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What's  New?

May 17, 2005..Twenty new Drawings Gallery #86.  As always, be patient if you get a message saying the page is temporarily down.  Geocities, prorates our bandwidth on an hourly basis and does this when too many people have been downloading images at once.  If you get the screen saying the page is temporarily down, come back later and try again.  The newest and/or most popular galleries experience this the most.

May 10, 2005..New link to a television news article about child spanking.    (Thanks M!)

April 28, 2005..One new joke on the Handprints Spanking Humor Page #5.

April 20,  2005..Thirteen new Toma.images in Drawings Gallery #85.

April 19,  2005. Two new links to downloadable short films with juvenile spanking content, from the USA's Library of Congress of all places: "Maude's Naughty Little Brother" (M/m 1900) and, Buster's Dog to the Rescue" (F/m 1904).
                       Twenty new Drawings Gallery #84.

March 15,  2005..Spent the day sprucing up the Stories section and fixing some bad links I didn't realize were there.  "If Tom Hadn't Been Noble" has two new images by Lawrence, here and here.
                      Ten new Fairphylis Drawings Gallery #83.
                      One new Riku

March 12, 2005..New link to a voy discussion forum: Childhood Spanking Memories.
                       Twenty new Drawings Gallery #82.

February 6, 2005..New link on the Links Page, to "Lil' Red Bottom's Spanking Site" which is a juvenile spanking art page just starting out.  Playtown Bingo and My Hobby have changed their web addresses.

December 4, 2004..New link to an article about a bill to outlaw spanking, with a photo.

           Question for Handprints readers:  If a man gives his mother or father a spanking, would the red spot on their buns afterwards be considered a 'son burn?'

December 3, 2004..A bare bottom spanking photo from the 1930's in a spankos' yahoo profile here. View at your own risk.

December 1, 2004..New link.  Barbara Bush Spanks Son - Ushers in New Era of Peace, with photo...

                                Also, here is a Spanking Memories Message Board which is still open.

November 26, 2004..One more new Toma image here.

November 20, 2004..Three new Little Iodine Comics Gallery #3.
                            Two new Assorted Panty-warmings Comics Gallery #7.
                Eleven new Toma images in Drawings Gallery #80.
                Nine new Rikuimages in Drawings Gallery #81.

November 19, 2004..Here's a link to an art contest with cash prizes, open to child artists aged 6-12.  The topic is "How corporal punishment (paddling, whooping, spanking by an adult) makes kids feel."
        New link on the links page to a pro-spanking page entitled Spanking In Love which advocates giving "forty minutes or more" long spankings on the bare buttocks with a wooden spoon to a child for "an attitude of defiance and rebellion."   (A child whose parents spank for forty minutes at a stretch has a good reason to want to rebel!).

October 9,  2004..New link, to: I WAS SPANKED: MEMORIES OF SPANKINGS.

October 1, 2004..New link to an Ottawa Sun article on spanking.  This picture originally appeared on the front page: 

September 27,  2004..A bad link on the Security Page has been fixed.  The link to download the free trial version of the BCWipe file-shredding program is here.

September  5,  2004..New link to An Annotated Bibliography of Spanking Scenes in Novels.

September  4,  2004..New link to Glory Bee Comics, the home of "America's Naughtiest Girl," created by Midnight, an exciting new spanking artist.  Glory Bee is Midnight's public domain comic strip character and everyone is invited to create art and stories featuring her.  She gets spanked 2-3 times a week, which works out to once per strip in comic book time...

September  3, 2004..New link to a discussion forum, More Memories of Childhood Punishment.

August 30, 2004..Flatt.introduced a new gallery on his site entitled La Maitresse featuring a good F/m spanking sequence.

August 16, 2004..Three new Underground Artist animations in Drawings Gallery #75.
        Two new Toma Drawings Gallery #80.

August 5, 2004..Twenty new images in Drawings Gallery #78.
        Twenty new images in Drawings Gallery #79.
        Six new Toma images in Drawings Gallery #80.

July 31, 2004..Thirty new Riku Drawings Gallery #76.
        Fifteen new An images in Drawings Gallery #77.

July 30, 2004.. Three new Underground Artist animated images in Drawings Gallery #75.
July 29, 2004..New link, to an article in a British newspaper about "smacking," complete with F/f otk photo! 

July 24,  2004..All the Comics Galleries should be accessible again.

July 17,  2004..Eleven new Underground Artist animated images in Drawings Gallery #75.

                        The Handprints Security Page has been updated with an exchange between Mr. KD and HandPrince.

July 6, 2004,,Three new * ^ o ^ * images in Drawings Gallery #9Four new Jay Em images in Drawings Gallery #69Two new Toma images in Drawings Gallery #70.

July 5, 2004..Twenty new images in Drawings Gallery #74.

            The new Handprints Security Page makes its debue.

July 4,  2004..Twenty new images in Drawings Gallery #73.

May 28,  2004..One new link: An Unintended Consequence of Spanking by Jenn, who was spanked twice a week as a little girl with a wooden spoon by her stepmother  and a belt by her father, and then found herself fantasizing about spanking her classmates at school.

May 25,  2004..Two new links.  The first is Girls Behaving Badly which reports on a recent poll done in Singapore which found that a majority thought Singaporan girls less well behaved than in the past and believed caning was the solution.  The second is a piece by Susan who writes, "When a female's buttocks are struck, blood rushes to the vulva. There is a sexual component to something that is supposed to be about 'discipline' and making the child 'mind.' I wish those parents who spank would become aware of the sexual-abuse aspect of it." She adds, "The way that my body reacted to the spankings was to tense up. The upper part of my legs and my buttock area became very hard -- frozen. Through the years I dissociated from the sexual part of my body, and was out of touch with my body in general. The profound physical effects of spanking as well as the sexual humiliation aspect of it impacted my body's ability to orgasm."

April 30,  2004..Today is National Spankout Day!

                        Do you have the Home Page bookmarked for your return visits to Handprints?  If you do, you are making the Barb image load every time you visit the site.  You can help decrease bandwidth use by bookmarking the page you are on now, What's New, and henceforth coming here for your return visits instead.  Not only can you get to the Comics, Drawings, Stories,and Links pages from here (see top of the screen) just as well as from the Home Page, What's New also lets you know what you haven't seen since your last visit.  The Home Page is intended for newcomers, with Barb's image making a "striking" first impression and setting the tone for their journey through the site. Handprints. veterans can simply come directly here and save bandwidth for everyone.  The more bandwidth we save, the less frequently Geocities. shuts us down.

April 23,  2004..One new link, A Letter From A Spanko.

April 22,  2004..Two new links on the antispanking section of the Links Page: Spanking as Sexualized Abuse and The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children.  Both warn that spankings in childhood, especially bare bottom spankings, can have lifelong sexual effects.  Indeed, some such children may even grow up to surf the web for hours at a time as adults, in search of juvenile spanking images.  (Imagine that!).

April 18,  2004..Three new links on the Links Page: The Economics of Spanking , Canada Tries To Sort Out the Good Spankings from the Bad and a tutorial for foster parents entitled Discipline and Punishment which explains why these two words don't mean the same thing.

                            In the first chapter of Lewis Caroll's children's classic, Through The Looking Glass, Alice is prattling to her pet kitten: "That's three faults, Kitty, and you've not been punished for any of them yet.  You know I'm saving up all your punishments for Wednesday week -- Suppose they had saved up all MY punishments!" she went on, talking more to herself than the kitten.  "What WOULD they do at the end of a year?"

                        What would they do indeed?  The culture of Great Britain in 1862 was not noted for leniency in matters of child discipline. Would one of you spanking artists like to have a go at depicting the tableau of all Alice's punishments being carried out at once at the end of a year?  Punishers could include Alice's mother, her nanny, her governess, and her music instructor, not to mention the Red Queen, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Humpty Dumpty, the Mock Turtle, the Jabberwocky, the Walrus, the Carpenter, and perhaps Lewis Caroll himself (who would 'spank' her ever so gently... anything for an excuse to lift her skirts).

April 13, 2004..The Links Page has been updated with the correct link for the Maman site.
April 12, 2004..One new link on the Links Page, to a very brief Australian article entitled Smacking Children

April  5, 2004..Two new links on the Links Page, Spanking Discussion Board and Spanking Young Children.

April  3, 2004..March was a record month for Handprints, with over 21,000 hits!

                        A bad link has been fixed so a  recent Toma image is now accessible (bandwidth shutdowns permitting).

March  22, 2004..Twenty new images in..Drawings Gallery #72.

March  19, 2004..3mfd, has a couple of cute juvenile bare bottom spanking flash animations here and here.

March  18, 2004..Twenty Seven new Ron Wilson.images in Drawings Gallery #16.

March  17, 2004..Four new Toma.images in Drawings Gallery #70.

March  16, 2004..Four new jokes on the Handprints Spanking Humor Page #5.

March  15, 2004j..One new link on the Links Page to an ultra-strict parenting site called Child Rearing.

March  9, 2004..Two new links on the Links Page.   The first is to the Love Spanks site.  Don't miss the cute Flash animations here and here.  (You'll need to right-click on them and then click on "Play" to administer the spankings).  The second is to Speak - OR SPANK, a Christian-orienteeed homepage by a man who can see it from both sides.

March  8, 2004..One new Taira Kibato. image in Drawings Gallery #1.

March  7, 2004..   In the movie "Uptown Gir|s,"  Brittany Murphy plays Molly,  nanny to 8 year old Ray, played by child starlet extraordinaire, Dakota F@nning.  A surprise spanking reference in one scene: Molly is on the phone regaling her boyfriend's answering machine with how well she is handling her new nanny job: "I 'm like, Miss Proletariat now!  Mop the floor...  spank the brat... pick up the paycheck on Friday!"

    This came as a surprise because no hint of spankings exists in the relationship between these two characters.  (Indeed, Ray is surely fiction's most unspankable little girl since Pippi Longstocking).  Nevertheless, this morning I awoke from dreaming a scene with Ray in her plaid skirted school uniform getting snatched up and put over Molly's knee to teach her that Miss Proletariat is boss. 

    Such a scene would have been all wrong for the movie but it certainly was perfect for a dream!  (Would any of you artists like to give one this a shot?)

    Were it physically possible, though, it would have been much more in-character for 8 year old Ray to toss grown-up Molly across Ray's little lap for a good tanning!  In one scene in Ray's room Molly has turned the radio on loud to a station Ray hates and won't change the station.   Then Molly playfully spins the protesting Ray around, and then loses control and falls backwards into Ray's shelves, causing Ray's carefully arranged toys to come raining down on the floor and sending Ray sprawling.  Ray gives Molly a withering look and snaps "grow up!" before exiting the room. Oooooh if looks could spank... big Molly would have been over little Ray's knee in a flash!

March  6, 2004..Restored link, to Kids Who Spank  --  where make-believe children dish out the discipline to naughty imaginary grown ups!

March  5, 2004..Twenty new images in..Drawings Gallery #71.

February  27, 2004.Visits to the What's New and Drawings pages have doubled since last week's overhaul, an indication that the site is shutting down less often due to exceeded bandwidth usage.  Hits on the Gateway page, indicative of people discovering Handprintsfor the first time, have nearly quadrupled!   Did you grow up wondering if you were "the only person in the world who is this way?"  There are thousands of us out there!

        One. brand spanking new.Toma.image in Drawings Gallery #70.

February  23, 2004.New link: In Memory of George Jackson Churchward, put up by Spankart, Ricky and others, has five large galleries of George Jackson Churchward's work.  This is probably the most complete collection of Churchward spanking art currently on the web.  Anyone with backround information about this artist and his life, please contact Spankart or me.  His real first name was "Martin" and his last name began with a "P."  But even though his memorable images of */f spanking scenes have been downloaded and treasured by thousands,  little is known about him. 

                                Original poem, The Night Before Christmas, debuted here on the What's New page this past Christmas.  It has now been moved to its own page along with a brand spanking new image by Hector Pit.

                                To help decrease bandwidth use, the What's New page now shows only announcements from the past year or so.  The older announcements, dating back to the creation of Handprints in 1999, are now on the What's Old page just in case anyone wants to read them again for some reason.  There is nothing new there so to conserve bandwidth please don't click on that link in the previous sentence unless you really do have an historical interest in past Handprints announcements.  By removing the first few years of announcements to another page, the amount of bandwidth used up whenever someone lands on the What's New page has now been decreased by more than half.  This alone will not prevent us from exceeding the Geocities bandwidth usage limitations leading to those annoying temporary shutdowns, but every little bit helps!

February  21, 2004.Anyone who has heard any juvenile spanking related jokes not already found on the Handprints Spanking Humor Pages.1,2, 3, or 4, please send them in!

                                Due to an unknown technical problem at Geocities.two weeks ago, 16 galleries vanished.  These galleries have been laboriously reloaded file by file and are now accessible again: Drawings Gallery #'s 14, 19 ,20, 21, 22, 25, 27, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, and 36.

        Handprints has just  completed a behind-the-scenes overhaul which will not change its appearance but which ought to make the What's New. page, the Drawings Galleries page and the Links page, not shut down quite so often due to Geocities' bandwidth limits.  As a result of this overhaul, if you have Drawings Galleries #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,11, 12, 15, 17, 38, or 40 directly bookmarked, you will need to go to the Drawings Gallery and click on their links from there to update your bookmarks.  Otherwise, everything will look just like before and you don't need to do anything except surf and enjoy.  Let's see if this works and if the site stays up more of the time now!

                                Ah yes.... Four new.links on the Links Page.  The first is just called Punishment, with some classic old 'human figure in motion' photos dating back to the infancy of moving pictures. The second is Flatt's site, "Housewives in Charge," which includes a couple of F/m galleries here and here.  The third is DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: THE BOOK - Corporal Punishment of Children and Adults.  The fourth is a brief essay entitled "Our God is an Infinite God" which advocates spankings as bonding experiences between parent and child.  (It certainly did not work this way for me as a child. If you desire greater closeness with your real-life children there are better ways to achieve this than by whacking them on their buttocks until they are screaming with pain).

February  17, 2004..Nine new Jay Em images in Drawings Gallery #69.

                                 Two new Mr. KD images in Drawings Gallery #8.

          Eighteen new.Toma.images in Drawings Gallery #70.

          Three new.Ann.images in Drawings Gallery #41.

February 10,  2004..Four new links on the Links Page, Cross Chan's Gallery of Punishment, Spank2Tears'.Spanking Stories Page, Bostnbob's Spanking in the Cinema, and Lawrence Kinden's Corporal Fiction.

January 19, 2004 Click here for an old b&w photo of a woman giving a little girl a panties-down spanking. (This time it should work).

                              One new link on the Links Page to Friends Reunited - CP.

            Fans of Ron Wilson who haven't already done so will want to check out his Yahoo Group.

Miami man who beat girl with belt faces charges, lawsuit
 Miami Herald Tribune 12/29/2003
 The Associated Press

 MIAMI {AP} A man arrested after hitting a 13-year-old girl with his belt for what he
 called "out of control" behavior at his mini-mart faces criminal charges and a

 Lonnie Grigsby, 52, was arrested Dec. 12 on charges of misdemeanor battery
 and false imprisonment, a felony, for allegedly ordering another customer to
 lock the shop's door and then beating the girl.

 Out on $6,500 bail, Grigsby denies the door was locked, but acknowledges he
 gave the girl, whose identity has not been released, a "good whupping."

 "She's beyond sassy; she's out of control," said Grigsby, who said he hit the
 girl after she called him a number of expletives and threw two coins at his
 head. "I bet her parents never gave her a whupping. She needed it."

 Grigsby said his parents never spared him the belt and that using his belt on
 his eight children kept them out of trouble.

December 25, 2003..

 Hark! the herald angels swing,
Straps for our Christmas spanking!

Give to every naughty child,
Punishment that's none too mild.

Now it's time for skirts to rise,
Redden bums and upper thighs;

To such lovely bums lay claim,
With your canes take careful aim.

Hark! the herald angels swing,
Paddles that leave a mighty sting.
        -By Steffie

   Boycott SpankingDigest/spankmemories!

                Over a year ago, I discovered that the area of SpankingDigest was using one of my stories, "Aimee's First Spanking,"  to entice people to subscribe to their pay website, along with at least two others in the members-only area. I contacted them and asked that they either take the stories down, or else include a link to Handprints, where all these stories are, of course, available to the net public free of charge. For the past year, SpankingDigest has been giving me the runaround, and using one delay tactic after another. I am fed up. The story is still on their sitenot only with no link to here, but with no author name given, and with all the copyright information ("[c] Handprince, 2001") removed.

                At one point, "Sassy Jane" gave me a free membership to their site as compensation for using my stories. I accepted, and agreed they could use my stories, but always with the understanding that each story provide a clickable link to my site. "Sassy" agreed and said she would get around to it but a year later and numerous emails later the runaround turned out to be just that. "Sassy" offered me a cut of their profits if I let them use my stories, but I said no. I don't write stories for profit. I write them to give away, as gifts to the spanko community and as a contribution to our little corner of human culture. I welcome other websites featuring my stories, as long as they link to Handprints from the story. It is this simple, reasonable request which SpankingDigest finds impossible to comply with after over a year of delay tactics.

                As I discovered during my membership period, at least 80% of the juvenile female spanking images on their site came directly off of Handprints. I think "Sassy" is afraid that if a single link to Handprints appears anywhere on hers, her readers who subscribe to see images like that will realize that they can simply come over here free of charge and download all they want. Then how would "Sassy" and make any money?  I think that is also why they removed my name from the stories, because they are afraid their members might do a web search on "Handprince" and discover the totally free, no membership required, Handprints site.

                In addition to the story above, there are currently at least two other stories of mine on their site which are also copyrighted material. One is entitled "Suzie Gets A Spanking," and the other is "If Tom Hadn't Been Noble."

                I urge everyone to boycott SpankingDigest if you aren't already doing so. They are a rip-off. They use other people's copyrighted material to line their own pockets. They don't update their page nearly as often as they keep claiming they are about to do very, very soon, but they keep billing their members' credit cards every month like clockwork.

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