Welcome to my Registry Page. Make sure that you check to see if anyone is looking for you!! And if you haven't already, be sure to add yourself to my registry!

gina - 11/22/00 21:36:42
My Email:nelson_gina@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 09/22/68
Adoptees DOB: 9/22/68
Adoptees name at birth: baby b or c?
Hospital: University Hospitals
Doctor: Robert H. Osborn
City/County/State: Iowa City,Johnson,Iowa
I know at time of adoption she worked at Nelson's Co. as a checker which was in Mason City,Ia.

Jennifer - 11/09/00 05:31:34
My Email:Jens74@gateway.net
Adoptees DOB: 8/10/61
Adoptees name at birth: Bruce Ashley Moore?
City/County/State: Tarrytown, NY
I am looking for my half-brother. My mother was in a maternity home in Tarrytown NY I don't know the hospital or city where you would have been born. Please make contact if you are looking.

Charlie - 11/09/00 05:28:57
My Email:charlooch2@yahoo.com
Adoptees DOB: 11/15/66
Adoptees name at birth: male Richmond?
Hospital: Brooklyn Hospital
City/County/State: Brooklyn, NY
Birth Weight: 8lbs 2 oz

Diana Allen - 11/03/00 23:32:22
My Email:nanadiana@webtv.net
Your DOB: 12-1-51
Adoptees DOB: 6-14-50
Adoptees name at birth: Barbara Louise Anderson
Hospital: Ashland Sammaritian
Doctor: Dr.Clem
City/County/State: Ashland/Ashland/Ohio
Birth Weight: unknown
There were 7 siblings in family. Shirley-Jack Jr.-Sheryl-Barbara-Diana-Linda-Steven. Barbara has blonde hair and blue eyes and a terrible scare on her wrist from a fall on a glass milk bottle when she was younger.

Diana Allen - 11/03/00 23:31:23
My Email:nanadiana@webtv.net
Your DOB: 12-1-51
Adoptees DOB: 6-14-50
Adoptees name at birth: Barbara Louise Anderson
Hospital: Ashland Sammaritian
Doctor: Dr.Clem
City/County/State: Ashland/Ashland/Ohio
Birth Weight: unknown
There were 7 siblings in family. Shirley-Jack Jr.-Sheryl-Barbara-Diana-Linda-Steven. Barbara has blonde hair and blue eyes and a terrible scare on her wrist from a fall on a glass milk bottle when she was younger.

Ronda Williamson - 10/30/00 06:31:56
My Email:ronda@hcslink
Your DOB: 03/01/70
Adoptees DOB: 04/15/71
Adoptees name at birth: Tracy Williamson
Hospital: Ball memorial
City/County/State: muncie/delaware co/In
Tracy is the name i was told but not sure. Mothers name at time of birth was Williamson. There are 2 older sibblings one male and one female. The day of birth may or maynot be correct. The year is correct. Father is decieced as of 02/27/00. This is ll info i know.

Tammy Mckinley - 09/08/00 07:08:49
My Email:tammylovesavon@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 12/23/58
Adoptees name at birth: Tamara Watts
Hospital: Columbia Hospital
Doctor: Vernon E. Fowler
City/County/State: Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon
I would like any help or advise, I just got this info, from my preadoption record. Oregon just opened them. Thank you, Tammy :)

Geri Therens - 07/11/00 19:47:36
My Email:ucgerri@aol.com
Your DOB: 1/7/61
Adoptees DOB: 7/13/82
Adoptees name at birth: John Michael Therens
Hospital: OSU

Rick Schofield - 07/09/00 14:03:20
My Email:nova111@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 9-3-1964
Adoptees DOB: 9-3-1964
Adoptees name at birth: Baby Boy Wood
Hospital: Genessee
City/County/State: Rochester NY Monroe Co.
Birth Weight: 3573 gram's
i was born at 1:36 Am and my bmom was due on the 9-17-1964 but gave birth to me two weeks early,she was 20 years old and i was her third child. My Bmom was an unregistered staff patient at the hospital. I would love to have any contact with any of my birth family if that is what they want as well,really need to know about medical history as well,i have a daughter born with rare hereditary uncureable eye diesease call Duane Syndrom and she has a grey hair birthmark about the size of a quarter that i was told was hedrediatry as well. I love you mom I hope to find you soon.

Rose - 07/05/00 17:37:35
My Email:RoseChaplain@cs.com
Your DOB: 12/22/65
Adoptees DOB: 12/22/65
Adoptees name at birth: ? Jessica L. Santiago ?
Hospital: Children's Hospital
Doctor: Dr. Douglas
City/County/State: San Francisco, CA

John Kyle Miller - 05/13/00 18:24:29
My Email:jkm67227@aol.com
Your DOB: 2/27/67
Adoptees DOB: 2/27/67
Adoptees name at birth: Lee
Hospital: Lenox Hill Hospital
City/County/State: Manhattan, NY
Birth Weight: 2 lbs. 11ozs.
I was born two months premature, and my twin brother died on March 1 ,1967. Both of my birth parents were in college. She was 19, and he was 21. They met at work in a department store. My birth mother's father was a doctor. My birth parents wanted to get arried, but were pursauded not to. My birth mother did not want to give me up, but the death of my twin brother made her change her mind.

Lisa Jones - 05/11/00 01:22:01
My Email:Quetepa2tie@aol.com
Adoptees DOB: 02/21/1977
Adoptees name at birth: Baby Girl
Hospital: Prince William Hospital
Doctor: Dr. Seitz
City/County/State: Manassas Prince William County Virginia
Birth Weight: 5 lbs 8 ozs

Joanne popowick - 04/26/00 18:08:12
My Email:peepers11706@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 6/7/67
Adoptees DOB: 6/7/67
Adoptees name at birth: joanne
Hospital: Rossevelt Hospital, NY
Doctor: unknown
City/County/State: New York, NY
Birth Weight: 5lbs 6oz
I was born out of triples, my sister and i were adopted but my other sister i was told died at birth, i feel shes alive since no death certificates appeared for june of 67, she will be 33, My mother abdonned us when we were born, my father i was told was reek and he left the usa when my mom got preganet, she was also married to an irish man at that time, i do not know to much on the bparenst but would like to find my sister, please email me if you think you maybe related, thank you

Lauren Caprio - 04/24/00 04:49:15
My Email:smiley_lolo@yahoo.com
Adoptees DOB: January 27, 1982
City/County/State: IL
Birth Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz
Both bmom and bdad had a little college ed...she like physical therapy...he like groundkeeping

Barbara Dawne Johnston - 04/22/00 07:55:22
My Email:dawnejohnston@sprint.ca
Your DOB: Oct. 9/47
Adoptees DOB: June 22/65
Adoptees name at birth: Juanita Vera Leigh-Anne Hagen
Hospital: Misercordia
Doctor: n/a
City/County/State: Edmonton,Alta. Canada
Birth Weight: 7lbs.7ozs

cristal ramirez - 04/16/00 10:08:44
My Email:meowzah@juno.com
Your DOB: 3-31-70
Adoptees DOB: 3-31-70
Hospital: riverview
City/County/State: SantaAna/Ca/orange co.
i was the seventh child born and all had same mother and father(only one adopted out)

MELISSA - 04/10/00 07:52:17
My Email:mtravous@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 10/14/67
Adoptees DOB: 10/14/67

Jeff - 04/05/00 20:08:06
My Email:hodney5@peoplepc.com
Adoptees DOB: 01/20/67
Adoptees name at birth: Baby Boy Locke
Hospital: Multnomah County Hospital
Doctor: Dr. William L. Benson
City/County/State: Portland, OR
Birth Weight: 6lbs. 12oz. 19" long
Please if you are my birthfamily I won't intrude just have to have a few medical questions answered and have can be done discretely if necessary. I am beginning to think they made up my last name. Cann't find a Sheila Nadine Locke anywhere even with searc ers help!!!!!!!!!!

katherine - 04/04/00 13:27:37
My Email:katherine.gayle@bsun.com
Your DOB: january 9, 1971
Adoptees DOB: january 9, 1971
Adoptees name at birth: katherine
City/County/State: Biddeford, ME
Birth parents were teenagers at date of birth

pam - 03/27/00 16:22:33
My Email:harlingengirl@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 11/05/55
Adoptees DOB: 11/050/55
Hospital: valley baptist
City/County/State: harlingen/cameron/texas
Birth Weight: 5 lbs. ?oz
birth and adoptive fathers stationed at harlingen air force base in 1955. birth and adoptive parents knew each other. birth mother may have moved to brownsville shortly after birth or adoption.

Patty Hale sterling north - 03/11/00 01:45:19
My Email:bhgunbruce@netscape.net
Your DOB: 1954
Adoptees DOB: 11 /04 /70
Adoptees name at birth: Kathleen Hale
Hospital: west covina community
City/County/State: west covina Ca
Kathleen dob 11 04 70 I am searching fou you. you were adopted 12 03 70 west covina Ca.I am your mother patty. thank you.

treva starr - 03/11/00 01:00:59
My Email:peepers11706@yaoo.com
Your DOB: 1/11/80
Adoptees DOB: 1/.11/80
Adoptees name at birth: treva starr
Hospital: C;leveland Metro Hospital
Doctor: unknown
City/County/State: Cleveland Ohio
Birth Weight: unknown
My friend Joanne is helping me search for my Birth mother, her name is Diane Starr, I was born with kids all together, Theres ME Treva, Scott, Danielle, robert, Kenneth. we were all adopted by diffrent families and have diffrent fathers, Except two of us me and Robert, If there is any imfo that can help our search, please contact joanne.

Serena - 02/15/00 16:37:22
My Email:franser@nponline.net
Your DOB: nov 17,1975
Adoptees DOB: June 19,1969
Adoptees name at birth: Danny Joe Fletcher
Hospital: Sterling Hospital
City/County/State: Sterling,CO Logan County
Earl is very sick and needs to see Danny before anything happens. Also Danny was in Akron,CO in 1977-1978 in a foster home with a nurse. We are willing to meet as a family friend, since Danny may be slow.

Victoria Nash - 02/01/00 07:55:23
My Email:nuggetsnash@msn.com
Your DOB: 2-26-54
Adoptees DOB: 6-1-70
Adoptees name at birth: Jennifer Lynn Tyacke
Hospital: Milwaukee County Hospital
City/County/State: Milwaukee/Milwaukee/Wisconsin
Bmom was still married to Tyacke,Marvin.However,Bfathers name is Theodure Hazelberg.He is now deceased.

Muffin Long - 01/23/00 14:12:58
My Email:mlong@onlineconnect.com
Your DOB: 8-23-63
Adoptees DOB: 8-23-63
Adoptees name at birth: unknown
Hospital: Sherman Hospital
City/County/State: ELgin, IL
While at the cradle, my nurse called me Burna.

anthony meacham - 01/14/00 13:46:14
My Email:mj912300@stmail.staffs.ac.uk.
Your DOB: 06/11/69
Adoptees name at birth: Jason Grimes
Hospital: Wolverhamptons Womens hospital
Birth Weight: 6lb7oz
1972 Bmom married a Graham Matthews, from Coven Wolverhampton, he was in the British Army. Bmoms last known address was 19 Limetree Gardens, Billbrook , Wolverhampton, England. Bmoms Parents apparently now live in Perton Wolverhampton, England

Theresa Poirier-Despres - 01/13/00 17:07:36
My Email:terrydespres@hotmail.com
Adoptees DOB: 12-14-64
Adoptees name at birth: Jacqlyn (was told)
Hospital: Burbank Hospital,Fitchburg, MA
Doctor: Dr.Donald M. Stewart (informant
City/County/State: Fitchburg,MA USA
Birth Mom had me at 13 years of age. My Birth Father was married with children, and my Birth Mom was his & his wife`s babysitter. I was adopted at about 3 months of age. I now reside in New-Brunswick, Canada.

Grace Adley - 01/08/00 15:55:37
My Email:richelle35@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 01/22/1964
City/County/State: New HavenCT

Marlene Ryan - 01/07/00 00:14:40
My Email:MeeMaw752@aol.com
Greetings to everyone, What a wonderful experience this has been. I am thrilled to be a part of a history making undertaking. I had no idea of the impact we could make in such a short period of time. Reading everyone's stories has filled me with hope that one day soon we may turn things around and grant all adoptees what is rightfully theirs. We have hit the Internet in unbelievable numbers with this list but we need more! The larger our numbers, the louder our voices will be. I am receiving messages and inquiries from all over the country and even outside the country and typing replies as fast as my stubby little fingers will go but we need to get the message out to more Triad members. I suggest that each of you start checking with any registry, support group that you know of or belong to, or any contact in your favorite places or bookmarked to see if they are aware of our movement. Let's not leave any stone unturned. If you go to a listing where our message hasn't been posted, then please post to them and tell them what we are doing. We have to let the WORLD know that we as birthmothers, birthgrandparents, birthsiblings, birthcousins, birthaunts and uncles, whatever our relationship in the Triad, aren't going to stand for the injustice any longer! I would also like to know how you feel about adding a list or petition for nontriad members who would want to support the cause. I myself know a lot of people who haven't been touched by adoption but do support the adult adoptees right to know their medical history and heritage. If anyone has any ideas on anything else that we do to get the word out please let me know and I'll be glad to help in any way that I can. As the song says, "We are the world. We are the children." And "We are the Triad"! Peggy Pack Birthmother searching PPack86197@aol.com Marlene - searching for two sisters Anna, born 7-24-67 Perry, FL and Audrey, born 7-24-69, Marianna, FL adopted by the Mobley Family in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Also searching for Allison's birthfamily born 4-24-67 - Tampa General, adopted thru Children's Home Society, St. Petersburg. Join http://www.onelist.com/boycottabctv - 515 members - Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandie Lee Bunnell - 01/02/00 20:51:40
My Email:nangautama@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 03/02/1963
Adoptees DOB: 01/03/1978
Adoptees name at birth: Angela Lee Johanson
Hospital: Riverton GeneralHospital
City/County/State: Kent/King/Washington
Birth Weight: 7Lb.10 oz.

Donna - 12/28/99 01:20:36
My Email:donnaribblett@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 1960
Adoptees DOB: 9/7/77
Adoptees name at birth: Matthew dean Rumbley
Hospital: Bartholomew county, columbus,in
Doctor: Dr. Yahanke
City/County/State: Columbus, Indiana
Birth Weight: 9lbs 16 ozs

Debra Lynn - 12/13/99 07:30:39
My Email:aintbhavn@juno.com
Your DOB: 2-26-60
Adoptees name at birth: Debra Lynn
Hospital: Multomah
Doctor: J. Derbin
City/County/State: Portland, Oregon
adopted around the age of 3 (?)

jackie Alexander - 12/09/99 14:38:41
My URL:http://buscar.Friendpages.com
My Email:jalexa7515@cs.com
Your DOB: 6-6-46
Adoptees DOB: January 19, 1966
City/County/State: Macon, Georgia
Birth Weight: 6lbs +? ounces
January 19, 1966, in Georgia, I gave birth to a daughter I am searching for her. I put the name Kathy on her birth certificate. I lived in Macon, Georgia at the time. She was born in Savannah. If you are an adoptee and this is your birth date please c ntact me.

Bonnie Lou - 12/08/99 23:36:15
My Email:mgrist@stny.lrun.com
Your DOB: 3/20/56
Adoptees DOB: 4/6/51
Adoptees name at birth: michael arduini
Hospital: corning
City/County/State: corning new york
searching for 3 siblings all born in corning new york michael 4/6/51 frederick john 7/18/53 and virginia 1/5/55

Holli - 11/08/99 05:11:44
My Email:thtaylor@txucom.net
Adoptees DOB: 8-18-1970
Adoptees name at birth: twin, baby girls
Hospital: St.Luke's Hosp.
City/County/State: K.C., Kansas, Jackson Cnty
Twins, fraternal, one born blonde one born brunette, both female

Loujean Stauffer Miller - 11/02/99 00:47:20
My URL:http://maxpages.com/jeannie
My Email:jeannie@fnbnet.net
Your DOB: May 31, 1958
Adoptees DOB: Same as above
Adoptees name at birth: Baby girl ?
Hospital: Volunteers of America
Doctor: A.B. Pumphrey
City/County/State: Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX
Read my web page for more details

Joan - 10/21/99 00:22:47
My URL:http://www.steeldog.com
My Email:steviedoll@goplay.com
Your DOB: 1967, JUNE 10
Adoptees DOB: 1967, JUNE 10
Hospital: Huntsville
City/County/State: Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama
Birth parents from MASS. Birth mother delievered in Alabama.

Jennie Park - 10/10/99 19:43:23
My Email:birdie@eclipse.net
Your DOB: 04/30/70
Adoptees DOB: 04/30/70
Adoptees name at birth: baby girl Pieper
City/County/State: Cook County, Illinois
Bmom was oldest of 3 sisters. Bfather was oldest of 4 brothers (one set of twins)

- 09/22/99 10:08:42

Susanna - 09/10/99 01:17:57
My Email:CAMeredith1973@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 03-01-1973
Adoptees DOB: 03-01-1973
Adoptees name at birth: Colleen Meredith
Hospital: Bingham Memorial Hospital
Doctor: J. Darrell Thueson
City/County/State: Blackfoot,ID Bingham Co.
I and my brother are searching for our birth father David Meredith. It's been a long time and we would love to have the opportunity to know him. Thank you

Brenda Doughty - 08/10/99 20:45:40
My Email:imbenbe@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 5-28-1963
Adoptees DOB: 5-28-1963
Adoptees name at birth: Jo Carol or Alice Shahan?
Hospital: Rest Cottage Hospital
Doctor: SJ Pedigo
City/County/State: Pilot Point/Denton/Texas
Birth Weight: 6lbs, 13.5oz
Will settle for medical info but am open to some sort of relationship. Am not wishing to intrude, but there are some missing pieces and i would like to know if I have any siblings out there! Thank you for any information!

Lora Condon - 08/03/99 06:09:49
My Email:LCondon@pacbell.net
Your DOB: 3/13/54
Adoptees DOB: 1/23/76
Adoptees name at birth: Baby Boy torgesen, or, Torgessen
City/County/State: Tucson AZ
Birth Weight: 8 LB. 8 OZ.

Cindy Lou - 08/01/99 02:06:48
My URL:http://sites.netscape.net/cinloumerrick/adoption
My Email:cinlou@cstel.net
Your DOB: 09/09/61
Adoptees DOB: 12/10/80 & 11/13/81
Adoptees name at birth: James Franklin Kautz & Caralyn Leigh Kautz
Hospital: Norfolk General & Miami Valley
City/County/State: Norfolk,VA & Dayton,OH USA
ISO my 2 oldest children. I've been reunitied with my 15 yr old who is the sibling of these 2. They also have 3 half-siblings from my 2nd marriage. I really would enjoy having my son & daughter contact me! I love you!

Thomas Kidd - 07/30/99 04:00:27
My Email:sandi327@yahoo.com
Your DOB: May 19, 1968
Adoptees DOB: May 19, 1968
City/County/State: Charleston,South Carolina
Hi,my name is Sandi Im trying to help a very good friend find his birth mother.Both of his adopted parents have passed on.And he would very much like to find her.

Connie Danner - 07/29/99 04:52:56
My Email:cjd51@webtv.net
Your DOB: July 28, 1947
Adoptees DOB: July 28, 1947
Adoptees name at birth: Vivian E. Nusz
City/County/State: Maryland
There are no records of my adoption in the Frederick County Court House. But i'm hoping someone will see this and i can finally bring my search to an end.

Lincz - 07/26/99 00:15:32
My Email:linbry@earthlink.com
Your DOB: 9/3/72
Adoptees DOB: same
Hospital: St Joseph
City/County/State: Ann Arbor, Washtinaw, MI
Birth Weight: 6lbs 13oz

- 07/07/99 02:47:09
My Email:Holding_Hope@yahoo.com
Adoptees DOB: July 22, 1968
Adoptees name at birth: 1st name Philip or Steven
City/County/State: Rochester, NY Monroe County

Ginger Thompson - 07/02/99 20:55:59
My Email:ginger.thompson@camcare.com
Your DOB: 01/15/66 (January 15, 1966)
Adoptees DOB: 01/15/66 (January 15, 1966)
Adoptees name at birth: unknown
Hospital: Gassaway Memorial Hospital
Doctor: George Hoylman, MD
City/County/State: Gassaway, WV
Looking for medical info; contact not necessary if not desired

Sheila powell - 06/27/99 17:07:38
My Email:sheilapowell@ivillage.com
Your DOB: 04/02/1964
Adoptees DOB: 04/02/1964
Hospital: Piedmont, grady or Northside
City/County/State: atlanta, georgia
Birth Weight: 5 lbs
birthmother was a waitress in atlanta.her parents had a farm in georgia. she was unmarried and had 1 child before me.her father had red hair.

Amy Chapman - 06/22/99 14:36:04
My Email:Chapmana10@aol.com
Your DOB: 11/10/48
Adoptees DOB: 11/10/48
Adoptees name at birth: Baby Girl Smith
Hospital: Poplar Bluff Hospital
Doctor: Dr. Henrickson
City/County/State: Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri

Carol Wagner - 06/22/99 14:33:09
My Email:Carw@btigate.com
Your DOB: 2/15/72
Adoptees DOB: 2/15/72
City/County/State: Fargo, Cass Country, North Dakota
Birth Weight: 5lbs 8oz

Kahne Lindsey - 06/10/99 18:04:56
My URL:http://www.arkansas.net
My Email:just4kk@yahoo.com
Your DOB: June 17, 1963
Adoptees DOB: June 17, 1963
Adoptees name at birth: Pamela Renee Reader
Hospital: Shumpert
City/County/State: Shreveport LA (Boosier Parrish)
I know that my birthmother was 16 years old and in high school, when she had me. My b.father was 21. Her family were farmers in the area. Her father had some kidney problems.

Laura Nathan - 06/09/99 12:46:40
My Email:1LBelle@excite.com
Your DOB: 01/16/1967
Adoptees DOB: 01/16/1967
Adoptees name at birth: Baby McMahan
Hospital: Mt. Carmel
City/County/State: Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Father was Divorced at time of birth

- 06/09/99 04:51:54
My Email:jdwood@intop.net
Your DOB: 12/05/45
Adoptees DOB: 01/18/64
Adoptees name at birth: Dana Marie Price
Hospital: W. A. Foote Memorial Hospital
Doctor: unknown
City/County/State: Jackson, Michigan
Birth Weight: unknown

Holly Wilson - 06/03/99 02:12:03
My Email:crazi88@aol.com
Your DOB: 9-21-68
Adoptees DOB: 9-21-68
Adoptees name at birth: Tammy
Hospital: The Willows
Doctor: L.M. Garner MD
City/County/State: Kansas City, Missouri
I was told that my bmom was young and that she lived in Colorado before coming here to have me. I was told that my bfather never knew she was pregnant.

Derek Wray - 04/25/99 12:19:01
My Email:taz7468@aol.com
Your DOB: 12-21-69
Adoptees DOB: 12-21-69
Adoptees name at birth: unknown (if any)
Hospital: Bethesda Naval
City/County/State: Bethesda, Maryland
Birth Weight: about 9 lbs
My bmom stayed in a maternity home in the area while pregnant, then supposedly moved to FL with her family after the birth. My bdad may have entered the service after high school, his father was already in Vietnam. Both my birthparents were about 17.

Christina's Adoption Page - 04/12/99 18:04:31
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Lake/3174
My Email:Lewis_04496@yahoo.com
Adoptees DOB: 1979??
Adoptees name at birth: Baby Girl LEWIS
City/County/State: Maine/Florida
Please visit my page. I have a lot of adoptees and birthfamily in search. Thanx and Best of Luck to us all....

Barbra Ussery - 03/24/99 16:58:40
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Area51/Nova/4428/
My Email:LynxAtPlay@aol.com
Your DOB: 10/27/67
Adoptees DOB: Barbra Ann Heller
Adoptees name at birth: ??
Hospital: ??
Doctor: Highlands, West Point, Orange Co. N.Y.
City/County/State: ??
Adoptees Birthdate : 10-27-67 Adoptees Place Of Birth : West Point, New York, Town of Highlands Adoptees Name At Birth : Barbara Ann Heller Adoptees Race or Nationality : Caucasian,jewish Asoptees County Of Birth: Orange Adoptees Hair Color : black Adoptees Eye Color : blue Your Name : Barbara Ussery Your E-Mail Address : LynxAtplay@aol.com I Am An Adoptee Who Is Looking For BirthParent(s) BirthMothers Info... BirthMother's Name At Birth : ? Heller I am only interested at this point in establishing a medical history. I have 3 girls and a baby on the way,and I would like to know of any family medical history that would have bearing on the health of myself and my children.

Mary Ann Caddell-Scroggins - 03/22/99 23:52:37
My Email:lscroggins@seidata.com
Your DOB: 09-06-55
Adoptees DOB: 09-06-55
Adoptees name at birth: baby girl garear
Hospital: born at home
Doctor: Eldine L, Kenniker
City/County/State: Chicago, IL-Cook County
Birth Weight: about 6lbs, 6 ozs
Also adopted was my brother born, 09-05-54. We were adopted to the same family. We just want to tell our b-parents that they gave us a wonderful life, and we want them to be part of our life. We also know that I was the 7th child born, and we have brothe & sisters. God Bless everyone in there search.

Jeff Humpert - 03/22/99 01:15:25
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Hollow/1515
My Email:jhump00@hsonline.net
Your DOB: 9-5-70
Adoptees DOB: 7-23-66
Adoptees name at birth: Possibly John Worth
Hospital: Indianapolis General Hospital
Doctor: Dr. John Melon
City/County/State: Indianapolis Indiana, Marion County
Birth Weight: 7 lb 3 1/2 oz
I am assisting my brother locate his Bmom or Bdad and I am the contact for him...His DOB is July,23 1966 he was born at Indianapolis General Hospital and delivered by Dr. John Melon.. He was born at 8:40 AM and weighed 7 Lb 3 1/2 Oz.. he was adopted throu h Marion County Circuit Court in Indianapolis Indiana and was arranged through Suemma Coleman Adoption Agency.. Possible Info is that Bmom was possibly 16 years of age at the time and Bdad was possibly 19 and possibly from Florida. he has a birth mark n his left shoulder and possibly was named John Worth. not sure if the worth was a last name or middle name..any information or possible matches may be directed to me and I will pass the info to him... Thank you

Sherry Benjamin - 03/21/99 20:32:32
My URL:http://none
My Email:sherry102@webtv.net
Your DOB: 6/27/60
Adoptees DOB: 10/24/79
Adoptees name at birth: Jamie D'Ann Holt
Hospital: Jefferson Davis
Doctor: N/A
City/County/State: Houston,Texas
Birth Weight: 6lbs 12oz
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you! And pray that God will keep you safe and protected! You now have a baby sister, Erika Denise Benjamin, She was born just two days before your 18th birthday. I LOVE YOU!! Your Birth Mom Sherry If anyone can help me PLEASE!!! E-MAIL ME!!!! thank you!

Brad Humpert - 03/12/99 00:43:14
My Email:jhump00@hsonline.net
Your DOB: 7-23-66
Adoptees DOB: 7-23-66
Adoptees name at birth: Possibly John Worth
Hospital: Indianapolis General Hospital
Doctor: Dr. John Melon
City/County/State: Indianapolis,In. Marion
Birth Weight: 7 Lb 3 1/2 Oz
I am assisting my brother locate his Bmom or Bdad and I am the contact for him...His DOB is July,23 1966 he was born at Indianapolis General Hospital and delivered by Dr. John Melon.. He was born at 8:40 AM and weighed 7 Lb 3 1/2 Oz.. he was adopted through Marion County Circuit Court in Indianapolis Indiana and was arranged through Suemma Coleman Adoption Agency.. Possible Info is that Bmom was possibly 16 years of age at the time and Bdad was possibly 19 and possibly from Florida. he has a birth mark on his left shoulder and possibly was named John Worth. not sure if the worth was a last name or middle name..any information or possible matches may be directed to me and I will pass the info to him... Thank you

Linda Woodfin - 03/04/99 23:10:14
My URL:http://ld.net/?lw0803
My Email:mssmokey@netscape.net
Your DOB: 11/09/61
Adoptees DOB: 10/03/80
Adoptees name at birth: Tammy Lynn Balazs
Hospital: Mercy
Doctor: Loefelm
City/County/State: Buffalo,Erie,New York
Birth Weight: 6lbs.1oz.
Hi I am Looking for my daughter who was adopted against my will through HRS in McAlester, Oklahoma.All of the records have been changed,even where she was born.How in God's name do I find her if every thing has been changed???

Desiree - 02/28/99 00:07:46
My Email:panaeinapc@aol.com
Your DOB: 03/27/73
Adoptees DOB: 04/15/71
Adoptees name at birth: Baby girl Glennon
City/County/State: Bergen County, NJ
Birth Weight: @ 8lbs.
I am searching for my older sister...I have already found our mother. Please find me..I'd love to have you in my life.

Christopher Joseph Cessa - 02/12/99 16:52:50
My Email:ccessa@aol.com
Your DOB: OCTOBER 2, 1968
Adoptees DOB: OCTOBER 2, 1968
Adoptees name at birth: unknown
Hospital: unknown
Doctor: unknown
City/County/State: Denver, Colorado?
Birth Weight: unknown
I was told that one grandparent was allergice to feathers and the other a physician. My B-parents might have been college students. The adoption was finalized in Jefferson County.

Elizabeth Ann Leiter - 02/12/99 00:25:14
My Email:twistedkite@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 06/09/77
Adoptees DOB: 06/09/77
City/County/State: Dauphin County, PA
Birth Weight: 6 lb. 10.5 ozs.
My parents were 26 and married at the time of my birth. my father is blind in one eye because of glaucoma since age 5. i have three older brothers. if any of this is familiar to you, please email me. thanks and good luck to all the other searchers, liz

Lori - 02/07/99 02:46:06
My Email:fergie@iland.net
Your DOB: 5/2/67
Adoptees DOB: 5/2/67
Adoptees name at birth: unknown
Hospital: University Hospital
Doctor: G. Robinson, M.D.
City/County/State: Columbia, Missouri
Birth Weight: unknown
Adoption was filed in Lafayette County, Missouri. I am searching for birthmother or any other birthfamily.

Bonnie Hughes - 02/06/99 18:42:28
My Email:bonnhues@yknet.yk.ca
Your DOB: 02/17/51
Adoptees DOB: 04/08/70
Adoptees name at birth: Christa Lei Hughes
Hospital: Francis A. Bell memorial
Doctor: James F. Tobin Jr.
City/County/State: Ishpeming,Marquette,Michigan
Birth Weight: 8lbs. 31/2 oz.
My age at Christa’s birth: 19 I lived in Marquette, Michigan. Graduated high school in 1969 in Marquette. I have an older brother as well as a younger brother and 2 younger sisters. My mother was a stay at home mom and my father worked for the railroad in Marquette. Time of Christa's birth:11:45 AM. Christa left the hospital on April 13, 1970. Relinquishing judge: Michael F. DeFant in Marquette County. Place of adoption:Chippewa County Probate Court, Judge Jack Church. Social workers: Jean Whitman & Raymond Teske. Age of adoption: approx. 18 months old. In 2 foster homes: 1 week in the first foster mother got sick - 1 week with the other foster care placement. A-parents: Amother-German and Scottish, A-father-Irish, French & Indian, A-father in the military possibly Air Force (Kincheloe AF base), Baptist, in their 30’s, A-mother waitress with a grade 8 education, My daughter was their first child. 19 3/4" in length, head was 13 1/2 ", chest 13 "light brown hair and fair complexion, a normal healthy baby. You have a brother and sister who have always known about you and want you in their lives. I have a place in my heart for you and love you Christa. I will respect your boundaries and wishes. Luv, Bonnie E-mail: bonnhues@yknet.yk.ca URL: http://home.talkcity.com/ConnectionPt/yukonbon/.

Gayla D. Shreve - 02/06/99 01:54:20
My Email:gayla@ispchannel.com
Your DOB: 12/31/60
Adoptees DOB: 8/1/79
Adoptees name at birth: Babygirl Shreve
Hospital: Atchison Hospital
Doctor: Wayne O. Wallace Jr.
City/County/State: Atchison, Kansas
Birth Weight: 5lbs 1oz.
needing to know shes ok. Hoping her dreams have come true, and thats shes had a wonderful life. I would like to mend my heart and possibly hers too.

Karen L. Croucher-McNutt - 01/31/99 07:19:29
My Email:Trixi10331@aol.com
Your DOB: 12-31-62
Adoptees DOB: 11-05-81
Adoptees name at birth: Brian Croucher
Hospital: Denver,CO
City/County/State: Denver County
Birth Weight: 8/10
Searching for my son to let him know I here for him. I think about him everyday. I miss him terribly. Just wanted to make sure he is happy,well-loved,that he has a little sister who is anxiously curious to meet her older brother.

Melanie Haviland - 01/28/99 18:31:12
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Fields/9298/Colebaby.html
My Email:melrob@banet.net
Your DOB: 11-9-54
Adoptees DOB: 11-9-54
Hospital: Suarez Clinic
Doctor: Cole/Suarez
City/County/State: Miami,Fl.
"Cole baby" ISO birth family. Need medical history. Please see our registry for other Cole babies searching and links to other black market adoption sites and registries.

Erin Dunbar - 01/27/99 21:42:42
My Email:countryluvn@email.msn.com
Your DOB: 4-9-70
Adoptees DOB: 4-9-70
Adoptees name at birth: Yvonne Jacobson
Hospital: Riverside General Hospital
City/County/State: Riverside,Ca.
Birth Weight: 6#5oz.
My mother was 23 at the time of my birth, Catholic. My father was 22 and a senior in college majoring in mathetics.

Barbara Henderson - 01/26/99 05:31:10
My Email:bhenderson@verio.net
Your DOB: 1-26-65
Adoptees DOB: same
Hospital: St Josephs
City/County/State: Denver, CO
Birth Weight: 6#9?oz
bmom was 34 at time of adoptees birth, she was a jewelry sales manager and had five older children.

Corinne Patrice Dillon - 01/24/99 02:12:22
My Email:WufMayden@aol.com
Your DOB: 10/13/70
Adoptees DOB: 10/13/70
Doctor: I. T. wason
City/County/State: Cleveland Cuyahoga OH
Birth Weight: 6 pounds 6 ounces
I was born with strawberry blond hair and brown eyes

Priscilla - 01/23/99 16:43:26
My Email:rallen7@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 12-7-45
Adoptees DOB: 4-8-63
Adoptees name at birth: Richard Allen Kardonsky
Hospital: Staten Island Hospital
City/County/State: Staten Island, Richmond County, New York
You've always been in my heart and I would love to have you in my life. If you want to know me or only want information, please make contact. I want to know that you're ok.

Priscilla - 01/23/99 16:43:25
My Email:rallen7@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 12-7-45
Adoptees DOB: 4-8-63
Adoptees name at birth: Richard Allen Kardonsky
Hospital: Staten Island Hospital
City/County/State: Staten Island, Richmond County, New York
You've always been in my heart and I would love to have you in my life. If you want to know me or only want information, please make contact. I want to know that you're ok.

Tammie - 01/23/99 07:18:59
My Email:jwallis@iwaay.net
Your DOB: 11-12-61
Adoptees DOB: Same
Adoptees name at birth: unknown
Hospital: St.Joesph
Doctor: Jackson
City/County/State: Hot Springs,Ar.
Birth Weight: 7-7
Thanks for your page! It gives me hope to hear stories like yours. I want to find my b-mom. I was told she was from Little Rock, and came to Hot Springs to have me. Thanks For any help!

Stacey Sweetwood-Mitchell - 01/23/99 00:54:42
My Email:Tonystac@aol.com
Your DOB: 6/8/66
Adoptees DOB: 1/23/81
Adoptees name at birth: Unknown-Baby sweetwood
Hospital: Community Hospital East
Doctor: Dr. Ralph T. Streeter
City/County/State: Indianapolis/Marion/Indiana
Birth Weight: 8 pds. 3oz.
adoptive mother was also a patient of Dr. Ralph T. Streeter, the adoption was private handled by their attorney, paperwork is a bit unclear, but appears to be a Mr. Butler. Ped. was a Dr. James Cromer.

Charlie Pardieck - 01/15/99 20:55:40
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Woods/8365/
My Email:amiga43@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 4/25/75
Adoptees DOB: 4/25/75
Adoptees name at birth: Leslie Sue King
Hospital: Unknown
Doctor: Unknown
City/County/State: Hollywood, FL
hi great page. Thanks for sharing the letter from you bdad, it gave me goose bumps. I wish I could get something like that. You are very lucky. Best wishes, Charlie

Kathleen L. Merck - 01/12/99 06:08:59
My URL:http://maxpages.com/clownface
My Email:ClownFace@allcity.net
Your DOB: May 27, 1955
Adoptees DOB: November 18,1994
Adoptees name at birth: Anthony James Dawson
Hospital: OHSU
Doctor: Dr. Jacobson
City/County/State: Portland, OR Multhnomah
Birth Weight: 8lb 6 oz
I am the biological grandmother on the mother's side. My grandson and son are 7 months and 1 day apart (my son being the oldest). I was there for my grandson as he was being delivered into this world and I was the one that cut his umbilical cord, I also was the first one to hold him and comfort him because my daughter had a long labor. Due to circumstances beyond my control SCOF removed my grandson from my custody about 18 days before his second birthday. There had been so many promises to me that I would eventualy get him back because I was the Grandmother. I feel as if there was a conspiracy against me (SCOF did everything in there power to show me unfit). They could never make anything stand. My daughter made poor decisions in her parenting after my grandson turned 1 year old and then that is when she began doing things that warrented SCOF to step in. The truth has never been told as to WHY I cannot have my Grandson! So, now I live everyday praying and hoping that "One Day" Anthony will be able to cross that Bridge back to me and Say "I Love You" Grandma for all the Love that you have shown me. For I had to Let Go and Let God do his Mighty Work. It still hurts, and it is So Painful just to think of him and knowing that someone else is taking care of him. I have my opinion in regards to all of this but I have learned to keep silent for the Day will come that he and I shall meet again and Our Love that we once had for each other as grandma and grandson will be sparked and nothing will ever be able to separa e us. Thank you for being here for those of us that need to share our deepest hurts about our lost loved ones. God Bless You!!

Larry Hildreth - 01/06/99 05:47:30
My Email:pilgrim1963@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 4-13-63
Adoptees DOB: same as above
City/County/State: Knoxville or Oak Ridge TN
I'm sorry I don't have a lot of information to give but I just don't know. I'm just starting my search and don't really know where to start.Please help me. Thanks alot

Frankie - 12/31/98 02:17:43
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Woods/2858
My Email:frankies@eznet.net
City/County/State: Pa
Great page

Swishy McJackass - 12/20/98 08:39:45
My URL:http://www.premier1.net/~rdd56319/Ranma
My Email:echo_mirage@disinfo.net
Your DOB: 1-1-01
Adoptees DOB: 1-1-21
Adoptees name at birth: Skanky McJackass
Hospital: Happy Lands Asylum
Doctor: Jack Kevorkian
City/County/State: Detroit/Ooga/Michigan
Birth Weight: 400 lbs
I'm looking for my long lost son. But also, I'm looking for my socks. I've run out again. Why is that no matter how many millions of socks I buy I never seem to have enough. They just disappear. I mean honestly, you'd think someone was coming here, s ealing the damn things, and then selling them off. Oh well... for me sox are like sex; tons of it about and I never seem to get any.

Peggy Knecht - 12/02/98 03:29:09
My Email:tpknecht@3rivers.net
Kaylene, I am a friend of your mother, Kathie. She gave me this address so that I could see your pictures and also so I could e-mail you which I have not gotten done as of yet as this is the first attempt that we have found your page all other attempts ha e failed. I don't know who was more excited that you had found Kathie, her or myself. If you have any questions that I can try to answer for you please send me an e-mail or call me at 406-562-3837. I know alot about her and the rest of the family. Peg Knecht

Teresa McDowell-Noa - 11/27/98 18:14:52
My Email:Libra_101966@yahoo.com
Your DOB: 10-19-66
Adoptees DOB: 10-19-66
Adoptees name at birth: Marie Paule Dorcas Lee
Hospital: Burlington Memorial
Doctor: Dr. McElwayne
City/County/State: Burlington, IA
Birth Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz
I am looking for as much information that is available - I do not want to cause havoc or disruption in anyone's life. I would like to know my ethnic and medical background - as my first priority. I am pregnant and am due in 25 days and would like an ide tity for my son. Again - if my parents would like to speak to me I am here - but if they do not want to be involved in my life or be bothered - any information that can be emailed to me is greatly accepted!

Tonya Hiatt - 11/25/98 13:42:04
My Email:miko@ronan.com
Your DOB: 1/20/84
Hospital: community
Doctor: Dr.Wallce
City/County/State: Charlo/Mt
Birth Weight: 6.4pounds
I have one brother that is younger then me.

simon lee - 11/24/98 21:32:52
My Email:locator55@hotmail.com
Your DOB: 4/8/55
Adoptees DOB: 4/8/55
Adoptees name at birth: salvador guasp martinez
Hospital: unknown
Doctor: uk
City/County/State: san juan puerto rico
I need all the help I can get. I have 12 brothers and sisters to find as well.

Patricia Polk - 11/24/98 15:03:38
My Email:chriser@flashnet.com
Your DOB: OCTOBER 29, 1966
Adoptees DOB: OCTOBER 29, 1966
Adoptees name at birth: UNKNOWN
Hospital: UNKNOWN
City/County/State: MIAMI, DADE, FLORIDA
Birth Weight: 8 POUNDS 10 OUNCES

Carleen Helen Lawson - 11/23/98 00:01:51
My Email:mlawson@crosslink.net
Your DOB: 03-21-77
Adoptees DOB: 03-21-77
Adoptees name at birth: Courtney Leigh Buck
Hospital: Stoughton, MASS ????
City/County/State: Stoughton, MA
Birth Weight: 7lbs, 3ounces
Birthmother was 17 yrs old, Birthfather was 18 yrs old at my birth. As of 1985, she has two boys ages 4 and 5 (then). She is/was a teacher, He a bricklayer. I have a birth aunt Karen!!!

Arjay A. Alkire - 11/21/98 19:35:17
My URL:http://www.alltel.net/~wahooranch
My Email:wahooranch@yahoo.com
Your DOB: Dec. 21, 1963
Adoptees DOB: between 78-82 (long story)
Adoptees name at birth: n/a
Hospital: Good Samariton
Doctor: N/A
City/County/State: West Palm Beach Fla.
Birth Weight: N/A
My story is a VERY long one, I can share my site, and you are invite to: http://www.alltel.net/~wahooranch I'd like to say, that I agree with the positive comments in the message board about Kaylean, she is truly great. My daughter's bio-mom grew up in west palm beach in a town called: Wellington. The adoptive parents from my understanding, lived in either: Boca Raton or Boyton. But Somewhere(to broaden) in south Fla, in the Pal Beach County area. I have hazel eyes, ark hair. The mother has blonde hair, and the most precious brown eyes. I wrote a book for her, and ALL in the adoption community. I wanted to leave something behind for my daughter in case we do not meet in our lifetime, I want her to know that her bio-f ther has not walked off & forgotten her, she IS dear to my heart. I am building wahooranch for my daughter, if I do learn who she is, I will leave it to her for when I die.

Paula - 11/20/98 18:49:37
Congradulations!!!!! My heart goes out to you and your mother... I hope you have a wonderful and new relationship with her.....

Michelle S. Hills - 11/05/98 16:44:21
My URL:http://onmacon.com/wvg/wvg3.htm
My Email:wildvirgogirl@onmacon.com
Your DOB: 08.30.68
Adoptees DOB: 08.30.68
Adoptees name at birth: N/A
Hospital: Saint Luke Hospital, 2632 East Washington Blvd., Pasadena, CA
Doctor: Physician's CA License # A-09411 Dr. Richard D. Pettit (sp?)
City/County/State: Pasadena/Los Angeles/CA
Birth Weight: Unknown ~ born at 6:32 a.m. PST
The complete details of my adoption (all I have to go on thus far) are located at http://onmacon.com/wvg/wvg3.htm Thank you for your assistance and good luck with your search! Elle

paula - 10/31/98 20:28:43
My Email:paulajean22@worldnet.att.net
Adoptees name at birth: lyndsey
You wonder does b.parents look for their children, the answer is yes, to most i believe. my child is 13, and has no way to find me because of laws, cant register in most reunion reg., but i hope one day i will see her again...as she gets older, she stays on my mind, wondering if she'd like to know me.

Kaylean Huntsman - 10/30/98 05:51:04
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/heartland/1916/
My Email:khuntsman@hotmail.com
Your DOB: April 10, 1980
Adoptees name at birth: Kaylean Jean
Hospital: Gallup Indian Medical Center
Doctor: Gunderson/Wright
City/County/State: ChurchRock, New Mexico
Birth Weight: 3lbs. 6 oz.
I was born in New Mexico, but I was adopted in Montana. My bmom was also adopted when she was 8. So her last name is kinda iffy. I have a half brother that was adopted with me too. He was born on 8-17-81. I don't have any informationon his father, other t an his name might be Ray. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!!!

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