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Award Palaces
You are in The Ruby Palace
To visit the Royalty in the Emerald Palace with links to World Peace, Word Games, Original Graphics, Mid Files, Recipes, IQ Test and more
This page contains the Royal Princes and Princesses of the court. Those who helped earned their titles in my Cyber Palace.
This is my favorite Award because it is not something you ask for and the requirements have to be well merited. They had reviews for all the sites this group of people visited and they listed a site of the month. At the end of the year they gave out these awards to the top sites. I never expected to win one of their awards as every site of the month was so spectacular compared to mine. Of course all my awards are special because I do not ask for them.
This is my first Award
  Peggy Devevenoux wrote a wonderful review that captured the entire essence of this site and what I was trying to accomplish!
 I did not submit my site personally (she found me). Unfortunately they have moved and did not leave a new URL.
My second award came within a few days of the first one. This site is no longer active either.
My third award came a few days later and the site is no longer active..

My first 1999 Award is from Mr. Mom wwho has a collection of wonderful heartwarming stories. He also has some nice inspirational poetry.
Now to thank all of the People who made this possible with encouragement, proof reading, graphics, web searching, teaching, and a million other things required to create a web site. I have no awards to give them so they each get a gold bar and if they need it they get a gold button too. Well actually I am giving one award and you will have to find it somewhere on this page. I'll bet you can't guess who got it?
If there is a gold button please click on it to visit their sites!
Jeanne Juneau….with her wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement who was always willing to proof read.
"One of the most important people and best help in making this site possible."
Wayne's Place
Wayne Leman who is my cousin and confidant. He and I started creating web pages on the same day but Wayne learned html much faster and is constantly helping. He is the companion site to my site. He also has a Cheyenne Language site and did the initial design for the Ninilchik site.
Ninilchik Village Site
He gets three gold buttons and an honorable mention but no this isn't the award.
Ed Ness for his delightful letters of support and inspiration. It's people like Ed who make everything worthwhile.
Sussa who always gives support, laughter and an honest review. She also loves my smoked salmon.
Bev the lioness who sends excitement and laughter across the web and knows just when you should take a break to come and chat. If I were giving awards this aging Lioness would get one for the friendliest person on the Internet. Take a Tour of South Africa.
If you're really lucky she will take you on as an apprentice lioness. I was an apprentice until I found out Polar Bears get sunburned.
Lost_Treasure who was willing to read and edit anything I asked while extending her love, laughter and support across the world. She has that uncany ability to know when to email the funniest things.
MsShadow who offered encouragement in the early days when she and I both knew nothing of the web. If you love Teddy Bears this is the site for you.
Hawaiianl who helped me post my index page and took my first pages, added backgrounds, shrunk gifs and generally helped a "cheechako." (What we call new comers in Alaska) get started. She has wonderful Midi's and Poetry at her site. She is a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her. Thank You so much for all the hours of enjoyment you gave to me, Hillary.
Carole who tried to teach me html. (I still have trouble getting it right). She updates her pages monthly and is actively involved in fifty plus. Always something interesting and great links.
Most of the talent and help come from this group of people who feature recipes, stories and a jillion other things each and every month. There is always someone to help and new friends to meet. (Not everyone is over fifty either many other ages find this group the best on the net so don't let the name keep you away). You can join and become involved with all sorts of projects.
Fifty Plus Friends Group
This isn't an award either but it certainly deserves one.
FoxyLady who helped me with fixing links, applets and general support. Lovely site to visit. An Award winning appealing homey site with cool links.
Tangotoo who is a great friend and a wonderful proofreader.
Gavin who is my first and oldest true friend on the web. He has lots of helpful chat tips. Talked me into ICQ, which enabled Hawaiianl to teach Ms Shadow and I about creating web pages.
Thea who is one of the most delightful persons on the web. She is always there to lend a helping hand with her delightful and candid sense of humor. You can usually find her playing bridge somewhere on the net or chatting in powwow. She turned me into a scrabble addict.
Homebody who willing read and listened when I asked.A nice comfortable site.
BBNUT who has the prettiest of pages and always updates them on a regular basis. She is always there to lend a helping hand and many folks use her pages for ideas. I know cuz a little bird told me. When I finally earned an award they gave me three. Visit Jack and Lynda's pages for cool things. Jack has a game page. Well worth the visit.
Jamie and Debbie who are very talented with applets and always willing to assist. Some lovely applets at this site and she is willing to make one for you too if you ask.
And Mimi, Kathy, and all the rest of you who gave so much encouragement!
Sir Gallant who makes such pretty pages. I always wanted one like his. Here it is Bob and you're on it. Bob has three guest books. I signed all three and now he has made me a princess of the "Realm" Sign his guest books with some humor. He loves it.

Music on many pages within my site by Harry Todd who has a vast collection of Old Time Nostalgia Music to help enhance the mood of your website. Harry's music has been a great inspiration to me while building webpages. I listen to the music of the past and memories flood through my soul. Harry has also been an inspiration through his letters and the letters of Harry's family both for my site and through the illness and death of my mother. Thanks Harry more than you will ever know. Harry has recently won an award from Yamaha for the quality of sound in his midi files.

The Most Important person and the only award I am giving is as follows.
You guessed it! It goes to my husband who never complains about my time on the net even when dinner is late, pays the bills, gives me money to update my computer and buy software. Honestly he brought an envelope to me while I was sitting at the computer. In this envelope was ten one hundred dollar bills (his entire bonus) and told me to spend in on my computer.   For Christmas in 1998  he gave me a brand new computer.  He deserves The
Five Star Award
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