Here is the beginning of what we hope to be a very comprehensive list of internet sites devoted to classic movies. Check these sites out; they are all very nice. If you have a site that you would like linked, e-mail me the URL and I will add it. If any of the links below is dead, please report the problem to me.

General Sites

Boxoffice Magazine: This is a very comprehensive movie e-zine with a nice collection of classic movie reviews from the 1930's up to the present.

Classic Movie Central: You gotta check this out. The name just about says it all.

Classic Movies: A VERY nice site here. Comprehensive and visually attractive. I like it a lot.

Erin Michelle's Classic Movie Page: Greta Garbo fans should check out Erin's section dedicated to the legend.

Greatest Films: Check to see if your favorites make the list.

Kings of the Underworld-Classic Gangster Films: Think you are a tough guy? Visit the world of the Gangsters and see how you stack up.

Mallory's Classic Movies Homepage: If you like musicals...

Meghan's Obscure & Classic Film Page: A very slick looking site. Nice content too!

Microsoft Cinemania: Need info on a movie, check here.

The Muse's Movie Reviews:Lots of good reviews...not many from the 20's or 30' sue us. It's good check it out.

Palace: The Classic Film Site: Images, sounds, and articles. Go educate yourself.

Past Times, The Nastolgia Entertainment Newslaetter: This one has it all--movies, music, etc.

Screwball Comedy: A very informative site for those interested in this genre.

The Silents Majority: For all of you non-talkie fans out there.

Posters and Such

Memorabilia Mine: If your looking for some hard-to-find collectibles, check here.

Movie Poster Card: Great for collectors.

Welcome to the 13th Floor: One of the nicest looking sites around.


Links to the Stars

John Barrymore: One of the biggest stars of the '20's and '30's.

Ted's Lucille Ball Page: She is best remembered as a television star, but Lucy made quite a few films. This page is heavily geared toward Lucy the television star, but it's Lucy nontheless.

Humphrey Bogart Tribute Page: Vistit this sight sweetheart.

Lon Chaney: Perhaps the original horror star. He is a scary dude.

The Joan Crawford Page: Better visit this site--don't want to make mommy mad do you???

The Marion Davies Home Page: Largely forgotten about star. Very interesting woman.

Irene Dunne-Comedienne Extraordinaire: Widely regarded as one of the most overlooked talents in movie history.

The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages: Who's to argue?

Glenn Ford: Really a '40's film star, but the site it so good that I just had to add it!!

Errol Flynn: Was he really a miserable bastard?

The Home of Clark Gable on the Web: Frankly my dear,  I do give a damn. Very appealing visually.

Greta Garbo Homepage: Under Construction. I'll let you know when it's up and running.

Judy Garland Database: One of the most amazing entertainers ever. Pity she could not have been happier.

The Lilian Gish HomePage: Some links, facts, etc.

Betty Grable: She was a beauty among beauties. Loads of information here.

Jean Harlow's Platinum Page: THE best Jean Harlow page on the internet.

The Alfred Hitchcock Page: My favorite director. You MUST visit this site.

Buster Keaton: Maybe the best physical comedian of all time. Great site.

A Tribute to Laurel and Hardy: Have trouble remembering which is which? This page will help straighten you out.

Carole Lombard--Comic Genius: Photos, links, and more.

Myrna Loy: Queen of Hollywood: One of the most beautiful women from the classic era.

The Webworld of Bela Lugosi: What can I say, he was dracula.

Brad's Marx Brothers Page: Pictures, audio clips and more.

Rosalind Russell's Homepage: Elegant film star. Loads of info here.

William Powell: Lots of good information on this tremendous actor. Well worth the visit.

The Jimmy Stewart Museum: A tribute to one of America's most beloved cultural abassador.

Gloria Swanson: Perhaps the biggest female film star of the silent era.

THE FRANCHOTPHILE FILES (Franchot Tone): This guy looks like a hollywood actor.

Elizabeth's Spencer Tracy Page: The original father of the bride.

Mae West Homepage: Lots of info. You should come up and see this site sometime.

The Fay Wray Pages: King Kong star. Lear about this Hollywood legend.

Classic Movie Television

American Movie Classics: Great channel, good site, nuff said.

Biography: Learn more about interesting people, including classic movie stars.

Turner Classic Movies: I don't get this channel. Just tell me the movies aren't colorized.

Conventions and Festivals

Cinevet: A MUST visit for classic movie buffs.

Festivals: You gotta check this out. Possibly the most comprehensive index anywhere.