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The section for Wills falls into three parts :-

Wills prior to 1857

Folker V Kngh, Ivleg - See Will of Harrie Toker
Card index - Exeter Record Office

1760 Falkner, Elizabeth, Willersley 145
1794 Falkner, Edward, Fairford 186
Gloucestershire Wills 1660-1800 - Index Library

1762 Faulker, Henry otherwise Faulkner A with W Pts 1 Apr 151
Note 1: Pts = Foreign parts / may apply to any place outside the British Isles.
An Index to the Wills Proved in the Consistery Court of Canterbury 1750-1800 Vol.3 Ch-G

Folkler, Wm., Theddlethorpe 1543-56, 44
Calendars of Lincoln Wills Vol.1 1320-1600

Folker, John, Burnham Market # 31, 1852
Index to Norfolk Archdeaconry Wills 1838-1858

1630 Folker, Thomas, sen., Horning, N., husbandman Old Wills.240
1680 Foaker, Foliker, Thomas, Lt., Harleston, S., yeoman 165 Bishop
Wills proved in the Consistery Court of Norwich 1604-1686 - Norfolk Record Society Vol.XXVII

1833 Folker, John, Burnham Westgate, N., Yeoman 371 Cubitt
1857 Folker, Elizabeth, Hethersett N., Widow 542 Youngss
Wills proved in the Consistery Court of Norwich 1819-1857 - Norfolk Record Society Vol.XLVII

Folker. John, Gent, Eaton 1836-1852 ix 68
Norfolk Peculiar Jurisdiction - Index to Probate Records 1416-1857 - Peculiar Dean & Chapter of Norwich

Foker Mary INV 54/105
FOLKER Phoker, Roger INV 87/253
Folker Thomas INV 36/205
Norwich Archdeaconry Inventory 1674-1825

Folker, William, Oxford, 1831 Bd. Ren. 111.302; 283/2/22
Index of Oxford Consistery and Archdeaconry Probate Records 1733-1858 etc

188 George Folker John Folker
649 Elizabeth Folker
Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury 1630-1635

32 Richard Folker
Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury 1636-1638

Folker Thomas Little Stoneham Suffolk B-in-law of Wm Stonefield 1690
Crisps Wills V.8 - Great Card Index at Society of Genealogists library

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Wills from 1857

1857 FOLKER heretofore EFFORD Elizabeth Middx August 1857 Limited probate 617

1865 FOLKER Richard 22 August The Will of Richard Folker late of Burnham Market in the County of Norfolk Gentleman deceased who died 22 April 1865 at Burnham Market aforesaid was proved at the Principal registry by the Oath of William Begley of Kings Lynn in the County aforesaid Gentleman the sole executor. Effects under 20

1875 FOLKER Susannah 3 April The Will of Susannah Folker late of Beaumont street in the City of Oxford widow who died 11 February 1875 at Beaumont street was proved at Oxford by William Henry Folker of Bedford house Hanley in the county of Stafford surgeon and Alfred Hanley Folker of the "Bowling Green" Guildford in the county of Surrey innkeeper the sons two of the executors. Effects under 4,000

1899 FOLKER Emma of Martyr road Guildford spinster died 4 March 1899 Administration London 19 April to William Henry Folker surgeon. Effects 761 13s 8d

1901 FOLKER Alfred Hanley of 46 Denzil road Guildford died 14 February 1901 Probate London 24 May toCatherine Folker widow. Effects 666 14s

1901 FOLKER Eliza of Northumberland house Green lanes Stoke Newington Middlesex (wife of Alfred Hanley Folker) died 21 March 1900 Probate London 4 October to Alfred Henry Folker manufacturer's agent and Horace Shepherd Folker auctioneer. Effects 17

1909 FOLKER Margaret of Wroxham Overton road Sutton Surrey died 5 April 1909 at East Peckham Kent Probate London 26 May to Albert Barratt manufacturing confectioner and Owen Ernest Roberts gentleman. Effects 17

1910 FOLKER George Adolphus of the Gordon hospital Vauxhall Bridge road Middlesex died 9 June 1910 Probate London 21 June to Julius Nicholas Kuhn warehouseman. Effects 38 4s 9d

1910 FOLKER William Henry of Bedford house Havelock place Hanley Staffordshire died 26 March 1912 Probate London 27 April to Herbert Henry Folker surgeon and Agnes Shepherd Folker spinster. Effects 21,558 6s 8d. Resworn 21,331 6s 9d

1915 FOLKER Edgar Reginald of 12 Park road Harlesden Middlesex second lieutenant Yorkshire and Lancashire regiment died 19 February 1915 in France having been killed in action Administration (with Will) London 29 March to Alfred Henry Folker agent. Effects 2229 8s 4d

1917 FOLKER Percy Newton of the Mill house North Elmham Norfolk died 27 April 1917 Probate London 12 June to Mary Muriel Folker widow Alexander John Lodge insurance company's secretary and Herbert Henry Folker surgeon. Effects 5549 9s 11d

1925 FOLKER Herbert Henry of 11 Hayes crescent Golders green Middlesex died 20 October 1925 Probate London 17 December to Eliza Georgina Folker widow and John Fourdrinier Bourne accountant. Effects 7343 18s 3d

1929 FOLKER Hannah Maria Keevil of 12 Park road Harlesden Middlesex (wife of Alfred Henry Folker) died 1 March 1929 Probate London 24 April to Arthur Lawrence Folker musician and Sydney Newton Folker manufacturer's agent. Effects 1627 10s 9d

1932 FOLKER Catherine of 46 Denzil road Guildford widow died 24 January 1932 Probate London 4 February to Herbert William Mills civil servant. Effects 1084 17s 2d

1934 FOLKER Emily of 5 High street Snettisham Norfolk (wife of Richard James Folker) died 16 April 1934 Administration Norwich 1 June to the said Richard James Folker retired bricklayer. Effects 233 13s 1d

1936 FOLKER John Herbert of 36 Fairfax-road Hampstead Middlesex died 22 May 1936 at 1a Manor-road Ilford Essex. Probate London 6 June to Marie Helene Louise Jeanne Folker widow. Effects 133 4s 5d

1938 FOLKER Lewis Edward of 48 Fulbridge-road Peterborough died 1 January 1938. Administration Peterborough 19 March to Emma Folker widow. Effects 952 19s 6d

1938 SHEPHERD-FOLKER CBE Horace of Charnwood 79 Grove-road Sutton Surrey died 18 April 1938 Probate London 12 July to Ada Reeves (wife of Oliver Reeves) and Leonard Barratt Shepherd-Folker captain HM army. Effects 6247 5s 10d

1939 FOLKER Alfred Henry of 8 Robin Hood-lane Sutton Surrey died 14 February 1939. Probate London 18 April to Arthur Lawrence Folker musician and Sydney Newton Folker manufacturers agent. Effects 1145 7s 9d

1945 FOLKER Percy John of 172 Mayors-walk Peterborough died on or since 2 March 1943 on war service Administration Birmingham 20 September to Phyllis Dorothy Folker widow. Effects 126 7s 2d

1945 FOLKER Terence William of 3 East-street Kings Lynn Norfolk died 29 September 1944 at the Eagle Hotel Site Kings Lynn Administration Norwich 10 July to William Frank Folker glazier. Effects Nil

1949 FOLKER Vera Gwseeni of Dingly Dell Marlow Bottom Marlow Buckinghamshire (wife of Sydney Newton Folker) died 15 April 1949 at Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading Administration Oxford 10 June to the said Sydney Newton Folker manufacturers agent. Effects 361 18s 3d

1950 FOLKER Annie Elizabeth of Casa Boa Esperanca Monte Estoril Portugal spinster died 20 April 1950 Probate London 28 July to Henry Robert Hart and William Godfrey Scott Hart solicitors. Effects 5201 6s 8d

1950 FOLKER Frederick of 76 Rodney-road Great Yarmouth died 26 April 1950 Administration Norwich 22 June to Annie Elizabeth Folker widow. Effects 188 2s 10d

1951 FOLKER Emma of 172 Mayors-walk Peterborough widow died 29 December 1950 Administration Peterborough 5 February to Louis Sidney Folker painter and decorator and Walter Henry Folker tool setter. Effects 2769 11s 7d

1951 FOLKER Marie of 4 Castle-hill-avenue Folkestone Administration (limited) Oxford 6 June to Sydney Newton Folker agent for china and glass manufacturers attorney of Valere Segard married woman. Effects 893 3s 1d

1955 FOLKER Eliza Georgina of 182 Willifield Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London widow died 3 March 1955 at St Colombus Hospital London N.W.3 Probate London 29 June to Marion Fourdrinier Bustard (wife of Frederick Walter Bustard) and the said Frederick Walter Bustard retired tobacco merchant. Effects 1474 1s 9d

1955 FOLKER Evelyn May of 8 Burton-road Kilburn London spinster died 9 March 1955 The General Hospital Paddington London Probate London 4 June to Arthur Lawrence Folker retired musician. Effecst 2875 10s 1d

1955 FOLKER Sydney Newton of Dingley Dell Marlow Bottom Marlow Buckinghamshire died 6 January 1955 Probate Oxford 9 May to Archibald Smith stockbrokers secretary. Effects 8749 18s 2d

1958 FOLKER Agnes Shepherd of Brookdale Braunton Devon spinster died 30 December 1957 at The North Devon Infirmary Barnstaple Devon Probate London 12 March to Algernon Charles Clement Lucas retired schoolmaster. Effects 20370 11s 8d

1959 FOLKER Walter Henry of 20 Westfield Road Peterborough died 9 May 1959 Administration Peterborough 1 June to Evelyn Ruth Folker widow. Effects 2347 8s 3d.

1960 FOLKER Arthur Lawrence of Westfield Westfield Road Budleigh Salterton Devon died 17 January 1960 Probate Exeter 8 March to Constance Muriel Folker widow. Effects 3578 18s 10d

1960 FOLKER Sarah Ann of 31 Elm Road Windsor widow died 8 January 1960 at St Marks HospitalMaidenhead Berkshire Administration London 3 March to Harold Thomas Charles Clements salesman collector. Effects 770 16s 7d

1960 SHEPHERD-FOLKER Setonette Scott of 2a Vicars Court Lincoln (wife of Leonard Barrett Shepherd-Folker O.B.E.) died 26 February 1960 at The lawn Hospital Union Road Lincoln Probate Lincoln 6 April to the said Leonard Barrett Shepherd-Folker O.B.E. retired lieutenant colonel H.M.Army. Effects 4798 1s 3d

1961 FOLKER Louis Sidney of 119 Bishops Road Peterborough died 13 July 1966 at The Memorial Hospital Peterborough Probate Peterborough 28 August to Lenda Folker widow. Effects 10307 8s

1966 FOLKER Albert Edward of 56 Church Street Barnwell near Peterborough died 27 December 1965 Administration Peterborough 19 April to Gladys Annie Folker widow. 2921.

1966 FOLKER Muriel Dorothy of 19 Ennismore Gardens Mews Kensington London died 12 March 1966 Probate London 1 August to Lloyds Bank European Limited. 28986.

1969 FOLKER Mary Muriel of South Cary House Castle Cary Som died 1 April 1969 Probate Winchester 12 June. 2978.

1971 SHEPHERD-FOLKER Leonard Barrett of 2a Vicars Court Lincoln died 24 June 1971. Probate Nottingham 26 July. 32247.

1974 FOLKER Gladys Anne of 56 Church St Barnwell Northants died 15 August 1974. Administration Ipswich 26 September. 5270 741016704A

1975 FOLKER Constance Muriel of 6 Grand Court Wilmington Sq Eastbourne died 8 January 1975. Probate London 6 May. 72232 75013062J

1976 FOLKER Edward Walter of 11 Newlands Av Kings Lynn died 12 February 1976. Probate Ipswich 8 April. 3185 761101205Z

1976 FOLKER George Reginald of 2 Thornleigh Dr Orton Longueville Peterborough died 6 January 1976. Administration Ipswich 13 February. 9792 761200747L

1988 FOLKER Grace Emma of 21 Thorpe Lea Rd Peterborough died 31 December 1987. Probate Ipswich 17 June. 146568 8851806670U

1988 FOLKER William Frank of 48 Checker St Kings Lynn died 14 December 1987. Probate Ipswich 27 January. Not exceeding 70000 8881300144T

1989 FOLKER Lenda of Fengate Hse 119 Bishops Rd Peterborough died 13 October 1987. Administration Ipswich 17 April. 81543 89815013234

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Transcripts of Wills

Richard Folker of Burnham Market who died in 1865.

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me Richard Folker of Burnham Market in the County of Norfolk Gentleman made this fifteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty four I appoint my friend William Begley of Kings Lynn in the said County Gentleman sole Executor I direct my just debts funeral and testamonary expenses to be paid out of my personal estate and effects and subject hereto I give the same unto the said William Begley and Richard Rawston of Little Walsingham in the said County Innkeeper and Bricklayer in equal shares I give and devise all those two freehold cottages Grocoditaments amounts and premises situated in Burnham Norton in the said County of Norfolk and the land allotted in cosport thereof by the commissioners of Inclosure of the Commons of the said Parish and now in the occupation of - Annoss and - Southorne to the said William Begley his heirs and assigns for ever absolutely I give and devise all those two copyhold cottages Grocoditaments and premises situated in Hunstanton in the ~ said County of Norfolk now in the occupation of William Edye and another to the said Richard Rawston his heirs and assigns for ever absolutely I revoke all former Wills by me made and declare this to be my last In Witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name the day and year first above written ~ Richard Folker - Signed sealed published and declared by the said Richard Folker as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us all present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses - Thomas Bransby - R.J.Martin PROVED at London 22nd August, 1865 by the oath of William Begley the sole Executor to whom Admon was granted.

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