The Lawrence Family
The Graduates
Dad is about as proud as he  
could be.  My Son Troy 24,  
graduated from Concord  
College on May 16, 1998  
with a Bachleors Degree in   
Commercial Art.  My Son  
Cody 6, graduated from   
Mercer Elementary School 
Kindergarten Class  
on May 29, 1998. 

Meet my family:

The Lady of the Cabin!

My wife of 28 years. We have two sons, Troy 24 and 

Cody 6. She helps keep the fire going and sees to it  

that I clean up my woodchips when I carve in the kitchen.

My Two Sons!
This photo was taken of Troy in the
Winter of 97/98.  Troy is 6' 5" tall.
Cody in the Great Smokey Mountains 
National Park in the Summer of "1996".

This is Cody. He is my youngest son at 4 years old. Cody was born on February 1, 1992. He is a joy to have around and I thank God every day for blessing us with this little boy.  

Cody's full name is William Cody Lawrence. His first name is after his Great Granpa who's name was William Oscoe Keys. Codys Great Grandpa Keys lived to be 100 years old.  

This picture was taken deep in a West Virginia Cave. Cody really had fun that day. You can't see it but he had a flashlight in his right hand.

Like Father like Son. This picture was taken after a hard day at the computer. Cody has several games that he likes to play. His favorites are Lode Runner and Battle Chess. Believe it or not, Cody is a worthy opponent at chess. 

Cody has a special knife that I keep in my woodcarving tool box. He uses it to carve with. It's special because it's a real woodcarving knife that I have rounded the point off of simular to that of a popsicle stick and held the edge to the grinder to make it just about as sharp as the back or non cutting edge. He uses it to carve soap, a good way to get started carving.


This is Rambo our dog.  He is a 
registered Black Labrador Retreiver. 
He's so black, he's a little hard to 
Photograph.  Maybe you can see him 
here looking in over the deck on back 
of the Cabin.  He's a great dog! He 
loves to play and chews up everything.


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