quite... well exciting.  I remember spanking them before bed and after their baths.  Although it has been fifteen years I look back fondly to having an eight year old girl over my knee.  To bed they usually wore a tee shirt and panties. I only spanked a few times bare."

        "I believe that traditional, old fashioned loving spankings have their place in proper childrearing, but only if done with wisdom and moderation for the child's own good.  Whenever my daughter became disobedient or defiant as a child, she earned herself a brief series of sharp, stinging slaps on her bare buttocks.  This only lasted a few seconds, and never left a bruise, only a pink bottom and abundant tears.  Afterwards she received comfort and reassurance of my love.  I found this method of discipline very effective with my child.  In our home, proper instruction, a wholesome Christian atmosphere, and a wholesome fear of a spanking, kept her well behaved most of the time."

        "I have two daughters, both of whom are being raised in a Christian home with parents who believe in providing guidance and discipline as needed. That can mean anything from a gentle verbal reminder to a traditional spanking... I use a wooden hairbrush when special circumstances warrant it, but I usually use my hand. I spank bare bottom; my husband spanks over panties... Our daughters are 8 and 11. I recently had to spank the younger girl because she got into a shoving match at school. I took her over my knee and spanked her bare bottom until it was bright pink.


        This is a conservative discussion page with threads about all sorts of subjects.  Put the word "spanking" in their site search engine and dozens of threads will pop up.

        "I am a strong believer in establishing in a child a sense of fear and respect of her parents, as well as love. In my daughter's case, she has learned that I mean business when I tell her not to do something and she disobeys, and with time, she has become overall a wonderful well-behaved, polite child (so far). I feared my own father as I grew up, and he rarely spanked me, but I knew when he did, I had really transgressed. I cannot thank him enough now for instilling in me a sense of fear and respect of him as my parent. Many parents don't understand this, but as parents, it is our duty to command the obedience of our children. It can be done in a very loving manner, not despite an occasional spanking, but because we choose to discipline with a spanking when necessary.  When I pick up my daughter at school, and she runs to my arms with a huge smile, it is impossible for me to believe I am somehow warping her mind or inflicting psychological conditioning that it is OK to hit people, except when it is done very gently and carefully, and only when necessary, in the first few years of life."

        "When my girl was little, the shoe stores gave out balloons on plasticised rope-sticks. Those were great as a rod. Very flexible, not too thick, and they didn't get brittle with age. My second choice was an appropriately sized branch from a tree. Do file off the rough places, though....A rod will never leave any lasting injuries, no matter how hard you hit with it (as long as you only hit on the fleshy part of the buttocks.) "

       ' "If your head thinks up mischief, your bottom's going to pay for it."  "A hard head makes a soft behind."   I will say, Mom's hairbrush actually hurt worse than Dad's belt.'

        "Too often, I see parents who refuse to spank resort instead to bribing, begging, screaming, empty threats, or ineffectively rendered 'time-outs.' None of that happens in our house. A line is crossed, a controlled spanking is rendered, there are hugs all around and we move on. In fact this consistency means my kids get the message fast - and spankings quickly become relatively infrequent for each child."

        "I have spanked both my children when it is warranted and it doesn't matter the time or place. They know they are never safe from punishment and they know it. In a restaurant a few years back, I grabbed my misbehaving child and took him to the car for an old-fashioned spanking. On other occasions, I have told the waitstaff to make the order "to go" and left the restaurant. I have zero tolerance for misbehavior in my children in public places. Two summers ago, I was taking my kids for a day at the beach (60 miles away), we were just getting there when they started fighting and misbehaving in the car. I stopped the car, spanked the both of them and drove 60 miles home where they spent the rest of the day sorting laundry, mowing the grass, cleaning the kitchen, etc."

        "Mine, too, got spanked. I firmly believe that humans are animals. If you don't train them, you have wild animals. I didn't publicly humiliate them, if misbehaving in public, I took them to the restroom to paddle them."

        "I nearly always carry a wooden spoon in my purse. If my daughter acts up ... I quietly show her my 'little friend.'   Just the sight of it makes her stop what she is doing and behave herself. In the beginning she thought I wouldn't use it in public. Wrong. We'd either go to a dressing room or a bathroom and I'd have her get reacquainted with my 'little friend.' "

        "The worst whipping I ever got as a kid was from the man across the street (I accidently shot him in the nose with a rubber tipped dart gun when he had told me several times not to point it at anything I did not intend to shoot. He was a prolific gun collector and was trying to teach me gun safety). I went home and told my mom expecting her to give him hell. She took me by the hand, took me back over there and whoopped me in front of him."

        "My daughter at 11 years of age saw the neighbor boy successfully threaten his mother with Children's Protective Services if she spanked him, so she decided to try the same thing with her mother. My wife told her, "Go ahead. You can call right after I beat your ass. Hope you like your new home." She never threatened again."

        "My great-grandmother was practically a saint, and she beat my @ss on more than one occasion with a mulberry switch I had to cut myself. And God forbid I came back with one too small. I can honestly say that I deserved every one of them.  My father used the belt, and my elementary school principal, middle school principal, and high school principal all used a wooden paddle the size of a cricket bat."

        "My mom spanked me with a hairbrush, when I was 7 years old. Should I sue her?"

        "My mom used to break wooden spoons over my butt. When she got tired of wasting those, the hairbrush became the tool of choice. (and no-there was nothing wrong with it- I deserved it!)"

        "There are parents who would snatch the child up... take a belt, open hand, paddle, or whatever, and "spank" the child until the child cannot draw a breath -- having expelled it all in a scream of pain and shock -- and keep whipping or "spanking" long after that. The child cannot draw a normal breath for many minutes without involuntary sobbing spasms."

        "Define in advance unacceptble behavior(Ok you can't think of everything).  When the line is crossed tell the perp what he has done, and that you will see him in his room in a few hours to administer the punishment. The waiting is the worst part...  At the appointed time enter the perp's room, and give a long long lecture about why he shouldn't do that.  Then say the magic words "this hurts me more than you" (kids hate that) Then spank with a belt or some pliable thing, not your hand(can injure). Remember, it's not the pain, but the humiliation and stewing that gets em."

        "I was whipped with a belt by my Dad when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s. In retrospect most of the whippings were justified and helped control my exuberance. There is such a thing as child abuse but corporal punishment isn't abuse in my opinion. We also got whacked with a paddle at school when we couldn't abide by the rules. I never viewed that as abuse either."

        "When you're wearing a pair of blue jeans, a spanking with an open hand is not going to send much of a message (especially if it is done by a woman that is petite.) A belt will cause a sting through pants, but it won't do any damange."

        " A switch cut from a birch could obviate the later use of a big metal one on the wall."

        "When [my daughter] needs it, she gets a spanking, it gets her attention real quick and she learns that she can't continue to do what she was doing wrong... As a parent, I hate doing this - no one wants to cause their child pain. But a little sore bottom now can save the child and their family a lot of pain in the future. "

        "God designed children with a soft padded area full of nerve endings but no easily damaged organs.  God designed adults with harder flattened areas full of nerve endings suitable for detecting exactly how much pressure is being applied to them.  The application of the adult area on the child area is the ideal form of child discipline."

        "All children are born with their brains in their behinds and you must warm that area to get their brains to rise with the heat up into their heads."

        "I spanked my children rarely but it was enough to let them know I meant business and it got to the point where all they needed was the "evil mom-eye" look to straighten them out."

        "Whatever term is used for striking a child forcefully and repeatedly with a paddle or switch, it's hardly an extraordinary practice, and certainly not beyond what the law allows."

        "Spanking was useful with my two daughters (now 16 and 20) only to get their attention when they lost control. My keys were, 1) use spanking sparingly or it loses its meaning, 2) do not spank hard, 3) never spank when you are mad, and 4) make them explain why they got spanked after they calm down."

        "Pain has a very purgative value on bad behavior and a bad attitude in a small child.  I had to spank my daughter on a regular basis between the ages of two and five--she was an unbelievably stubborn, contrary little girl!! After age five, I only needed to threaten her occasionally with a spanking (holding the paddle up in the air), and from then on, the possibility of a spanking was enough to cause her to accept my authority.  I don't believe in using belts, etc. Either use just a small paddle (for mom's--remember, the spanking needs to hurt, and a toddler is usually wearing thick diapers or training pants--LOL) or just the hand for dads(who don't need a paddle to make it hurt--LOL)  Having said all that, there are some children who are so sensitive that just glaring at them instantly humbles them into contrition and obedience. Those types of kids don't need to be spanked. My daughter was the other kind of kid--LOL."

        "On four occasions I had to spank them (my daughter once, my son three times). They had to go outside and cut me a peach switch and I can assure you they were shaking like leaves in the process. One lick and it was over - I never saw the offensive behavior again."

        "You have to make it hurt enough that it is unpleasant. If you use something that will sting the skin (NOT a blunt object, like a hand) you can use less force and not injure. Things like switches and belts, when used appropriately, were actually humane adoptions by our forebears, instead of the tools of torture they have been made out to be by propogandists.  You might try a little, light wooden ruler on the thigh, because a light smack with it would sting the skin enough just to say "Pay attention." "

        "We used a definate amount of swats, usually 3-5, with a wooden spoon. The swats were just enough to get their attention, bring some tears and sniffling and the spoon became the symbol of the pain instead of the parent's hand."

        "Spanking does not work with my 6 year old. It never really worked at all. She is a stubborn little cuss who would look right at you after a spanking and laugh in your face, no matter how much the spanking hurt."

        "Spanking should sting, but should not be so very painful that it's cruel. I don't spank through clothes. All that does is force you to spank harder, and you'll probably re-align the child's spine before he feels a good sting."

        " I have found and observed a few well timed and placed whacks with a firm hand to be very instructive.  I believe for younger kids say younger than 6 or so depending on sex and size--hand whacks are usually sufficient. For say 6-12 or thereabouts depending on size and maturity--a simple flat board maybe twice as wide as paint stirring board seems quite fitting."

        "To sum up, the spanking ritual in my home went something like this: An offense is committed which requires a spanking. A knowing "look" is exchanged. I ask my daughter what is going to happen. She tells me she is going to get a spanking. Let's say I am really angry. I send her to her room to wait for me to cool down. After I cool down I call her out of her room. I would start counting while I waited for HER to assume the position. Using some implement (wooden spoon, paddle, switch), never my hand, I would administer the number of swats to her butt equal to the count required. Afterwards, I would have her explain to me why she was spanked. If there was evidence that she didn't understand something at that point, I made sure it got cleared up. Then I would hug her, tell her how much I loved her and how much God loved her."

        "My mom gave us what she called "The Spankin' Spoon." It was the metal slotted spoon with holes in it one would normally use to dish out soup, not spankings.  It did leave some interesting patterns on a bare butt. Kind of like crop circles, only in bright pink."

        "Personally, I never spanked with my bare hands, because I love them with my hands. Instead I used one of those thin paddles that comes with the ball attached by the thin elastic band. I removed the elastic band and ball, and it became a small rear-end sized paddle."

      "1. Never spank with your bare hand... you may accidentally hurt yourself.
        2. Never use a flimsy yard stick to spank with… Always use something that will not break and cut short the punishment,
        3. Never limit your target area to the buttocks since the head upper torso are also good places to hit.
        4. Never hit the facial area but the back of the head is good since hair covers most marks.
        5. Use a coat hanger whenever possible as it will not break.
        6. Hitting bare skin is preferable.
        7. Heating the coat hanger with the stove occasionally will make up for a weak arm.
        8. Never stop just because the kid is crying but because you are tired.
        9. Always spank in a locked room to avoid witnesses.
        10. When people inquire always say “He/She fell”."


        This site is run by a man who believes in spanking so ferverently that he will send a paddle free of charge to anyone who asks for one.  (His wife thinks he's off his rocker).  Check out the Comments board for the most entertaining part of the site.

"I'm a 35 year old father who will spank his daughters when needed in public or at home, and always pants and panties down. they need to know that as a man and as their father i am in charge. it makes girls feel secure to know a man is in charge. i dont however use paddles or any implement other than my hands, you really dont need to especially not with daughters."

"Imagine your reaction if an authority figure, having discovered some misdeed of yours, pinned you across his lap and began slapping your buttocks. Painfulness aside, most people would consider this a rude, inexcusable assault on their modesty, no matter what they had done to “deserve” it. Many people might assume that children, especially very young children, are too ignorant or naive to feel such indignity, or perhaps too impressed by the physical pain of spanking to care about much else. The truth is, however, that spanking can seriously injure a child’s sense of modesty."

"I am a pastor and I have always advocated loving discipline in the home. I did not spank my adopted daughter, despite her bad behavior because I was afraid she would associate it with abuse. In the fall, though, she became too much to handle. We prayed, consulted others, and considered sending her to a Christian boarding home. That is when I came across your site. I decided to put your method in action. Since then, she has, pretty much willingly, submitted to discipline three or four times. She likes the fact that the punishment is over and all is forgiven at the end, and we always end the session with prayer."

"I need advice on what i should do with my 9 year old daughter Jennifer. When Jen was little her mother or I used to spank her on her bare bottom with our hand we never used any sort of implement. After some time the spanking stopped and she never really got into any trouble. However, these days she is constantly talking back to us and is pretty much ignoring everything we say. I am not sure what to do..Do I spank her or is she too old? If i should spank her should it be bare bottom? Should i use an implement? Please give me some advice oon how i should carry out her punishment. Thank you."

"My ocassionally willful daughter has already recieved exactly three spankings after other behaviorial modification methods did not work. I'm told by my father-in-law that she takes after her mother, and that similar methods yielded the astonishingly well behaved young woman that I am married to today. My daughter is still too young to get the 'time out' but the verbal warning usually works very well, with the threat of either a loss of something special, such as a future treat, or the threat of a spanking. ... In all the time I was growing up, I received exactly seven spankings that I can remember. After each, I never repeated the behavior that earned the spanking. Never. One of the spankings was from a Nun in the Catholic grade school, and when I went home to complain to my mom and dad about it, I received another, because my parents believed, and rightly so, that I deserved it."


   "Yet some may feel that even a spanking is cruel. After all, I have admitted that spankings are painful. Yes, spankings are painful; they must be. If spanking is to be effective, it must be painful enough for the child to want to avoid it in the future. Often the child will cry when spanked. Parents don't like to hurt their children, so why should they spank. As we have seen, it is sometimes necessary to use punishment. And all punishments are painful. Having to pay a ticket for speeding is painful; staying after school is painful, not getting to go to a party because of misbehavior is painful. Punishments have to be painful if they are to be work. So we should not stop spanking because it is painful. On that grounds, we would never use any punishment. Moreover, a parent must sometimes do something unpleasant for the child's own good."

   "If you are away from home when your child acts up, avoid the "wait till we get home" approach. Take the child to your car or to a private bathroom. Spanking should be delayed only when there is no option to spank in private where you are. Privacy, however, is more important than timeliness. Your child should not be embarrassed by having others see her spanked. Therefore, never spank in public. When you decide a child needs to be spanked, take her to her room, your room, or a bathroom. Where is not important as long as you are guaranteed privacy. And never spank one of your children in front of another, for there is no need for the embarrassment this might cause...

   "I recommend spanking with your hand; avoid using implements. If you feel, however, that using your hand would not be effective, then use a paddle, an instrument especially designed for spanking... Now if you have ever given your child a few swats on her fully clothed bottom, you soon realized that your hand was receiving most of the punishment. Some parents solve this problem by having their child remove all clothing below the waist. However, I strongly recommend against this since it is liable to be embarrassing for your child, especially an older one.  Embarrassment should never be the goal of a parent. My suggestion, therefore, is to have your child remove her pants and spank on her underpants. By allowing your child to keep her underpants on, you will spare your hand but allow her to protect her modesty...

   "The Bottom Line: Spank your child as soon after her misbehavior as possible. But always spank in private. Spank with your hand on underpants. Most importantly, be sure that your child understands the reason for the spanking and how she is expected to act in the future."

   "The age at which a child is "too old" for a spanking can not be stated definitely; it depends on the child. However, my experience is that most parents stop too soon rather than too late. It is easy to be fooled by kids today. Their dress, attitudes, and knowledge of the world can make them seem very mature, and so we tend to think they are grown up before they actually are. However, children continue to develop their sense of right and wrong through middle school and even into high school. Therefore, older children need rules and structure as much, and sometimes more than, younger ones. We do our children no favors by ignoring this fact and treating them as "adults." Curiously, most children are aware of their need for rules even when their parents are not. I have had more than a few kids tell me that their parents are not strict enough: something many parents would be shocked to hear a child say. But living in a world without rules and guidance is scary. Children need and want our direction.
   "If older children need rules, then there must be consequences for breaking those rules; otherwise, the rules are meaningless. But what should the consequences be? For many older children, I think it should be spanking. Remember that spanking has the advantages of intensity and duration when compared to other punishments, and intensity and duration are just as important when dealing with older children as younger ones. Therefore, spanking should continue to be used with preteens and young teens both as a first resort for lying and disobedience and as a last resort when other forms of discipline fail."


  "It worked well for us to use a thin wooden spoon. We felt it to be safer than using our hand, though there were times we used our hand. With the hand there can be too much momentum. We would pull the pants down in the back and spank one, two, or three times on the bare bottom. The thin wooden spoon gives a sting without a large momentum impact. It was our view that the actual magnitude of the spanking was not so important. That is, we could afford to have the spanking be too mild rather than too severe, because it was the act of spanking that was the important thing, not the nature of the spanking itself.

  "The moment there was an act of disobedience, disrespect, or dishonesty, we would tell the child they were going to get a spanking and why. We would often tell them to go get the spanking spoon and go upstairs to their room. Once in their room we would explain again why, give the spanking, and then evaluate if there was an attitude of surrender and humility or an attitude of defiance and rebellion. While evaluating the child’s attitude, we would hug our child and love our child and tell them we love them and tell them that Jesus loves them. If there was an attitude of rebellion, such as an arching of the back, or pulling away, etc., we would tell them they were going to get another spanking if they didn’t relent and surrender with a humble attitude. We would then administer another spanking in the same way as the first. Each time the child would be given an opportunity to express remorse and surrender. If necessary, this process would go on through numerous cycles, lasting forty minutes or more.

The Christian Home Manual

[To children]  "First, I want you to stop and read these Scriptures: Proverbs 13:24; 19:18; 22:15; 23:13,14. You see, God has commanded your parents to paddle you often. It seems that you learn best when it smarts. A child who does not fear his parents will never learn to fear God. They are in charge of your dress and appearance as long as you reside in their home as a dependent. They are to see that the boys have a proper haircut (I Cor. 11:14) and that the girls are dressed in modest apparel (I Tim. 2:9). You are a testimony to the godliness of that home. As long as you eat food at their table and sleep in their bed, you must do as they say."

"Early the child should be made to conform to the sleep requirements of Mom and Dad. When a child cries at night he is either hungry, dirty, stuck with a pin or sick. In every case there should be some relief available. If none of the foregoing is true, I would suggest a spanking..."

"If you have obeyed the Lord in paddling them when they were small, the need for such discipline should decrease as they get older. Should the occasion call for a spanking, I would give it in spite of the fact that they are too big."

"There is a crying need today in Christian homes for the father to apply the "board of education" to the "seat of learning." Eli lost his sons because he refused to discipline (I Sam. 3:13). The father should insist on obedience and respect for Mom and Dad. None of his children should ever "mouth off" to Mom and Dad. A good solid spanking on the thick part of the anatomy in the back is best. Hitting children around the face and head may cause permanent injury and could come under the heading of "child abuse." His boys should have their hair cut short, his girls should have knee-length skirts (or longer). He should make them attend all the services [of the Church] along with the parents. While they eat at his table and sleep in his beds, he should make them do what the Lord wants them to do."

"When the father is not home, [the mother] will spank the children and teach them to fear the consequences of disobedience. She may save the hard cases for when Dad comes home especially if the spanking should be real hard. Children who do not learn to fear Mom and Dad will never fear God."

"Teach [your child] to sit by you in church. They should be brought into the pew and trained to sit quietly through the services. You may have to take them out once or twice to paddle them, but it will pay rich rewards."


Miscellaneous sites:


[News story]

        Brendan Finucane, prosecuting, said: "The incidents went beyond acceptable forms of corporal punishment. He sought to gratify his own strange desires, exercising power over the children concerned."   Two of the counts, he said, involved the original complainant. When the girl was 10, she  was called into [Headmaster] Peverett's study and told her work was "not up to par". Mr Finucane said Peverett pulled her across his knee, pulled up her skirt and removed her knickers before smacking and rubbing her buttocks.


        Enough said....

[News Story]

        [Welasaco, Texas] "Twenty-eight students have been suspended from a La Joya Middle School. Administrators say action was taken on a group of girls because they were spanking each other. The suspension has upset many parents. One woman says her daughter was just playing around with friends, and doesn't feel they should be punished. Students served a one day suspension."


      To ensure that the child is aware of their misdeed, and they never forget it, it is often best to smack the child across the bottom with the Bible as you speak out their misdeed. Each word would be one healthy whack across their naked hind quarters.   For example: "YOU" [WHACK!] "DIDN'T" [WHACK!] "EAT" [WHACK]  "YOUR" [WHACK] "BRUSSEL" [WHACK] "SPROUTS" [WHACK!] "YOU"[WHACK!] "LITTLE" [WHACK!] "DEMON!" [WACK!] and finishing off with a lighter whack, "did" [whack!] "you?" [whack!]

The Chronos Continuum

                We were interrupted as we stepped outside by wailing from the next yard. Looking over, we saw our neighbor, Mrs. Cates, a young mother in her early thirties, sitting on a deck chair, with her 4 year old daughter Rachel across her knees, the youngster's dress pulled up preparatory for a spanking. Little Rachel seemed like a nice girl to us, but her mother was very strict, and frequently resorted to spankings for discipline. Rachel was now crying and kicking.

                "I dint mean to spill. It was a accident."

                Mrs. Cates answered with a slap on Rachel's bottom.

                "Well then, this will teach you to be more careful."

                Susan and I looked at each other, and for once agreed. Without a word, she raised the device and pressed.

[The device from the mysterious Chronos Continuum causes Mrs. Cates to transform into the body of a little girl, and her four year old daughter to transform into a physical adult - HP]

                Mrs. Cates was near tears from hysteria. Since she could imagine no other cause for their transformations, and since Rachel seemed to be enjoying the change, she decided her daughter must be its agent. She stalked back to stand in front of her, briefly disconcerted to find herself looking up at the underside of the maturing girl's breasts, so different from her own now flat chest.

                "Rachel," she piped shrilly. "Stop this at once! Do you hear me?" She reached up to swat Rachel's behind, now about eye level, and to an impartial eye, quite curvaceous and attractive. Her tiny hand covered only part of one cheek, and her blow felt shockingly weak to her against her child's firm ass. It also had a surprising effect. Rachel barely felt the slap, realizing just how weak her mother had become, but it brought forth many memories. She caught her mother's hands and held them firmly.

                "No, Mommy. I don't want you to hit me any more." Her adult face frowned at the small child. "It's bad to hit, so you're being bad. You know what that means."

                Mrs. Cates paled, and began to thrash ineffectively in her daughter's grip.

                "No, Rachel - you can't. I'm your MOTHER."

                Rachel just smiled, a beautiful woman unconcerned about logic or her nakedness.

                "I think I'll be mommy for a while," she decided, "and you be the little girl. And you've been bad."

                Mrs. Cates began crying, but Rachel just sat down, pulled her mother across her lap, and pulled up her dress-like shirt. Her baggy underwear was pulled down easily, exposing her tiny, pink bottom. With a big smile, and obvious relish, though without much technique, she began spanking her mother. 

[News story]

  CUDAHY, WI -- (Associated Press)  The Cudahy School District has changed its visitation policy for parents after a father spanked his daughter in front of other students in her high school biology class.

                "The students were horrified," James P. Heiden, the district's director of student services, said of the incident. "It took everybody by complete surprise."

                Both Cudahy police and the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare have reviewed the case at the school district's request, and neither found basis for child abuse or neglect.

                "Obviously it's unusual to have a girl spanked in front of the class, it's highly unusual, but not a police matter, not at this time from the information we received," said Cudahy police Sgt. Randy Scheel.

                Heiden said the district visitation policy now calls for parents to meet with students only in the office, not a classroom.

                The girl's mother, contacted at home Monday evening, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel her daughter "comes from a very loving family. There's nothing to be concerned about." 


        The Crown alleges that Mr. West spanked girls, ages 11 to 14, on their bare buttocks with a shoe and then rubbed their buttocks with antiseptic cream... [T]wo girls were called to West's office because they were not wearing full uniform. West told one to go back to class, but detained the other. She told the court the following: "He dragged me into his office and slammed the door behind him and said, 'I'm going to teach you a lesson.' Then he slapped me across the face. I started crying. He pushed me by the throat and I fell back against the bookcase. He pulled me by the arm and pulled me over his knee. He was kneeling on the floor. He pulled my skirt up and hit me about twice. Then he pulled my knickers down. He hit me across my bare bottom. He kept hitting me until I said I'm telling my mum and dad about you. He put his hands on my shoulders and said, 'I love you more than any other kid in this school. You need not tell your mum what happened.' "


     The Plain Dealer, August 19, 1997

     ELYRIA (OH)--Use the rod and you could go to jail.

     Raymond Boyle could get two years in prison after pleading guilty yesterday to child endangering for spanking his teenage daughters with their pants down.  Gary A. Crow, executive director of Lorain County Children Services, said the case shows how blurry the line can be between discipline and abuse.  Ohio law permits use of reasonable corporal punishment, but prosecutors said Boyle's methods were a mental risk to his daughters, 15 and 13.   "It's not that he administered corporal punishment, but how," said Lorain County Prosecutor Gregory A. White. "He was way over the line."

     Amherst police Detective Alex Molnar said Boyle, 39, required his daughters to strip naked from the waist down before spanking them last year.   Officials said one girl was spanked three times, with the first in January 1995 and the last in April 1996; and the other was spanked in April 1996. Molnar said they confided the humiliation to a school counselor after the April incident.  Molnar said the girls were punished by their father repeatedly for minor things, including misbehaving on the school bus or disobeying his rules...

     In an interview with Molnar, Boyle said he "whupped" his daughters with a belt, requiring that they strip because it added humiliation to the punishment.


           This study examined the use of spanking as a form of discipline by American mothers of children aged 6-9.   The researchers found that little girls whose mothers had given them one spanking during the week prior to the beginning of the study were less well behaved two years later in comparison with their overall age group.  But, little girls whose mothers had given them two spankings in the previous week showed an improvement in behavior two years later.

            However, before any mother of a 6-9 year old daughter reaches for her hairbrush and starts dreaming up pretexts to turn her little princess across the knee on a twice weekly basis from now on, be sure to check the other results of this study.  Note that the girls (and boys) who showed the greatest improvement in behavior over the two years of the study were the ones whose mothers gave them no spankings at all in the previous week.   This just underscores the basic premise of this website: that a good, sound spanking is a method of discipline best used on make-believe little girls, not real ones.

Overall, the more frequently the children were spanked at the beginning of the study, the more badly behaved they'd become two years later.

(Alas, if only spankings worked as well on real life children as they do on make-believe children!)


            "Liberia's President Charles Taylor has administered publicly 10 lashes to one of his daughters after the school suspended her for indiscipline.

            "The 13-year-old girl called Edena was made to lie flat on a table, face down before her classmates, to receive the strokes."


By Sheila McLaughlin, The Cincinnati Enquirer
January 17, 2003

MASON - A judge on Thursday acquitted a middle-aged psychologist of an assault charge for pulling down a 14-year-old girl's pants and spanking her  hard enough to cause bruises.  The prosecutor and children's advocates expressed surprise at the decision in a corporal punishment case that raised questions about how far a  nonparent can go in disciplining another person's child.

     Gary Freudenthal, 49, of Blue Ash, testified Thursday that he thought he had permission from previous conversations with the girl's grandmother - her legal guardian - to discipline the child, who was a frienndd of his daughter.  On Aug. 31, Mr. Freudenthal, a single father, said he was upset because the girl was picked up by police the night before on drug and curfew violations when she was supposed to be spending the night at his house after attending a football game with his daughter.   So, he went to the grandmother's Mason home about 9:30 a.m.walked into the girl's bedroom after asking the grandmother where she was, took the girl out of bed, placed her over his knee and spanked her.

     When the girl laughed, Mr. Freudenthal said he pulled her bikini bottoms down and administered another spanking. A police officer testified that the spanking caused bruising on the girls' upper legs and buttocks. "I spanked her hard enough so she could feel it ... so it would sting, so she wouldn't be able to sit down, so she would remember it," Mr. Freudenthal testified. "She was so out of control."

     He said he hugged the girl after the spanking and told her, "I'm sorry it has come to this, but I want you to live."



            "One morning Grandma told me to go potty when I first woke up and got out of bed.  I became very stubborn about it and insisted that I did not have to go.  She became angry and said, “Ok, go eat your breakfast then.”  I did, but soon started squirming uncomfortably.  When her back was turned, I tiptoed away to the bedroom, sat down on the potty chair and relieved myself.  Grandma heard me, and when I was done, I got a sound spanking for not having gone in the first place when she had told me to...

            "Grandma didn’t spank me very often.  I only recall two occasions when I was spanked.  One was the incident just mentioned; the other was one Sunday morning when I refused to go to Sunday School.  That was the only time she ever picked up a hairbrush and gave me a good sound beating on the bare butt."

A picture of the author when she was still not too old for "bare butt" spankings from her grandmother's hairbrush.


        "Section 43 of Canada's Criminal Code, the so-called "spanking law" in question, was enacted in the late 19th century. It essentially immunizes caregivers who spank from traditional assault laws if they are within these squishy bounds of "reasonableness." (Only ship commanders who are using force against sailors to maintain discipline are still similarly off the hook for assault.) The challenge to Section 43 was mounted by a children's advocacy group, the Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law, which argued, among other things, that the law discriminates against children as a class to exempt them from assault laws. Why, the group argued, is it a crime for a man to lift a finger against his wife, yet acceptable when he whacks his child?

        "Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, writing for the majority, held that corporal punishment may from now on involve only "minor corrective force of a transitory and trifling nature'' (i.e., it's only spanking if it's a tap or a cuddle) and that it's legally impermissible to spank a child younger than 2 or older than 13; to use belts, rulers, and other objects; or to strike a child in the head or face. Children under 2 can't learn from a spanking, she argued, although it's not at all clear what 3-year-olds learn other than the efficacy of violence as a teaching method."...

        "In my experience, the most vocal proponents of spanking seem to be those who claim that "I was whipped with a belt/switch/open palm regularly, and look how great I turned out." That could be an argument for dressing kids up in caps, knickers, and knee socks too."



            "If you're rich or middle-class, you can cut your kid's allowance; if you're poor, your kid might need the allowance to live on. When a middle-class kid loses his allowance, he makes do with fewer CDs or video games. When a poor kid loses his allowance, he makes do with fewer school lunches. Depriving a kid of luxuries can be an effective punishment; depriving a kid of necessities can be a form of child abuse.

            "Spanking, by contrast, is an equal-opportunity punishment; it works equally well whether you're rich or poor. So simple economics suggests that the very poor, with fewer alternatives available, should spank their kids more—and they do...

            "Here's one good alternative to the economic explanation: University of New Hampshire sociologist Murray Straus has published multiple studies concluding that children who are spanked are less successful as adults. If the link is causal—that is, if being spanked actually lowers your earnings potential—and if spanking runs in families, then we have an alternative explanation for Weinberg's numbers: Low-income parents are more likely to spank their children because low-income parents are more likely to have been spanked themselves. Or maybe it's as simple as this: Poverty breeds frustration, and frustrated parents lash out at their kids. Does any reader have a better story?"


    "I'm for corporal punishment," says Lily, now a local undergraduate. "That might have scared us, rather than just sending us for detention or scolding us."... "As girls, we knew we could get away with just a scolding or a suspension. The school used humiliation to discipline us, but the pain of caning would've worked better," she says. ...

    YES, go ahead and cane misbehaving girls, said more than 60 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed in a straw poll of 50 people. And almost all also felt that girls were less well behaved these days. Of the 31 respondents who said 'yes' to corporal punishment for girls, many saw it as a way of instilling discipline.

    Madam Frieda Lee, 46, a housewife with two school-going children, said it would  "ensure that the child is law-abiding and respects her elders. In fact, I use the cane too when it is necessary."...

    Respondents were... split on the location where the punishment should be carried out.  If the girl's acts affected a large number of people - for instance, vandalism and assault - the punishment should be carried out in public for the offender to serve as an example.  Otherwise, it would be better to cane her in private to prevent unnecessary shame.

    However, an overwhelming number felt that corporal punishment should be meted out only by the discipline master or principal so as to reduce the potential for abuse of this form of punishment.

    Still, an overwhelming majority - 47 out of 50 - felt that the responsibilliity for a girl's discipline should lie with the parents, and not with schools.

    As Benedict Lo, a 20-year-old NS man, said: "The best way is for parents to punish them when they are young so that they know their boundaries."


        "Spanking was widely practiced; and it was accepted that people spank each other’s children... The spankings had to really COUNT or it wouldn’t do any good. Children were expected to sit quietly in the 2 hour services, and if they were taken out and refused to say they were sorry, or kept crying (which indicated that they were feeling sorry for themselves and not for God ), they were spanked repeatedly… I was instructed to spank my daughter on her bare bottom until it was beet red. I didn’t feel right about this, but I thought I had to obey.

        "Children were told to obey their authorities, which also meant that older children were other children’s authorities. For example, it was not unusual to hear a child of 4 complain that a child of 2 wasn’t obeying her authority; or a child of 10 would be spanked for not obeying the authority of an 11-year-old."

An article in the Evening Chronicle (UK)

"I really feel sorry for modern mums because there's so much they are made to feel guilty about. I always felt a little uncomfortable about smacking in public but being a mother is an extremely difficult job.

"The one thing I have been is utterly consistent. If one of my children was whingeing I'd simply say: `Stop that or I will have to smack you'. That way it is clear that it's the behaviour that is being punished. But once you've made the threat, you must follow it through. I actually found that the threat alone was usually enough.

"The smack doesn't have to be violent - it's more the indignity of being smacked that affects children."

Unlike the Turnbulls, Jane never felt a smidgen of guilt after smacking and neither did she always leave it as a last resort.

"The thing about smacking is it's over in seconds. A time out in the child's bedroom takes half an hour. Then when they accept they have been wrong, of course, we'd have the cuddle, the closeness.


By Suzy Gibson, The Leicester (U.K.) Mercury
July 31, 2004

A man with an uncontrollable fetish for spanking has been jailed after a court heard his passion led him to indecently assault two young girls.

Juan Raphael Suau, befriended the children, aged eight and 10, close to the home he shared with his daughter in north west Leicestershire in April last year.

Convincing the girls' parents that he was harmless, Suau began taking them along when he walked his dog, Leicester Crown Court heard.

After bribing them with sweets, he would play a game of chase with the pair, putting them across his knee and smacking their bottoms when he caught them, said Simon Eckersley, prosecuting.

Suau's actions came to light when a social worker visited one of his victim's parents and was alerted to the 57-year-old.

Police were called when one of the girls admitted that Suau often put her across his knee and he sometimes took down her and her friend's trousers and underwear.

Suau, who later moved to Edward Street, Nuneaton, was arrested in March this year and admitted to police that he smacked the girls' bottoms.

He denied taking their clothes off and said he did not believe his actions were indecent, claiming it was part of the game they played. He later pleaded guilty to four charges of indecent assault.

Mr Eckersley then revealed to the court that Suau has been jailed on two previous occasions, in 1975 and 1996, for smacking young girls' bottoms.

John Lloyd Jones, defending, said Suau's offending stemmed from a passion for spanking, rather than a lust for children.

He said: "The defendant gains stimulation from spanking and smacking, and that is what he did on all these occasions. It was not his aim to do anything more with these children."

Mr Lloyd-Jones told the court that Suau's fetish for spanking began at school, when he watched a female classmate being punished.

Barbara Bush Spanks Son - Ushers in New Era of Peace

    HOUSTON - With the war in Iraq well under way, the unthinkable occurred. Last Sunday President Bush stopped all hostilities, recalled US troops from the Persian Gulf, and in a tearful address to the nation promised to “start behaving nicely toward others.” His words were met with worldwide acclaim as nation after nation welcomed his change of heart.

    The radical shift in US policy occurred during a secret meeting of the president's war cabinet at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. In what must have seemed a flashback for the President, his mother and father arrived unannounced and put a quick end to goings-on. Kitchen staff reported that when Barbara and George H.W. Bush entered the ranch's recreation room, they saw Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice on all fours, breathing heavily as they positioned model oil wells, refineries, and pipelines on a huge Iraq-shaped rug. Colin Powell was in a corner with a young staffer, grunting and sweating, as he prepared to woo recalcitrant European powers with diplomatic moves that included a series of choke-holds, half nelsons, and left-right combinations. What allegedly shocked Barbara most, though, was seeing her son and Donald Rumsfeld at the big table, little “nuclear reactor” aluminum tubes in hand, laughing uncontrollably as they rummaged through white powder sand dunes that were littered with toy planes, tanks, and blind-folded civilians wearing “media” badges. When she discovered that they were drawing up a plan for gassing US troops and blaming it on Saddam so that they could launch a full-out nuclear attack on Iraq, Barbara Bush snapped.

    The first mother and erstwhile first lady reportedly stormed up to her son, threw him over her lap, and gave him a solid spanking. “This has gone too far! Just too far!” she repeated. After a good two minutes, she put the President down and sternly admonished him: “I have tried to raise you an honest, decent, responsible boy, but you've been lying and lying and lying for the past two years. Now I find you here with your 'friends,' planning more lies, and launching a nuclear war as if it was just a game!!” George Sr. tried intervening: “But honey…” “You be silent George!” snapped Mrs. Bush. “I've also had enough of your 'boys will be boys'! That won't cut it this time!” The ex-president's wife looked back at her whimpering President son: “You will do the right thing now. You will go out there and apologize to the whole world!!” 

Senator's bill would outlaw spanking children

OTTAWA - Parents who routinely spank their children could soon be slapped with charges of assault under legislation to be unveiled today.

The bill, to be tabled in the Senate by Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette, would remove the defence currently contained in Section 43 of the Criminal Code for parents and educators who resort to corporal punishment as a corrective measure. Without that defence, they could be open to charges of assault for striking children in their care -- particularly if it occurs often or is severe.

"It's not a means of education, it is a means of coercion that in certain cases causes irreparable damage that we can't tolerate in an evolved society that cares about the welfare of children," Ms. Hervieux-Payette said.

Ms. Hervieux-Payette -- who oversaw an overhaul of the Youth Offenders Act to put more emphasis on rehabilitation when she was a federal Cabinet minister in the 1980s -- admits she is not the first parliamentarian to tackle the controversial question. There have been six private members' bills tabled by MPs and one by a senator.

However, Ms. Hervieux-Payette is convinced she will succeed where others have failed -- in large part because Prime Minister Paul Martin's government has a minority.

"In a period of minority government you are less at the mercy of the government and more capable of going to all the political parties to get support because there is more power in the hands of parliamentarians in a minority government."

The European Union has also recently adopted legislation protecting children from corporal punishment, she added. 

 Prince Andrew speaks out against spanking

As part of a campaign against child abuse, the British Prince Andrew has said that he does not believe in spanking children. On a morning news programme on Friday, Prince Andrew said that he has never spanked his own children, 12-year-old Beatrice and 10-year-old Eugenie. Instead, he and their mother, Sarah Ferguson, use non-physical forms of punishment.

Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth surprised the nation when he said that he had once been smacked by a teacher at his prep school. But, his parents have never hit him.

Unspanked princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice
with their parents

How Armenian Parents Threaten Their Child With A Hand Spanking

Transliteration: "Hink akhporig dam?"
Translation: "Shall I give five brothers?"
Meaning: "Do you want a spanking?"


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