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Music by Harry Todd

Betty Cooper Hester was a delightful romantic, always full of love and laughter. Betty loved life and people. She lived in Anchorage when I was young and her house was open to all Ninilchik guests. We stayed with Betty when we went to Doctors or on our way to the lower forty-eight to school. Not long before Betty died she gave me plants from her yard saying she wouldn't be in that house much longerThose plants still bloom each spring bringing memories of her big heart, keen sense of humor, zest for life and never ending romance. Betty often spoke of footprints on the moon (the first landing on the moon gave her melancholy feelings) with mirth. She said the footprints were upside down and the moon was loosing some of its romance. I hope this poem has captured some of her essence.(The background song, "My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You," brought Betty much laughter and was also tied into her jokes about the "footprints on the moon.")

The spring comes,

Gallantly, peeking through the remains of winters snow


Icons, of someone who danced away long ago

Golden Trollius and Peony, glimpsing thru frigid earth

Every year without fail, bringing memories full of mirth

She who laughed about footprints on the moon

She who loved to dance, laugh and hum merry tune

So blossoms and I share some humor

As on the past,  I open the door

She could be anywhere you know!

Perhaps singing near the rainbow?

Or maybe on the moon she’s dancing?

Could she be upon a star romancing?

Or is she there laughing, behind a cloud?

I, sometimes think the flowers are a shroud,

She gave to me with love sincere

Symbols of her life, like a mirror

Memories of Betty





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