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This site has been created in order to display the results of research onto the Folker name, primarily in Great Britain, but connections that lead abroad are followed.

There appear to be two main branches of the family and it is hoped that a connection between them can eventually be found. Both branches of the family have strong connections with East Anglia. Besides these two branches of the family there are a number of other Folker names known but which have not yet been fitted into the family tree.

The site is maintained by Malcolm A Smith of Dorset, England. The presentation is deliberately kept straightforward but efforts have been made to make plenty of useful information available. Information is regularly being added and new additions are noted on the front page.

Malcolm's interest in the Folker family arises from family possessions which have been passed to him by his mother whose maiden name was Folker. Amongst these family keepsakes was a pedigree which had been commissioned from the Royal College of Arms in 1926 and Malcolm decided to use this pedigree as a basis for continuing research into the history of that family.

The Folker One-Name Study is run solely by Malcolm and is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Malcolm is also a member of the Society of Genealogists and also belongs to a number of Family History Societies.

The pages on this site show the results of much of the research that Malcolm has undertaken and is augmented with information that has kindly been added by members of the family and helpful people who have an interest in genealogy.

Malcolm is always interested to hear from others whose areas of research may co-incide and is quite happy to share information.

To process his genealogical data, Malcolm uses Family Tree Maker software and Custodian database. The presentation work is done in wordprocessing.

There will be much information about names other than Folker added in due course. However, a list of all the surnames related to this family can be found in the section titled Related.

Please contact me on me on for any further information.

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