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Biographies of the following people can be found from this page.

My grand-father Sydney Newton Folker who loved acting and was a follower of Charles Dickins. He became well known as a star in silent films which he gave up when the talkies arrived. He then followed his father into the pottery trade with Royal Crown Derby.

My great grand-father Alfred Henry Folker who led a distinguished career in the pottery trade. He represented a number of pottery companies for whom he toured the world and sold to many crowned heads.

Alfred's brother Horace Shepherd Folker established himself in working for the benefit of others. He was awarded the OBE.

My 2 x great grand-father Alfred Hanley Folker who led a varied career starting as a hosier then being an accountant, a publican and finally an auctioneer.

My 3 x great grand-father Samuel Shepherd Folker who was a carver and gilder by royal appointment and also published prints.

My 4 x great grand-father Samuel Folker who was pressed into the Royal Navy but made the best of it and moved quickly up through the ranks.

My 2 x great uncle William Henry Folker who was a surgeon and pioneering eye specialist.

My 1 x great uncle Herbert Henry Folker who was an eye specialist.

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