Cheyenne Work

In 1975 Cheyenne church leaders in Montana asked my wife and me to assist them in language work. We have been warmly welcomed to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, where we work, as well as to Cheyenne country in Oklahoma. I have been given the Cheyenne name of Kovaahe meaning Youngman, and my wife was given the name of Ame'ha'e meaning Flying Woman.

We have assisted reservation bilingual education programs in the development of curriculum and taught Cheyenne literacy to bilingual education staffs at reservation schools. Our main job has been to help translate the Bible into the Cheyenne language. We have also helped produce two dictionaries, two collections of Cheyenne texts, a reference grammar, a Cheyenne cassette language learning course, a church hymnbook, annual calendars, and other Cheyenne language material. For information about Cheyenne language materials, click here,

To see a picture of me preparing Cheyenne language materials, click here.

To learn more about the Cheyenne language, visit the Cheyenne Language Web Site, which I currently host.

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