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Kenneth (Kenny} Kvasnikoff
Photo of Kenneth Kvasnikoff playing the guitar.
The Voice
A haunting aria coming from the skies
Listen, I hear it in the gentle breeze
The touching sound mesmerizes
Carrying the hymn above the seas
The voice is coming from on high
Lucid undistorted and clear
Beyond and above the clouds sigh
Heavenly, a voice so dear
I've heard it on earth before;
"A sunbeam, A sunbeam,
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!
To shine for him each day!"
To recognize the tenor
I wield, I listen
It's calling me a sinner
tears began to glisten
In the depth of my mind
A vision , a dashing face
A guitar begins to strum
It's all falling into place
I know from where it come
He must be an angel on high
Singing in the heavenly choir!
"Shining for him each day,"
A Sunbeam,
A Sunbeam,
Jesus took him for a

Kenny had a voice like and angel and I believe he's up there

singing for God and perhaps one day for us too!

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