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Ambassadeur 2500C

The 2500C (and 1500C) is considered a very special member of the Ambassadeur family. It has established a cult followings in various parts of the world (USA, Japan, Australia etc) among ultralight lure fisherman most of which uses it for different species of freshwater Bass.  This reel is also equally accepted for use in saltwater for 8-12lb   spinning. Although more 25 years old since its first release, it is still rated by many as one of the finest ultralight baitcaster ever made.


  • Weight 260g
  • Retrieve Ratio 4.7:1
  • Ball bearing
  • Centrifugal brake
  • Capacity 0.25mm / 160m

The 2500C was in ABU's main product line from 1974/75 to 1982. This reel was discontinued possibly to make way for the "Ultra Mag" series. However, huge demands from selected market segment (Japan / Australia) brought it back into production in late 1980s. These reels were also made in different colour (Black, Burgundy, Red, Green, Gold, Chrome) for different markets at different point in time.

In 1995, as part of a standardization of its Ambassadeurs range of reels, ABU introduced the "Infinite Anti Reverse" into the 2500C and 1500C in the form of 2500CI / 1500CI and 2500C-IAR /1500C-IAR.  For the first time ever, in the 1998 edition of Mamiya Catalogue of Japan,  ABU introduce a fast cast version as well as the left hand retrieve version in the form of 1600C / 2600C and 1501C / 2501C respectively.

  • 1500C / 2500C - Standard models. (some models have infinite anti reverse).
  • 1500CI / 2500C / 1500C-IAR / 2500C-IAR - With infinite anti reverse.
  • 1501C / 2501C - Left hand models, with infinite anti reverse.
  • 1600C / 2600C - With fast cast thumbar.

2500C - 1975 (751100)

This is the twin handle version of 2500C made in 1975.

abu_2500c_751100_mib_1.jpg (16238 bytes)abu_2500c_751100_mib_2.jpg (13687 bytes)


2500C - late 1970s

abu_2500c_6.jpg (49778 bytes)


2500CI - Green

A beautiful combination of green/gold and black for this 2500CI. This reel was made primarily for the Japanese market in 1996/1997 together with one that is red in colour. Limited numbers were also released to the Australian market.

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2500C (Gold)

In an effort to capture the collectors market, ABU also release several version of "Limited Editions" 2500C like 2500 CDL or the 2500C (Gold Anodizing in presentation case) one illustrated below:

abu_2500c_1.jpg (63737 bytes)

2500C - 1998 ( Red / Green / Chrome)

This is a series of reels made for the Japanese market in 1998. The following illustration taken from the 1998 Mamiya Catalog shows several variations of these beautiful reels:

2500c1.jpg (77812 bytes)


2601C - 1998 (Japan)

The left hand and fastcast version of the 2500C and 1500C made in 1998 for the Japanese market.

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