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Well it is but I do have a tip for finding links that interest you. If you find a great site go to the awards page and follow those links. Often they will be on the subject and topic of the creator and may even lead you to bigger and better sites. Try it. Awards for design and graphics usually lead you to artists. I really found this to be true with the Peace Links. I have been on a tour of the world ever since I clicked on an award. If you like the site send a letter to the creator and you will usually receive the most interesting email and sometimes exchange site links. A new friend and a new topic of discussion is at your finger tips. True you might find a bummer but you can always hit the back key and try another. Another tip to increase traffic to your site: Sign all guestbooks leaving a humorous line and or a pleasant compliment about their site. Tell them in a few words what they will find at your site. Always send an email back thanking them for visiting your site. They will usually visit your site and your message will often catch the eye of a visitor at the guestbook who will follow the link to your page. Guestbook signers are often folks who spend a lot of time creating their own sites. Manners go a long way.

This page contains awards, links to brain games, tests, Peace and intellect sites, midi sites, recipe sites , excellent graphic sites and other sites.

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This was a wonderful site but unfortunately it is no longer in operation.

This was delightful site but unfortunately it is no longer in operation.

This is a new 1999 award Visit the down home Cajun site with a friendly atmosphere and maybe Don will cook for you too.

Fun Links for the Mind

 Test your IQ

Cool Tests of all types

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

Can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.

Promoting Peace and Intellect

"We appeal, as human beings to human beings;

Remember your humanity

And forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies

Open for a new paradise;

If you cannot, there lies before you the risk of

universal death"

Russell-Einstein Manifesto


Stavanger History Guide

and his page on Buddhism has a lesson for us all.

The Wolf Song is a Native American Site. I am pleased to receive their award. I recommend visiting this site for excellent content, links and design.It falls into my category of world peace through the understanding of culture.

My Friend's John and Terry Gallemore (Muleskinner and T'NT) fall into the category of promoting World Peace with touching stories of kindness and compassion for human kind. Read about the multiple acts of love these folks have contributed to children.

This is a new website and the reading is worth the visit.

Lots of Interesting Things Here

A must to visit,

 Friends On The Web

And a good site always has links to their friends and family,

Visit Trini from Trinidad with international recipes, cool batik art and other interesting things.

Trini Again with local recipes and local stuff from Trinidad

The Fite Family, my Alaskan neighbors, with a popular joke page

Midi Links

Cuz what's a site without music and credit for some of my music goes to:

Meet my friend Harry Todd who makes his own guitar music mid files. Country Western. Harry let me borrow some music for this site.

Good Graphic Pages

All of the artists below create original designs these are not collections so if you use them please link back to them.

Foxylady and Jami change the graphics often so one needs to check back on a regular basis and if you need something extra special or just plain help they might assist you as they have done throughout my pages. Best of all now I can do most things myself! Thanks Ladies.

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