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These pages will be updated whenever I feel like it! Some times days are good sometimes they are bad so you may find parts of it incomplete but then again you might not... some entries will be long, some will be short and some might just not be there... confused? You will be!

Wednesday 24th April '96

At 3pm in the afternoon I and a few friends went into Llanberis so I could finish off my last roll of USA film. The sun was out, the ground was sodden and the sheep were after us! We got back into bangor at 5:30pm later that day.

Thursday 25th April '96

Got up at 5:30AM! Eeeewwww! With a headache and stiff back! (I'd slept on my bed which after the train seats of America just seemed toooo soft even if it is like a plank... I'll sleep on the floor tonight! Went to all my lectures! Noone else did though - about 5 people turned up for the second genetics lecture. In the afternoon I had to drop in my driver's License, car service certificate and insurance documents to the police - they did a stop check on my car the MINUTE I got into bangor on the sunday night! Typical! Las time I had a stop check they lost the records that I had handed the documents in so for 6 months I was being threatened with court action for driving with no MOT or insurance! Then I had to find their records myself which I did and got the court date removed and numerous letters of apology, all of which might I add were to the wrong person... I'll scan the letter in later! CLICK HERE! Note the address - eh!? MRS!? Hrm... I'd like to see their explaination for that... Anyways! At 10:30PM went out on a pub crawl with friends and ended up at the Harp Pub at around 10:30PM where we stayed until 1AM. I'm teatotal so atleast we all had someone who could drive back!

Friday 26th April '96

The first lecture of the day started at 10AM! and wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't cell dynamics but that was the only lecture that I had so that compensated for the abject boredom that the whole class had to suffer. Afterwards I made my way accross to Boots to collect the films I'd put into them earlier this week for developing - sixty five quid it cost me! and if that wasn't bad enough they've lost THREE count 'em! 1-2-3! of my films! nearly 120 exposures! but I may get compensation (Gee thanks a free film). Anyway after hanging about there for about two hours with no clues as to where the films had dissapeared off to I went over to Dixons to buy a camera to replace the one I had stolen while I was in the US and settled for a compact, auto focus Olympus costing 60 quid. Next stop was the the BR Station to book my return tickets to Coventry for the MONO meet at Warick and Coventry Universities! Another 41 quid tossed down into the black hole that is commercialism, then I went and packed my bags, and at 5PM headed back to the train station and boarded the train to Coventry station which got in after an hour delay (caused by signal, staffing and engine problems!) at 10:45PM. Then once there we all went off to Warick University Union bar - where else!!? I will try to find my lost films but don't hold your breath and with any luck (luck being quota) the photos that I DID get developed and got back will be scanned in and linked to these pages (in thumb nail form) and they will be downloadable aswell... All in all an expensive day.

Saturday 27th April '96

Got up early - 11AM and met up with the others at the Newt and Cucumber (silly name) in Coventry, I was staying in a house with five other people - Goat, Edam, Ritchie and Bluemeat (and later Kit who Bluemeat collected from the bus station in the afternoon) in the outskirts of the town. It was a pretty lax day with everyone just sitting back drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, eating, drinking and I think in the middle of that most of us went to LaserQuest to try to blow each other to bits (as much as you can at a LaserQuest anyway) then we moved on to Coventry University SU for more drinking, chatting and pool playing! (Getting the picture yet!!?)

Sunday 28th April '96

Got up early again - 11PM then went back to Warick University for a pub lunch, drinking, drinking eating (lots of eating) photo taking and then back to the Warick University SU for... heck you should know this by now! Beer is expensive... now I know why I'm teatotal! People gradually left after the pub lunch although most hung around until 7PM - me and Edam (as in the CHEESE!) left coventry train station after having said numerous farewells to everybody that was left at 8:22PM, getting backinto bangor at 1AM on the Monday! General impression of the weekend!? Loada nutters! Sane people acting crazy or just plain crazy people!?

Monday 29th April '96

Had practicals from 9AM right through until 5PM! Genteics and animal behaviour were on the list. The sun was out and the day looked gooood! The revision timetable was stuck on the wall and the voluminous files and books pulled from their shelves. To unwind I went to The Harp with friends after 10PM, played pool then hung out at Reichel and Rathbone! I won't be getting up early tomorrow.

Tuesday 30th April '96

Only one lecture today - more animals more information on the extinct Pterosaurs and dinosaurs - what has it to do with Marine Biology I hear you ask!? Ask someone else who knows the answer... I began writing more reports for my course, at 5PM I finished, at 4:58PM the networks crashed for Ocean Sciences (THANKS CRUMMEY!) and I lost all the work - even the backups because they were re - routed somehow to a temporary drive which he erased at the same time... Computers gotta love 'em - the only way to truly WASTE an entire afternoon. Generally in a black mood I tried to lighten it ove at a friend's room in Plas Gwyn Hall - it worked too. I have a new voodoo doll...

Wednesday 1st May '96

Genetics came first, and then there was none. A grand total of seven people out of about 120 turned up for this early morning high impact, power talking lecture and I think that six of them were in the wrong lecture hall... I did alot more revision today - have to ease my guilt somehow, then later on went to see Guys 'N' Dolls at the Theatre Gwynedd. There were times when I felt like throwing a hand grenade into the Orchestra Pit - the music was that good - slow, out of key and generally drowning everything else! It was probably just me because I go theatre hopping in London because my sister plays in many of the shows there. Guys 'N' Dolls was put on by the local Bangor SODA society so for a University production it was well produced and when the musicians kept quiet the singing was actually very good. The high point and the most talked about point of the play was when the door knob fell off one of the prop doors meaning that people couldn't escape off stage. Can't wait for their next production...

Thursday 2nd May '96

I got up at the early time of 4AM!! More revision! *yawn* Today was the worst day for lectures - four all in a row. The day was warm and the day felt good. After all the antics of the lectures I booked a train ticket for Coclchester, Anglia, flashing my railcard as I did so then went back to halls, packed, generally mooched about for a time and then at 5PM went back to the station and boarded the 5:22PM train to Crewe. I had re - connections at Euston and Liverpool St. stations, London and after that it was a plain ride to Colchester main station where I was met by Becca Hancock and James Berrill who I was going to be staying with.

Friday 3rd May '96

Got up at the rediculously early time of 11AM - sheesh I'm tired now. A group of us (James, Becca, Dan and Jen) went shopping in Colchester for the afternoon - apparently shopping is the Colchestarian's favourite past time and then went to campus later that night to the Level 2 bar and disco. Drinking, talking, drinking, wondering where the money went, talking.

Saturday 4th May '96

We went back into Colchester city center in the morning - the CD that I wanted to get wasn't in - comes in on Monday 6th May (Sleeper) so that will have to wait until Tuesday. We checked out the computer labs (the 'Bangor' JANET system was down all weekend for repairs so we were trying to solve a hoax regarding Alicia Silverstone - it is a hoax btw) then we went to the SU Bar, ate, drank, drank some more then went down into the SU basement, basically, to the DanceHall - four hours of back to back non stop hit music with a special theme on Indie and while the evening started out with everyone standing around doing... nothing towards the end of the night the tempo rose and the dance floor was awash with people strutting their stuff, so a potentially dull night turned out great.

Sunday 5th May '96

It was an hour walk to the train station - without refreshment in the scorching sun, walking on sun baked tarmac. OK OK so it wasn't hot - 'normal' would have described the weather - normal almost a depressing word depending on the context. Becca and Dan were going to the Comedy Club in London while I was heading back to... Bangor! I know which one I would have prefered to go to. The journey took seven hours compared to the five of the journey down so I got back at 9PM, did some more revision then crashed for the night

Monday 6th May '96

Finals are soon so for now this will be the last entry until they are over and I have more time to dedicate to these pages.

Sunday 2nd June '96

Today was the Cinema's Centenary, celebrating 100 years of cinemeatic films and productions so nationwide entrance fees were reduced to one pound. Over a million people took up the offer including myself and I and a few friends went to the local cinema (a four screen, sardine like place) to see the 18 rated CopyCat starring Sigourney Weaver at 8PM. A good film which had a new aspect in the way of introducing agorophobia into the plot line which gave the film that extra twist that it needed. Despite the 18 rating though the violent scenes didn't have me blanching in my seat - no film has been able to do that then and only when I find one that does will I be able to say that to me an 18 film was worth its rating.

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