The History of the Gordon Highlanders
History of the Gordon Highlanders

The Chicago-Milwaukee Booster Club

In April of 1972, 17 Gordon Setter owners in the Chicago and Milwaukee area met to begin to organize a Gordon Setter booster club under the auspices of the Gordon Setter Club of America. The initial goal was to gain parent club approval to hold a specialty show.

Using the name Chicago-Milwaukee Booster Club, charter members drew up a set of by-laws, sought members from the surrounding area, and held their first booster show with the Waukesha KC in Wisconsin on July 30, 1972. In 1973 the club adopted a new name, the Gordon Highlanders, and the club was incorporated in the state of Illinois on June 16, 1974.

The Gordon Highlanders

While members may have come and gone as is the way in the dog world, the Highlander's today still enjoy the membership of a few of those original members. And, over 20 years later the Highlanders maintain a healthy membership who continue to follow the goals and objectives set forth by those early members in the Highlander Constitution and By-Laws.

As our calendar of events will show, our plans for '96 include fun matches, Hunting tests, and supported entries for breed and obedience as well as our 21st annual Great Lakes Specialty. Quarterly meetings are usually held in a member's home where we like to gather around a hefty pot-luck lunch to start things off.

Moving ever forward in our efforts to advance the breed, the Gordon Highlanders look forward to the many years and projects to come and welcome with warm and friendly gestures those new members willing to join us in those efforts.

Gordon Highlanders Rescue Program

While the membership is concerned with the well-being of all dogs, it knows it can't save all who are unwanted, abandoned or abused. It feels it can be of help with the overall problem by taking care of it's own, the Gordon Setter. When it is learned that a Gordon Setter is in need of help and a home, the Rescue Committee takes action. Dogs rescued are given a veterinary exam, immunized and in some cases given treatment. The dog is evaluated in regard to it's adoptability. Prospective adoptive homes are carefully investigated and Gordons paired with homes that will be compatible.

The rescued dogs are neither sold or given away. Support the program comes in several ways. The person giving up the dog is expected to contribute towards the care and placement of the dog. The person adopting the dog is asked to help offset some of the expenses that were accrued in the rescue of their new dog. The Highlanders conduct Fund-raisers to build it's rescue fund.

If you would like to give a Gordon Setter a home or know of a Gordon in need please contact the Gordon Highlander Rescue Committee. If you would like more information about the breed or the program, a Committee member will be happy to talk to you.

Club Contacts

June Ellen Jones(IL)
Rescue Chairman
Kathy Hubbard(IL)
Rescue Committee
Sally Puhalla(IL)
Club Secretary
Craig Mills(IN)
Membership Chairman


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