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A number of years ago I compiled several music collections with the shareware program Pianoman. This program allowed music to be played through the internal speaker MS-DOS computers. Only one note could play at a time, but multi-part harmony could be simulated by "time-slicing" of musical notes. Today, of course, there are much more sophisticated kinds of music programs available for compiling, editing, and playing music with a wide variety of instrumentation, with music produced in formats such as MIDI, WAV, Real Audio, etc. I thought it might still be interesting for you, my visitor, to see what collections I have made and to listen to them if you wish.

The music collections are compressed with PKZip. You will need PKUnzip from PKWare or a compatible program, such as Winzip, to expand the files so that the music can be played on your computer. Look for documentation files, ususually with a filename the same as the name of the Zipped collection, and ending with the filename extension of .DOC within each collection. Hence, in EASTER.ZIP a documentation file would be EASTER.DOC. Also look for a read within each collection a file named README.1ST. Perhaps the easiest way to begin listening to a collection is by invoking (from an MS-DOS prompt line or by clicking on its name) the Batch File created for each collection to play all the music in that collection. Hence, in the EASTER.ZIP collection, this Batch file would be EASTER.BAT.

Click on the name of any collection below to download it:

Cheyenne spiritual songs (39K). (Start with Batch Files CHEYENNE.BAT or ENGLISH.BAT.)
Folk hyms (31K)
Easter hymns (48k)
Dances (29K)
Waltzes (46K)
Polkas (28K)
Popular songs (57K)

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