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complete with listings of various cemeteries in the Upper Cumberland Valley (Dale Hollow area)and census abstracts for Cumberland County, courtesy of Sandi Gorin.

or check out my page dedicated to two of the most admired men in my life and get to know a little bit about Marion Lowry Phillips and Irvin Edward Booher

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When DALE HOLLOW LAKE was formed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Lilydale (the town) ceased to exist. Families who had been there since the beginnings of this country were relocated to other areas. Family cemeteries were dug up and moved to other locations. If you are researching your family from this area of Tennessee and Kentucky, check Overton, Pickett, Clay and Fentress Counties in Tennessee and Cumberland, Clinton, Monroe and Wayne Counties in Kentucky for your relatives. You may find that they had been moved. Another important note: This area's boundaries changed so often between counties and even states that it is a good idea to check your surrounding counties for information as well. For instance, on part of Cumberland County, KY was first Green County, then Cumberland, then Overton County, TN then Cumberland again, then Monroe County, Ky then Clay County, TN. Good Luck!

To the PHILLIPSes,the Hills, the Radfords,the HOOTSes, the TAYLORs, the ANDERSONs,the MAXEYs,the CLOYDs,the TOMPKINSes,the BOWMANs, and all the others on these pages...I have some records here within these pages. Look. You just might find your history.

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