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Our Heart:

The heart of a woman

runs deep with love.

Works fearlessly

for life.

It carries joy and laughter.

Survives through burdens

lightens hardship.

A womans heart stands for




and it beats on.

A womans heart fights against injustice

stands determined

loyal and loving.

 A womans heart cries with others

and is big enough

to care for the world

its surrounded by courage

and has amazing strength 

to lift itself back up.

Some may try to crush a womans heart.

Yet she always rises.

A womans heart knows that

hurt is just one of lifes lessons.

And with each lesson we experience

our heart grows.

A womans heart runs deep with





and a woman knows........

she only has to look within to find it.

© T.Bapp,    woman's world

Our Motto:

I am woman.

I am strong.

I am not perfect.

I never pretend to be.

Yet I am me.

A woman with heart.

I laugh long and hard.

I cry real tears.

I feel strongly and deeply

I love passionately

I care endlessly

I stand firm on my beliefs

yet I'm willing to listen and learn.

I love deeply.

I am a mother.

I am a daughter.

I am a sister.

I am a friend.

I share the heart of a woman

with all those I meet.

I leave my heartprints wherever I go

as I know in the end

that is my greatest achievement.

© T.Bapp,

Our Beliefs:

We believe in womanhood.


We have the ability to share with one another.

We care about each other.

We come from many different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs....this makes us richer.

We interact online to help make a difference.

Yet we know........each of us has a outside life........that comes first.   We understand that time and patience builds character.

We never expect something of another that we would'nt do ourselves.

We treat each other with PLUR................

Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect.

We believe that each woman is an individual and when joined as friends we all benefit through shared lessons of life.

We never disrespect, intentionally hurt or undermine a fellow human being.

We understand that every woman has deep souls and getting to know her can only enrich us as a person.

We have The Heart of a Woman.

© T.Bapp,

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